Babs and Frank and Karen and Judy

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All characters in this story are of legal age.

This is the third story in a series. The first story is real, as in non-fiction. The subsequent stories are works of fiction/fantasy, with bits and pieces taken from my own sexual experiences.

Names have been changed.

Babs and Frank and Karen and Judy.

When last we saw our heroes, Frank and David, they had promised Barbara that they would bring a young lady for her to taste. David couldn’t be there but Frank kept the promise and showed up promptly at 5 pm on Friday. By golly, he wasn’t alone.

Answering her doorbell Barbara was greeted by Frank and two very leggy young ladies. Both wearing jeans and Harvard t-shirts. The taller of the two, a natural blond, was Karen. The other, a fiery redhead, was Judy. Both slender with nice curves and smallish breasts. Babbs’ eyes lit up upon seeing the girls.

“Welcome, come on in.” invited Babbs. “Let’s go into the greenhouse and pick some berries to have with the champagne. After the girls returned from the garden, they all sat in the living room, ate sweet berries, and drank the champagne that David had sent over earlier.

Frank knew the sexual appetites of all three women and he suggested some ground rules. “No hard biting, light spanking is cool, no scat. Other than that anything goes.

The three girls more or less simultaneously said ” No biting?! That sucks”. They all laughed.

Barbara was looking at Judy…there was something out of place that she couldn’t put her finger on. ‘ Maybe I’m just nervous about having my first girl-on-girl contact. That’s it…just preflight jitters.’

Champagne quaffed…berries noshed, they followed Babbs to her bedroom. Karen and Judy were agog at the size of Barb’s bed, an Alaska King. ( almost twice the size of a king-size, this bed needed its own zip code.)

Barbara turned the webcams and monitor on and told the girls about her history with me. She spoke of how I wasn’t able to perform anymore and how I had set her up with Frank, wanting him to please her in my place.

She told them of a woman that only two weeks ago, was a sexually repressed mousey little girl. Thus informed that I would be happily and proudly watching her, they all agreed and gave me a big hello wave.

Hello back!

Frank stood in front of Barbara and unbuttoned her lacey blouse and slipped it over her shoulders. She didn’t wear a bra because her boobs were still firm and perky, even at 52.

Karen began to undress as did Judy. Karen’s tits had bright pink nipples and areolas. Judy’s were smaller, maybe an ‘A’ cup with dark nipples.

Babbs was wondering what kind of boxers Frank wore today…his usual Mickey Mouse? Nope, he was free-ballin tonight. Frank had undressed faster than the ladies and was now relaxing on the hundred-acre bed.

Judy had pulled her jeans off and Barb went to help her with her panties. She slid Judy’s pink panties to the floor and as she stepped out of them, a footlong sausage flipped up and hit Barbara’s cheek. Barb knelt there, momentarily bewildered by this. ‘What’s going…..oh shit!!… She’s Trans-sexual!’ That’s what Barbara couldn’t place before. Judy had an Adam’s apple.

Her cock made Franks nine inches look like a wee willy. (Well, maybe not a wee one) It was easily twelve inches long and almost as thick as Frank’s. Barb was thrilled with her new soon-to-be lover.

She was in awe of his foot-long slab of meat. Barbara reached out and took hold of it using both hands. She needed two more hands to hold all of it. Babs whispered, “This.. is the most incredible thing I have ever seen!” Judy blushed and whispered a soft thank you.

Together, Judy and Karen finished taking Barb’s clothes off and stood admiring her body. Karen walked behind her and ran her hand over and gently squeezed Barbara’s ass. “I’d kill to have such a firm ass! I can’t believe that you’re 52. Your tits are firm too and they’re real!”

Barb blushed like a schoolgirl. “Don’t forget, I’m old enough to be your mother…just don’t call me mom,” Babs said with a giggle.

Karen giggled, “Ok mother”.

Judy was also amazed at this beautiful middle-aged specimen of feminine loveliness. “My mom doesn’t look anywhere near as hot as you!”.

Clothing shed…they all moved to the bed.

Karen asked if there was a map available because a person could get lost on this bed.

With a wink, Barb told her “Just follow your nose”.

Karen took the hint and stuck her nose in Barbara’s crotch, inhaling deeply. “Mmmmmmm, smells sweet. Can I taste it?”

