Aunt Peg’s Panties Ch. 07

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Note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Peg looked at the time and realised it was almost 5pm. She had hoped for a quiet day at work and had wanted to leave early but it actually turned out to be quite busy. Almost immediately when she got to office, she had to attend a meeting. She had found it hard to concentrate with her wet panties pressed against her crotch and she kept fidgeting about. She could feel the wetness and the stickiness and it just made her feel so sexy and horny. After the meeting ended, she had walked out of the conference room with one of her co-workers.

“What was all the figeting about?” Jill asked. “I could swear you had in itch in your panties that needed to be scratched.” She laughed.

Peg smiled. “Maybe it got scratched earlier.” She teased.

Jill smiled broadly. “Someone had some se-ex” She said in a sing song voice. “Soooo…do tell… who’s the lucky guy? “

For the first time, Peg realised that she couldn’t talk about ‘him’. How was she to explain that she was fucking her nephew? It was a good thing that no one knew that Tyler was staying with her either. Her cheeks flushed a little as she thought about how she had fucked Tylers father, her brother, before as well. She was quite the incestuous little bitch.

“Soo? Who is he?” Jill asked again. “Do I know him? Is that why you’re taking so long to answer?”

Peg snapped out of her thoughts and smiled softly at Jill. “Nah, you don’t know him. Just some guy I knew before. He’s in town and we kinda hooked up.” Peg replied, kind of telling the truth but not quite.

Jill nodded and patted Peg on the shoulder. “Well good for you. You’re kind of glowing this morning.” She said. “And…” she looked around before leaning in. “You still kind of smell like sex…”

“Oh, maybe I should have sprayed on some perfume.” Peg laughed, a little nervously, figuring out that the smell was Tylers cum and her juices coated on her panties. She hadn’t thought about that but at the same time she felt a little tremor in her stomach as she thought how kinky it was that Jill could smell the effects of her earlier fucking. They parted ways and Peg went back to her workstation.

She was glad that she had worn a flared skirt as it allowed her to sit with her legs open under the table and let the air-conditioning dry out her soaked panties. As the day went on, she felt her panties drying up and with that she had less of a distraction between her legs and she managed to get some work done.

“Thank god its 5” She said to herself as she packed up her stuff. She got into the car and realised how excited she was to be going home. She felt a stirring in her loins again and wondered what Tyler was up to. It had been such a long time since she had felt this horny and wanton. She thought back to how she had gone to the toilet and work and how her soiled panties had stuck to her crotch when she removed them to have a pee. She remembered how the gusset of her panties were crusty ad her pussy lips had dried cum on them. She felt another tingle of lust as she remembered how full her bladder had been and she wondered if Tyler had a fetish of being peed on. Or maybe even peeing on her. She felt her pussy starting to get wet again at these lurid thoughts and she wondered if Tyler had any other dirty plans for her.

“God, I’m such a slut.” She thought to herself.

Without realizing it she had almost reached her apartment. She drove the few blocks down and then parked in the basement cark park. As she got out of the car, she smiled to herself as she realised that her heart was pounding and she could feel her pussy was squishy again.

She practically ran to the elevator, telling herself not to be too excited in case Tyler hadn’t planned anything. Still , she said to herself, she could be the one that instigated something. She smiled again as a variety of filthy and obscene thoughts ran through her mind.

Peg got to her apartment and opened the door. The lounge was dark, with the curtains closed. “Tyler?” She called out. There was no response. She placed her handbag on the chair and walked toward the room. The door was shut.

She paused a moment, wondering where Tyler was. She opened the door and walked in. Tyler was lying on the bed, completely bahis siteleri naked, with a bunch of her panties strewn all over the bed. Peg put her hands on her hips and cocked her hip out in a rather suggestive manner.

“And what are you doing?” She laughed.

Tyler smiled at her, “Just waiting for you to come back and keeping myself hard, surrounded by your panties.”

He sat up. “How was your day Aunt Peg.” He asked. “And more importantly how are those panties that got soaked this morning…?”

