Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 2

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When I woke up on Sunday morning, Lori told me to shower and shave and get ready for a picnic at her sisters house. She laid out my clothes for the day, which included a pair of pink “Olga” panties, the ones with the one inch waist band of lace. She also picked out a pair of shorts, (male ones thank God), and a tank top.

I put the panties on, followed by the shorts and noticed, to my dismay that whenever I bent over the lace was visible. I folded the lace portion down so it was concealed under my shorts. My shaved legs looked rather feminine but I am a runner and lots of athletes shave their legs so I wasn’t too concerned. I put my shirt on and went down for breakfast. Lori inspected me and reached into my shorts to pull the lacy part of my panties up, I protested to no avail.

I figured the picnic would be a small family get-together and I would stay in the house and watch a ball game or something on TV. When we got to Lori’s sisters house there were cars everywhere. My wife also has a brother and his sexy wife Karen had brought her two sisters and their husbands plus a few of my sister-in-law’s co-workers and their husbands. We went in and said our hello’s. My brother-in-law Josh asked me to help him put up a lawn tent. I excused myself for a moment to use the bathroom and fold the lace part of my undies back below my belt-line.

Lori met me as I came out of the bathroom and pulled my shirt up, she grabbed the lacy waist band and warned if I folded it over again there would be serious consequences. Josh and I began

raising the tent, I was on my knees pounding stakes into the ground and I could feel my shirt ride up, exposing the pink lace. I finished as fast as I could and went inside to hide out. Lori found me 5 minutes canlı bahis later and ordered me back outside. “Stop being such an asshole or you’ll regret it,” she said. I went back outside and found a chair to sit in that provided some cover for my back. My brother-in-law’s wife Karen came over and we made small talk over a couple of beers. She shocked me when she said, “I was watching when you guys were putting up the tent and couldn’t help but notice the lovely lacy undies you’re wearing.” I was embarrassed beyond belief and she sensed this. “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, I actually am turned on by guys wearing panties. I noticed your legs are shaved too, very feminine.”

She asked me all sorts of questions and I found myself getting very aroused. The beers started kicking in and I felt more relaxed so I told her the whole story. I had to go to the bathroom again and I excused myself and went into the house. I started to close the door when someone pushed it open and in walked Karen. She closed the door behind her and undid my belt. “I have to see what you look like with those panties on.” I dropped my shorts and a small moan escaped from her lips. “Don’t you look sexy,” she purred.

“You’re not gonna believe this but I’m wearing the same panties, only in yellow.” She dropped her shorts and was indeed clad in the same “olga” panties as myself. “How would you like to jerk off while smelling my panties,” she inquired. With that she pulled hers down and rubbed the crotch in my face. She told me to make sure I shot my load in the crotch and put them in the hamper where she could retrieve them. Then she pulled up her shorts and left the bathroom. My hard-on was raging and I sniffed her panties and beat-off frantically. I spilled my bahis siteleri load into the crotch and couldn’t help taking a little taste for myself. I placed the panties in the hamper and left the bathroom.

Lori eyed me suspiciously when I walked back into the yard. “What have you and Karen been up to?” I feigned ignorance and said “nothing honey, why do you ask?”

“I saw her follow you into the house, so you better tell me or I’ll embarrass you in front of all these people.” What choice did I have? She wasn’t angry when I told her what transpired in the bathroom. “That Karen is such a little cock teaser,” she said. She turned and sought out Karen’s husband Mike and talked to him for a few minutes as I watched from across the yard.

Minutes later my wife went in the house followed shortly there-after by Mike. They were in the house for around 15 minutes when by wife came back out to join me. “Guess what honey, Karen has Mike dressed in panties just like you. They are coming over tonight after the party.” The rest of the afternoon was uneventful and we left before I shamed myself any further.

When we arrived home, Lori ran the bath for me.

After drying off Lori dressed me in the tap pants, a camisole and thigh-high’s. She put one of her silky robes on me and ordered me downstairs. Karen and mike arrived and after greeting us went upstairs with Lori. I was told to stay put. A short time later they returned with Mike dressed in panties, my full slip and thigh -highs. Lori made everyone drinks and the girls chatted. Mike and I didn’t say much but he had a look on his face that didn’t make me feel any better. After a few drinks and some idle chit-chat the girls decided to have some fun with us.

Lori ordered me bahis şirketleri to remove my robe and stroke myself. My dick was rock-hard. Karen ordered mike to do the same thing. Then Karen had an idea, “I want to watch the sissies dance together.” Lori put on some slow music and Mike and I danced for them.

Lori was getting hot and removed her skirt and blouse, Karen did the same. They sat on the couch and started kissing each other. Lori’s hand found her way into Karen’s panties and Karen did the same to Lori. Things were really getting hot when Karen ordered us to lay down on the floor and masturbate. We laid down side-by side and stroked ourselves hard. Lori got on top of mike and Karen did the same to me. My dick found it’s way inside her and I came almost immediately. After Mike shot his load into my wife, she looked at Karen and whispered something. The girls then got up and switched partners. Lori sat on me with her pussy over my mouth and ordered me to “clean her up.”

Karen did the same to Mike. I licked Lori’s pussy and almost drowned from all the semen dripping in my mouth and on my chin. Karen had an explosive orgasm, seconds later, Lori did the same.

Mike and I were then ordered to clean each other up. We licked the semen off each others chin and lips. Karen wanted more and told us to clean off each others dicks also. We lay down side-by-side and licked each other hard again. Mike’s dick started twitching and I could feel his orgasm building. Suddenly he erupted in my mouth and I swallowed his creamy load. He pulled my dick out of his mouth as I came and covered his face with my stuff. Lori had me lick it off of him and when I finished was sent upstairs to clean up. Mike changed into his clothes and he and Karen left.

Lori joined me in bed and asked if I had fun today. I didn’t answer and she chuckled and said, “I hope you had fun, because this is just the beginning.” I fell asleep with the taste of Lori’s pussy and mike’s cum in my mouth.