Aunt Cece

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Aunt CeceWhen I was 26, I was divorced from my wife I was invited to a cousin’s wedding With no big plans and a good time to catch up, I made plans to go back east to the wedding. My aunt Cece called me and said “Danny, I heard you were coming to Frankie’s wedding? Where are you staying?”I said “Aunt Cece, I’m not sure, I haven’t worked that out yet.”“Well Danny, come stay with me, I got a spare bedrooms with no one in it since the k**s moved out. Come stay we me and we’ll catch up.”“OK, Aunt Cece that’s generous of you. I planned to come over about two days before the wedding and finish the week there and come home on Monday, if that’s OK?”“Of course it’s OK, it’s settled. I’ll stock up on something good to cook.” Cece said and put the phone down.So, I got to the airport, rented a car and drove around the old neighborhood, and then drove to Aunt Cece’s house. lt was a 2 family home with my Aunt living downstairs. I put my things on the floor and hugged her and she showed me to the spare bedroom where I would be sleeping It felt good, so in my mind, I definitely felt good about staying with her.Despite her being twice my age, we hit it off immediately. At first it was just the normal things.Every morning we’d sit and have coffee together, but I noticed she’d never change out of her old ratty nightgown. I loved the nightgown because she was very busty and more of her tits were out of it than in it.Knowing she was divorced from my Uncle Oliver, I wanted to see if I could seduce her. OK, Oliver was my late mom’s brother, but Cece was always Aunt Cece. She was my Aunt, but she was pretty sexy in her old age, and I wanted to see how far I could go. Could I seduce her?Asking if I wanted more coffee, one day, she bent over and poured some. Her tits nearly popped out of her nightgown. Was she seducing me?I had to know!I kissed her on the lips. She did not kiss me back, but she did not pull back either. Not being phased by the kiss, I just reached up and I put my hand in her open nightgown and began to rub one of her ample tits and she smiled. I stood up, and took the nightgown off her shoulder exposing all of her and began to suck one of her hardened nipples. With a moan, and her head back, she let me feast on her magnificent saggy titsShe just sighed, and she looked me in the eye and she asked me “What took you so long, Danny?”Aunt Cece grabbed my hand and led me to her room. Once there she pulled off her night gown and I saw her hanging tits tits, her nice belly and her somewhat trimmed pussy. I was delighted and she pulled my cock loose and stroked it as my fingers found their way to her soft, fleshy lips of her pussy. Her pussy quivered and felt like a horse nibbling grain from my hand. My fingers found their way inside and pulled back and she ripped off my clothes except my socks and laid me on her bed and straddled me, and slid down onto my cock and rocked.“Oh fuck Danny. You feel so good. You have a bigger cock than your Uncle Oliver, and it’s been so long” and she lifted her ass up and down. Riding my cock with passion. Her cunt was not tight, but very wet and very hot. By hot, I men very sexy. No way was I going to cum prematurely, but was going to lie there and enjoy every minute.She paused for a bit to catch her breath and I rolled her over onto her bed and fucked her. Throwing her legs up onto my shoulders, I began to rabbit fuck her, hard and fast. It was glorious, I swear her cunt canlı bahis was spitting at me she was so wet, she kept cursing like a sailor. “Oh fuck! Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck-k-k-k!!”She must have been cumming like crazy and I fucked her hard and deep, and like I said, her pussy was a bit on the loose side but felt better than any pussy my age I had ever fucked. I could sense a cum somewhere in my balls, when Aunt Cece said “Cum for me Danny. Give me your cum”So I reached around my ass and got my thumb wet with her cum and pushed it into her ass, where my cock could feel it. She loved it and bucked and it was not long before copious amounts of cum fill her cunt.“Fuck yes. Fuck Yes, give it to me Danny. I’ve wanted your cock for years now. Oh fuck-k-k!”“For years now”, I thought to myself. I could have been tapping this for years!I pulled my cock from Aunt Cece’s cunt and looked at it. Big labia, meaty clit and cum dripping, her asshole was kind of big like it had years of being fucked. Her tits slid off her chest to the side and she asked, “What are you looking at Danny? My ugly old body?”