Peg laughed. She lifted her skirt, showing him the blue lace panties. “They were wet most of the day. A terrible distraction.” She said, making a bit of a show of it. “Then just when I thought they had got dry, I went and got them wet again.”

Tyler smiled. “Why was that Aunt Peg?” He asked, feigning innocence.

“I don’t know… saw a couple of hot guys that got my pussy flowing.” She joked. She looked at Tyler and she could see that her words had somehow taken him aback. “Awwww… Silly. It was you… all you…I was thinking of you…and your cock…and what you would do to me when I got home.”

Peg reached under her skirt to peel of her panties. She dangled it in one hand, twirling it about slightly. “You wanna smell?” She teased. “You know, this morning, someone remarked that I smelt of sex… she could probably smell my damp panties!”

“Oh Wow. That’s so hot.” Tyler replied. “Who was it?”

“Just an office colleague. Jill.” Peg stated

“I.. I hope you didn’t get into any trouble…” Tyler said.

“Oh Noooo.” Peg laughed. “She was just kinda jealous that I looked so happy after getting fucked!” Peg stopped twirling her panties and tossed them at Tyler who caught it expertly. He immediately pressed it to his nose.

“That must smell pretty rotten.” Peg teased. “They’re loaded with your cum and you know smells after a while…” Peg started to remove her clothes as she watched Tyler sniff on her panties, adjusting them a few times till he was sniffing at the wet gusset.

“They…they smell different,” Tyler explained. “Different but still sexy. I can still smell you on them. And a bit of piss too. They’re wet too” He grinned at her.

“Lie down Tyler.” Peg cooed. “I’ve been thinking of you the whole day.” She cleared some the panties lying on the bed as Tyler lay down. She crawled up to him and then straddled his chest. She bent down to kiss him long and hard. Then she knelt on the bed and made her way up to his face.

“Smell this.” She said, raising herself to hover above his face. “Smell it and lick it.”

Peg lowered her pussy on to Tylers face. He caught the pungent aroma of her cunt from afar and his cock started to twitch. The smell from her pussy was far stronger than from her panties. He could smell the tart, citrusy scent of her pussy juices, mixed with the sharp acrid smell of stale piss. Then there was a musky, musty scent which he attributed to his cum having marinated in her pussy the whole day. His cock lurched again as she placed her pussy on his mouth.

He licked. Peg groaned as the wet tongue slid along her slit.

“Oh God…” Peg moaned. “Clean me Tyler…I know I’m so dirty down there but I’m a dirty little slut from your cum…Aaaahhhh”

Tyler pulled away, trying to say something but Peg mashed her pussy back on his face. “Mmmmppphhh” Tyler groaned as he began to lick Aunt Peg’s pussy in earnest. Peg began grinding her hips against Tylers mouth. Her hands flew to her breasts and she started pinching her own nipples.

“Oh baby… Fuck baby…you suck so good.” She moaned as she felt Tyler began to suckle on her little nubbin of pleasure. “Ohh Tyler…”

He placed his hands on her thighs, pulling her down closer as he sucked and licked at her pussy and clitoris. Peg moaned and started thrusting her hips faster against his mouth.

“Oh Godd… Tyllerrr.. You gonna make… Oh fuck…I’m cummmming” Peg screamed and her body started shaking. Her thighs clamped around Tylers face and they started trembling. She placed her hands on the bed headboard as she shook. He head rolled back and she kept trembling.

Tyler stopped licking but kept his tongue pressed against Peg’s clit. Every small movement she made felt like another electric shop going through her. She placed canlı bahis siteleri her hands against Tyler’s head. “Stop…Stop” She pleaded.

Tyler withdrew his tongue and watched as she spasmed a few times before she slid of him and collapsed on the bed beside her nephew.

“Ohhhhh…Oh Goddd… Tyler…” She moaned.

Tylers cock was throbbing hard and he so wanted to climb on to her and fuck his aunt. Instead, he held on to her, stroking her head. “Gimme a minute… that was so intense.” Peg said softly.

