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Asking for a Spanking 2

                                                by Sam The Ham



The paddle hit my ass with a solid smack sound. A second later, I could feel something drop next to my leg. My teeth gnashed into the ball gag as my friend”s fingers slide into my anus. I clamped down around it, but that did little to stop his progress as he stretched my hole.

His finger was there for only a few seconds before it pulled away. I barely had time to feel its absence before I felt something else there. I knew his cock was not anything special, but it felt so big sliding into me. The stretching of my hole made me moan around the gag. I almost climaxed the second I felt his hip slide against my ass as he slammed into my cheeks.

I did not last long. Between the spanking and the other foreplay, I was on a hair-trigger. With Chris” four thrusts, I shuddered. My cock, surrounded by a condom, quickly filled it up as he continued to use my butt. I could feel him thrusting into my ass, prolonging my orgasm until the last few thrusts. And I heard him groan from relief.

When Chris pulled out, it made me feel like something was missing. I slowly lowered myself onto the bed as he lay down next to me. The silence that filled the room was oddly comforting somehow.

With my cock shrinking, the condom felt a little less comfortable. I reached out and tried to pull it free. I only want one to avoid the messy consequences of our lovemaking. As I reached over to drop it into the nearby waste, I felt Chris” weight on top of me. His hand slid down my arm; a condom pinched between his fingers. He dropped it into the wastebasket on top of mine and kissed me.

We had grown up in the same trailer park. Whereas my household had been mostly strangers living together, his parents had loved him. Visiting his place was the equivalent of visiting the Moon to me as a boy. Still, we had been friends. We had done a bit of sexual exploration, `I”ll show you mine if you show me yours”, but never further. Nobody wanted to be gay in that community. After high school, we went our separate ways. I fell into drinking and drugs. Chris joined the military and used it to get a college education.

My twenties were mostly forgettable. I went to parties and periodically got dead-end jobs. It was not really until I met Rebecca that I felt much of anything. Of course, it did not make me better. We loved the same things and got married. Mostly at her insistence. Seth had followed less than a year after, and I finally had a reason to be better. We both did.

Watching my boy growing inside of her filled me with something I had never felt before. A type of love I did not know had existed. We went to meetings and both got sober. We were happy. I even decided to go to my 10-year reunion. It was such a reasonable thing to do. I reconnected with Chris there, and I was honest with my old friend. He found both of us a job a few days later, and things were looking up. Until Seth was about two and Rebecca started falling off the wagon. A slip-up here and there, and I tried to catch her. However, one day though, she just left. The pull of our old lifestyle was too strong.

Chris has been a great help stepping up right away, never allowing pursaklar escort me to worry about paying bills or anything like that. He loved me even back then, I realize now. Still, if it had not been for Seth, I knew I would have followed her. Seth was my everything.

“How are Seth”s spankings coming?” Chris asked.

The question caught me off guard. I was thankful that I was still wearing the gag. It gave me a few seconds to think about my answer as I reached up to take it off. “Fine, I guess. I”ve only done it twice.”

“Yeah, he likes it?” Chris asked.

“Definitely.” I answered. After the first time I watched Seth masturbate after getting a spanking, I regretted it. The second time I knew he had gotten hard too. I had left the room before he had done it.

“Seth asked me if I could spank him today when you went to the store. You were supposed to ask me about that, according to him.”

If my cheeks were not already flushed, they would have been. “Sorry, I did tell Seth I would ask you about it.”

“Yeah, I told Seth I would bring it up next time and we could talk about it.” Chris said.

There was a little rebuking there. Grimacing a little, I pushed my elbow into Chris” stomach to get his weight off me. We both roll over to be on our backs, staring up at the ceiling. The usual companionable silence after a good session like that was starting to feel uncomfortable. “I don”t enjoy spanking him.” I finally said.

“That”s understandable. I guess you know I would?” Chris asked.

“Yeah, and well.” I trailed off, still not sure how to say it.

“I respect any rules you put down.”

“I know you would,” I started to sit up in bed so I could look down at my lover. “What do you want?”

He smiled, “I want lots of things. I would love to get a place for the three of us. I wish I could wake up with you next to me every morning instead of separated by a wall. As for your son, he does have an adorable plump little bottom. I would love to give him a spanking if you agree to it.”

I smiled at the words. I knew Chris wanted more of a relationship with me. There was this little part of me that still wanted Rebecca to come back. I wanted to be available. That was an unhealthy reason and I knew it. “If you spank Seth, do you think you would get aroused?”

“Most likely. I fantasize about it since you told me. It doesn”t mean I”m going to do anything.” Chris said, a little defensively.

Slowly, I moved to sit on the edge of the bed, facing away from him. The pain from my rear added to the sense of euphoria. After a few seconds, I heard Chris moving around in the bed, and then I felt him slide next to me. “I told him about masturbating. He had figured out part of it. It was only a matter of time.”

“I see.” Chris muttered.

“In the end, it is about sex. The beginning of it, at least.” I said after another moment of silence. In my head, I had been more decisive more precise, but it was harder to say the words.

“Well, you”re right, I guess. We messed around at that age. We were both boys, though.” Chris said, addressing the elephant in the room.

I leaned into him. “Yeah, and then we both ran away from it.” I added, hesitating for a second. “Well, I did. I didn”t have anyone to lean on.”

“He does.”

“Yeah, me,” I said. “I need to be Seth”s fall back. I don”t want him to run away. I want him to have a guide. I can”t be both. I don”t want to be both. I want you to be one. I”ll be the other.”

I felt Chris” hand on my shoulder slowly rubbing it. It stopped rize escort when I said those words, then gave a gentle squeeze. It felt like more reassurance than the words that followed.

“I understand,” Chris said with a kiss to my cheek. “I”ll do my best.”

