Asian Surprise

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Twilla has been the secretary in our IT Department for the past year and a half. She reports to Doug, who is the manaager of our group. Twilla is a hot piece of ass. No one is quite sure of her nationality, but it is clear she has some Asian mixed in her. She’s about 5’7″ tall with beautiful legs, a tight ass and small tits. Every guy in the place stares whenever she walks by.

There is not a guy in the place that would not give his right testicle to fuck her, but so far no one has seemed to crack the ice with her. Her only fault is that she’s a fucking bitch to everyone except Doug. She fails to grasp the concept that her job is to help everyone in the department and not just Doug. When Doug is around, she’s always a lot nicer, but when he is out of the office, she doesn’t do a fucking thing. She parades herself around the office all day in her short skirts. She’s a fucking cock tease.

A lot of the guys think Doug is laying the pipe to her, but no one can be 100% sure. We’re also not sure how a fucking secretary can afford to dress the way she does and drive a Mercedes. There are a variety of rumors in the office such as her coming from a rich family or her being shacked up with a sugar daddy that buys her things in exchange for fucking her.

I’ve talked to Doug about her attitude before, but he’s never witnessed it for himself. Doug spoke to her about it, but of course she denied it. After the confrontation, she was nice to us while Doug was in the office but the first time Doug was out of the office she went right back.

On Wednesday, Me & Mike took Wayne out to lunch. The three of us have been good friends for over a year. Wayne was not doing too well after breaking up with his girlfriend. Three weeks ago, Wayne went home feeling ill around 11am to find his girlfriend fucking her ex-boyfriend in the bed they shared. He kicked her out of the house and has not been himself since.

“You need to get laid Dude,” I said to Wayne.

“Yeah, I’m just not in the mood. Fucking bitch!” He said angrily.

“Why don’t we hang out on Saturday? You guys can come over to my place. We’ll grill some steaks, drink some beer and hang out,” I stated.

“That’s a great idea, ” Mike said. “It will be good for you to get out of the house for a night Wayne,” he continued.

“Yeah, that sounds cool,” Wayne agreed.

“Cool. My place at five on Saturday. You guys bring the beer and I’ll provide the food,” I offered.

We walked back to the office after firming up our plans for Saturday. We were about 15 minutes late mostly because we spent a lot of time talking after we ate. We walked by Twilla’s desk on our way back to our cubicles.

“Fucking asshole,” Twilla said looking at me as we walked by.

“What?” I asked in a shocked tone.

“You told Doug I don’t do anything around here when he’s gone and that I’m a bitch. What if I told him you’re always late coming back from lunch when he’s gone?” She asked angrily.

“Unlike you, I work to earn my living, so go ahead and tell him. Besides you don’t do anything and you are a bitch, so Fuck You!” I said angrily back at her.

“Only in your wildest dreams, darling,” she said in a condescending tone.

The three of us walked past her back to our desks. I can’t believe what a fucking cunt she is. I’m glad not all hot women as much of a bitch as she is. I work my ass off every day for the things I have. She sits bursa escort over there shitting on everyone and not doing a fucking thing, but drives a $50,000 car and is always dressed in expensive looking clothes. I don’t know how the fuck she does it on a secretary salary.

Saturday night was upon us. The steaks came off the grill cooked to perfection and the cold beers were going down extremely well. I noticed Wayne was laughing and joking around more. He was getting back to his old self a little bit.

“I need some pussy,” Wayne said.

“Now you’re thinking with the right head, ” I said jokingly, which indicated my approval.

“How about we call up a hooker?” Mike suggested.

“No. Fuck that. I don’t want any diseases,” Wayne said.

“Oh come on. Wear a rubber. You just need to fuck someone you won’t ever see again. What better way than having a whore come over to service you and leave afterward?” I laughed.

“I don’t know,” Wayne said, indicating he was slowly warming up to the idea.

