B5 Chapter 23 Dee Dee’s Magic

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B5 Chapter 23 Dee Dee’s MagicChapter 23: Dee Dee’s Magic The two girls left Dee Dee’s quarters and headed over to her laboratory, which was located close by. “I want you to relax and lie on the padded mat of the machine, Jordan.” It was the same place where Jordan had lain for her operation that had given her her new cock. Jordan climbed into it and settled down on her back. “I’m going to get started, Jordan.” Dee Dee pressed a series of buttons on the control panel. Jordan heard the soft whir of machinery before she realized what it meant. Restraints were slowly and hydraulically lifting up through the padded surface of the table and encircling her legs at her ankles and her knees. Across her wrists, at her elbows and where her arm met her shoulder, another set of restraints had gripped her. A band of steel slowly lifted above her chest and settled into place just as Jordan felt the last band settle around her neck. “Hey! You didn’t tell me that you were going to be getting kinky, Dee Dee.” “I should’ve mentioned this part before, Jordan. To do what I need to do, I have to have you in a suspended, and also upright position. But I also need your body to be very still. Hence the need for the restraints.” Just as Jordan was getting used to the feeling of the steel bands, the table began to tilt to a forward angle. Her body was titled at a steep forward angle. Jordan could now see her body in a mirror that she was facing but had not noticed before. As the table came to rest and locked in place, the base began to split open. Part of the padding between her legs, and beneath her cock and balls receded, so that they hung freely, and Dee Dee would have adequate room for the treatments. Jordan’s legs were separated to a degree that she was in some minor discomfort but as she let her weight rest on the restraining belts, the strain was alleviated somewhat. Jordan could see that her cock and balls were completely exposed to whatever Dee Dee wanted to do to them. Due to the way Jordan’s body sagged, her balls fell completely away from her body, exposed and unprotected. Her balls might not be big as Dee Dee’s and some other girls’, because she was still a relatively new shemale, but Jordan still had an impressive set of equipment. Dee Dee circled in front of her and Jordan felt something rubbing along her lower abdomen. It took only a moment for Jordan to realize that Dee Dee was shaving her pubic hair off. “It’s the same liquid that we used for preparing girls for the Milking Ritual, when they need it,” said Dee Dee. The liquid was so soothing and effective, Jordan did not feel anything except for the cloth as it passed across her crotch and tummy. Jordan felt Dee Dee grasp her balls and pull them tight. Jordan could feel the soft friction of the cloth as it moved up and down her scrotum and then finally across her balls. Dee Dee stepped aside and Jordan could now see herself in the mirror. All about Jordan’s cock and her balls, and the rest of her crotch and abdomen, Jordan was silky smooth. It seemed odd to Jordan not to have the hair down there that she was accustomed to seeing, but what she saw still turned her on. Jordan knew that she had not made the wrong decision. This was what she wanted. Once more, Dee Dee moved in front of Jordan. “This is where it starts, Jordan. There will be some discomfort as we go through this, but nothing that you can’t handle. At various points during the transformation, you will be relieved of the pain.” “Okay, Dee Dee. Let’s do it.” Dee Dee pressed a series of buttons on the control panel of the machine. Jordan could feel something being wrapped around her scrotum just above her balls. “This is where it starts, Jordan. I’m gonna overhaul your scrotum with my equipment now.” Jordan could begin to feel a tension pulling at her balls. At the same time the band across her throat released, and Jordan was able to look down and see that her balls were now in a harness that was attached to a machine. That machine was now winding the harness up and stretching Jordan’s nuts lower into the sack and pulling the sack lower down than they had ever hung before. The tension on Jordan’s balls was becoming painful. She began furrowing her brow, and hoping to herself that she’d really made the right decision. Then suddenly there was a cool