Asian Amber Picks Ch. 01

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Big Tits

As we travelled down the long stretch of highway in my convertible, heading to my parents cottage I looked over to my sexy 21 year old bomb shell girlfriend sitting in the passenger side.

Amber was very sexy, probably one of the sexiest and smartest women I have ever knew. She was Chinese-Canadian, born here in Canada but here parents moved here about 30 years ago. Amber was 5’4″, 105lbs, long black hair, brown eyes and actually very tanned with B cups and a tight little ass. People would often ask her if she was Filipino. She loved to dress very sexy and loved wearing short skirts, halter tops and lots of times didn’t wear a bra.

I wouldn’t let her sexy looks fool you, Amber was very intelligent. We met in first year university and she was taking a undergrad in political science with hopes of later becoming a lawyer. She was the complete package, sexy, smart, a very strong work ethic and loved to fuck.

As we drove through the country side there was hardly any traffic so Amber decided to slip off her panties and guided my right hand to her pussy. She openly spread her legs with one leg hanging out the passenger door next to the mirror. She was dripping wet and I knew she wanted to fuck. Amber then lifted her shirt up exposing her tiny but very perky breast, she played with her nipples and breasts while I continued at her pussy. Amber had her eyes closed and obviously off in a world of ecstasy enjoying the warm summer breeze drifting over her breasts while she was getting finger fucked by me and her hair blowing in the wind.

We slowly drove on the quiet road with no need to rush and having several distractions now going I didn’t want to take a chance and go off the road. In the distance I noticed a figure standing by the road next to a very old piece of shit car. As I got closer I saw a old scruffy dirty man with his thumb out hitchhiking and holding a gas can. He obviously ran out of gas and wanted a ride to the closest service station but I had no intention to stop at this point or even tell Amber what was approaching. Instead I slowed to get a view but in turn I ended up giving the old stranger a clear view of my sexy topless girlfriend while she had no idea, sitting there with her eyes closed getting finger fucked. I have never seen a guys head swivel so fast, he even dropped the gas can he had in his hand. We just kept going, Amber had no idea and I didn’t think she needed to know.

One thing I have learned, Karma can be a bitch. Only about 10 minutes later I noticed the gas light come on in my car, I guess I didn’t pay attention to the fact that my needle was so low due to Amber playing with herself and being half naked. I entered a search for the closest gas station on my mobile GPS and to my disappointment it advised me I had another 95 kilometres to go before the next one. The really bad thing is that as far as I knew my car would only go about 30 to 35 kilometres once the fuel light appears.

My panic kind of killed the mood and Amber quickly fixed up her clothes and put her top back on. She called me an irresponsible asshole and said I shouldn’t have let this happen. I knew the only think I could do was to try and get as close as possible to the station or worse case have to call CAA.

About 20 minutes and 35 KM later, sure enough the car began to putter and it was clearly out of gas, there was a wide shoulder and I rolled the car off of the roadway to the safest place bolu escort I thought. I told Amber to get my cell phone out of the glove box and dial CAA.

Before you know it Amber shouted, ” you asshole, there is no fucking cell phone service here”.

I should have known, we were cutting though the mountains and the cell phone coverage was very limited. I felt like a complete moron.

It was a warm June day so we stood outside the car, waiting for someone to pass and hopefully give us a ride to the closest gas station which I was guessing about 60 kilometres away, way too far to walk. We must have waited 45 minutes and not one car had passed in either direction. We had no food or water and it was about 7pm at night, we had to come up with a plan or something. To make the best of it Amber was extremely pissed off at me and wouldn’t talk to me for being so careless and getting us in this situation.

Just as we thought we would never see anyone, an old white Chev Vandura began to approach. It was very old with dark tinted windows, several rust spots, and some sort of folded up metal thing on the side of it. Amber began to jump up and down waving her hands in the air and shouting, “please stop, please”. The van passed us slowly, we thought they were going to keep going, then quickly we saw the one working brake light come on due to the other being smashed out and the van began to reverse back towards us. I could see the relief in Amber’s eyes, she must have just gotten over being mad at me because she jumped into my arms giving me a kiss.

