Becoming 2

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Becoming 2And that’s how it went. Saturdays and Sundays from 7am to12 I suck his cock. 4 maybe 5 times. He always had a big load. We kissed a little, I really didn’t like that so much. He blew me a couple times which I did like.Then one Wednesday night, about a month before my birthday, I was leaving another part time job washing cars for a used car lot in town. It was about 9:30 maybe 10:00, when he stumbled out of a working mans bar, and we almost ran into each other“Timmy, how the hell are you?” “I was just thinking about you” He threw his arm around my shoulders and we walked down the street. He would squeeze my tits every now and then. We talked some shit and after a block or 2 he steered me down a small side street, then an even darker alley, then around a corner of a building to a dark corner where he pressed me against the wall and started kissing me, and tweaking my nipples“Cmon baby, I need some of that magic of yours.” he started pushing me to my knees. It didn’t take much, this was a treat, kind of an extra.He was already semi hard when I got him un-zipped. and pulled out. I took him in my mouth and started working him over.“Ohhh yeah god yeah, your the best,” he sighed as he started face fucking me.Then there was a blinding light.“What the hell did I tell you Dave?? Huh?” I heard a slap, “Take your bitches home, not the streets. I seen youse walking down the street, then ducking in here. I ought to run the bot of yas in.”“What the fuck Teddy, the bitch don’t care. Her idea to take it back here. She don’t mind”My head was pushed back, and the light shown on my face, I kept the head of Daves cock in my mouth“You want to be here in this place doing this thing baby??” The cop asked.I couldn’t see anything, so for an answer I slid my face forward and took Daves cock all the way in my mouth, then just continued to suck him.“OK then, but god damn it hurry up “ Then all I head was muttering, and Dave was slamming his cock to me.After he came and put his cock away He kinda caressed my face and said “Wait here” and walked awayI stayed on my knees, and wiped my mouth, still tasting Daves load, kind of smacking my lips, when I sensed a shape in front of me the only thing I could see was a cock-head coming at my face, I opened my mouth and took it in.It wasn’t as long bursa escort as Daves but it was much wider, and cut.“If your going to do the likes of Dave in an alley, you might as well do the boys in blue girlie” I heard Teddy say, apparently I was blowing a cop.It didn’t take him long, not a big cock in length but a nice width, and a huge load, thick, sweet salty like Dave’s, but with another flavor I couldn’t put my finger on.When he was soft and empty he just walked away and Dave came back real quick and helped me to my feet“I’m sorry Timmy, really, man I didn’t know what to do, he said he wanted a blow job from the wench, or he’d run us in on an indecency charge”“It’s OK,” I replied softly, makes sense if he only saw us from the back”“Yeah, I guess”We got to my corner to turn to go home“I’ll see you Saturday OK” He said patting me on the backWell after that he used to come by every now and then when I was washing car alone, and of course I’d blow himAfter the holidays, but before my birthday he showed up one Sat. with another dude. Guy was about 30, was new in town worked as a machinist but needed some extra money, was renting a room from Dave, and Dave said the manager said they could hire some one for the times when the place was extra dirty after popular movies.I didn’t like this turn of events very much at all. I was used to getting all the cock I needed on Saturday and Sunday, and a new dude would just be in the wayDidn’t get any first thing, which was unusual. 1st break came and went with out any. And I started getting a little short tempered, the ½ time break was coming and I was pissed. I had been mopping the auditorium, and needed to change the water. Announced it and took the bucket to the old orchestra pit and went under the stage where there was a slop sink and drain. Dave followed me down there.