damp spray covering her balls and the pain ceased. It was replaced by a warm feeling that was turning hot. Jordan could see the skin on her scrotum taking on a reddish hue and her balls were stretching farther in the scrotum. Her skin that made up her scrotum had suddenly stretched and was not bouncing back. “The spray that I’m using is composed of enzymes that change the elasticity of skin tissue and when used properly result in physical changes,” Dee Dee explained. “Changes that could be made permanent if you wanted.” “Thanks, but I like the way I started out, Dee Dee. If you can temporarily ‘super-charge’ me, so I can take care of Jeanne and Barocca, that’ll be fine with me.” Jordan looked down at her body and Dee Dee removed the harness from her balls. Jordan’s scrotum was now even with where she thought the middle of her thighs would be if she were standing. Jordan had stretched her nuts before, as she’d had sex with the other girls, but never anything like this; and in the past, they had always returned up to her body when the fun was over. This time they just hung there. Dee Dee reached down and grabbed Jordan’s balls. Now they hung down almost eight inches. Dee Dee stood there and twisting her wrist, shook Jordan’s balls so that they wrapped around her hand first in one direction and then the other. Dee Dee continued to punish Jordan’s balls. She grabbed a nut in each hand and started squeezing. Jordan writhed on the table as she was feeling things that she had never felt before. The sensations were overwhelming, but entwined with the pain was a pleasure Jordan had not felt before. Her cock was quickly becoming rock-hard and jumping around of its own accord. Dee Dee grabbed Jordan by the scrotum about halfway down. Suddenly, Jordan felt a sudden pain. She had been so wrapped up in what she was feeling that she had not noticed that Dee Dee had gotten what looked like a ping-pong paddle and was deftly working over Jordan’s nuts. With each blow to her balls, Jordan could feel herself getting closer to coming. She was totally swept up in what was happening to her. Just as Jordan thought that she was going to shoot, Dee Dee stopped. Dee Dee reached up and deftly grabbed the head of Jordan’s cock, and quickly squeezed it in just the right manner, to prevent her from cumming. “Oh no you don’t, showoff. Not yet,” Dee Dee said. “You have a long way to go and part of the process includes building up sexual tension and pressure. It figures that you could be one of the very few girls who can cum without using your hands. It just figures. I’ll continue to tenderize your balls. Just don’t shoot off yet Jordan, or you’ll ruin everything.” Jordan watched as Dee Dee grabbed a bottle of some other sort of fluid. Dee Dee began to paint Jordan’s balls and scrotum with the fluid. Jordan could feel heat building up. She realized that she was beginning to feel like she was on fire. When she looked down, she could see that her balls were now as red as a fire engine. Jordan could see that her nuts had swollen more and even just hanging there under their own weight, was causing her a mild but pleasurable pain. Dee Dee stepped up and she was holding what appeared to be a needle attached to some tubing. Dee Dee grabbed Jordan’s ball sac at the base of her cock and gently inserted the needle. “I’m going to hook 1xbet yeni giriş the other end of this to an apparatus on another part of the machine. Then we take the first big step in your transformation.” Dee Dee stepped back behind Jordan and Jordan could only hear things. But then she began to feel them. Jordan looked into the mirror and could see that her ball sac was slowly beginning to expand and there was a warm feeling inside her balls like nothing she had ever felt before. “I’m filling your scrotum with a saline solution to further stretch you and to prepare you for what’s going to come,” Dee Dee explained. As Jordan watched, her scrotum continued to swell and stretch. She could actually feel her testicles swimming in the fluid surrounding them. Her ball sac had swollen to the size of a basketball, it seemed to Jordan. Dee Dee stepped around in front of Jordan again and began massaging Jordan’s distended scrotum. Jordan gazed at her reflection in the mirror. Her mouth hung open, and Jordan didn’t know if she could keep her emotions in check, as she saw her body. “Don’t worry, Jordan. I’m not gonna