Babbs sat back and pulled the young lass’ head down to her pussy. A very very long split-tipped tongue snaked out and buried itself in Barbara’s twat. Babs was shocked,” Holy shit! That’s the longest tongue escort izmir in history! You must be very popular.”

Karen said her specialty was hitting G spots with it.

Barb twisted around and pulled Karen into a 69 with Babbs on top. They both started exploring each other with their tongues.

Out came the lube, Frank lubed Barbara and Judy lubed Frank. Frank teased his way into Barbara’s rosebud with slow gentle pressure and was soon rewarded by being all the way in her bottom. Judy waited till Frank bottomed out in Barbara and began to rub his equine cock on Frank’s slippery anus. This was obviously not Frank’s first rodeo because, after only a few seconds, Judy was also balls deep.

It took a minute to develop a rhythm, but once they did, the fireworks started. Alternately, Frank’s balls would hit Karen’s nose (her nose was in Barb’s snatch) then Judy’s sizable beanbag would slam into Frank’s.

Barb pulled herself forward so that she could lick Karen’s asshole and box at the same time. At least five minutes of confused thrusting passed. Thrust, bonk, pull, thrust, bonk, pull…

Karen kept getting bonked in the nose with Frank’s testicles on every thrust and was hoping that he’d cum before her nose started to bleed.

Maybe Frank’s rod could read minds because seconds later, Frank plowed deep into Barbara and spilled the first load of the night. The first of many. Frank pinched Barb’s butt causing her to tighten up and prevent leakage as he pulled out.

He forced himself backward onto Judy’s cock and after ten or fifteen long thrusts, felt her cock pulse and swell in his ass. Judy deposited a sizable load in Frank and a large thick glob of it came out as her cock was withdrawn. Luckily, all of them had thought ahead and used enemas at home so there were no little brown bits to be seen.

Karen and Barbara were still dining at the Y…… Karen demonstrated her ability to probe the depths of Barbara’s vagina. Babs was shaking and cuming…ramming her fingers into Karen’s tight little box. Karen came and splashed her juices all over Babb’s face. Babbs thought, ” She squirts! I thought that was just movie stuff.”

The girls licked each other clean as Frank and Judy went to wash their bits for the next round. Nobody wants a shitty dick.

Barbara asked Karen if she had ever given Judy head.

Karen replied,” only once, that damned thing almost came out of my ass. If you suck him off, go very slowly, it can injure your throat. Were you able to get all of Frank in your throat?”

Barb looked disappointed. “No, I kept choking and gagging after only half. It’s so damned thick.”

” You need some pointers mother, I’ll tell him not to thrust into your mouth. He has to let you control how much you take.”

Judy had heard this conversation and told Barb, “I’ll just lie very still. I won’t grab your head or try to make you take it if you can’t. You certainly won’t be the first person that couldn’t. If you want, I can teach you myself.”

Barb looked confused, “How? By blowing Frank?”

Judy laughed,” no silly, by blowing myself.”

Babs’ eyes went wide. ” You can suck your own dick?!!”

Proudly, Judy said, ” Sure can, I blow myself almost every morning before I go to work. I can swallow almost nine inches before my ribs get in the way. Probably more if someone pushes on my ass. Want a demo?”

Barb, Karen, and Frank all cheered, “Fuck yeah!!.”

Frank told Judy, ” you’re gonna have to teach me to do it. I’d suck my dick every day if I could reach it. Probably be late for work every day too.”

Judy went to the bed and pulled her legs back and somehow got her knees behind her shoulders. “Good thing I’m very flexible.” Her cock flopped down and wonked her on the nose. She called out to Barbara, ” Hey mother, come and feed me my cock.”

Babs laughed” You call me mother again and I’m gonna swat your ass with a wooden spoon.”

Barb moved to Judy’s side and took the cock in hand. She hesitated a moment and then kissed the head, “for good luck.” She placed the head in Judy’s open mouth….suction did the rest. Judy was getting hard and managed to get, as promised, almost nine inches in her mouth. She was trying to get more…Barb placed her hands on Judy’s upturned ass and gently pushed down…gently…gently.

Judy managed to swallow another two inches. One inch to go! She started thrusting her pelvis…fucking her mouth. After a minute, she had to come up for air. She drew a noisy breath in. “Damn! That’s deeper than I’ve ever gone.! My balls were in my eyes.” She straightened her legs out and stretched a bit. “Can’t go that deep for very long or I’ll pass out.”.

