Becoming a leather toy boy

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Becoming a leather toy boyThis is a little story of one of my first encounters with a leather milf.It all started when the parents were looking to move house and began visiting properties. Not something I’m interested in at all but one day decided to go with them to see this so called ‘amazing’ house. And I’m so glad I did because it turned out it really was…. Well for me anyway!!!So we walked up the drive and knocked on the door. As the door opened there stood a gorgeous green eyed, blonde mature woman. Not only did she have an amazing figure but she was wearing and pair on black leather knee high boots.She let us in and as I walked over the threshold I noticed a short black leather jacket hanging over the bannister. Cock hard instantly!!!!After a bit of general chat in the kitchen i was told to go look around the rest of the house and see what I thought. I only took up the offer so I could walk back to the stairs and have a feel of her jacket. I did so and it was the softest and smoothest leather you could imagine and I just had to rub it against my cheek while inhaling its intoxicating aroma.Hearing footsteps I went upstairs to check out the rest of the house. Walking around a couple of rooms nothing interesting was found until the final bedroom when, popping my head round the door i had to double look as there, hanging on the wardrobe was another leather jacket. This one however, was a light brown and was longer, knee length in fact.I entered the room as I had to feel this jacket too and again it was wonderful. But as I did I noticed underneath was a leather skirt to match. Knowing I was alone I began to rub the jacket over my face and body and take in the smell aydın escort of leather. But I couldn’t stop there, I had to know what it was like to wear (as I love wearing women’s leather and boots). So slipping on the jacket my cock was rock hard and it felt amazing, magical even. Dropping my shorts to my ankles I became to slowly rub the leather over my cock and balls. Knowing that it belonged to the gorgeous milf downstairs made it even more erotic by imagining and hoping she had been fucked in them made it even more of a thrill.”Do you like that then do you?”Shit!!! I opened my eyes and there she was, standing in front of me with a wry smile on her face. I hadn’t heard her come in, I was so distracted I must of lost all sense of my surroundings.”Ermmmmm, (cough)”Was all I could muster. The red of embarrassment was all over my face and I swiftly bent down to grab my shorts. But before I could a shiny black booted foot was stood on them between my legs. I looked up and the smile had gone from her face.”I said. Do you like that then?””Yes” was all I could quietly say.”Well that’s good, because I do too. I love leather”The smile returned and a sudden relief came over me. She walked towards me while looking at me straight in the eye and stopped right in front of me. Reaching out and going into the pocket of the jacket, she pulled out a pair of dark brown leather gloves. She slowly put them on and without saying another word, grabbed either side of my face with her soft gloved hands and began to kiss me passionately. Her tongue began to dart in and out on my mouth and play with mine. All I could think to do was respond with as much passion as her and afyon escort I grabbed her beautifully pert arse and kissed her back… Hard!! This she seemed to enjoy as her breathing became heavy and small groans were heard. Then her leather covered hand began to play with my cock and balls and start to wank me off.”You alright up there luv’?”It was her husband calling from the bottom of the stairs. She broke from our kiss…”Yeah fine just talking and showing Mark what’s what”That she definitely was lolIt seemed to satisfy him and he walked off back to the kitchen with the others. “Right” she said with what seemed liked a slightly stern voice. “Get those off and put this on” She pulled the leather skirt off the hanger and tossed it to me. I didn’t hesitate as I didn’t want to piss her off but I never turn down the opportunity to wear women’s leather.I pulled up the skirt and fastened the clasp and pulled up the zipper.”No. No.” She said. ” that needs to stay open for you dick to come out and fuck me with.”My mind was going a thousand miles and hour. This was really happening. She undid her jeans and slid them down her firm thighs to just above her boot tops. And slightly opened her legs and began to run her pussy with her gloved fingers. As she did I could see the shimmering juices covering the leather. “Come here sweetie”I walked towards her as she was still bent over looking away from me but reached between her legs and grabbed but cock and slowly pulled it towards her slit and gradually guided my throbbing cock into her soaking wet hole.I held her waist and slowly pulled my cock out and slid it back in. Just trying to take every second sakarya escort of what was going on. But she had other ideas and sped up and backed up onto my cock and began thrusting back and forth in a frantic rhythm. I was more turned on than I had ever been before and knew that I wasn’t going to hold out much longer.”I’m going to cum””Spunk in me baby. Spunk in my dirty wet pussy” “FUCK”I came in a massive load. Then another, and another. I didn’t pull out straight away and she continued to slowly rotate her hips until she stepped forward and my dick fell out of her soaking, cum filled pussy with a plop. She turned round and knelt down in front on me and took my cock I’m her mouth and began to lick and suck off the mix of pussy juices and spunk off my cock while massaging my balls with her leather gloves hands. I closed my eyes to just try and take in what had just happened and the gather my senses.She finished cleaning me up and got up and pulled up her jeans without cleaning herself.”I’m going to leave that in there my sexy leather toy boy.” Winking at me with a gorgeous but cheeky smile and kissed me deeply one last time before she took the gloves off and put them back into the jacket pocket.”I’m going back downstairs and you can get out of my leathers and hang them back up for me. Ok?””Yes of course” I would have done anything she asked of me at that point and she turned on her heels and left the room closing the door behind her.I got undressed and returned the leather jacket and skirt to its hanger and took one last smell before leaving the room and heading back to join the others.”So what do you think lad?””Yeah I really like it.” But I couldn’t care less about the house or even remember what I had seen while I was looking.Soon it was time to leave and as we were saying our goodbyes she came up to me and kissed me gently on the cheeky and placed a piece of paper in my hand.”That’s for some more fun my sexy leather toy boy”