Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 9

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Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 9Herb watched Aunt Dee putting away the groceries. She was wearing a thin, silky,brown dress that showed off her ass to full advantage. Under the chocolate brownmaterial, the big globes of ass-flesh trembled, contracted as she reached up highinto a cupboard, and rubbed against each other when she walked. The rich colorcomplemented her fair skin, dark hair, and green eyes. Unaware that her fifteenyear-old nephew was watching her body as it moved, the attractive woman leanedover to pick up a brown paper bag, and Herb could see down the front of her dress,her full and juicy-looking boobs. As he looked at this woman, who was his aunt, hismother’s young sister, the boy still could not believe that not only had he fucked thisself-possessed woman, but he had seen her bare-assed naked, taking on a wholetroop of horny Boy Scouts. She had spread her full thighs for them, revealed herblack-haired beaver and the split, ripe, fruit-like cunt.Aunt Dee kicked off her shoes and stepped on a stool to put away a can of coffee.As she rose oil her tiptoes, Herb watched her skirt ride up above her knees while themuscles in her calves tightened and accentuated the sexiness of her woman’s legs.When next, the twenty-nine-year-old woman, who was his aunt, bent, her ass heldout towards him, Herb’s pecker had grown stiff with longing. He wanted to screw thislovely, grown-up woman. A week ago, if he had seen a beautiful woman like AuntDee and gotten hard from looking at her body, Herb would have only one source ofrelief: jerking off. He would have run into the bathroom and, while thinking about thewoman naked and how it would feel to fuck her, he would have rubbed his stiff prickuntil the spunk came. Now, Herb knew that he did not have to toss himself off to getrid of his hard-on. He could stick it into the beautiful, mature woman, into her cunt oreven into her hot, tight, asshole between those powerful fat ass-cheeks of hers, andride her until he spunked inside of her.Herb got up from the kitchen chair, his prick hard with lust, walked over to hisstooping aunt, raised the hem of her chocolate-brown dress until he could see thebottom of those delicious-looking ass-cheeks-bare, because the woman wasn’twearing any underwear. Wisps of coarse, black hair stuck out from between thesoftly rounded fleshy, cheeks. Herb put his hand between the globes of flesh, feelingthe warmth as his fingers probed for the fat, hairy rolls of cunt-flesh. He found hersplit quim and ran his fingers along the warm, wet groove.”Herbie, stop it now, will you?” Aunt Dee chided him, but her protests were halfhearted.Herb stroked his aunt’s cunt, while her naked asshole was pressed againsthis wrist. His prick was fully erect now, leaking those first few drops of clear, stickyliquid, ready for fucking a female.”You’re nice and wet, Aunt Dee,” he told her. “You’re as ready to fuck as I am. Heran his free hand under her skirt and over the naked cheeks of her ass. He felt thelovely, smooth woman-flesh with one hand, while his other slid along the groove ofhis young aunt’s cunt, feeling for her clit.”Herbie! The groceries!” the beautiful woman protested, as her nephew found thepea-sized nub, sensitive to his touch. He frigged her clit, knowing that this wouldarouse her until she just had to have cock or lose her mind.The woman started rotating her magnificent ass, while her young nephew workedher up. Her cunt leaked, drooling the lubricating fluid that meant a woman was set totake on a stiff prick.Working away at her cunt with one hand, the fifteen-year-old boy left off feeling hisyoung aunt’s marvelous, naked ass, and reached under, unbuttoned her dress downto her waist and let her naked tits dangle into his palm. By playing with her nipples,tits, and clit, the boy had the mature woman in a state of sexual readiness. Reachingbehind her, the lovely woman unzipped the boy’s pants and took out his hard prick.”Give it to me, Herbie,” she said in a husky voice.Herb bent his knees a bit, while his aunt stood on her toes, legs slightly apart, bent atthe knees, pelvis backthrust, back arched at the waist, so that he could slide his hardcock into the warm, wet sheath of her womanhood-her cunt. From behind, thefifteen-year-old boy stuck his stiff prick into his aunt’s hot quim.”Jeez that feels good, Herbie,” the