Beach Party Daze Ch. 05

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I spent the rest of that Sunday with Jim and Becky.

It took us a while to recover from the first session, though.

I put the dildo on the bedside table when Jim fixed me yet another drink. He hadn’t had an orgasm yet but he seemed happy enough to wait his turn. Becky lounged around on the double bed, she partially covered her nakedness with a sheet but there was ample opportunity for me to study those breasts and her long legs.

I put my shorts back on and relaxed into the armchair.

Jim kept talking. He briefly recounted the night the girls had taken turns with the strap on. He had fucked them as well. He casually rubbed the bulge in his pants during this conversation. He gave me plenty of detail about the girl’s bodies and I wondered if he enjoyed the watching more than the actual sex.

Becky rolled onto her stomach, exposing ankara dansöz escortlar her buttocks. Jim moved onto the bed next to her.

“So Jane didn’t tell you anything about our hobby?”

“No. I’m amazed. I knew that she used to be a bit, er, friendly. We had discussed this sort of thing but it was all hypothetical. Until last night.”

Jim was massaging his wife’s bum. He ran his hands up and down her thighs. She moved her legs slightly, allowing him better access.

“So, you and Jane have fucked a few times, then?” I wanted to know, I had some catching up to do and I wanted to know how much.

“Oh, yeh, a few times. Mostly in here, but once in the yard and once in your house. He slipped a finger into Becky’s anus. I saw her butt cheeks twitch in response. “There were a few blow jobs, at first, but now she saves ankara saatlik veren escortlar them for you. Your Saturday Night Special in the hallway, eh?”

I nodded, my anger growing that this guy knew so much about my sex life.

My penis was growing again. I couldn’t understand why, though. I had cum three times yesterday and once, already, today. My testicles must be empty by now. Still, my prick stiffened at the sight of that beautiful backside.

Jim had four fingers in her now. I stood up and dropped my shorts.

Jim moved up the bed and held her arse cheeks open for me. I put my knees between hers and rested the knob of my penis against her brown hole. I pushed the knob into her, paused, then ploughed all the way in. She was so tight, she squirmed a little as I humped into her.

Jim grabbed her head ankara azeri escortlar and dragged it into lap.

In an instant his cock was in her mouth. She was nearly choking on it, he was so horny. I ravaged her anus with my cock for about ten minutes. I shot my last drops of seed into her as Jim filled her mouth with his semen. He rolled away and I moved across, shoving my still hard dick straight down her throat. She sucked it clean then I staggered away.

More from anger than lust, I grabbed the dildo and pushed it into her anus. She didn’t flinch as I pushed it several inches into her.

“Finger me.” She begged. I pulled the dildo out and pushed two fingers into her cunt. Jim joined me and she soon had six fingers, three of mine and three of his, working away inside her. Jim leaned over and put his tongue into her arse. She screamed in ecstasy. Her orgasm lasted for at least five minutes.

I grabbed my clothes from the pile on the floor. I was totally worn out, my cock ached. I headed for the door.

“I’ll see you two later. I’m done.”

I just managed to clear the fence. I headed up stairs. I needed some rest.