The three spectators were amazed. Barb climbed up and sat on Judy’s face saying, “If you can izmir escort bayan do it, so can I”. She took Judy’s now rigid cock in her mouth and started bobbing. She gagged at the six-inch mark.

Karen told her,” Slow down, take half in and hold it there. Let your throat get used to it. You’ll get kind of numb, then you can go further.”

That made sense to Barb. She swallowed a bit less than half and held it here for a few seconds, then came up for a breath. Back down…another inch in, hold……rinse, repeat.

Slowly but surely, with Frank and Karen watching in amazement, Barbara had gotten every inch into her throat. There was a huge bulge in her neck from the head of Judy’s cock. She almost passed out…up for a deep breath and back into the fray. She managed to do this thirty times now.

Suddenly, Judy warned, “I’m gonna cum soon, pull back a bit”. Barb backed off a few inches…she didn’t want to explain to a triage nurse how she got a lung full of semen. She stuck her finger in Judy’s ass and…POW!! Judy came so much and so hard that the cum shot out of Barbara’s nose. Barb started to choke and sneeze, all the while looking victorious because she succeeded in swallowing the entire cock.

Frank yelled out.” Hooooleeeeee shit! You did an angry dragon!!” Babs looked confused.

Karen explained, ”An angry dragon is when cum shoots out of your nose like a dragon’s flames.” Babs nearly fell off the bed laughing.

She sat up, still snuffling up semen, and grabbed some tissues to blow her nose. “I’m glad the webcams were on, I want to see that in slow-motion.”

Frank said,” I hope our voyeuristic friend enjoyed that as much as I did.

WOW!!! Did I ever. I’m gonna be wacking off to that till my dick is raw.

Barbara Told them of Frank and David’s double pussy penetration from last Friday. Karen…was amazed, “You took those two thick cocks in your pussy at the same time!? I would have split wide open if they did that to me.”

Barb looked at her, mock anger in her eyes, “Are you saying that my pussy is loosey-goosey? Hmmmmm?”

Karen laughed, “Sorry motherrrr. I could feel your pussy tightening on my tongue when I was snaking you out. Soooo… definitely not loose. Am I forgiven?”

Babs smirked, “I’ll think about it.”

They fucked and sucked the afternoon and evening away. Slippery bodily fluids coated all four of them.

“Now, before these beautiful meat engines run out of fuel, I want a proper D.P.

I want Frank in my box and Judy in my ass.”

“I want to feel Judy’s long strokes in my asshole.”

Frank got the lube, “No sooner said than done mother.”

Barbara laughed, “That’s it!!! I’m getting the wooden spoon, you’re all leaving here with red asses!!”

“Hush up mother! The only thing you’re gonna do is finger my pussy and lick my asshole while you’re getting your pipes cleaned.”

Frank got on his back and Barb climbed on. She pulled her knees up so that Judy would have full access to her rosebud. Judy lubed her cock and slowly penetrated Barbara’s sphincter. She gave Barb a minute to get accustomed to her girth. When she had loosened up enough, the two massive members slowly slid in and were buried to the hilt.

“Yeeeeeeowwww!! I am sooo going to explode!” (cramping from the overwhelming pressure in her belly)

“I don’t want it slow, I don’t want it gentle…I want it deep, I want hard pounding. You both have muscles…use them! Now start fucking, and don’t stop till I pass out!”

“Karen, back that pussy up to my face! Do what your mother tells you!”

Karen backed up so Barb could eat her ass…” Yes, mommy”.

Barbara smiled, “Mommy….I like that, it sounds kinky. Sort of like those incest stories I’ve been OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHFFFFUUUUUCK!!!”

Frank and Judy had endured enough. “Talk time is over Mommy…time to fuck you senseless.” They started simultaneously pounding Barbara’s nether region with long powerful strokes. Ramming into her with enough force to slam her face into Karen’s ass. “Mommy wants it hard?….. Hard is what mommy’s gonna get!”

I was frantically switching between all of the webcams…I didn’t know where to look first. This was so fucking hot that I came twice in three minutes.

Hey!!! My dick is working!!! And without the Viagra!! I just needed the right stimulation. Damn!! I’m gonna tell her I want in on this action. I need to taste pussy. I could manage a functional boner now.

Just when she thought she would burst, Frank and Judy switched tactics. Frank plunged while Judy withdrew, their cocks were rubbing together between her pussy and rectal walls.