No sooner did I feel relief for someone stopping the side door of the van slid open and in it were 3 guys, one of which was the same old 50ish looking guy who we saw standing with a gas can by the side of the road just a few kilometres back. He was sitting in the front passenger seat and looked like a simple type, long greasy hair, a old scruffy moustache and a 3 day beard. He was skinny, probably 120lbs and wore an old Led Zeppelin t-shirt which was dirty along with what appeared to be jeans stained with oil and brown work boots. His hands were filthy and looked like he did mechanic work or something like that.

The driver was an even older looking guy, probably 70 or more with long shoulder length greasy grey hair running on the sides of his head with a balled top. His face looked very weathered and he too had a scruffy 3 day beard look. He was very fat, probably 300lbs and wore a white stained cut off sleeveless tshirt and black jogging pants.

The final passenger was a 20ish guy in a wheel chair, which explained the ramp on the side of the van. He looked like he wasn’t really with it and kind of dazed off somewhere else. He wore a basket ball jersey and shorts and hat, something kind of what a young guy would wear.

I didn’t have a chance to say anything before the driver piped up and said, ” I’m Ralph, my friend Shane here said you guys passed him and your young lady there gave him quite the titty show and didn’t even offer him a ride”.

I was in shock and didn’t know what to say, Amber looked at me like she wanted to kill me.

Ralph then said, ” So I guess you guys are stuck now too, so I guess you folks wanna ride, hey”.

Amber piped up and said, ” yes, please get us the fuck out of here”, as she glared at me with hate in her eyes.

We were just about to get in the van when Ralph again said, ” bolu escort bayan now, now youngins, if you wanna ride to the gas station I want me a titty show too”.

I was pissed and shouted, ” hey fucker that’s bullshit we are fucking stuck here”.

Ralph then put the van in drive and Amber then did what I didn’t think she would ever do, she as quick as that pulled her top over her head releasing her perky tits and threw her top in the van.

Ralph let out a yell, ” oooo yeaaaaaa” followed by, ” jump on in guys”.

We got in the van and began to move, Amber still wouldn’t talk to me. Ralph the driver and Shane continued looking back at Amber’s tits but I noticed the young guy in the wheel chair was still drifting off into outer space. We drover for about 10 minutes and the van began to slow to the side of the road.

Ralph shouted, ” OK, I end of the road youngins”.

I shouted, ” what the fuck, were nowhere close to a gas station yet”.

Ralph said, ” Well, them there are nice little titties but I I would say there only worth a 10 minute ride to look at.

I told Ralph I would give him money but the quickly told me he didn’t want any money, I began to fear I know where this was leading.

Amber asked, ” what can I do to get us to the gas station Ralph?” as she rolled her eyes.

Ralph responded, “now were talking missy, I tell you what, Herbie there in the wheel chair hasn’t never had a woman and I don’t even know if he even likes em, how abouts you give him a little dance and show to see if he likes em and then I’ll take ya to where you guys wanna go”.

Amber responded, ” you got to be fucking kidding me, he is like a fucking retard, there has to be anther way asshole”

Ralph said, ” well you can have me and my good buddy Shane have our way with you and I know for a fact we like women”

Amber sat for a second and then knelt in front of Herbie, her tits only inches from him. She then placed both hands on his lap as he continued to look dazed.

I looked at Amber and said, ” Amber you don’t have to do this, these guys are fucking creeps”.

She responded with, ” well you got us into this mess didn’t you asshole”.

