Asking Matthew Pt. 03

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It had been about six weeks, since the last time I saw Matthew. I had gone out on a few dates with men, I had met online. But no one gathered my attention to make me want to move forward. I used a lot of toys and watched a lot of gay and trans porn getting myself off. But I missed the real thing. I missed feeling a real cock in my mouth, let alone wanting one sliding in and out of my ass. I wasn’t going to bother Matthew anymore, because I felt bad that through our sexual experiences, I didn’t want him as a boyfriend. And I didn’t want to use him for sex, or furthering my experiences. I just kept the faith that sooner or later, I’d find a boyfriend.

I was home on a Saturday night, when I received a text message from Matthew; “Hey everyone’s meeting up at the bar, if you want to hang out.”

I wasn’t real interested in going. It was getting late and I had a long day and just wanted to stay home and relax before heading to bed. But I also thought, summer was ending and it’s not often that I get to go out and have a few beers, letting the cares of life disappear for a few hours. I decided I was going to head out and hang out a bit, but wouldn’t make it along night.

I answered Matthew writing; “Yah I’ll cruise by. Let me grab a quick shower and I’ll be there.”

He responded; “Can I shower with you?” With a big smiley face…

I chucked at it as I gathered my clothes and jumped in the shower.

About 40 minutes later I arrived at the bar. Lots of people from the old league were there hanging out, playing pool, shooting darts and the Juke Box was loud and rocking the house. I had a few beers and played a few games of both darts and pool and was having a great time. As much as I didn’t really have the energy to go, once I was there, I was having a great time.

Matthew and I had talked briefly upon my arrival, but mostly kept our distance from each other throughout the night. And that reason alone, was exactly why I didn’t want to date him years ago, because of the uncomfortable feeling(s) we would have had every week when we had the games. Especially if we were keeping our relationship a secret. But I must admit, several times throughout the night I’d catch myself starring at him. Licking my lips, thinking about his cock and wanting more sex from him.

I had just finished a game of darts with a couple of the girls that played on the league, when Matthew walked up to me.

“How have you been?” He asked.

“I’ve been alright Matthew. Just working a lot.” I replied.

“I miss seeing you.” He spoke.

“I miss seeing you too Matthew. But life’s been busy.”

“Wanna play a game?” He asked.

“Sure.” I replied.

“Wanna make it interesting?” He spoke.

“Sure. What do you have in mind?” I asked.

“You win, you get what you want. If I win, I get you alone tonight.” He related.

“Alone tonight?” I inquired. “Could be interesting.” I furthered.

“What would you want?” He asked.

I leaned in a bit closer to him and whispered softly; “Your dick!”

Matthews eyes lit up as he reached into his pocket to pull out some money to put in the dart machine. We started the game and at first, I was trying to win, but as the game moved forward, I started picturing his cock ramming in and out of my mouth. Envisioned him behind me slamming his throbbing dick in and out of my ass. Feeling his cum all over my face. Feeling his touch, his warmth and him satisfying me, the way no one had in a long time. I started “missing” all my shots, until he finally caught up and eventually won.

When we finished and he had one, he was gloating like he just dethroned the King of England, as I sat smiling at him. We both knew we wanted sex and it was just the “game” and the “bet” was just the way for us to break through the red tape.

“We’ll good game Matthew.” I spoke, as I extended my hand out to shake his. Matthew shook my hand and gave me a “man hug” to celebrate his win. As he was pressed up against me, I said; “I’ll be niğde escort waiting for you at home.”

I turned and started to say my goodbyes to those at the bar and eventually headed out into the night. I got home and was very anxiously awaiting his arrival. I was overly horny, lightly buzzed and I wanted his cock so bad, that I was already hard in my jeans. I didn’t know how far behind he was, but I was hoping he waked out just a few moments after I did.

Within 5 minutes, I saw his car pull up in front of the house. My heart leapt and I was very giddy because he was there. As he reached the front door, I opened it and greeted him. After he walked through the door and I closed it behind him. I pressed him up against the door. Without a word, I leaned in and kissed him. This time there was no holding back. Our tongues met and swirled around in each other’s mouths. My hands rubbing up and down his torso. I was so fucking horny and so ready for cock that I wanted to suck his cock; and have him fuck me until the sun came up.

I knelt down and started literally ripping his belt open and pulling at his button and zipper. I wanted dick so bad and I wanted it now. I got his pants open and yanked them down, returning my hands to his boxers and pulling those down. I put his flaccid cock in my mouth moaning loudly as I felt the warmth of his shaft along my tongue. I swirled my tongue around it and started sliding my head back and forth getting him hard. I hadn’t wanted a dick in my mouth more than I wanted his at that moment. And since this was the only man, I knew I could suck off, he was going to get sucked off hard. I couldn’t suck it enough.