The friction was causing Barbara’s pelvic nerves to short out. This was a thousand times the pleasure of the double pussy penetration. izmir escortlar She began orgasming spontaneously…nerves firing a million times a second. She was losing strength rapidly from the constant spasming of her vaginal muscles and her anal sphincter. It became one long orgasm that wouldn’t end.

She was having a hard time breathing now. This was way too intense for mommy. A voice deep in Barbara’s mind said, ‘What a way to die!’

I recognized her labored breathing and was going to press the talk switch and say something when Karen realized what was happening. She turned around and told the ramming cocks to slow down, “Let her catch her breath before she passes out!”

Fearing that she was truly in distress, they pulled out and laid her on her side. Her breathing slowed a bit, but the rolling orgasm wouldn’t stop.

Every woman should be so lucky to experience this. Every ten or fifteen seconds, Barbara would have another small orgasm. This went on for almost five minutes. The three watched in awe as she moaned and writhed.

It seemed as though a poltergeist was fucking her. They’d never witnessed nor experienced continuous spontaneous orgasms.

The multigasms finally stopped. Barb drew in a long deep breath, much as someone would after nearly drowning. Karen lay next to her and held her as her entire body shivered.

She finally returned to the land of the living and said, “What the fuck just happened to me!? I feel like I’ve run a million miles. Every muscle in my body is quivering.”

Judy went to her side, “Are you ok? We thought we had killed you!?”

Still, quivering barb replied, “I’m…alive…It was just soooo fucking intense! My pussy kept spasming repeatedly, it was one continuous never-ending orgasm. Good thing you stopped, I wouldn’t have been able to take anymore.

“Somebody get Mommy an ice pack for her pussy flambe’…better yet, get a few ice pops from the freezer. I’m gonna shove one up my ass and one in my mangled twat.”

They could all relax now. Everybody but me. I thought she was gonna die. While she was having breathing trouble, I sat there with tears pouring down my face feeling useless, unable to help her.

She looked into one of the webcams and said, “Did you see that!? It was amazing and frightening at the same time. Push the talk button, I need to hear your voice.”

I pointed my webcam at my face and turned the voice on. I told her, “I was just about to say something, but Karen turned around to help you. Are you ok?”

Barb was watching me on the large monitor…she could see that I was still crying. “Oh my, oh, oh no…please, please don’t cry. I’m ok!…. I’m ok! I’ll be fine in a week or two (laughing) please don’t cry…”

I said, ” I was just worried about you sweet lady.”

Judy and Frank went to the kitchen to get the popsicles and Karen, feeling a bit awkward, excused herself to the ladies’ room.

Barb looked at me and said, “I want you to come over, they’re going to leave soon. I want to hold you, I want you to hold me. I need for you to hold me. Please.”

“Ok, I’m going to shower…I’m kind of covered with cum myself… I’ll be there in an hour.”

Karen had witnessed this poignant exchange and stood in the bathroom doorway crying. “That man loves you beyond belief. You are a very lucky woman. I hope I can find someone that loves me for more than my pussy.”

Barb stood on shaky legs and hobbled to Karen. They held each other and cried together. “You will find someone, if need be, I’ll find someone for you. That’s what mothers do.”

They both exploded laughing just as the cock bearers came with popsicles.

Judy said, “A minute ago you were nearly dead, now you two are laughing like idiots.”

Karen mock protested, “Hey, don’t call my mommy an idiot.”

They adjourned to the multi-person shower and leisurely washed the sweat, pussy drippings, and semen from themselves. Barb questioned, “So, same time next week?”

Frank laughed, “yeah, but no more double penetration for you. I’m too young and delicate to go to prison for anal manslaughter.” More howling laughter.

Having dressed, they said their goodbyes and within the hour, just as promised, I let myself into her house. She hobble/ran towards me, still weak and shaky, threw her arms around my neck, and kissed me with a passion that I’ve never felt before. I took her to her room where we changed the sheets and got in bed.

She stared at me for a few and said, ” Were you really covered in your cum?”

“Yes sweet lady, I most certainly was. Seems that my bits have come back to life, Just in case you ever need them.”

She shyly replied, “Let’s sleep for a bit and I’ll take you up on that offer in the morning. I think my kitty is gonna need some kissing, and as I recall, that’s your specialty.”

We fell asleep holding each other.

The morning dawned…well, we’ll save that for another story.

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