“Me and Mike will split the cost. It will be our gift to you,” I suggested looking over at Mike for approval.

“Cool with me,” Mike said, “Anything to get you back on track bro,” he continued while glancing over at Wayne.

“Thanks, guys!” Wayne said.

I broke out the laptop and started my search on Google.

“Hookers!” I entered and pressed search.

The results were all news articles and not advertisements for services to be rendered.

“Try Escorts!” Mike said looking over my shoulder as if he’s done this before.

The new search revealed a few choices in our area. We narrowed the selection down to one place, based solely on the design of their website. I made the call and found out they had three girls ready to go.

“Wayne, you want a Blonde, Redhead or an Asian?” I asked.

“Asian,” he said without hesitation.

I provided the address and was asked to give the lady cash in an evelope immediately upon her arrival.

The doorbell rang about thirty minutes later, which was faster than the local pizza delivery. I raced to the door in anticipation of what the girl looked like. I opened the door and the lady walked in. I presented the envelope and she reached out to take it when we recognized each other.

“You’re a hooker?” I said to Twilla in disbelief.

“I prefer Model,” she said in her usual smart ass tone.

Wayne and Mike entered the room to see what was going on.

“No fucking way!” Mike and Wayne said in unison.

“You guys have to promise me you won’t say a fucking word,” she pleaded as if she were in control here.

We made a few cracks about how she earned the money to buy the car and the clothes.

“Please guys,” she begged, “Please don’t say anything.”

For the first time I’ve witnessed, Twilla was not in control.

“How about this? If you give me back that envelope and fuck each of us here, then your secret will be safe with us,” I offered.

“Promise?” She inquired.

We all quickly promised and she handed back the envelope with the cash.

“So who’s first?” she asked playfully.

“Wayne, you’re the guest of honor,” I said.

“I get sloppy seconds,” Mike called immediately afterward.

“OK!” I agreed.

Twilla and Wayne went off to my spare bedroom to consummate the deal while Mike and I waited in the Living Room. Neither of us could believe bursa escort bayan that Twilla was a fucking whore. We never guessed she’d fuck anyone just for money.

Wayne emerged from the spare bedroom fifteen minutes later with a big ass grin on his face.

“Fucking awesome!”, was all Wayne could say.

Mike jogged down the hall and we heard the door close behind him. Wayne recanted his fifteen minute experience in just three minutes. I found out she’s clean shaven with a small tattoo down there. We each had another beer. The night turned out far better than any of is imagined it would. Mike emerged from the hall with a grin on his face. I grabbed my beer and headed down the hall for my turn.

I closed the door behind me while observing Twilla seated on the edge of the bed completely nude. There was a box of condoms on the night stand. Twilla’s B sized titties looked very nice.

“Take off your pants and stand over here,” she commanded.

I removed my clothes and took my position in front of her next to the bed. Twilla got on her knees and began stroking my cock with her left hand.

“You have a nice cock,” she said in a sexy voice, “and yours is bigger than the other two.”

“I figured that,” I said laughing.

“MMMMMM,” she moaned as her lips touched the head of my cock, “Your cock tastes so good.”

Yeah, it has been in my boxers all day smothering in heat next to the hot grill while I cooked steaks. I’m sure my cock has tasted better, but I knew it was an act, so I let her continue.

She expertly worked on my shaft with her left hand while sucking my cock. I felt my cock growing in her hand and mouth. The sensation of her tongue rubbing underneath my shaft was incredible. It was obvious she’s had a lot of practice. It was not long before my cock was fully erect. She grabbed a condom from the night stand and rolled it on to my rock hard shaft, not wanting to waste any more time before getting down to business.

She turned around to the bed and got on all fours. Her ass was so smooth and very tone. Her pussy was completely shaven as Wayne indicated. She leaned forward and spread her pussy to invite me to enter her. Her pussy hole was gaping open from where the others have just been. I lined up the head of my cock on her entrance and pressed inside her. I felt the walls of her pussy expand around my dick as it slid inside her, confirming my girth was bigger than the last two cock inside her. She was not as tight as I imagined her pussy would be at work, but it still felt good to be inside her. I continued to pump her while she moaned excessively on the bed.

