Being a good bitch a FURRY Story

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Being a good bitch a FURRY Story?Being a good bitch“Hey Bunny. do you like what you see?” Samantha, a hermaphrodite kitsune asks standing in front of the rabbit. A smile curls hir lips as shi strokes hir ten and a half inch cock. Pre-cum making the red flesh glisten.“Yeah, I’d love to play with a cock that big.” Bunny says licking his lips at the sight of pre-cum dripping from the tip of hir cock.“Well then, come and get it. on one condition. You’re my pet until I’m satisfied.” Samantha says with a smile and milking stroke of hir cock causing a large dollop of pre-cum to pour from it.“Of course. I’d love to be your pet if I can play with a cock that big.” Bunny says walking closer and dropping to his knees in front of her.“Do a good job and I’ll let you eat me out.” Samantha says lifting hir big heavy balls and shows him hir pussy with a few drops of moisture clinging to the white fur surrounding hir pussy. Bunny grabs hir cock and starts licking it. He runs his blue tongue up and down the red flesh moaning at the musky taste. He opens his mouth and pushes his lips down hir cock until he kisses hir white furred sheath and Samantha lets out a moan looking down at him swallowing hir hermhood.Bunny swallows a few times feeling his throat milk hir cock before pulling back. Slowly, he sucks on every inch until his lips come off with a pop. He looks up at her “How was that?” he asks with a string of drool running down his chin.Samantha gives a yip and grabs his head and pulls him forward while thrusting hir hips towards him. hir cock sinks between his lips and slides down his throat in one thrust and shi starts pounding hir hips back and forth. hir balls bounce off his chin and hir sheath presses against his nose with each deep thrust filling it with hir scent. shi moans out feeling his throat milking pre-cum from hir cock helping hir face fuck him harder. Bunny reaches around behind hir and grabs hir soft round ass and pulls hir harder against his face. With the added force Samantha feels hir balls tightening and the pressure building up around the base of hir cock “Where do you want it. In your belly or on your face?” Samantha moans out feeling on edge.Shi pulls back to let him answer and he looks up at hir with spit and pre-cum covering his lips and chin “Both. Let me taste it and cover me in your hot sticky cum!” Bunny gasps feeling lust burning through his body.Samantha grunts hearing him and slams hir cock back into his muzzle slamming his lips into hir large knot and groans out as shi starts to cum. hir body tenses up and cum shoots through hir cock. Shi fires a few ropes into his belly before pulling back until hir cock spews a load of cum on his tongue. Bunny keep sucking on hir cock until, with a loud pop if comes free and shi blasts şişli escort the last of hir load over his face and ears. shi pumps hir cock until hir orgasm ends and shi looks down at Bunny.“How was the first course?” Samantha asks wiping hir cock on Bunny’s chest staining his white fur, off white.“Oh yes. I loved it.” Bunny says licking his lips and scr****g up the kitsune’s cum and sucking his fingers clean. He scraps up a large dollop of hir cum and wraps the cum covered fingers around his glowing cock and strokes it from neon red base to neon green tip and back.“Since you cleaned up so fast. how about you eat my pussy. Drink my pussy juice and show me how much you love it.” Samantha says lifting hir big heavy balls out of the way and showing him hir nearly dripping pussy.Bunny lets out a shuddering groan seeing your pussy and balls at the same time. “Yes master.” He says leaning forward and pressing his nose to hir pussy and inhaling deeply. The smell setting his body ablaze. He lets out the breath and the hot air washes across hir slit drawing a moan from her.Samantha looks down at him with a frown “That’s mistress.” shi tells him “And if you do a good enough job making me cum I might fuck your ass and jerk you off as a reward for being such a good boy.” Samantha tells him as he starts licking hir pussy.“Sorry mistress.” Bunny says before running his tongue up the length of hir slit and flicking he clit. He pushes a finger into hir slit and tongues hir clit. As he does, his nose rubs across hir nuts and the smell fills his nose adding to the lust building up in his body. He moves his free hand to hir soft round ass and squeezes it a few times before pushing a finger between the mounds.Samantha grabs Bunny’s ears and pulls him back from hir pussy and glares down at him” who said you could play with my asshole. Stay in your place or I’ll fuck our ass raw without lube.” shi says then rams hir pussy into his face and starts grinding it back and forth.After a few grinds shi pulls Bunny away from hir pussy and looks down at him “Sorry mistress, sorry.” Bunny says moving his hand away from hir ass and cupping hir big heavy balls and starts massaging them. While playing with hir big nuts he adds a seconds finger to hir pussy and saws them back and forth. He presses on hir G-spot sending a pulse of pleasure through hir body. he sucks hir clit between his lips and sucks on it making hir toes curl.