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Big Tits

Subject: Best Friday Here’s a story taken from my Tumblr, at a4f101.tumblr/storytime. You can find this one, and the pic that inspired it, here: http://a4f101.tumblr/post/141692192569/ You can also find a whole lot more of my stories here on Nifty – look for ‘a4f101′ in the Prolific Authors listing. This story is purely a work of adult erotic fantasy, copyright me 2017. I own it and all legal rights to it. If you’re under the age of majority in your jurisdiction, please come back when you’re of legal age. Nifty is an incredible free service that depends on your donations to survive. It changed my life, and maybe it’s changed yours too. Please help them to keep providing this awesome resource for all of fty/donate.html I love hearing from you guys. hoo. Enjoy. ***** “I won’t have him laying around the house all day!” Mom said, in that hectoring voice of hers that went right through the walls. The voice she used with me and Dad both most of the time lately, seemed like. I could hear Dad’s voice in reply, deep and low. Couldn’t make out the words, just the sound of him trying to placate her. She really had a way of spoiling something awesome. Easter meant both Friday and Monday off school, and sure, I’d planned on sleeping in Friday morning, but there was no way I was gonna hang around the house. She’d just make my life miserable until Dad got home from the shop, and then she’d drag him into it as well. Dad’s heavy footsteps clomped down the hall to my bedroom door. He tapped on the doorframe and stuck his big, handsome head around it. He shrugged, and we gave each other a sympathetic look. Didn’t need to say anything about her and that whole situation – we both understood. “I know you probably planned on sleeping late tomorrow, bud,” he said. “But why don’t you come in to work with me? Ain’t the most exciting way to spend the day, but…” “But it could be way worse,” I said, rolling my eyes, but smiling at him. I don’t know what Mom’s problem was, but me and Dad got along just great. Hell, she said I was every bit my father’s son, as if there was something wrong with that. My Dad was a good guy, big and strong, solid, a good provider and a decent all-around dude. Not to mention, handsome as hell. Who wouldn’t want to be like him? So I managed to drag my ass out of bed and through the shower this morning when he came to wake me up. The sky was just getting light when we pulled up to the shop and parked in the empty lot out front. “Where’s everybody else?” I said, stretching and yawning while he unlocked the front door. He looked over his shoulder at me and chuckled. “Shit, we’re closed today, bud,” he said, holding the door open for me. “I didn’t want to spend the day around the house either.” “Around her, you mean,” I said, because I was still half-asleep and kinda grumpy for it. “Well, I didn’t say that,” he said, closing the door behind us and locking it again, but him and I both knew that’s exactly what he meant. “So, like… we’re just gonna hang out?” I said. “Well, I might keep pokin’ at this goddamn Benz,” he said, with a sour look at the big Mercedes, its whole dashboard pulled out and laid across its hood on a tarp. “But hell, why not? You and me don’t get a lot of time anymore…” He didn’t have to say it. I knew he was thinking about how I’d be going off to college before too much longer. I’d been thinking about that a lot too. I was kind of eager to get there, get away from home and Mom’s bitchy moods. But on the other hand, that meant moving away from Dad too. I already knew I was gonna miss the hell out of him. “So we might as well take every chance we can get, right bud?” he said, his voice closer behind me. Like every time lately, I swore I could feel the hairs standing up on the back of my neck whenever he got close to me. When his big hand lightly grazed over my ass, gooseflesh broke out all over my arms. “Unless there’s somewhere else you’d rather be,” he said, and I finally turned to face him. “No way, Dad,” I said, smiling up at him as he smiled back. Damn, he was handsome when he did that. He never smiled like that for Mom anymore, but he sure did for me. “Good, me either, buddy,” he said, gaziantep escort slipping his arms around my waist and drawing me in to kiss me. I know I didn’t have a real huge amount of experience yet, and just about all of it had been with him, but kissing was definitely my favorite thing to do. I mean, I liked all the other stuff too, but kissing like this – like a grown man, with a grown man – was right at the top of the list. Dad was a real good kisser, his tongue thick and warm and expert at teasing mine out, and from the way he grunted deep and low in his throat as I started to kiss him back, I had to figure I was getting pretty good at this myself. His cock was already thick and hardening up real fast in his jeans when he backed me up against the side of the Benz, pushing his bulge up into mine. Me, I was already on the rail, bigtime, since the moment his lips had brushed against mine. I moaned a little at the contact, he