“I’m cumming,” she lied.

I knew this was all a show and she was not really cumming. I’ve made women come before and none of them acted as staged as this. I pulled my cock out of her in protest. She started to roll over as if that indicated it was time for a position change. I held her in the same doggie style position she was in, but this time I aligned my cock to enter her ass. She immediately knew what I was doing and flipped over quickly to voice her disapproval.

“Not in my ass,” she demanded, “No one fucks my ass.”

“If you want my silence, I’m plugging your ass,” I said in a matter of fact tone.

“That was not the deal,” she pleaded.

“The deal was that if you fucked each of us we’d keep your secret. I didn’t specify how we’d fuck you. I’m going escort bursa to fuck your ass or the deal is off,” I stated coldly.

She was clearly pissed off and began to rummage through her bag. She produced a bottle of lubricant and angrily stared at me.

“My ass has never been fucked. Lube it up good and go slow,” she ordered as if she had a choice.

She got back on her hands and knees. I squirted the lubricant on the opening of her virgin asshole and I removed the condom I was wearing without her noticing. I lubed up the head of my cock and part of the shaft and lined it up with the opening to her tight asshole.

My cock head was pressed on the entrance to her ass while she inched forward to try to get away from it.

“Just relax,” I said pulling her back towards me.

My cock head popped in to her tight opening. Her body tensed and she began to squirm away again.

“Ouch! It fucking hurts,” she complained.

“Relax!” I said pulling her back towards me again.

I slowly worked my cock deeper in to her ass very gently while she squealed softly. Her colon stretched around my fat dick as I continued to penetrate her. Twilla was gripping the bed sheets tightly in each hand while I continued to work in and out of her. She was clearly not getting much pleasure from her asshole being stretched.

After working my shaft over half way inside her, I increased the pace and the fury of my thrusts. She gripped my cock so tight. After a few minutes of pumping her, I noticed that she was not gripping the sheets anymore and was pushing back, inviting my cock to explore her even deeper.

She was moaning with each thrust and was clearly starting to enjoy the new sensation inside her.

I pulled out of her then rolled her over to missionary position on the bed. I dragged her ass to the edge of the bed and inserted my swollen member back inside her ass. She moaned her approval as my cock entered her again.

“Spread your legs,” I ordered.

She complied. I continued fucking her ass and decided to stick my thumb in her pussy so that I could massage her clit at the same time.

“Oh! Fuck yes!” She said loudly, “I’m going to cum.”

This time is was not fake. She was going to cum for real. I thrusted deeper inside her and she let out a roar of pure delight. Instinctively, I held her arms down to keep her pinned in place. This excited her even more as she continued her screams of delight. She came two more times while I fucked her in this manner before I unloaded my balls deep inside her asshole. When my orgasm finished, I slid my cock out of her. A mixture of lubricant and cum oozed from her gaping asshole.

I suddenly got the sense of relief that we were even. She called me a fucking asshole this week and now her gaping asshole had a stream of my cum leaking out of it. I’d say that is a fair trade. I was content.

She laid there for a few seconds to compose herself, while I admired the fruits of my labor leaking down her crack.

She finally stood and kissed me on the lips.

“You’re a bad boy. I have not cum like that in a long time,” she confessed.

When we returned to work on Monday, Twilla was seated at her desk when I got there, which was unusual.

“Good morning. I hope you had a good weekend,” she said smiling.

“I’m surprised to see you’re able to sit down,” I said jokingly as I smiled and walked by.

“Very funny,” she said while smirking.

Since that evening, Twilla has been very friendly to the three of us at work. She remained a bitch to everyone else in the office as usual, but her secret remained a secret with us.