“Take all the time you need Aunt Peg.” Tyler responded. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Peg giggled and reached out to hold his cock. “Someones really excited.” She said softly. “So… What did you think of doing with me you naughty boy?”

“I..I don’t know Aunt Peg.” Tyler said sheepishly. “I just want to make you happy.”

“Ohhh you doo…you do!” Peg replied. “But I want to know what you want too.”

“err…well, I was waiting to smell your panties” Tyler said brightly. “And lick you!”

“You already did that” Peg responded. “What else?”

“I always want to fuck you Aunt Peg… you know that.”

Peg smiled at him, playing with his cock. “I want that too…but I want to fuck you today.”

Saying that she got up on her knees and started to suck on his cock, playing with his balls. She sucked on the head, moaning as she did so and then she clambered over him and straddled his thighs. She slowly lowered herself on to his cock. “Watch Tyler… watch as my pussy sinks on to your cock and swallows it…”

“Aaahh…godd…that’s it.” Peg moaned as the cock separated her pussy lips and speared into her. “Your cock is always so hard. I love it.”

She started to move up and down over his cock slowly, relishing in the feeling of the hard piece of meat in her pussy. “Oh fuck tyler… I come so easily with you… god I love this.”

Tyler moaned at his aunts words and at the feeling of her wet pussy on his cock. “Oh Aunt Peg… I wish I had three cocks… I”d fill all your holes at the same time.”

“Oh fuckk… yes Tyler… and I’d let you…” Peg moaned. “Oh fuck…your’e gonna make me cum again.” She planted her pussy hard on Tylers cock and started bucking her hips, causing his cock to rub against his clit. She pressed her hands on his chest, bucking back and forth and up and down. Her breathing became raspy and her eyes rolled back in her head.

“Aaahh.. fuckkkkk Tylleerrrrrr” She shook again in orgasm, her entire body trembling. She slouched down over his torso and kissed him as her pussy kept spasming. They lay that way for a short while, his cock buried deep inside her and still rigid.

Peg raised herself, seating herself firmly on Tyler’s cock. She smiled down at him and reached for his hands, placing them on her boobs. Slowly she started to ride Tyler again, her own hands on his chest for leverage. Tyler squeezed and massaged his aunts boobs as she rode his cock.

“unnnnh…so good.” Peg moaned. “Were you serious about wanting to have 3 cocks to fuck me Tyler? Unnnhhh…”

“Oh God yes!” Tyler groaned. “I need 3 of me… Oh fuck Aunt Peg I love how you fuck me.”

Peg leaned forward. “Stick a finger in my ass.” She said softly. Tyler’s hands moved behind her to spread her ass cheeks. He prodded at her ass with the index finger, worming it in.

“Awwwgghhh Oh Godd…” Peg’s pussy twitched as she felt the finger invade her ass. “Now give me your other hand” she said.

Tyler offered her his hand and she raised I to her mouth, licking at the fingers. She sucked two of his fingers briefly in her mouth then popped them out again. “You wanted to fuck all my holes right…this is as close as you can get.” She said before sucking his fingers into her mouth again.

Peg started fucking herself harder on Tyler’s cock, lifting herself higher and smashing her pussy back on his cock as his finger worked in her ass. She suddenly had an idea.

Peg slowed her movements. “Tyler…you think you can reach the drawer?” She asked.

“Yeah… I can, sure.”

“Reach in…there’s a vibrator inside…” Peg advised.

Tyler’s cock lurched in Pegs pussy as she said this. He reached over to open the drawer, fidgeting inside until his hands found a long cylindrical object. canlı bahis Peg could see his hands reach for the vibrator. “That’s the one.” She said.

Tyler fished it out. It was pink in colour and about 8 inches long, slightly shorter than his own cock. It wasn’t as thick though. Peg humped his cock a few times then bent forward.

“Ok…Tyler… put that vibe in my ass.” She said.

