Bedevil Ch. 04

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Thinking about our fun little weekend at Lough Ryan Castle, I was laying in my bed. I spent the whole night tossing and turning in the bed alone, no sleep, no peace, thinking about Ava. Why was I so restless? My concentration wavered. I disliked being the person who couldn’t balance work and pleasure, have an unscheduled day. It did nothing but fuelled my agitation even more.

“This has never happened before Eion.”

It was time I left the bed. I ran a cold shower, just stood there, breathing heavy with my cock hard as it could be. I couldn’t stop feeling the want for Ava. I could smell her scent, my ears rang her voice, my skin could feel her beautiful body against me. There was something so different about her that made me crave like never before. The more I thought, my cock throbbed even more.

Imagining myself inside of Ava’s tight cunt, I took my cock in my hand and slowly tried to calm the wild in me. My other hand placed on the wall in front of me and water falling against my chest, I hung my head and started thrusting my cock in my hand. Starting to drool pre-cum as I rubbed it tip to base, fondling with my balls while stroking faster and faster. My skin felt warm and twitching. My bursa escort want for her grew and so did my grunts.

I wanted to claim every inch of her, all her holes. I wanted her mind and body to ache for me as mine did for her. My toes curl and palm in to fist as I stroked my cock harder and faster. I exploded, spraying my cum in the shower. The feeling of ease was little.

I had to get her somehow and by today.

Concentrating at work was difficult as I imagined. My eyes kept drawing to the phone screen, not sure what was I expecting. This feeling of helplessness had gotten too far and my anger was at its peak. Usually at times like these, my naughty employee liked to volunteer to suck my cock. I thought of it as a better way than having a stressful day and so I buzzed for her.

Alannah had been working for me since the past year and I would admit her mouth was something I liked around my cock. She was pretty, curvy with huge breasts and a very plump ass. She always dropped hints when I called her around. Her dressing was simple but her body made her look ecstatic in anything she chose. She was equally good at her work. Once she entered, I locked my cabin door. She knew the door got locked bursa escort bayan only when I wanted to use her and Alannah loved it, it showed in her blue eyes. She stood three feet from my desk where I leaned at its support with my arms crossed against my chest. Patiently waiting for my command.

“Take off your blouse, Alannah,” I said looking at her pink buttoned blouse which covered her heavy breasts. I unzipped my pants, taking my cock out in my hand and started stroking. As she stood in her beige floral bra and grey pencil skirt, I motioned her to get on her knees in front of me. She always did as I bid.

“Open that sweet mouth now, lady.” I stroked my length smearing pre cum on it, then taking my two fingers and putting them in Alannah’s mouth having her taste them. As I fist her hair and pulled her in to suck my cock, I stopped, unable to get any further in the act. I believed I looked quite stupid standing there with my hard cock ready to be sucked, finished off in a hot employee’s throat and licked clean but i couldn’t make myself to do it.

“Boss?” She asked softly. I shook my head and let her off my grip.

“Please get dressed. I’m sorry, I have to be somewhere.”

I escort bursa straightened myself and got out of my office and straight to my car, never looking around. Without thinking any more I drove to Ava’s building front. I pulled up with a screech not realising how fast I was going. My blood was rushing. I slammed the door when I got off, picked up pace to reach her. I took a deep breath before I rang the bell.

No one answered the door. I waited for what I guess was like less than a minute then I turned the door knob. It wasn’t locked and so I walked in.

Ava stepped out of the shower tugging her towel. I had frightened her, I could see her turn pale. I stood there motionless, quiet and just looking at her. I didn’t know why I was there, I hadn’t prepared a talk or reason. I just wanted to see her, feel her. Water dripped off her hair, she was soaking, trying to cover herself and settling with me intruding without a notice. That moment felt too long before her colour returned and she let her towel slip down to her feet and her hands down to her sides. She walked over to me, so close and lifted herself on to her toes. Holding to my jacket she placed her wet lips over mine, then kissing me deeply. I could smell her freshness and some lavender scent off of her. I squeezed her shoulders softly and pushed, held a couple inches away from me, waiting for her to open her eyes.

“Pack your stuff, you are coming with me.”