moaned right back, and we were off and running, sinking into a deep, sloppy, slow-building makeout, just like I was learning I liked best. His big, rough hands squeezed the solid globes of my ass through my jeans. I knew he loved my ass, he’d told me so often enough, and I was glad I’d inherited his genes and his build, and his talents on the football field and the wrestling mats. His ass was a bigger, harder, hairier version of mine, and the way he flexed it up for my stroking, squeezing, cupping hands made my dick leak in my shorts. “We got all day, bud,” he said a little while later, when we’d finally extracted our tongues from each other’s mouths. “We can take our time.” Usually we had to kind of rush things, take the opportunities where and when we could find them, which wasn’t often. I knew he was trying to teach me some important stuff about making things last, not rushing into things like a horny teenager. But hell, I *was* a horny teenager. “Or,” I said, smiling as I popped the buttons on his shirt and pushed my hands inside, over the big, thick, fur-coated mounds of his pecs, “we can do it more times…” He laughed out loud, deep and long like he rarely did anymore, and pulled my head back in for another long, deep, probing kiss. He ran his big hand down over the straining bulge in my jeans, chuckling into my mouth at the hungry whimper I let out, the way I hunched my hard cockbulge into his palm. Dad took my hand – and damn, that sent a thrill all the way through me when he did that – and tugged me across the garage floor, past all the cars parked in the gloom, back to his office. Force of habit, I guess – even though we had the whole shop to play in, this was where we usually managed our times together, me dropping by after school for a quickie with the blinds closed and the door locked, trying to keep our moans and grunts quiet while his guys worked on the cars out on the shop floor. Now, we left the door open as we pulled each other’s clothes off. I might have been half asleep on my feet when I got here, but damn, I was wide awake now, watching his big, thick-muscled body move as he undressed, tossing his shirt on the desk and reaching for the waistband of my jeans, tugging him to me effortlessly, with a big, hungry smile. He yanked my belt open and popped the buttons of my fly, kissing me deep as he pushed his hands inside my jeans and shoved them to the floor. I toed my sneakers off, stepped out of the jeans, and started to work on his as he ran his big hands over my almost naked body, murmuring appreciatively as he stroked over the hard muscles I’d been working extra hard on lately. For sports, sure, but really mostly for him. “Goddamn, you’re beautiful, buddy,” he said almost softly, as I got his jeans open and slid my hand inside his gaping fly, rubbing it over the huge, hard bulge throbbing away inside his boxer briefs. “So are you, Dad,” I murmured back as I pushed his jeans down his treetrunk thighs, stroking the big, powerful muscles of his hairy quads as he stepped out of them. At first, the sight of his fully hard cock had intimidated the hell out of me. He was big all over, and his cock was scaled to the rest of him – big, thick, powerful, rugged and handsome. suriyeli escort I’d held it in my hands, stroked it, licked at it, wondering what the hell I was supposed to do with all of it, that first time. He’d taught me not to be scared of it, though – taught me to love it, like I loved my own dick. Coached me through how to pleasure another man with my mouth, teaching me how to suck him with the same encouraging support as when he’d taught me how to drive stick on the old parts-runner pickup last summer. I’d gotten real good at that, thanks to him, and I liked to think I was even better at sucking cock now, again thanks to him. I showed him my thanks by crouching down between his spread thighs as he parked his ass on the bench, taking hold of his epic cock and running my tongue from the balls to the tip. He growled low in his throat, rubbing the back of my head encouragingly as he watched me intently. “My boy,” he said in that almost-soft voice of his, as I savored the scent and taste of him. Like me, he was fresh out of the shower, but already he was getting that rich, complex, manly taste to him, as I ran my tongue around the underside of his big, moist helmet-head, stroking the bottom half of his thick, veiny shaft with one hand and rubbing his big thigh with the other as I let myself get lost in his deep manliness. I couldn’t take him all the way down yet – he’d told me that was just fine, not many people could, and already I was better at it than most – so I kept one hand wrapped tight around the several inches I couldn’t swallow yet, the other one cupping and playing with his hefty balls as I sucked and licked and slobbered my way down the inches of him I could take. He growled with pleasure, one hand on the back of my head, guiding it as I made my slow way down his shaft, the other squeezing my shoulder to match the steady, lusty stream of encouraging talk he was growling out. I kept at it, eyes