Bathroom Break

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Bathroom Break~Bathroom Break~ Karl walks into the bathroom in his school with his head hung down at the white tiles on the floor. He raises his head and turns toward the urinals. Karl gives off a small sigh as he takes out his semi – hard dick. “What I wouldn’t do for some dick right now.” Karl said to himself while flushing his self out. Karl was admiring his soft light caramel skin in the mirror, when he then heard a soft moan coming out of the light gray stall. He chuckled to himself thinking it was just his imagination, since he hadn’t had any in a LONG time. The moans started getting louder and now Karl knew it wasn’t his imagination. He slowly turned toward the light gray stall. The moaning that filled the bathroom was intoxicating and it was getting Karl hard. He wanted to know what was going on behind those closed doors…he needed to know. “Ugh, yeah…” The voice came from the stall. It was a deep sexii voice that would make anyone melt if whispered close to there ears. Karl’s heart was beating fast as he went to push the stall door open. The Door slowly opened and there he was, one of the most popular, muscular, finest guys in the school, Jerking his huge, thick, veiny, hard cock. This boii’s name was Dylan. Dylan was a lacrosse player with a nice lean muscular body. His little white tan covered his skin and his black hair was spiked up. Karl stood there admiring every movement he made. His right hand was working his manhood gently and his left hand was up his black, tight, CK shirt. His eyes was shut and he was biting his juicy tender bahis siteleri lips. “Ugh, suck it.” Dylan let out slowly. Karl raised his eyebrow and stepped into the stall. He closed the stall door and locked it. He got down on his knees and moved his lips forward to the tip of his dick. The aroma that filled the stall with the scent of his sex was something that made Karl’s eyes roll to the back of his head. He gave Dylan’s silk a small kiss with his full lips. When his lips came in contact with Dylan’s silk, he just let out a sigh and lifted his hips up a little as if he had chills run down his back. “Oh, please suck it, yes.” Dylan’s left hand was still exploring his body up his shirt. Karl flattened his tongue and ran up his long cock. His right hand was now massaging Karl’s soft dirty blonde hair. He was guiding him up and down in a speed that he wanted. Karl was going all out with his tongue, swirling it around going up, and sliding it when going down. You could could hear the sound of sucking going on in the bathroom as Karl took it in inch by inch. Karl removed Dylan from his mouth and began to kiss his stomach up to his neck. Dylan’s hands were wrapped around Karl and rubbing every inch of him, kissing with such passion. His eyes still shut closed/fantasizing of someone or something. Karl took his hand and slide it down to Dylan’s ass and was playing with his hole, slipping in one finger. “Oh god.” “You like that…” Karl whispered in Dylan’s pierced ear. “Yeah…go deeper.” Karl gradually entered his hole and made sure that he was canlı bahis not hurting him. Next, was two fingers and Dylan was loving the pressure of Karl’s fingers entering in and out, wiggling his fingers when inside of his shaved hole. There breathing was at same harmony, as if they were creating beautiful music that was flooding the air. Karl knew it was time to go and he wanted to make him come but time was of the essence and he had to be on his way. He exited Dylan and unlocked to stall door. “Where are you going?” Dylan asked, still with his eyes closed. “I have to be on my way now. I’m sorry.” Karl replied while looking at Dylan’s silk. “Please just finish me…please.” “I don’t think I can.” Karl closed the stall door and right before it was completely shut he saw Dylan open his eyes looking at him with so much lust. Karl walked out and couldn’t believe what he just did. It was to late going back since he heard the water running in the bathroom. “Whatever, maybe there would be a next time.” Karl wondered to himself. “Yeah right, that was a once in a life time opportunity that most likely will never come around again.” Karl stopped and heard steps coming from behind him. He turned around and saw Dylan coming his way. He was biting his bottom lip as he was approaching Karl and he knew what he wanted. He wanted Karl to finish what he started.”Come here.” Dylan said with such demand in his voice. Usually Karl never lets anyone talk to him like that but this was different. Something about Dylan attracted Karl to him. Karl was half way there güvenilir bahis when Dylan started to rub his dick inside of his pants. Dylan grabbed Karl and threw him in to the mini corridor of there school. “Pull down you pants.” Karl unbuckled in a heart beat and didn’t even think twice. Dylan placed himself up against him and kissed him forcefully. Karl couldn’t resist his temptation for him and returned that forceful kiss right back at him. Karl wrapped his legs around Dylan while he slowly entered in side of Karl’s warm, tight hole. “Ugh, harder.” Karl moaned. Grabbing his shoulder muscles and pushing him inside more and more Karl kissed Dylan with more passion and lust. Every kiss was more passionate then the next. The music that was being made now turned to a full blow out symphony. The pounding that went into rhythm with there breathing was more then they could imagine. There bodies filled with so much excitement over taken both of them. Banged up against the wall Karl could feel Dylan’s muscle contract and he knew that he was going to come soon. I’m gonna fill you up with my sweet nectar.” Dylan whispered ever so gently into Karl’s ear. “Here it comes.” Dylan moaned. “Go ahead baby, fill me with that sweet nectar of yours.” “Ugh…fuck.” Out it came, that beautiful sweet nectar shot up inside of Karl’s hole. He felt it running up against the inside of his hole. Dylan pulled out and rubbed his silk all around Karl’s hole. A gently kiss is what Dylan gave Karl. Karl lifted up his pants, buckled it and headed back to class. “Wait!” Dylan yelled down the hallway. “Think we can catch up again sometime?” Karl chuckled, “That would be great but I’m alright.” “What are you trying to say. You don’t want to hit this no more?” “Pretty much. Thanks for the break though.” ~End~