turn you into a freak show, and leave you like this. The changes I make upon your body will be drastic looking at first. But when we’re finished things will return to almost their normal size. You’ll look slightly bigger, but it won’t be so preposterous, that everyone will point a finger at you.” Dee Dee stood up and leaned close to Jordan and kissed her. “Trust me, Jordan. Remember what I’ve told you before, and all we’ve been through.” Jordan gritted her teeth, sucked in her breath, and nodded her head. Next, Dee Dee removed the needle. From somewhere just out of sight, Dee Dee produced another cloth, and the first bottle of liquid. Once more, she shaved Jordan’s balls. But this time, there was a very fine pulling sensation that left a slight feeling of warmth. As large as Jordan’s scrotum was now, it took Dee Dee a little while to finish, but it went smoothly. “What I’ve done is to treat the upper layer of skin that holds the hair follicles. The treatments that I’ll give you will cause the skin in that area to expand and contract so much, that it kills off the follicles. From this point forward Jordan, you’ll be forever bare around your balls.” Dee Dee also explained that one of her experiments had resulted in an artificial hormone that would cause rapid healing. Even as Dee Dee spoke, she was rubbing something new onto Jordan’s balls. This time, there was a subtle warmth that was encircling her balls and just as rapidly, a coolness began to make itself felt. Jordan looked down and could see that after everything that had happened, her ball sac was returning to a nice normal pale pink, and the skin, even though stretched, was smooth and shiny, as if nothing had ever happened. Dee Dee looked at Jordan again and asked, “Are you ready to continue?” “Where else am I going like this?” Jordan thought to herself. Jordan looked up and nodded to Dee Dee. Pure adoration was in Jordan’s eyes. This was not a sexual contact, and yet there was much more in what was going on between the two girls than could be seen on one level. Dee Dee stood up, and released one of the restraints on Jordan’s arm, so that she could stretch out her wrist a bit and feel her balls. Jordan gasped as she felt one of the new, meaty orbs, and the feeling of sexual energy that began to stir in her loins from just such a casual touch. This was Dee Dee’s way of letting Jordan know what would be hers if she was patient, and Jordan wanted that prize more than anything. Dee Dee moved down again and this time she was attaching some wires to Jordan’s ball sac. The ends of the leads had small adhesive patches, which Dee Dee used to place a number of them on Jordan’s balls. “This is the final step, Jordan. I’ve got to pass a mild electrical charge through your scrotum, to make the last change take effect. This is the last hurdle. Are you ready?” Jordan sucked her breath in again. “Go ahead, Dee Dee.” Dee Dee stepped back and pressed some buttons on the control panel. Jordan could feel some pleasurable pulses going through the fluid to her balls. The intensity began to increase and what started out as a pleasure was turning to pain again. Jordan could only watch and cringe from the pain as the pulses continued. Jordan could tell that her balls were swelling even more because her ball sac was getting bigger, which could only mean her balls were swelling and the pain was at a point where she would start screaming. Still the pulses went on and suddenly, there was nothing. Jordan closed her eyes for just a moment and passed out. Jordan awoke a few moments later, to feel Dee Dee gently patting her cheek. “You made it, Jordan. We’re done!” Jordan saw that she was now in a more vertical position, so that her weight wasn’t pressing on the restraining straps. Dee Dee stepped back up to remove the wires. Jordan could only look at the mirror and see what further damage her tortured balls had endured. The scrotum was still the size of a softball but a bit larger. The testicles were bloated and swollen and Jordan could now clearly feel them through the skin of her distended scrotum, as she shifted her body weight. They were huge. Jordan had never thought that something like this could or would ever happen to her. Jordan looked down at herself and marveled at the change. Her cock was still rock-hard and was jutting upwards over the biggest balls she had ever seen, outside of Dee Dee’s