woman said.”I know, Aunt Dee,” the boy said. “There’s nothing that feels as good as fucking.” ataşehir escort Hegave her a few thrusts. “Unless it’s more fucking.” He started in on her. Theunmistakable smell of a mature woman at the peak of sexual arousal wafted, up fromher back-pouched quim as the boy’s prick, glistening with her cunt-juice, went in andout, making a squishy sound.The size of her ass kept Herb from penetrating as deeply as he wanted, and hethrew himself against the fleshy cushions of her ass with every one of his thrusts, sothat the woman had to hold on to the kitchen counter to keep from being thrown onher face. Finally, keeping his prick moving hi and out of her wet snatch, the womanlowered herself by bending her knees and her fucking nephew followed suit.Together they fell forward, she flat on her belly, legs apart, ass up, while the boy keptfucking. Viciously, the fifteen-year-old boy fucked his aunt’s naked ass, feeling theglobes of flesh against his naked hips and thighs. The woman stuck her ass uphigher so that she could get more prick in with every thrust.”Harder, harder,” the woman pleaded with the boy. “I’m nearly there, Herbie. Comeon! Split me open! That’s it! Give it to me. Give it to me-Arrgh!” His aunt moaned andbucked her ass as she got off.Without missing a stroke, Herb kept on fucking her. She was better, if anything, sinceher gang-banging by the Boy Scout troop. Having lam naked while boys fucked herone after another, then-companions looking on, had removed all inhibitions from theripe woman. She wanted-she demanded-sexual gratification from her fucker.Herb, for his part, had learned to control his spunk. He could hold back and give acunt the reaming it deserved. He could give a woman pleasure and make her loseher senses as she came, crying out in her lust, her cunt-flesh twitching with thespasms of the female orgasm.After getting herself off, Aunt Dee turned over on her back and grabbed Herb’s stillhardprick and put it back inside herself again. The twenty-nine-year-old woman wasnow lying on her back, her knees drawn up, her dress bunched up above her waist,while between her naked thighs, her fifteen-year-old nephew was rendering her studservice. Aunt Dee raised her naked legs up as she ground her hips and slowly drewthe hot sperm from her nephew’s balls.Herb gave a hoarse cry and let go. He felt his spunk erupt and flood his aunt’s innerbelly. With the image of her lying there, naked from the waist down, bared just forhim to gain access to her secret flesh, her juicy cunt, Herb emptied his nutscompletely into his aunt’s cunt hole.”You’re the best,” Herb told his aunt a few minutes later, while he dried his prick on adish towel. “I mean there couldn’t be any other woman or girl better than you, AuntDee.”His aunt was wiping between her legs with another kitchen towel, and Herb watchedher thick growth of cunt-hair, black and coarse, against the “white linen.”Herbie,” she said, “you were my first lover. And nothing can ever change that.You’re a wonderful boy, and I’ll spread for you anytime, but Herbie, I’m going to haveto try some men. I’ve never fucked a grown-up man, do you know that, Herbie? Nowdon’t you look so downcast, Herbie. You’re only fifteen, and a boy. A very matureboy and a wonderful sex partner. But Herbie, in the long run, it might be better if youtried fucking some girls your own age.””I did, Aunt Dee-Julie and Lisa-but let me tell you, you’re the best, Aunt Dee. When Ifuck you, I never want it to stop.””I’m flattered, Herbie,” Aunt Dee said and tugged her chocolate brown skirt downover her naked ass and belly. “But your parents are coming back tonight, and you’regoing home with them. You may want to visit me once or twice a month, and maybewe’ll have a good fuck once in a while.” She stroked his hair. “But Herbie, I don’twant you to be jealous. I can’t be exclusively yours. It’s high time, I tried it with aman.”Three days later, Aunt Dee was sorry that she had ever said those things to heryoung nephew Herb. Since he had left, she hadn’t as much as seen a boy’s, letalone a man’s, cock. And she was aching to have somebody fuck her. She sat on thesofa in her living room and fingered her clit. She had frigged herself to orgasm atleast a dozen times since her nephew had gone back home. It was no good, shethought, as she put her bare feet up on the couch, spread her thighs, and used herfinger on her clit. She rubbed escort ataşehir the little nub while she