I noticed Ralph put on some hard 80’s heavy metal music, I felt like I was in a time warp. Amber then began to rub Herbie’s chest and stomach and moved her figures to the waist band of his shorts, pulling them off and exposing his cock, it was still soft and his balls were very hairy, clearly he didn’t trim up, assuming he was never this far with a woman before, especially of Amber’s calibre. Amber moved one hand to his balls and another to his cock, massaging it and stroking it, trying to get it to life. Herbie remained dazed and did not appear to even notice this hot piece of ass, topless giving him a hand job. I noticed Amber started to become focused, as if she had a challenge before her. She stroked and stroked and noticed his cock started to grow a little but noting close to fully erect. Amber then spit on it, using it as lube so she could stroke harder.

Amber then looked up at Herbie and said, ” I don’t know whats fucking with you but you will cum and I will get to that fucking gas station”.

No sooner after she said that her head lowered to Herbie’s cock and she began sucking. I noticed as she sucked his cock her left hand was cupping his balls but her right hand slid under her skirt escort bolu and was playing with her pussy. I couldn’t believe this, was she wet or enjoying this. Herbie looked to be fully erect at 5 inches now and getting an amazing BJ from my sexy girlfriend.

Ralph shouted out, “well I guess he fucking do like chicks” as him and Shane laughed.

Amber continued to suck like a champ and now Herbie was kind of looking at her but still off in some sort of daze still and said to her, ” yea yea fucky”.

What a fucking idiot, this fucking weirdo who was obviously getting the hottest chick he has ever seen, who is completely out of his league to give him a blow job and he says, ” yea yea fucky”, what the fuck does that mean.

Obviously Ralph and Shane started laughing.

Amber then looked up in Herbie’s eyes and said, ” well l take that as though you want to fuck me Herbie”.

Amber then stood up removed her skirt.

I looked at her saying, ” Amber what the fuck”.

She looked at me like she wanted to punch me and then stuck her middle finger up at me as she mounted Herbie.

Shane shouted, ” who is getting left behind now asshole” and the two up front laughed again.

Amber mounted Herbie and guided his bare cock inside her, she continued to ride him, I could see she was really into it, pinching her nipples and bouncing up and down. You could hear the slaps of her skin bouncing off his lap. Amber’s eyes were closed again which told me she was enjoying it. Ralph saw this and motioned for Shane to move closer to Amber’s right side as Ralph moved to her left side. I didn’t notice before but Ralph and Shane both had there cocks out and must have been stroking while watching Amber do her thing to Herbie.

In response to what the two guys were doing I shouted, ” hey fuckers”.

Amber still being pissed at me and still having her eyes closed shouted, “Shut the fuck up, I’m getting fucked”.

I just sat there as Ralph and Shane took their positions. Ralph quickly grabbed Amber’s left arm as she appeared startled and looked to her left. She then saw Ralph there with his fat 9 inch cock stroking it with his fat fingers only inches from her. Amber reached over taking his cock in her left hand then looking to her right seeing Shane’s skinny 6 incher and taking it in her right hand. Amber looked like she was having the time of her life, stroking two cocks of ugly old dirt bags and riding the cock of some sort of mumbley.

Then suddenly without warning Herbert screamed, ” ahhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooo “. It was the strangest thing, but clearly he was cumming in her, what the fuck. She didn’t even stop, I couldn’t believe it, this bitch usually always tells me to pull out and this fuck just came inside her. After a few more minutes she lifted off him and got back to her knees and started licking the cum off his cock.

Ralph quickly took a position behind her and before you know it he jammed his thick cock into her pussy from behind. Amber jolted but she didn’t refuse it and started pumping back towards him. Shane stood to the side and she turned her head and began to lick and suck his cock. It wasn’t’ long before Ralph started bucking and pulled Amber back clearly releasing his cum inside her, almost at the same time Shane began to shoot his load in Amber’s face, she licked and swallowed and took as much as she could.

Ralph then said, ” well I guess you didn’t have to fuck Herbie after all did yea missy”.

Amber now coming back to reality looked embarrassed.

Ralph pulled his jogging pants back up and sat in the drivers seat and continued to the gas station where they dropped us off.

To be continued….