“Your body is not ugly at all Aunt Cece” I told her.She grinned and pulled me to her to tits and smothered my head with kisses. “Danny, I have never been fucked so good in my life. Not before Oliver, nor the few times since him. You make me feel young. Please call me Cece while you’re here and leave the Aunty business for the wedding tomorrow, OK?”I lay back on the bed and Cece’s hand went to my cock. After playing with some cum, she brought her hand to her nose. “I can smell my cunt Danny!”I laughed and said “Lick it, it might taste good.”So she licked and saw it was ok then licked her fingers clean. Then she scooted down and licked my cock. Took it in her mouth and played with it. She was a novice, and she said “Danny, my Oliver was wham bam thank you ma’am. He never looked at me, he never touched me with anything but his cock. He even would never let me do to him what I’m doing to you.”I said “ I love your mouth on my cock Cece. Please get on your hands and knees so I can touch your pussy as you lick”She immediately got on her hands and knees and I fingered her cummy cunt as she sucked me hard. I started to rub her asshole and she said “Oh fuck. Oh Fuck”“Am I hurting you Cece?” I asked.“NO! Danny it feels good. No man has touched me there. I like it”“Cece,” I asked, your asshole looks big, is it from having k**s?”Cece laughed, and said “You want the truth Danny?”“Hell yeah, Cece, tell it all”She rolled onto her side, her hand on my cock, and she said “When I was a little girl, maybe 9 years old. I went p*o and when I wiped myself, it felt kind of good. Sometimes I’d reach down and touch myself, and it felt good. Soon I learned that as I rub my clit, if I put a finger in my ass, I cum hard and fast. By the time I was 16, I was fucking my ass with carrots, hair brush handles, you name it. I kept my virginity until I was 17, but never stopped fucking my ass”“Wow, that is so cool” I said“But there’s more. Oliver would never do anything there, I was ashamed to ask. In those days, no one did that. See that bedpost right there Danny? I’ve been fucking my ass on that bed post for over 20 years. Oliver would fuck me, leave me still horny and go to work. After he left, I lubed the bed post and rode it hard as I rubbed my clit. Hard cums. Many of them. I’d fantasize about all manner of cocks in my ass. In time I took bahis siteleri more and more of the bedpost in my ass. I found that going over the knobs made my ass open and close, stretch and contract, and it felt wonderful. The past 6 years I take that entire bedpost up my ass, no one ever knew. I’d clean the bedpost, and once in a while oil it so is was shiny. Oliver never knew.”“I think you need a good ass fucking Cece” I told he and her face lit up.“Would you Danny?“Of course Cece, my favorite hole”I was so excited I had Cece get on her hands and knees and I licked her ass, but she pushed me away, and said “No Danny, that is too nasty. Please put your cock on my bum now, I want it so bad.”I spit on my cock and pressed it to her ass, and like her pussy, it was a bit loose. No sloppy, just not tight. She opened and my cock slid right in and she moaned with delight. I began fucking her, and she would grab my cock with her ass muscles and then release, then squeeze tight once more. I began fucking my Aunt harder and faster, she cried out with an a****l like moan, and my balls slapping at her cunt just got soaked. “Fuck me Danny. Don’t stop. Oh fuck it feels so good. Please don’t stop”I had no intention of stopping. Cece might have had a well used ass, but like her cunt, it was heaven to me. Her ass developed some mucus and it was like lube as I fucked her with vigor. I was close to cumming, so I pulled out of her ass, before I cum too soon.“No Danny, don’t stop. Fuck me some more” she beckonedI shoved three fingers in her ass and began to fuck her ass. She began to moan and push back “Deeper Danny” she cried. I added another finger and went in and out of her ass as deep and hard as I could. I was totally amazed at how much her ass could stretch. I had four fingers in her ass nearly to my palm.“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” came my Aunt’s lips lips like a mantra. The bed had a growing puddle, between her legs, there was a whitish cum dripping from her cunt as I finger fucked her ass, deep and hard.I pulled my fingers out and replaced them with my cock, but slipped two fingers next to my cock. I have fucked more than a few asses in my 32 years, but never one that was so elastic. My fingers next to my cock felt so nasty, so wicked, so erotic and I soon erupted, filling CeCe’s ass with my creamAs my pecker got soft, I pulled out and lay on the bed. My Aunt dragged her hits over my both and kissed me, slipping her tongue deep into my mouth. She was fiercely passionate and breathlessly told me “Danny I love you for that, you know. My dreams have come true, and more. I have never cum so often and so hard as today. A truly wonderful day. Do you have any regrets?”