Best birthday ever

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Best birthday everHolly opened her door and threw her backpack onto her bed as she walked into the bathroom. It was a Friday afternoon, and she had to go out to Laura’s 18th birthday party in 30 minutes. Holly also had to drive, which would take 15 or so minutes, so she freshened up a little and got out the door. She picked up Rachel and Maddie, and they headed to Laura’s house. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by Laura, as well as more than 40 other people, s**ttered throughout the house. The beer was already brought in large quantities, and Laura was almost halfway through her shots. Being the last of her friends to turn 18, she didn’t seem to learn anything from her friends. The party went on for several hours, until at last everyone left, except Holly, Rachel, and Maddie, as well as their friends Amanda, Kendall, and Anna. The seven of them, absolutely smashed, went upstairs to Laura’s room. Rachel brought up the canlı bahis topic of vibrators, which led to everyone talking about orgasms. As it turned out, only Anna and Maddie had had orgasms. They decided it would be a better party if they each had an orgasm, starting with Laura. As soon as this was established, Laura turned bright red and began backing away, saying “Hell no, I don’t want to have my first orgasm be lesbian. Why can’t I just masturbate?” But her friends would have nothing of it. Amanda held Laura and brought her into the wide open living room, where Holly and Kendall tore off her clothes. Laura, still uncomfortable, had both hands in front of her pussy, hiding it from view. When her friends asked her why, she said she had never shaved it. So Rachel went and got a razor and some cream. Just as she was shaking up the cream to put onto Laura’s pussy, the door started to open. “Shit!” Laura dived behind bahis siteleri a couch as Rachel tried to hide her items. Laura’s little sister, Lily, a 14 year old girl, walked into the room, and asked where Laura was. Laura got up and said “Shit, Lily, you scared the fuck out of me. We are just getting started here, so if you want to stay, stay the fuck out of the way, mmkay honey?” Laura’s friends were shocked. Laura was actually going to let her little sister watch? After a couple seconds, they got more used to the idea. Most of them were actually getting really turned on. They all began to strip completely out if their clothes as Rachel smeared some shaving cream all over Lauras sweet little pussy. Maddie and Amanda sat on the armrests of Lauras chair and massaged her breasts, while Kendall and Holly massaged her legs. Rachel and Anna took turns shaving slowly down Lauras hot pussy. Most of them were rubbing their güvenilir bahis pussies with alternate hands during this. When they were done, all of them were extremely turned on, and Laura’s pink pussy was revealed. She was as hyped as the rest of them. Lily suddenly appeared. She said that she wanted to help in any way she could. Laura said without any hesitation “Eat my pussy.” All of her friends were perfectly fine with this at this point. So Lily stripped naked, showing her tiny, tight little cunt to her sister and her friends, and went down on her sister. She pinched the clit, fingered the whole, and licked the asshole for a while, occasionally alternating positions. Her friends decided to male full use of her. Maddie took one of her feet and started massaging her pussy with it, and Rachel did the same with the other foot. Anna began to suck and grab at Lily’s mostly flat tits, and Holly, Amanda, and Kendall all fought over fingering and licking Lily’s asshole and clit. By the end of Laura’s first orgasm, Lily had already had three. She went around to everyone in the room, and one by one, ate them all out. Definetly the best birthday ever.