I’ve wanted cock bad over the past few weeks and now to have him (or frankly any cock) in my house… made me overly horny. I sucked back and forth getting him fully erect as his hands came to rest on top of my head. I pulled his cock from my mouth at one point lightly stroking him with my hand, whispering the words; “I’ve missed this cock, Matthew.”

Matthew lightly moaned as he stood over me, letting me suck his dick and give him an erotic blow job right in my doorway. And I was thankful for it. I knew at this point I wanted men, more than women. I only wanted dick and I wanted his more now than I had weeks before. But my biggest concern was the fact that the last two times I had given him a blow job, he came quickly and I wanted this to last. I wanted this to be more than 5 minutes and I wanted him to fuck me hard. Tonight, I need to be penetrated. I need to be rammed like a little bitch and I needed to cum while being fucked.

But I was so horny and so wanting to suck his dick so hard and fast that I was already rock hard in my pants. As I knelt in front of him letting my mouth pleasure him, I started using my left hand in combination with my warm wet mouth to suck him off. While with my right hand, I was trying to get my pants open. When I finally got my button and zipper open, I pulled my cock from inside my pants and underwear and was stroking myself as I slobbered back and forth on his cock.

“Oh Matthew, I need this cock.” Spewed from my mouth, as I knelt starring at his fully erect cock.

I stood up and kissed Matthew passionately. As our bodies pinned up against each other, I managed to place both of our dicks in my hand and was lightly stroking us off. I wanted him hard, I wanted his love, I wanted to get him off, but I wanted to make sure I got what I needed too. As we stood there kissing, the sensation of having his dick, placed up against my dick in my hand was immeasurable. I was so hard and so ready for him, that I wanted him to bend me over right there and slide his dick deep into my ass, but I didn’t want his to blast his load quickly.

“Bedroom!” I moaned through our kiss, as Matthew started to pull his pants and underwear off of the bottom of his legs, so he could walk.

Matthew followed me to my bedroom removing his shirt before he laid down on the niğde escort bayan bed as I was getting undressed. I could see the lustful look in his eyes, as he laid there watching me undress. His hard cock sticking straight up, waiting to be played with more. While my cock was sticking straight out, bulging with excitement. I crawled up onto the bed and slid right up and in-between his legs. My lips lightly kissed his inner thighs as I made my way back up toward his hard cock. I sucked on his balls for a few seconds holding his long shaft in my hand looking up at his hard cock pulsing and throbbing, waiting for my mouth to suck him so more. I placed his cock back into my mouth and started sucking him off again. The pleasure and passion was more than I could handle and my body, my spirit and my ass was begging to be fucked.

I pulled Matthew’s cock from my mouth and leaned over him to the right to my night table. I opened the drawer and grabbed the bottle of lube that was resting inside. I returned back to being in-between his legs, squatting on my knees, popping the lube bottle open. I poured a generous amount on my left hand and dropped the bottle as my hand moved towards his cock.

I leaned down a bit as my lubed hand wrapped around his shaft, the cool sensation of the liquid, made him lightly gasp. I started stroking up and down his shaft feeling his hard cock sliding in and out of my palm and between my fingers. I knelt watching myself giving him a hand job as my cock pulsed and shook from the excitement of being alone with a man again.

“I want your dick in me!” I moaned out while my eyes watched his cock sliding throughout my hands.

I leaned down again and sucked on his cock more, while I took my lubed hand and started rubbing up and down my asshole, getting myself slippery wet. I went back and forth from jacking him off to sucking him off and back to jacking him off, while my hand played with my ass. My cock as so hard that it felt like the skin was stretching beyond its capacity.

I climbed up on top of Matthew reaching back to find his cock sticking straight up underneath me. I adjusted my angle and lined the tip of his dick right at my asshole. I pushed down and as lubed up as he was, his hard cock slid right inside of me. I gasped in pleasure, as I felt him enter into me and getting what I had been longing for, for so long.

I slowly rose and fell, getting him further in each time and letting my body adjust to having a dick inside of me again. Matthew pulled at my arms, bringing me face to face with him, kissing me deeply as I began rocking back and forth taking his cock dep in my ass. It was slow and erotic, but it was perfect as he was fulfilling a need as he made love to me.