“Regrets? Cece, not a one! You are a vibrantly sexy woman. I always thought I was a bit weird because I prefer a pussy a bit looser and an ass the same way. And here you have everything I desire.”“I’m too old for you, plus I’m your Aunt by marriage, but fuck me, that was some good sex. Too bad we only have a few more days. You do want to fuck some more, don’t you Danny?” and she looked me in the eye.I latched on to one of her fat nipples and began sucking, pausing only to say “Maybe I can get hard again and this time I’ll fuck both holes?”Cece chuckled and pulled my head tighter into her big breastsWe fucked all night, and Cece left at 8M for her hair appointment before coming home to get ready for the 1 PM weddingWe sat together bahis şirketleri at the wedding, prim and proper, and the same at the wedding reception. My cousin Frankie was radiant, and her new husband was very attentive to her. They were a great looking couple. Cece and I had an itch that needed scratching and we both could not wait to get out of there and go home to Cece’s and get naked and fuck. Finally, the bride and groom left in the car for their honeymoon.Cece kicked of her heels and carried them, as I went to get my rental car. Cece got in my car, and I told her I wanted to drop her at the house and go buy something, I’lll be back in less than an hour. Her face dropped at first but then began smiling again, after she found out I’d be back soon.So I dropped my Aunt off and drove to the other part of town to a sex shop, where I purchased a big, thick, black strap on and harness. I flew back to Cece’s and down the stairs to her apartment, and she open the door, wearing only her nightgown. I stepped in she locked the door and said “Whacha got Danny?”I pulled it out and she looked puzzled and then turned beet red. “What are we going to do with that?”“it’s a strap on Cece” I told her as I began to get naked. I stepped into the harness and had the big black cock jutting out nearly 2 inches above my cock. “I’m gonna fuck both of your holes at the same time. We’re both gonna love it. What do you think?”“I think it’s a big fucker, where is it going to go?” she looked at me“Now there is a good question Aunty,” I said. “Where do you think the big black one should go?”Once again she blushed and said “ I’m sure with a bit of lube, it might fit in my ass. This is so exciting Danny, I never imagined any of this. Let’s go see if it works” and she pulled me to her bedroom.I told her to get on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed, I stood behind her and used baby oil on the big black dildo, that was a good 2 ¾” thick. I eased the tip of it in her ass, it was tight. I pull out and squirted some oil in her ass and pushed Big Black in her ass about 2 inches or more and my cock began to enter her pussy. I began pressing deeper until the big dong bottomed out in her ass.Cece began thrusting back, and taking even more of Big Black. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck Oh fuck” was coming from her mouth, her pussy was soaked as I thrust away, fucking both holes. Cce was spent, but her head was down and I raised her hips to change the angle a bit and fucked her furiously. She had cum, now it was my turn. In a sadistic way I hoped I would fuck her hard and put her away wet, and she’d be a bit sore from the good sex. I thrust and pushed and contorted and soon was gushing my spunk into her cunt.I pulled out and collapsed on the bed. In a few minutes, Cece was sucking my cock. I said “I am beat, I may not have the strength to fuck any more.”She pulled her mouth from my cock and said “Danny you have fucked me so fucking good! I’m just learning here but let me suck you, guide me, tell me what to do, let me make you cum again”So I did, and she did and even swallowed! We watched some TV later and when we went to bed we spooned and she put my cock in her ass. The next two days and nights were filled with fun. We both hated to see me leave. We promised to text and keep the fire going, and we plan on me coming back for a visit in a few months I boarded the plane, turned off my phone and once we were at cruising altitude, I turned on my phone and there was a text from Cece. “Danny, you have made me come alive. I’ve already masturbated a few times today, bouncing on my bedpost. Here’s a pic I tried, keep thinking of me. Ce” What great pics she sent!