“Listen Timmy—”“No Dave you should have let me know about this, The only reason I keep this job is so I can suck your cock. Saturdays and Sundays are the best days of the week for me because I get to suck your cock, What am I supposed to do? Find the cop I blew because he thought I was a chick? I found Teddy, he’s older than you, what do you think he’d do if I sprung it on him in detail?? I’d become the town queer like old Billy, he’s been in and out of jail and bursa escort bayan the nuthouse. My mom and dad are trying to by the diner they work at to give the family some security, how would that go over in this town, the oldest boy is a little weird, now a queer???? Probably loose the scholarships I been trying for and the grants so I could get to college and get out of here eventually. You can go 40 or 50 mile to find some boy to suck you off I can’t do the same thing here.”During this rant I’d un-zipped his pants, and had pulled out his cock and was jacking it up, I knelt and took him in my mouth when I heard a noise to the right, We both turned.Framed in the doorway was Danny, the new guy“Listen boys, I don’t want to get in the way of nobody, you guys are boy friends, that’s cool with me. Boys I’ve had sex with everything except the very young and a****ls. There’s nothing I like better than a blow-job so keep sucking Timmy, and if you want to, I’ll go next, if not I’ll go back to work.”I just nodded, my mouth full of Daves cock, and started sucking it again. There was a little shifting, and my left hand was placed in Dans thigh, I slid it up and found his hardening cock. He also placed his hand behind my head when Dave started headfucking me to give it support. By the time Dave blew his goo, my left hand was pulling Dans hardening manmeat out of his jeans, This was going to be something, he was wider, and longer than Dave.I had to wait a bit catching my breath, so I looked at it as I stroked it.“Timmy hasn’t seen any different ones,” Dave mentioned as he gently pushed my head towards the head I took the giant swollen head in my mouth and ran my tongue around it, moaning at the difference. It tasted different. I placed one hand on his ass cheeks and pulled more into my mouth, and massaged his huge balls with the other. When the giant head hit the my throat I Gagged, and tried to force it through, but it wouldn’t go. I opened my eyes and I was about 2 inches from the curly mass of hair that was usually squashed against my face. I came off the cock “I can’t get it all in I’m going to have to suck what I can,” I leaned forward to take him back in my mouth when he said“Ahh bullshit, come over here,” he grabbed a handful of my hair and dragged me to an empty space on escort bursa a wall. He planted my head against the wall, then tilted it up a little, all the while slapping my face with his cock.“All you got to do is swallow, OK “ I nodded“You want it right?“Yes, Yes, please”“Alright,” Then he put his cock in my mouth and started swinging his hips, My hand were on his hips, every time he’d hit the back of my throat, I’d gag, he say “Swallow” then he started pushing harder and faster, Then the cock-head entered my throat.I moaned loudly and my hands slipped to his ass, and pulled it in fully, smashing my nose into the forest of dark curly hair, it felt great, he held it there for a while, then I tried to breath, He pulled out“You can’t breath when your throat is full of cock Then he started headfucking me for real, balls hitting my chin, hips hitting my face. I felt it start to swell even bigger and knew he was ready to cum, when he did he buried the head of his dick and I could feel the spurts as they went down my throat. I squealed around the shaft of his cock. Then he pulled back and finished pumping his jizz into my mouth making me swallow it, I tasted different but good.He pulled out and I knelt there catching my breath, cum dripping out of my open mouth“You’re quite the cocksucker Tim, you and I are going to be good friends. And Dave”“I don’t have many friends, you and Dave for sure” I gasped“Well we still got the balcony and the upstairs lobby, and the bathrooms to do,” Dave stated, “enough fun for now, lets go to work.”We got upstairs, and Dave and Dan went to clean the balcony, I got stuck with the bathrooms and the lobbyI was just finishing the last bathroom when they walked in. They both had their cocks out. I sank to my knees and took Dan first, sucked him up and he started head fucking me again. Dave put his hand over my throat and could feel Dans cock, slamming away.When he finished Dave did the same. Then they walked out as I was catching my breath. Then I heard the sweeper running so they were finishing up the lobby for meAfterwords, behind the building, Dan tried to get me to go to their place. I wanted to, but Dave wouldn’t have any of it. So that’s how it went until about a month and a half after my birthday. They’d both come by Wed. nite where I was detailing cars. ( The lot owner gave me a set of keys and had the cars in a separate detail shop so I would come and go as I please.) Then Sats. & Suns. Dan wasn’t always there for the weekends, but I was having a good time.