set. Dee Dee gave Jordan a pill, and held a cup of water to her lips. “Lean back against the padding and relax, Jordan. We’re gonna wait a few hours for the effects of the treatment to wear off. And then I’m gonna let you see what your new and improved equipment can do.” Dee Dee adjusted the position of the table so that Jordan was in a more natural reclining pose. Jordan’s breathing and pulse began to slow down, and she settled against the padding. “Your balls are going to stay at the freak-show size, until they’ve been relieved for the first time. Then they’ll settle down so that they’re only a bit larger than what you usually carry around. At your peak during sex or Milking, they’ll be noticeably bigger; but that’s not totally unheard of around here. What’ll really blow you away is the amount of nut-juice you can produce now, Jordan. You’re gonna be so surprised…” The effect of Dee Dee’s speech was lost on Jordan, as she was sleeping peacefully. Her cock had softened and shrunk to a more normal state, and Jordan’s body was completely relaxed. Dee Dee quickly checked Jordan’s vital signs, and was satisfied that everything was normal. “Poor girl went under quicker than I thought she would,” thought Dee Dee. “She’s been through so much, so soon, since she came to the Island. “sleep well for a few hours, Jordan. When you wake up, I’m gonna have one really big surprise for you.” Jordan did sleep soundly for several hours on the padded table in Dee Dee’s lab. As Jordan slowly rose through the mist of dreams, and the fog of sleep left her brain, she noticed that the table had been turned away from the machine, and was now facing the rest of the lab. Jordan noticed that Dee Dee was now completely naked, and that she’d obviously been busy, while she had slept. Dee Dee was not aware that Jordan was awake just yet. Jordan kept her breathing at a slow, measured pace, and closed her eyes to slits so that she could watch Dee Dee at play for a few moments. Jordan and Dee Dee had been intimate several times, so there weren’t a lot of surprises about each other’s body to them. But this was one of the few times Jordan 1xbet güvenilir mi had watched Dee Dee or any other amazon masturbate, or be in solo action, outside of the Milking Ritual. Currently, Dee Dee’s back was to Jordan. But she could see a fine sweat that coated Dee Dee’s skin. Whatever she’d been doing, she’d been at it for a while. Dee Dee turned so that she was facing Jordan, whom she thought was sleeping. Dee Dee was totally engrossed in pleasuring herself. “If Dee Dee knew that she had an audience, wouldn’t she be surprised,” thought Jordan. But as Dee Dee turned to face Jordan, the biggest surprise was that Dee Dee possessed the biggest nuts and one of the thickest dicks Jordan had ever seen. It looked as if it belonged on a bull or an elephant. It was at least seven inches long while still limp. It throbbed with every heartbeat and was almost as thick as a soda can. Her cock jutted away from Dee Dee’s body and throbbed in mid air at a ninety-degree angle. Dee Dee’s balls were each the size of an orange, and their skin had almost the same texture. Dee Dee was wearing a dual leather cock ring. One loop went around her cock at the base near her crotch; the other looped under the shaft of her cock, and had her balls stuffed through it. The size of the collar looked as if it could be used as a dog collar for a full-grown wolfhound. Jordan got a good look at Dee Dee, and saw that her cock, balls and scrotum were also completely hairless. Dee Dee had long favored the ‘bald’ look, as did many other girls, once they had received their cocks. Dee Dee had also thoroughly lubricated her cock and nuts with some of the oils that were commonly used for fun and games on the Island. They glistened brightly in the lights of her laboratory. Next, Dee Dee sat on the edge of another padded table, spread her legs wide open, so she had a clear unobstructed view of her cock. To Jordan’s surprise, Dee Dee didn’t begin fondling or stroking herself. Instead, Dee Dee settled in place, and placed her hands on her thighs. Dee Dee closed her eyes and began to concentrate. It looked to Jordan as though she was a seeress, or a fortune-teller at a séance. Slowly at first, then quicker than Jordan would have thought possible, Dee Dee’s turgid shaft of meat came to life. Dee Dee’s cock grew until it was thicker than