Using his hands, Tyler spread her ass cheeks, pressing the vibrator against her asshole.

“Unhh..yeah…carefully now…that’s it… work it in slowly.” Peg moaned, feeling the vibe press against her ass. “Yes…spread my cheeks…work it in.. Oh god baby…”

Tyler pushed the vibe into his aunts ass, feeling the resistance give as the vibe popped into her ass. He pressed it in slowly, twisting it to get it to go in further.

“That’s it..unhh.. that’s it…Oh it’s in my ass…it’s in deep…” Peg mewled. “Ok…aahh…can you feel it baby? Can you feel it in my ass?”

Tyler nodded,watching his aunts face, a mix of pleasure and pain.

“Don’t move…ahhh…d-don’t move…” She groaned. “Can you feel it pressing against your cock baby?” Peg bent down further over Tyler, mashing her tits against his chest.

“Ok baby…reach behind and turn it on.”

Tyler moved his hand to the base of the vibe, searching for the dial and turned it up.

“Aaaahhh…ahhh…” Peg screamed out. “Oh Godddd…oh fucckkkk.” She began to thrust back and forth on Tylers cock. “Oh my godd… fuckk… You feel that Ty? You feel the vibrations against your cock? Aahhhh…oh fuckkkkkk”

Peg was bucking up and down and back and forth, working both the cock and the vibe into her. She was thrashing about on Tylers cock. “Oh fuckk baby…fuck me hard…now!” Peg screamed.

Tyler left the vibe in her ass and moved his hands to her hips. He started to thrust his cock up and down furiously into his aunts pulsing pussy. It was tighter with the vibe in her ass and he could feel the vibrations through the thin layer of skin separating her ass from her pussy. The added stimulus turned him on even more, making him fuck faster and harder into his aunt’s seething cunt.

“Goddd…Of fuckkkk… yes…yes…yes…Tyler…Tyler…I”m cumminggg…Tylerrrr!” Peg screamed as she bucked and thrashed about on his cock, pressing her hand back to her ass to push the vibe deeper into her.

“Oh Damn…me too Aunt Peg…Aunt Peg…Oh fuckkkk…” Tyler thrust upwards, burying his cock deep in his aunts pussy. The vibrator buzzed against his cock making him spurt long and hard. He kept spurting and he felt his groin muscles almost contract as aunt Pegs pussy milked his cum. The vibe in her ass buzzed and teased his cock, making it almost to sensitive.

“Aaagghhh…” both Tyler and Peg screamed out as their bodies danced in orgasm together. Peg was trembling and shaking as she reached behind her again but this time to pull out the vibe. Tyler heard an audible pop as he felt her pussy loosen a little and then the sound of loud buzzing from the vibe filled the air. Peg collapsed on top on his, breathing heavily.

Tyler wrapped his arms around his aunt, holding her lovingly as he felt his cock slip out of her and then the mix of their juices dribble out of her and onto his thigh. Peg was still trembling as she lay on her nephew. She slowly slipped off him and lay spread-eagled on the bed.

“Oh God Tyler…that was so intense…” She mewled softly. She reached over to turn of the vibe and the buzzing sound stopped. The only sounds now were there heavy breathing.

Tyler reached for her hand and entwined his fingers in hers. They both lay there, recovering from their intense fucking. “I love you Aunt Peg.” Tyler said softly.

“I love you too” Peg said as she turned to nestle on his shoulders.

Peg lay on Tyler’s chest, slowly stroking the hairs on his chest. His hands were between her legs, cupping her pussy mound. She watched her nephew slowly drift off to sleep and she started to think about what had just been said. The dreaded L word. Was it said in the heat of the moment or was her nephew really falling in love with her? Or did he just love fucking her? And what about her feelings? Was she just in love with his cock? Or was there more too it. Peg sighed. She had been down this road with Tyler’s father, her brother. And now, history was repeating itself with Tyler, her nephew.

“Why do I never learn,” Peg thought to herself as she herself drifted off to sleep…

-To be continued –