thought of men’s cocks, all big,all swollen with hard-ons, all belonging to men just dying to get them into her hot,twitchy twat. It was no good-she needed more than her finger now, she needed morethan the candle that lay forgotten upstairs in her dresser drawer, a poor substitute forthe real thing. A few times, she had tried to pick up a man, but the ones she hadseen had done nothing for her. Almost crying in frustration, she pulled her dressback down and thought about a hot tub-bath, when the front doorbell rang.Standing on the front stoop was a young man in the greenish-khaki uniform of theBoy Scouts. He wore long pants and had a green tie instead of the neckerchief theboys all wore. “Hello, ma’am,” he said haltingly. “I’m Bob Shepherd, Herb’sScoutmaster. May I come in?”Aunt Dee hoped that he couldn’t smell her finger. She wore a green dress to matchher eyes, and it set off her fair skin and dark hair to advantage as as had thechocolate brown one. She was barefoot, and that made her feel vulnerable, and sherubbed one bare foot with the toes of the other.”May I?” the young man repeated. “Or if you prefer, we could, of course, talk righthere-“”Of course, come in, come in,” Aunt Dee said. Looking down at the youngScoutmaster’s crotch, she opened the door wide to him. He seemed to have a nicefat and long cock from what she could tell by the bulge running down the inside of hisleft thigh. His ass was small and muscular, Aunt Dee noted, as he went across theroom. “What can I do for you Mr.-ah-Sheppers?””Shepherd,” the youthful Scoutmaster corrected her. “This is sort of awkward for me,ma’am,” he said. “You see there’ve been complaints-some of the parents of the boysin our troop.””Complaints?” Aunt Dee repeated. She tucked her legs up on the sofa, knowing thatshe was showing a lot of bare thigh, and that her legs were good. “What kind ofcomplaints, Mr. Shepherd?”The young man sighed. “Well for one, there are reports that a couple of girls, one ofthem your niece, I believe, tried to be forward with our boys. Now, we try anddiscourage any sort of unclean thoughts among the boys. In that way, we hope toeliminate-ah-self-abuse.””Self-what?” Aunt Dee asked, although she knew very well that the young man wastalking about the boys jerking off.”Ah, masturbation,” the Scoutmaster said.”What have a bunch of little boys pulling their puds have to do with me?” Aunt Deeasked.The young man blushed at her language. “To be frank ma’am, there were some ofthe boys who told their parents that you let them-ah-take certain liberties with yourah-person.””You mean that I let them feel me up?” Aunt Dee asked.”I believe that was what they were referring to. I cannot believe that you would haveallowed it to go any further.””You know, you’re not bad-looking,” Aunt Dee said. “Not bad-looking at all.”Ma’am?” the Scoutmaster stammered.Aunt Dee got up from her sofa and walked over toward the Scoutmaster. She movedher body sensuously, seeing his eyes on her bra-less tits. When she got right up tohim, she squatted down, keeping her bare knees together, but knowing that the hemof her dress fell away from her ass and thighs, and that the man, if he cared to look,would see that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She took up his limp hand in herown and put it palm out on her right breast.”Ma’am,” the Scoutmaster said and had trouble swallowing. “Ma’am, you’re the mostbeautiful woman that I’ve ever seen.”Aunt Dee put the Scoutmaster’s hand inside of her dress and let him feel bare tit.She watched with pleasure as his pants began to tent. In another five minutes, she’dhave this succulent young man fucking her. Reaching out, the woman unzipped theyoung Scoutmaster’s fly and took out his swelling prick. It was a nice big one, andAunt Dee kissed it and started to mouth it, while the Scoutmaster began to breathehard and, although feeling her tit, said*, “Ma’am, please.””Come on,” Aunt Dee said to him, “let’s clean your plumbing out.””Ma’am, I respect you,” the Scoutmaster said.”Don’t tell me you’re a virgin?” Aunt Dee asked him and then bent back to suckinghis stiff prick.”No ma’am,” the Scoutmaster said. “But you’re the mother of one of my boys-“”Aunt,” she said. “I’m not Herbie’s mother, only his aunt.””Oh, that’s better then,” the Scoutmaster said and looked down at the beautifulwoman ataşehir escort bayan who was licking and sucking his cock.”Come on down on the floor with me,” Aunt Dee said and pulled the youngScoutmaster out of