her forearm, and rapidly grew to its full length of just over sixteen inches. It pointed straight up into the air like a missile. Dee Dee’s nuts swelled until they were each much larger than a softball, and Jordan was almost certain that they’d burst from the strain. When the transformation on her cock and balls was complete, Dee Dee relaxed and opened her eyes. She sat there for a moment, basking in the glory of the engorged tool that was between her legs, admiring it. Still thinking Jordan was fast asleep, Dee Dee began to pleasure herself further. Dee Dee exercised phenomenal control over her cock, as she kept her hands on her thighs, and slowly lowered her head, until the tip of her tongue touched her cockhead.While Dee Dee was busty, she didn’t have the outlandish, ‘water balloon’ boobs that a lot of strippers and dancers had opted for in the nineties, only to have to undergo reduction surgery a few years later. Dee Dee’s breasts hung on her chest nicely, and fell slightly to the side as she leaned forward. Dee Dee slowly kissed the tip of her cock and a spasm of joy swept through her body. She lifted her head back and flicked out her tongue. She moaned, lubricating the head of her own cock. Dee Dee licked her lips; the taste of her cock was already threatening to make her spasm. She ran her hands lightly up and down her tummy and chest, savoring the moment, waiting for her juices to subside so that she could put her prick back in her mouth. Dee Dee’s mouth opened up larger than a human mouth should normally be able to. Then Jordan recalled way that things worked on the Island, and how she had been able to engulf the tremendous cocks in her mouth also. Where Jordan had to work up to it over a period of time, Dee Dee was doing incredible things to her body on demand. Dee Dee leaned forward, forcing the bloated head of her cock into her own mouth. Her head jerked back lightly once as her cockhead sc****d against her teeth. Jordan saw Dee Dee’s hands tightening on her thighs, as she fought to keep herself under control. More of her cockhead passed between her lips again. Dee Dee’s cunt spasmed and Jordan could plainly see pussy juice ooze from Dee Dee’s cunthole and watched it accumulate on the padded table, where it was quickly absorbed. A dark patch the size of Dee Dee’s hand formed between her legs. A low, throaty moan slipped from Dee Dee’s wet, drooling lips as she finally inched the rest of her beautiful swollen cockhead into her mouth. She felt her cockhead brush along the roof of her mouth. Dee Dee moaned, her cock flattening her tongue as she inched it deeper inside of her mouth. Dee Dee was swimming in a sea of lust. Her cockhead had filled her mouth. She sucked air in through her nose and pushed forward as she relaxed the muscles in her jaws. Dee Dee breathed hard through her nose. Her mouth was stuffed and her tongue was squashed. For several minutes, Jordan watched as Dee Dee performed the act of auto-fellatio. Jordan had more than enough meat to be able to do the same thing too, and had tried it on her own. But she couldn’t duplicate the ‘no hands’ feat that Dee Dee was displaying; nor could she swallow a b**st like Dee Dee’s cockhead in one swoop without plenty of time to work up to it first. Jordan could hear Dee Dee making a steady assortment of sucking and slurping sounds as she worked on her own cock. Jordan had been around the amazon’s and their cocks enough to know when a girl was cumming and when she wasn’t. To her amazement, Dee Dee was thoroughly pleasing herself, but she hadn’t pushed herself over the edge yet. Jordan knew that whenever she tried this on her own cock, the incredible sensations quickly pushed her past the brink, and she rapidly shot off. Slowly, Dee Dee dragged her head back. Her hard, thick cockhead began to appear. It was swollen thicker than Jordan had ever seen it. Dee Dee’s sticky saliva rolled down and onto the rest of her cock. The most amazing thing to Jordan was that Dee Dee’s incredible sucking had turned her cockhead a dark reddish-purple color now. Dee Dee hadn’t cum yet, but she now stared at her glorious cock with unabashed lust and pride, as it glistened in the lights. Jordan’s jaws dropped open, and her eyes popped. “God! That’s unbelievable, Dee Dee!” Dee Dee turned to Jordan with a wicked smile. This was one of the few times Jordan had seen her completely self-absorbed, unaware