Being taken by him……….then to a party.

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Being taken by him……….then to a party.Well following up from the first part of this adventure, here’s what went on from then…After sucking my sissy friend for the first time, some changes were happening to my demeanor, I was now wearing girly undies whenever I could – I felt so sexual whenever I had them on under my normal clothes, I felt like my cock was in a constant state of readiness. My personal appearance felt like I gave it a refresh, shaving more often, dressing a bit better, looking after myself more, and keeping my balls clean shaven and hairs groomed as much as I could without attracting the wife’s attention.The nest time we could meet back up was about 2 weeks since my awakening, when I got to her house, she was not dressed up in drag. She was almost unrecognizable, I asked what’s up? He replied ‘don’t worry hun I haven’t changed, lets sit and have a drink’ so we did, which help me relax. I asked her again why the change, she replied ‘well, I know you’ve been practicing with that toy I bought you – so now I want to see if practice makes perfect, so now I’m going to be the man and your going to be my gurl’ I wasn’t expecting that, I didn’t know how to answer her, but I knew I was about to have a new experience.We went off to the bedroom, and the first thing she said was ‘come here bitch and suck my cock’ I went over to her and she had me kneel in front of her, she undid her pants and pulled out her semi-hard cock, ‘Come on bitch you know you want to suck my cock, now get to it.’ She was acting rough, pushing my head into her cock gaging me, I started working on it hoping she’ll let up a bit, I got it good, hard and wet – I was getting into the zone. After a few minutes she pulled it out of my mouth and slapped my face with her cock, saying ‘you love sucking my cock – don’t you’ I said ‘yes, yes’ as I tried to get it back into my mouth. She then ordered me to get undressed, I complied and got my shirt and pants off, she then said ‘leave those panties on, konya escort and get your ass on the bed’ I went to the bed, she had me lie face down, ‘now prop that ass up’ I know knew I was going to be fucked!My mind was racing, was I ready for this? Did I practice enough? She came over to me and slapped my ass, then pulled my panties aside – she then started rubbing my ass with lube, nice and softly getting me to relax, I could feel her fingers probing my holes and her hot cock resting on my leg waiting to be used. I was relaxed enough for her to put 2 fingers into me, she then paused and lubed her cock – I knew I was moments away from being fucked for the first time.It was quite in the room while she was rubbing me down then she told me ‘I’ll be gentle with you, my cherry boy’ with that I felt the head of her cock moving up and down on my ass, and then slowly poking my hole, the feeling was very sensual as I felt it going in a little at a time. She kept telling me your going to be a big gurl know, as she kept going in deeper and deeper. Adding more lube she got into a rhythm – I was being fucked, I could feel his shaft sliding in and out, my own cock was soft and leaking cum. She asked if I liked it, yes – do you want more? Yes please I said. With that she quicken her stroke and had her hand tightly holding my hips, I started yelling ‘fuck me, fuck me’ she responded fucking me harder and harder – I could feel and hear her banging my ass, I was her bitch. The feeling of her cock, knowing that I was being fucked made me feel like a slut just wanting more and more – she then said ‘I can’t hold on much longer’ I said ‘I want you to cum, cum in me’, with that I felt her hot come inside me as she buried her cock in me. As she pulled out her some of her cum rolled down my balls, we both then collapsed in joy.We enjoyed the afterglow, now I know what its like to get fucked and taken by a man. It was just total submission to a cock. My whole mindset about sex changed in just escort konya a few weeks, from being curious to being a lover of cock.Our rendezvous kept going for the next few months, then she asked if I want to go to a party with her, it was on a Saturday night and I had to figure a way to be away overnight, I worked on a story about going with some guys from work on a road trip to watch our local football team, that worked – so I was free for the weekend. The time came and we went off to the party, she told me that it probably go on all night and well have a sexual theme. I was alright with that, having sex with her while others were doing the same sound really hot.We got to the party it just seemed like a normal party, but with a mix of sissy’s, straight people, gays – just everyone… by the time midnight rolled around, people were starting to loosing up – a lot! I was enjoying perving at the goings on, the party goers were paring off into different areas as to there preferences. My lovely sissy gurl took me into one of the rooms that had some bondage going on, we played with each other a few time tying each other to the bed post, so I was OK with this, and been drinking thru the night was in an adventurous mood. We started making out and getting out of our clothes and started playing with each other, a few others in the room were watching us, and that further turned both of us on. As we played she tied me down to a chair that was pretty low, she put my hands behind my back, and tied my ankles to the legs of the chair, this made it easy for her to suck me and when she stood up her cock was mouth level. We started taking turns sucking each other off and before we knew it we had an audience of 6 watching us. There were 4 men and 2 women, they began touching and kissing – I was feeling cocks and tits all over me. One of the guys said something to my sissy, she smiled and them whispered to me that they wanted to blindfold us and tie her to the back of the chair, she konya escort bayan said ‘it I’ll be fun, come-on’ well OK.They proceeded to tie her and put the blindfolds on us, I started to feel really exposed, even though we could easily get out of the soft ropes. I could hear some more people enter into the room, some chatter and giggles as the touching increased. There were at least one person on each side of me and someone starting to play with my dick and another nibbling at my nipples, one of the guys said ‘go on honey’ with that a mouth was on my cock, then I felt a semi-hard cock on my cheek, then another on the other side. A hand was on my head and turned me to the right, as I turned ‘open your pussy mouth’ was muttered I opened my mouth and I had a strangers cock entering into my mouth, this is while I was getting sucked. I started working on this cock and I could feel it growing it was starting to fill my mouth, it was nice and thick – then my head is turned in the other direction as this thick cock popped out and another entered. I am now being shared by 2 cocks – I could hear behind me the same is going on with my sissy friend. The lady that was sucking my cock got up and said to the thick guy ‘how’s the cocksucking going?’ he replied ‘Great, lets give him a treat’ I heard him move away and the sounds of some playing, then some moaning from her – I new he was fucking her. Then he got back up to me ‘now you can taste my wife’ he turned my head and put his fat cock back into my mouth, I tasted his wife along with some of his pre-cum, I almost lost it…Shortly thereafter, the other guy that was using my mouth suggested to the ones behind me getting the sissy service – lets swap. A bit of a shuffle went on then there were 2 new cocks for me to service. I can taste lipstick on their cocks as they to took turns with my mouth, they were telling me as I sucked them ‘you love sucking cocks, don’t you’, when my mouth was free going between them I replied ‘yes, I love cock, I love sucking cock’ I was worshiping there cocks and wanted more! And more I got, as this went on for about an hour – I lost count of how many cocks I had.A voice said ‘I think we should untie them’ Thanks to my new friend nite41.