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Subject: Beach trip with dad – Part 3 Beach trip with dad – part 3 This story is based on real life events. If you have any comments to pass on, feel free to write me (Sam) at: ail Stop reading if you are under 18 or material of this nature is illegal in your present area. By continuing, you are confirming that it is legal for you to view the material in this story. In addition, you are agreeing that the author, editor, and this site will not be held responsible for any consequences of you reading his story. This series of stories happens in between the events of the “upperclassmen dormmates” which is on Nifty’s Gay College category, and it is unlikely any of this would have happened the way it did if it weren’t for what happened then. Stay tuned for more soon. As always, please donate to Nifty so we can keep sharing stories like fty/donate.html ****************************************** Recap: Dad went over to his bag, and dropped his towel just like I had done. At this point, my eyes nearly bulged out of my head. There it was, perfectly framing dad’s round muscular ass. The jockstrap. I’d know it anywhere. It was stained and dirty and crispy, and it was on dad. At that point, dad turned and grinned the same grin he had on at breakfast, and said “so, son, let me ask you again, do you want any cream?” ****************************************** “Dad… wha” I struggled to speak. He laughed loudly at my state of confusion and then said “I’m sorry son, I couldn’t resist it.” “I don’t understand…how? why?” “Last night, when you were literally knocked out asleep from the drive over, your phone buzzed quite a bit. It was your buddy Mark. Your phone was locked but the messages were showing on the locked screen. I didn’t want to intrude on your privacy buddy but as I went to silent your phone, I kinda read them and boy were they hot.” Dad moved over and sat on the bed, still just in the jockstrap, all the while not really loosing eye contact with me. He continued “So I figured you guys were bate buds. I remember the old days when me and my buddies used to jack it together. Ahhh those were the good days. Anyhow, your buddy Mark kept mentioning something about the jock and my curiosity peaked.” I recalled the messages I read early this morning from Mark before heading off escort izmit to the gym. I can’t believe dad read them too. My face flustered as dad was explaining to me and I guess he could tell I was getting embarrassed when he then assured me “listen, there’s absolutely nothing wrong about what you’re doing. You’re a guy, he’s a guy, I know how horny boys will act and its super natural, heck I did it back then. To be honest I may have done more things than you might have as well, so it’s completely ok. In fact, I thought I would leave it alone and not mention it. But then, this morning when I awoke, I couldn’t shake off my curiosity about the jock. It turned me on so much knowing you guys share this as a cum rag, and that this right here is the absolute essence of raunchy, horny, masculinity. I had to go check your bag myself to see if you had brought this” He said that grabbing on to the pouch of the jock on him, slightly stroking his bulge, and then to my surprise bringing his hand up towards his nose and taking a deep sniff. “Like I said son, I’ve probably experimented more than you know. And this, this raunch, yours and your friends and the history of this jockstrap, well… it fucking turns me on so much. This morning when I woke up and texted you that I kinda wanted to sleep in a bit more, it was kinda a lie. I was boned up with a case of raging morning wood, which was when I decided to explore your bag, take out the jock and put it on. I was rubbing myself, dry humping the bed, and truly soaking the jock up with my own sweat and precum. Things were getting really heated but I didn’t finish. I wore the jock to breakfast, and then took it with me in the bag to the pool to avoid you seeing the fresh stains. I thought to myself as well that I’d just simply put it back later, sometime where you wouldn’t even notice, but then, the worst of me took over again and decided that maybe I did want you to know. Maybe I wanted to share with you what you share with Mark or your buddies. I wanted to share my raunchiness and my horniness with you, completely.” His looked changed. He was suddenly vulnerable, as if he just shared his darkest secret to me, but I guess he may have. I was simply stunned. “Dad…wow, I am speechless but…that was fucking hot” I didn’t have to prove myself izmit escort much. The boner in my pants gave me away. “I mean, I can’t wait to learn about your experimentations but fuck man, my dad, is leaking precum into the jockstraps me and my buddies all wear and cum into” “Son, here’s an idea. Let’s cancel dinner plans. Let’s stay in and maybe order some pizza and finally bond like real men should.” “Are you suggesting we jerk off together dad?” I eagerly asked. “Yes, lets order a porn on the on-demand channels, and really stroke one off together. Then we can both cum on this jock together. I’m literally in so much heat.” I could tell dad was fully aroused and the jock stretched out quite a bit. He still kept slowly stroking the pouch as he was talking. I called up the nearest pizza place for delivery, while dad was deciding on the porn. After scrolling a bit, neither of us found anything in particular we could decide on as there really wasn’t much to choose from to start. Dad then had the brilliant idea of maybe watching something he had saved on his laptop. It surprised me that dad had porn saved on his laptop. He spent a few minutes looking for one that he wanted to show me, all the while, I pushed my twin bed closer to his. He finally picked a video he was excited about and then we both decided to sit close to one another, our backs against the head board panel, and the slight spaces between us was where he placed the laptop. He slid off the jock and decided to bring the whole jock up to his nose and took a sniff again before place the jock next to the laptop. I could see some wet stains on the inner pouch. As the porn was starting I decided to be bold and took a finger and dipped it into the wetness on the pouch, slowly scrapping around the pool of precum and finally popping that finger into my mouth for a taste. I could tell dad found that to be very hot as he let out a slight moan. His precum tasted pretty good actually. The porn started and at first it seemed like just an ordinary amateur home video. Some things seemed surprisingly familiar but I was unsure if I had seen this porn before. I couldn’t really figure out how this seemed so familiar to me. Dad often turned to me, as we were both stroking our hard, glistening members, and commented izmit kendi evi olan escort “your cock is pretty impressive son.” I flustered again. It was a weird thing to hear dad say but at the same time, it got me even harder. I was maybe an inch shorter than his at least eight inches, but our girth was about the same. Noticing his cock, I also noticed that our jerking style was similar. “Uh thanks dad. Yours is too.” “Oh I fucking know it.” He said, and then laughed amusingly at his own confident statement. The video was maybe about forty minutes long, but pretty soon dad decided to change it up. It was a different video, this one being a threesome, two girls, one guy. I could hardly make out their faces or anything but they were all young. The tits were huge and so was the guys cock. He was eating out one girl, while the other was riding his cock, and both girls were making out. The next vid is where things started getting interesting. It was now, two couples. Both couples were fucking away and then they swapped as if the boys traded their girls. It was hot seeing both guys high five and fist bump each other while ramming their dicks in each other’s girls or shoving her head down his cock. Both had cummed in each other’s girls, and then things took an even more interesting turn. The vid wasn’t over, the girls went back to their guy and the guy used the others cum as lube for a second round. They were both enjoying each other’s sloppy seconds. The vid after that was life changing to say the least. It was two guys sharing one girl. The guys in the vid seemed to be the same as the previous vid but the girl was different. Not long into the vid, the guys were double penetrating the girl. They first started with one cock in the vagina the other in the ass, but then seemed to move towards both sharing the same hole. Both guys creamed in her, and then one of the guys decided to eat her out, basically taking both his and the other guys cum. The two guys then snowballed their cum and swallowed while the girl licked their cocks clean. Dad then commented “fuck, those were the days”. It then hit me like a brick. That was dad in the video. It was him in all the videos. The first video I found oddly familiar because it was my dad’s childhood room at grandpa’s and grandma’s. I knew I had seen it before. He must have recorded himself with one of his hook-ups when he was around my age. All these were his recordings. Dad was fucking showing me his sex tapes. And even more shocking that was dad, sharing his and his buddy’s cum.