of anyone else. Jordan was beginning to realize just what a natural Dee Dee had been in her modeling days. Even without her cock, she was certainly enough to turn almost any man’s head with lust. “About time you woke up sleepy-head. How long have you been watching me?” “Long enough to get horny as hell. If you hadn’t strapped my hands down again, I probably would’ve joined you.” “That was by design, Jordan. I want to give you a graphic demonstration of just what your new toy can do now. As you can tell, I’ve been getting myself worked up for almost an hour, while you slept things off.” Dee Dee turned so that she was directly in front of Jordan with her magnificent cock pulsing in the air like a warhead. “I’ve deliberately got myself worked up to a fever pitch, by bringing myself to the brink, time and again. I think you’ll agree, that when I finally let myself shoot off, with my cock in this 1xbet giriş state of arousal, that the results are going to be nothing short of spectacular. Right…?” “Holy shit! You can say that again, Dee Dee,” Jordan exclaimed. “That rod of yours looks like it’s ready to explode. And that cock ring of yours is really kinky looking too.” “You’ll have to try this one of these days, Jordan. It damn near makes your cock feel like it’s in the Milking device, when it’s worn right. “I know you aren’t going to believe me, until it actually happens Jordan, but your cock will shoot off almost as powerfully as mine will. And that will be after only a relatively short build-up period. That’s the kind of power that I’m talking about, that will be yours for about a month.” Dee Dee turned to her machine, and pressed some buttons on the console. All of the restraining straps retracted back into the padding on the reclining table that Jordan was lying on. “Ah, that feels better,” said Jordan as she moved her body slightly to get the kinks out. “I want you to stay where you’re at, Jordan. I’m going to take that new set of nuts of yours for their first test drive.” Dee Dee made some adjustments to the control panel again. Now the table Jordan was lying on lowered until it was at ninety degrees, so that Jordan was lying on her back. Dee Dee climbed on board, and straddled Jordan’s thighs. She settled down so that her own cock was just above Jordan’s. Dee Dee reached between Jordan’s legs and gripped her swollen testicles, one in each hand. By now, Jordan’s balls were enlarged to the point that she was almost dead even with Dee Dee in the size department. When Dee Dee was sure that she had encircled as much of Jordan’s nuts with her hands as she could, she began to slowly compress them. Jordan screamed in rapture until she nearly lost her voice. “Just leave your hands where they are, Jordan,” said Dee Dee. “Believe me, you aren’t gonna need to do much work at all here.” Dee Dee grasped Jordan’s cock, which immediately got rock hard. Jordan’s cock was at its full two-foot length before either girl realized it. In this position, the tip of Jordan’s cockhead grazed the underside of her breasts, when Dee Dee kept it even with her body. Dee Dee then grasped Jordan’s balls and Jordan could see Dee Dee’s breathing increase. Dee Dee kneaded her balls, stretching them farther and farther down into the scrotum, which in Jordan’s case was now substantial. Dee Dee’s gaze went back to Jordan’s face. Dee Dee was getting into things even more than Jordan was, as she played with her new balls. In no time at all, Dee Dee felt a rumbling deep within Jordan’s nuts that she knew could not be denied. “Feel that, Jordan?” Dee Dee was panting heavily as she worked on Jordan. “This one’s gonna be one for the record books!” Dee Dee switched her hold so that one hand was now gripping the shaft of Jordan’s cock, and she held both of her massive testicles as best she could with the other. Jordan was nearly insane with lust, when suddenly she felt something deep inside of her nuts twitch and spasm. Dee Dee wasn’t k**ding. This was going to be incredible, indeed! The next thing Jordan knew, a torrent of sperm was spewing out of her cock like a fire hydrant. Jordan was stretched out flat on her back, and each stream of jism was rocketing past her head, and landing on the floor somewhere in Dee Dee’s lab. After five torrential shots of jism had left Jordan’s dick, Dee Dee couldn’t take it any more. Dee Dee released her grip on Jordan’s balls, and