I was rock hard feeling my dick and balls pressed up against his little belly as I rocked back and forth, while his cock slid in and out of me. We kissed deeply for a long time, as his dick felt enlightening just slowly getting deeper inside of me. I’m glad we were taking this first bit slow. I wanted him to be in me for a long time, not just a few moments. The bed rock and squeaked, as I continued riding him at my pace letting him slide in and out. His cock felt so perfect inside of me. Not too long, not to short, but surely hard enough to make me know a good rock-hard cock was fucking me.

I rose back upright and started riding him, like a woman would ride a man. I bounded up and down as deep and fast as I could just feeling his shaft come almost all the way out, then all the way back in. My cock was flapping up and down, as I bounced on his throbbing cock. Fast for a bit; but the long and slow letting him side all the way in. I was in heaven, his cock felt perfect deep inside of me. I wanted this… Period! There was no doubt. I wanted dick. His dick. Someone’s dick. Any dick. A boyfriends dick. I needed Dick. I wanted dick and now that I was being fucked again. I couldn’t have wanted more.

I rode Mathew for escort niğde about 5 minutes just riding his cock until I felt like I was going to explode. The top of my dick occasionally hitting his skin, flapping in the wind, feeling the constant pleasure of being hard, while a cock was deep inside of me. I reached down on occasion and stroked myself, keeping the feeling of wanting to cum constant. And on occasion Matthew would stroke my cock as I bounced up and down on him, stimulating me even more.

“I’m gonna cum!” He cried out as I continued bouncing up and down on him.

The thought of him shooting his load in my ass, got me even more turned on. I could tell by the look on his face he was about to explode. His head was leaning back, his mouth wide open, his breaths gasping but shallow. His hands grabbing onto my thighs harder grasping skin and muscles as I bounced up and down.

“Fucking cum in me baby!” I moaned out as I continued ridding him.

My dick became even harder as my hand wrapped around my shaft, while his stiff, fully elongated cock slid in and out of me. Matthew’s hips started thrusting upwards driving his dick deeper and faster into me.

“Holy fuck!” I cried out as his hips thrusted upwards hard, as I was driving my body downwards onto his throbbing cock, bringing both of us to the brink of cumming.

“I’m cumming. I’m Cumming!” He whimpered out as I felt his dick shaking and pulsating deep inside of me. His gasps and body movements let me know he was cumming deep inside of my ass. While I still rose and fell on his cock.

The thrill and excitement of the movement, drove me to sheer extasy as I started bellowing out; “Matthew I’m cum! I’m going to cum!”

My cock flapping up and down, feeling like it would explode without being touched. I was dying to cum, dying for it to start shooting out everywhere. I was pulsing and throbbing, wanting to release, as he was releasing in me. I grabbed my cock, stroking it fiercely with my hand as he released deep inside of me. I was beyond aroused, beyond satisfied and beyond wanting anything else but a cock in me.

“Holy fuck baby, I’m going to fucking cum!” I cried out as thrust down as hard and deep as I could getting him as deep inside of me as I could get it.

I started riding harder and faster for mere seconds, bucking up and down down taking every inch of his cock as deep as I could.

Before I could even get more words out of my mouth, I started shooting my cum all over his chest. It was flying everywhere, as my cock was flapping and bouncing everywhere, with each thrust up and down. I was moaning out like a female, as his cock rammed in and out of me and my cock was shooting cum.

“Matthew!” I cried out, as I kept squirting cum all over the place.

Matthew reached out and was slowly stroking me as I was getting towards the end of my orgasm, making the sensation even deeper. “Matt. Matt. Matt!” I moaned out, as his cock penetrated me deeply and thoroughly as he continued jacking me off.

“Fuck!” I cried out as I started to slow down my pace, as my leg muscles tensed, became rubbery and had gotten numb from riding him.

Matthew pulled me down face to face with him again and kissed me deeply. I had stopped my up and down momentum, just lying chest to chest with him. Feeling the last bit of cum trickle from my dick, as his full boner was resting deep inside my ass after being pleasured by his cock.

We rested this way for a few minutes. I could feel the lube and his cum sliding out of me as we bonded even further.

I eventually rose off of Matthew barely being able to walk once I got to my feet. We both went to the bathroom and washed up and laid next to one another, naked, spent and relieved from fucking. We talked for a while and had a few smokes before I started to drift off. I had feelings running deep inside of me that I hadn’t felt in years and to be honest I wanted him to spend the night and fuck me more. But as we were talking, I must have drifted off mid-sentence, because the next thing I remember was waking up alone early morning hours to pee and he was gone.

Matthew and I had one more great sexual experience, before I got the shock of a life time. I’ll tell you more about it in the next chapter.

The end. For now.