his chair by his hands and on top of her lush body.She let him lie against her until she felt his pecker twitching, then she extricatedherself, rolled the young man over on his back, undid his belt, and pulled off histrousers and underpants. He had a luscious pair of big balls under his thick prick.Aunt Dee knelt and mouthed it again. When she could taste his first juice in hermouth, she shifted around until her knees were one at either side of his head, so thatthe youthful Scoutmaster could see and smell her cunt. She pulled up her dress,high, before taking his stiff prick into both hands again and sucking it with avengeance.”Oh, god that’s good!” the young man cried out, and found that the woman waslowering her body, her hairy, strong-smelling snatch for him to eat. The Scoutmasterhad eaten cunt before, but none as delicious as Aunt Dee’s. This woman’s box wassomething special. Of course it wasn’t the gash alone, it was the idea of seeing thislovely woman’s cunt bare and lubricating, ready for prick. The Scoutmaster ran histongue along the groove of Aunt Dee’s cunt, and she started to move her nice, fullhips with passion.Eating a man, Aunt Dee found, was different from eating a boy. The man smelledstronger, a pungent scent came to her nostrils from the young man’s balls. Thenthere were the hairy legs and ass and the beard stubble that prickled her cunt as theyoung man sucked her sex box.Even as she blew him, bringing his dick to the full stiffness necessary for goodfucking, Aunt Dee knew that this would be a superb fuck. She could hardly restrainherself. She wanted to take the young man’s prick inside of herself, let it love her andrub her until it erupted. In wonder, Aunt Dee looked at the big balls-those were man’sballs-and suddenly Aunt Dee learned that she was dealing with a man this time, notan inexperienced boy.The Scoutmaster reached up and pulled the woman’s big buttocks apart. Then,pressing his face into the intimate flesh of her crotch, he started to drink in greatmouthfuls of her cunt liquids. When he was ready to fuck, he upended the woman,keeping her dress high, laid her on her back, and knelt between her legs. He felt herbreasts up until she began to moan, then slowly but relentlessly he entered her. Hisprick slid in between the pink, fleshy petals of her cunt lips, and up her snatch.Aunt Dee humped.She wanted cock, and this was it! She moved her powerful ass, and the Scoutmasterknew that he was getting fucked. He knew that this was a woman whose ass he wascutting. Slowly, he fucked her with all the expertise he could muster from havingscrewed about two dozen girls and women. He was going to make her pop herovaries off, and more than once!The woman embraced him, bit his ear, called him “lover” and drove him wild with herlust. She fucked as if she hadn’t had cock for years! But he knew that a good-lookingwoman such as this must have had plenty of pricks shoved up her.Aunt Dee opened herself up, shamelessly, she spread herself wide to let this youngman taste the full fire and .sweetness of her womanhood. Her twat, her belly, herasshole, the entire groin, pelvis, and crotch were swollen with lust, as she took on aman for the first time in her life. Aunt Dee enjoyed the feel of his body on hers, thestrength of his prick as it stretched the elastic lining of her cunt-sheath, as it madeher feel so completely a woman. She moved her big ass, giving the man fucking heras much pleasure as she could, and getting all she could out of this-the best piece ofman’s tail, any woman could ever dream of having. Crying out her delight, Aunt Deegot off, feeling her pelvis pop with the spasms and flashes of a good, full come.This was different from the many small comes she had gotten when the Boy Scoutshad gang-fucked her, it was different from the nice orgasms that she hadexperienced with Herbie. This was deeper, fuller, more lasting. She howled her lustout as the Scoutmaster caught her fever and let his prick spurt cum. As Aunt Deeclutched him with her magnificent legs, her ankles crossed in the small of the youngman’s back, and she received the love spunk of a man only seven years youngerthan she was.”All of it, lover,” she urged, humping while the Scoutmaster kept pumping his cuminto her.As she stretched languorously after the best fuck she had ever had, Aunt Dee knewthat this young man was going to service her often and fully.Briefly, she wondered if Herbie had found a girl to give him what he needed yet.