began stroking her own cock, which had remained at its full erection during the short time she worked on Jordan. Dee Dee had built her passion up to such a degree, that it took little effort to bring herself to a shattering orgasm on her own. Dee Dee’s adrenaline level was almost going off the scale, as she looked down and saw her hands each holding a rock-hard throbbing cock, that was shooting off uncontrollably. Jordan’s eyes were wide with amazement, as she watched both her own and Dee Dee’s cock shoot off what seemed like bottomless wells of jism. It was if someone was aiming two garden hoses directly over her head. Dee Dee herself poured cum out of her own cock for well over a minute. Even after Dee Dee had spent herself, Jordan’s balls were still pumping like a machine in overdrive. Both girls went wild, as sperm shot out of Jordan’s cock for almost two full minutes, and Dee Dee resumed her viselike grip on Jordan’s nuts once her own orgasm had finished. But Jordan’s new balls had done everything that Dee Dee had said they would. Jordan had shot off for almost twice as long as she ever had previously on the Island. When Jordan’s cock finally came to a stop, she was almost in convulsions. Jordan was used to having to clean herself up somewhat after a cum shot. But in this instance, she and Dee Dee had both emptied their balls in such a manner, that almost everything had landed on the floor and the surroundings behind them. Dee Dee sat up straight as she straddled Jordan’s legs. She reached down and touched the shaft of their cocks together, and rubbed some of the residual jism on them. “Well, Jordan. What do you think?” “Holy shit,” Jordan panted. “I had no idea…that there was any way…to increase things so fucking much, …from what I already had with my cock. That went beyond anything that I was prepared for.” “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’, that you like what I’ve done to you, Jordan.” Dee Dee climbed off the padded table, and stood next to Jordan, who was still lying there, catching her breath. “And there’s more good news, Jordan. Take a look at your nuts now.” Jordan propped herself up on her elbows, and gazed down at her cock and balls. Already, her balls were returning to a more normal looking size, as they shrank before her eyes. Before this afternoon, Jordan’s balls were roughly the size of two large eggs in their normal state. They had finally settled on something slightly larger; not quite as big as a tennis ball. They were different, as Dee Dee had said they would be, but it wasn’t an earth shattering difference. Jordan reached down to stroke her new toys. Her balls felt heavier and firmer than they usually did. Before, Jordan could squeeze and probe her nuts easily. Now they felt much more solid. They felt even stronger to Jordan. “See? What did I tell you, Jordan? You aren’t gonna be so different that everyone will point at you, when you walk by. At your peak during sex, they’ll get to just about the size that mine are. But huge size increases during sex are common here, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that either.” “I don’t know what to say, Dee Dee. This just goes beyond anything that I thought could ever happen to me.” Dee Dee helped Jordan off of the table, and then hugged her. “You don’t have to say anything, Jordan. All you have to do now is kick Jeanne and Barocca’s ass, when it comes time for the contests. And with what you’ve got now, you should walk all over that arrogant little bitch, Jeanne.” “I can hardly wait, Dee Dee. I’m still pissed off at the show she put on, and some of the things that she said. I’m gonna fill her face so full of cum, it’s gonna spill out of her ears.” “Hey, with what you’ve got between your legs now, that just might happen,” Dee Dee said with a laugh. Dee Dee surveyed the mess that the two girls had made of the corner of her lab. “Man, it’s a good thing I had the foresight to have us facing away from my equipment, when we shot off just now. I’d hate to think what would happen if this much jism landed on or in one of my computers. “It’s time to call Clyda, and get some of the new girls sent here to clean things up again. It’s a good thing that rank does have certain privileges. Go back to your quarters and get some rest, Jordan. Let that cock and balls of yours build up a charge, so it’s good and ready for the contest this weekend.”