“I know,” I replied, standing up. “I need to get back to Seth, anyways.”

Seth knew I visited Uncle Chris at night. I never spent the night. Chris understood why, and I understood why it always hurt him. It was just the way it was.

“Sure, send him over whenever you”re ready.” Chris said as I was leaving.

“I”ll try to talk to him about it tomorrow. Good night.

“Love you!” Chris said.

“Love you too.” I said, closing the door.

The next morning, I made pancakes. I did not always put M&M”s in them but felt like it today. My son sat at the kitchen counter, staring at the TV. He did not even look over until I popped a plate down in front of him.

“Don”t make a mess of it.” I said taking the can of whipped cream and popping it down next to the plate. He gave me a look as if asking if I was sure before taking it and applying it himself. He did not overdo it too much. The second his hand was off it though, I took it away and put it back in the fridge.

The hot plate I used was a complete mess from the M&M spot. I was going to let that cool before tackling it. I sat down across from him, watching him eat for a bit. He looked so cute and innocent. I was starting to have second thoughts. However, in a strange twist of fate I remembered my youth more than I remembered some of my twenties.

“Are they good?” I asked.

“Mmm, your pancakes are the best.” Seth announced as he swallowed a large bite.

I smiled at the compliment and decided to rip off the Band-Aid. “So, I”ve been thinking. Maybe, I should not spank you anymore.”

Seth shot his head up, a little whipped cream at the corner of his mouth. “What?” at least that is what his expression seemed to say. He tried to say something, but it was muffled by the pancake.

“Don”t talk with your mouth full and let me explain. You enjoy getting spanked. That means it is no longer a punishment. I never enjoyed doing it. However, your Uncle Chris does. You may ask your uncle to do it.”

It was nice to see his confusion turn to a smile. I watched as he swallowed. “Really? You finally talked to him?”

“Yes, and I want you to know that you can still talk to me about anything. You can ask your uncle or me anything, anytime.”

Seth gave me a nod but did not ask any more questions as he went back to eating. I decided not to dwell on it. In the end, I did trust Chris. A few hours later, Seth announced he was going to visit Uncle Chris. I tried to act like it was nothing special. I went to the computer and put on my headsets and played a video game.

Two hours later, Seth startled me by tapping on my shoulder. Taking off my headset, I turned to look at him. His face was flushed, but he was smiling.

“Uncle Chris said he was going to order pizza for lunch. That is if you don”t want to make anything.”

“Pizza? I guess we could. Support local businesses and all that.” I said with a smile though I did wonder.

For the next week, things seemed to go fine like that. Seth would visit his uncle. I did not ask questions. Chris was more passionate or at least enthusiastic during our rendezvous. It was not every day, and the three of us did hang out together. We watched movies, played a video or board game. Chris occasionally had to go to do some work. I did the shopping, which was ankara rus escort mostly just an excuse to get out. Every time I came back, they were either in the backyard or on my side of the house. I did not know why, but I felt reassured by that.

It took me a week to ask Chris if he would tell me what they were doing. He seemed a little uncomfortable answering. I did not remember which one of us suggested recording the session, but one of us did. Instead of answering the question, Chris slipped me a thumb drive. I went back to my place and turned on the laptop to plug it in. It was drizzling outside.

The video started with Chris just sitting at his computer. He said something and gave me a little wave. Unfortunately, there was no sound. I waited when he moved off-screen. However, roughly after thirty seconds, I started fast-forwarding about ten minutes. When my son Seth came on, I went back to regular play.

Seth must not have known he was being recorded because he did not acknowledge the laptop at all. They were a little off to the right, not exactly center frame. My son started to undress and seemed a bit excited by it all.

I guessed he was going to ask for a haircut soon. He always kept his hair short and it was starting to get a little long. His chubby body was almost cut in half from this point of view. Chris reposition him, glancing surreptitiously at the camera, having him stand with his hands behind his head and feet spread. He walked out of the screen for a second and came back later with a belt. I held my breath for a second. I never used a belt or any other object than my hand on my son”s behind.

Seth”s back was turned to the camera, and the belt came down across both of his cheeks. I could see him stand up on his tiptoes. I tried to count. The blows did not come particularly quick, but it was hard to keep track. I could feel my erection growing.

It went on for some time until Seth”s butt cheeks were red. When Chris stopped, he turned Seth around, so he was facing the camera. His little dick was hard. I could also see Chris” cock was too.

They were talking again. Seth laughed at something his belly shaking. When Chris went off-camera, I was about to shut it down, but he came back a moment later. My lover had pulled down his pants. His erection was sticking out. He had covered it in a bright yellow condom. I remember getting flavored condoms as a gag gift. My son wrapped his little hand around it and rubbed it a few times before opening his mouth and shoving it in his mouth.

The next five minutes, I watched as my son stroked, licked, and sucked his uncle. This was not the first time something like this has happened. Seth was far too comfortable with it. My son touched his penis a few times, but it never looked like it was in danger of going flaccid. Chris finally reached its climax, stumbling backward and out of frame. He was back a moment later with his pants back on. Chris lifted Seth up before tossing him onto the bed. It did not take a wild guess to figure out what happened next. All I could see was Seth”s legs moving and his toes. Then, they relaxed.

I stared at the screen, wondering if there was going to be anything else. Nothing seemed to happen except for the two of them talking for a bit. Seth quickly jumped out of bed and ran off. Chris just closed the laptop, ending the video.

I stared at the blank screen. Eventually, I deleted the file. Putting my laptop to the side, I looked down at my erection. I figured things would go in that direction with Chris eventually, but I had not thought it would be so quickly. I could not be mad, and I was not. Instead, I reached down and relieved myself. Now, I could not think of why it had turned me on or why I was not more uneasy. It was not a restful night”s sleep.


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