BBC first time not as expected

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BBC first time not as expectedMy wife and I had fooled around in a few MFM and her going on dates, flashing, letting strangers feel her up and sometimes sucking them off in a car or some other risky place,but she had never been with a black man, she is fair skinned natural blonde with blue eyes, I’m hispanic with a brown cock and black hair, when we would make love in front of a mirror the contrast between our complections was a turn on for us, I aways enjoyed how her hand looked wrapped around my cock, we didn’t go looking for a black guy, it just sort of happened one night, we were at a bar known for swingers and other different life styles and we met a mixed couple, she was huge, obese, and white, I can’t think of anything positive to say about her looks, but she also had no personality, unintelligent and boring to try and talk to, The husband was average build, pretty normal looking guy, but very funny and personable, told jokes. complimented the women, introduced himself to the guys, he was black, very black, he had danced with and fondled my wife before at this same bar, but this night the flirting got to her and she asked me if she should take him out to our motorhome parked in the lot, we were heading out to the desert that night and this probably wouldn’t of happened if we hadn’t drove the motorhome there that night, it just made it easy.So I said yes, but I wanted her to fix her already short black skirt so her stocking tops showed before she walked outside canlı bahis with him, I love showing her off and in this place it was ok, she went to arrange herself in the bathroom, when she walked back to our table about two inches of her thighs were showing and and a peek of her ass cheeks as she walked, she looked great, a classy blonde slut, I had said he could have 15 minutes alone with her, then I was coming out to either watch or join in, when he got up and put his arm around her waist and proudly led her out of the club anyone watching knew somebody was going to get fucked, they looked really sexy walking out and she blew me a kiss as they went out the door, she knew I was watching, as were all the other guys in the place, Sitting there with his boring blob of a wife was a very long 15 minutes, BBW is not always the case.I finally excused myself and went out to our motorhome, it was a great new sight to see my wife on a black guy, he was on his back and she was on top fucking him on our bed, I turned on the inside lights and opened the front privacy curtain, besides wanting to watch, I also wanted anyone outside to be able to see in and watch my wife fuck and suck her first black cock, he liked to change positions often so it was a good show, and he enjoyed showing off for the horny guys gathered at our windshield looking in, turning her head to the right angles so the viewers could see the pretty blonde woman sucking his black cock, she would look towards them and smile bahis siteleri or wink.But, he was also into talking a lot, I 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