“That’s a good bunny bitch? Sniff my balls as you finger and lick my cunny! You love how wet my pussy is and the smell of my pussy and balls don’t you?” Samantha asks with a teasing tone. hir juices run down his hand and chin as he pleasures hir closer to release.”Oh yes, mistress. I love your smell. you’re so wet it’s covering my face. mecidiyeköy escort please cum and cover me in your juices.” Bunny begs ta king a deep breath and savoring the smell of hir pussy and balls. “I’m your bitch. you can use me anytime, anyway you want!” He moans out feeling the pressure between his legs building up.Samantha lets out a loud moan as shi grinds hir crotch over Bunny’s face. hir cock stiffens at the sound of his words. pre-cum starts to drip from it as shi imagines him as hir bitch. Five minutes pass as he pleasures hir before shi howls and starts cumming. Pussy juice sprays from hir pussy and covers his hand and face and shoots up his nose.Bunny starts coughing from the rush of fem juices filling his nose, but he keeps fingering hir like a good bitch as hir pussy ripples and spasms around his fingers. With each wave of pleasure, Samantha releases another blast to of girl juice soaking him even more. By the time he stops coughing, hir orgasm is nearly over. The smell of so much of hir pussy juice makes his body burn and his cock turn to steel. Pre-cum bubbles up for the depths of his cock and he looks up at her. “Mistress. I’m getting close to cumming. I don’t know how much longer I can last!” he moans out as pre-cum pools under his heavy balls.Samantha looks down at the soaked rabbit and raises an eyebrow “So? How is that my problem? Beg me Bunny. Convince me that you deserve to cum and maybe I might let you cum. Maybe…” shi says licking hir lips as he looks up at hir, whimpering unable to touch himself. A desperate need to cum burns through his body as shi talks to him.”Please mistress, let me cum. my cock is so hard it hurts. my balls ache with the need to cum. I’ll lick your feet. I’ll lick your ass, I’ll do anything you want if you’ll let me cum!” Bunny begs as his cock hurts from how hard it is and his balls ache with the load of cum boiling in them. The pool of pre-cum between his legs grows even bigger as he talks.With an evil grin, Samantha uses hir magic to pins Bunny’s arms behind him and bends him like he was bent over a couch presenting his butt to her. He tail flicks as shi looks at his white furred ass. shi spits into hir hand and rubs it over his asshole and across his taint with a couple of fingers until it glistens. shi grabs hir cock and presses the tip to his asshole “Ready my dear bunny bitch?” shi asks teasing him with the tip off hir long thick cock.”Yes mistress. fuck me. pound my ass like a bitch in heat!” Bunny moans out feeling the coolness of hir spit trickling down across his balls. His cock quivers at the feel of hir hot hard cock tickling his butthole.Samantha grabs one of his hips with one hand and holds hir cock in place with the other and slams forward esenyurt escort sinking hir ten and a half inch cock into Bunny in a single thrust. hir big heavy balls slap his own heavy balls. shi gives him slow deep thrusts to start with, but speeds up with each thrust until shi is fucking him as full speed. Wet sucking sounds radiate from his ass as shi pounds away at him.”Oh god yes. fuck my ass!” Bunny groans out arching his back. hir cock slides across his prostate sending waves of pleasure through his body. “Don’t stop fucking me until you’ve bred me like your bitch!” he moans out feeling his cock quivering on edge of orgasm.”Does my Bitch like this! Having a herm bang your ass while you can’t move. Can’t cum until I give you permission. And you won’t cum till I do!” Samantha yells at Bunny as shi begins to pound his ass. Enjoying how tight his ass is around hir dick as he milks hir dick.”Yes! fuck yes! I love it! I’m your bitch!” Bunny says then barks a few times like a good bitch. He squeezes his ass around hir thrusting cock making the tight hole even tighter. “Fuck me as hard as you can and cum in me! breed me and give me your pups!” he moans out as hir cock massages his prostate. His cock quivers with every stroke of hir cock across his prostate.”Be careful what you ask for Bunny. You might get it!” Samantha says as shi casts a spell on him. He groans out feeling a sensation in his taint as the skin splits and a pussy forms between his balls and his asshole. In one swift move Samantha pulls out of his clasping ass and slams into his virgin pussy tearing away his maidenhead. A few drops of blood drip from hir new pussy. Shi slams hir cock in and out of bunny as hard and fast as shi can for another fifteen minutes before shi hilts hir and hir knot swells up locking hir in place “Cum for me, bitch!” Samantha moans out as shi cums in Bunny. Hir new womb fills with hir fertile seed as pulse after pulse shoots down hir shaft and empties into hir womb.“Oh fuck!” Bunny screams feeling Samantha’s cum filling hir new womb. hir belly swells a little as highly fertile cum fills it. Bunny’s cock quivers and releases a rope of cum lasting a good ten seconds. Hir muscles contract and starts rippling around the spasming cock, milking it. Rope after rope of cum fires from Bunny’s cock creating a pool of cum on the floor under hir. A minute passes before Bunny nearly passes out and hangs limp in hir magical embrace.Five months laterBunny’s carrying Samantha’s pups, Twins. hir breasts have swollen to Double G cup with fresh milk which Samantha milks on a daily basis. Bunny has been taught how to cum on command, only when Samantha gives hir permission to cum is shi allowed to cum. Hir days are spent fucking life into others or draining seed from others like the high priced whore shi has become. Everyday shi wears a golden collar with a tag marking hir as Samantha’s property. Shi spends the rest of hir days with Samantha loving every minute of it knowing hir mistress is always there for here keeping hir happy.The end