At His Request

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Maria wore a skirt to work today just for him. All night she had thought about him and what he had asked her to do. The thought of bring herself off for him in her office was enough to make her sopping wet.

It was a busy day at the office, with tons of things to be done, but always in the back of her mind was him and what she was going to do. That thought alone had her aroused and wet all day. She found herself squirming in her chair anytime she sat down and the urge to slid fingers under her skirt was torturing her. More than once during the morning, she caught her hand straying to her crotch and her employees looking at her curiously. With heat rising in her face, she barked out orders a bit rougher than she intended.

Finally, around lunch time, she got a few minutes to go to her office and shut the door. Collapsing into her chair from exhaustion and anticipation, she immediately placed her hand under her skirt to rub her clit. By now her panties were soaking from the anticipation that had been running through her body all day. She reached across the desk to log onto her computer, quickly locating his last email. The one he had sent last night, describing what he wanted her to do today. She then pulled up her media player, inserted a CD and let the music play, knowing that this was not going to go quietly. She was already so aroused that the slightest touch would probably send her over the edge. Amazed at how just the thought of doing something so “naughty” was making her ache.

Sliding her chair away from the desk, she stood with knees trembling and removed her panties tossing them casino oyna on the floor. Sitting back into her chair, she placed one foot on the door, since the lock was broken and draped the other over the corner of her desk. As she started to read his email, she opened a few buttons on her blouse and slid her hand inside, under her bra. Taking a nipple between her thumb and fore finger, she gently pinched and rolled the nipple between her fingers. Occasionally, stopping to hook a pinky in the ring and pull slightly. Moving her other hand down to her pussy, she begin to stroke her clit, feeling the moisture and smelling the aroma of sex fill the room.

Already tremendously aroused, a moan escaped from between her lips, as she flicked at her clit, sending razor sharp blades of passion down her spine. Taking her clit between two fingers, she began to stroke faster as the other hand pinched harder on a nipple. By now, she could feel sweat rolling down her back and her breath coming faster.

She let go of her nipple and brought her hand down to her pussy, inserting two fingers deep inside her dripping cunt. Wiggling and slamming her fingers deeper into her pussy, she increase the pace of her fingers on her clit. She could already feel her climax building, her fingers rubbing hard over her most sensitive area as the other hand fucked her cunt with wild abandon. She was so close to cumming, yet craving more. Wanting to feel her self filled, she looked around the room. Eyes glazed with lust, she spotted a flashlight on the file cabinet. She had brought it to work days earlier when they were having problems canlı casino with the electricity.

It was a cold black metal flashlight, at least 8 inches long and at least 5-6 inches around. Jumping up from the chair, she reached for the flashlight. With the flashlight in one hand and the other still rubbing her clit, she sat back down in the chair and slide back to give herself more access to her pussy. Without any further thought to where she was or what she was doing, she rammed the flashlight deep into her cunt, feeling it stretch the walls, filling her beyond imagination. The cold feel of it only heightening her pleasure, bringing forth yet more moans. Panting and moaning, she worked her fingers faster over her clit, feeling the nub there harden and swell. Pushing the flashlight in and out of her cunt, keep time with the other hand, sending herself over the edge.

She could feel the tension in her body building and clamped her teeth together hard to keep from screaming out. She began to increase the pace, slamming the flashlight hard into her pussy, taking almost all of it inside of her. She started to roll her clit back and forth between her fingers, applying more pressure. Fucking herself harder now, she began to feel the spasms start deep inside her cunt, she could feel the walls of her cunt tightening on the flashlight, almost forcing it out. She gripped it tighter, holding it firm as she continued to ram it into herself. Suddenly, her whole body was taken over by savage trembling and the air caught in her throat. She could feel the moisture oozing out of her cunt as her clit became kaçak casino so sensitive it was almost painful to touch. She still didn’t stop, completely unable to control her body or herself. She rode out her climax until her entire body was drenched in sweat and her legs were trembling so hard they were shaking the desk. Then and only then did she stop ramming the flashlight into her pussy and relaxed the pressure to her clit.

Throwing her head back, the strands of her red hair falling out of the carefully maintained bun at the back of her head, she collapse in her chair reveling in the feel of the waves rushing over her. Lying back savoring the feelings coursing through her body, she closed her eyes and breathed deeply, completely spent.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, startling her and causing her heart to racing again.

“Maria, we need you at the front, one of the patients are complaining about the wait”

Instantly Maria jumped up from her desk, terrified that this person would open the door and find her there with her shaved pussy exposed for all to see, glistening with sweat and the juices from her climax just moments before.

“Coming,” she croaked out.

She pulled the flashlight from her pussy with trembling hands, as her body continued to shake with the remains of her orgasm and the fear of being caught. She dropped the flashlight into a drawer, grabbed her panties and stepped into them. She rapidly fixed her hair then reached up to button her shirt, giving each of her nipples one last pinch, before starting out the door.

The smell of sex hovered in the air as she opened the door and stepped out. With a smile on her face, she placed a finger in her mouth to taste herself, as she moved off to take charge of the situation. Once more the calm cool business woman.