closed, loving the intense taste and scent of him as I lost myself a little in loving on his cock, my lips tucked over my teeth like he’d shown me, streaming my spit down his shaft to add lube to my stroking hand, moaning and murmuring happily to myself. Gradually I started to taste his precum mixing in with the rest of his flavor, salty and mineral, the promise of the ultimate reward. I felt him shiver all over as the flow got more intense, and after a minute, he tucked his big hands under my armpits and pulled me up off him with a loud, wet pop. “C’mere, you hot little fucker,” he said with a lusty grin, pulling me up effortlessly to kiss me, swabbing my tongue with his as we shared his taste. His hand reached down to play with my own hard, aching cock, skinning back my foreskin to thumb the tingling tip of it, making me start to leak. He grunted at that and began to smear it into the super-sensitive flesh of my cockhead, making me moan into his mouth and thrust into his hand. “Lemme get a taste of that fine cock, son,” he growled, tugging me up more onto the hard bench as he ducked his head down. He licked along the length of me like I’d done to him, savoring the taste of my young cockflesh, then looked up at me and winked as he opened up wider and swallowed me to the root. I was generally pretty proud of my body, especially the last six months when my muscles had really started to pop, when I’d started looking like he did at the same age. The one thing that hadn’t grown as fast was my cock, and comparing it to his big monster made me a little self-conscious. But he’d eased my mind with that too, telling me I was built exactly the same as he’d been in his teens, and soon enough, I’d have a seriously big dick like his. That I had nothing to worry about in the meantime. Then he’d sucked me to the root on the first try, and I guess I’d started to see the advantages of having the size dick I did right now. He showed me that every time, the way he lustily swallowed me to the root, sucking me to the most amazing, intense orgasms every single time. Dad was doing that to me now, his big hands playing with the hard muscles of my butt as he grunted and sucked me expertly, dropping one hand down rus escort to play with my nuts, stroking one finger along my taint. He was turning me to jelly, and we’d only been at it a few minutes. I was torn between wanting to cum, and wanting to make it last, like he’d said before. But then he made the choice for me, probing one spit-slick finger against the tightness of my pucker, then pushing it inside me. I squealed out loud at that, clutched his big, handsome head in both hands, and when his thick fingertip rubbed over that spot inside of me that he’d just recently started showing me how to explore, I started to shoot down his throat. He growled at the sensation of my young cum flooding his mouth, pulling his head back to suck on my throbbing, tingling, spurting cockhead, letting himself taste me as I pasted his tongue, still stroking my nut deep inside with one hand, squeezing my ass encouragingly with the other. I was still panting and trembling, my head spinning a little from the intensity of my cum, when he pulled my face down to meet his and slid his creamy, cum-covered tongue inside my mouth. I took it eagerly, sucking my own juices from him, playing with them between us. He’d been super excited to find out I was into doing that, loved that I was kind of a dirty dude like he secretly was. I loved it even more, knowing just how like him I was, and discovering more about that every time. He rubbed my back with one hand as we kind of nuzzled at each other, my hand wrapped back around the impressive heft of his sticky, spitshined cock, stroking it lazily up and down as we cleaned up each other’s lips. “Thought you said we should take our time, Dad,” I said. “We should, bud,” he chuckled. “That’s why I wanted to take the first load off you. Help you last a little longer.” “Longer for what?” I said, not quite getting it, because like I said, I was pretty new to this. But then I got it, as his thick finger tickled my pucker again, and I started to smile real big. He smiled right back as he saw me get it, and saw how excited that got me. “C’mon,” he said, standing up and tugging my hand to follow him, back out onto the shop floor. He made his way back over to Mrs Jenkins’ Benz and opened the back door of the big old sedan. It was a long-wheelbase model, lots of room in the back seat, the rich aroma of well-aged leather filling the air. “I’ve been fucking with this piece of shit for a week and not getting any joy,” he said, his hand on the small of my back, guiding me onto the back seat. “Maybe it’s time to try fucking in it instead,” he chuckled, and then pushed me firmly but gently onto my hands and knees on the seat, buried his handsome, stubbled face between the muscles of my glutes and set to work licking me. Fifteen long, intense minutes later, my cock was roaring hard again, leaking a stream of precum onto the clean shop rags he’d spread over the leather bench seat, while his spit ran down the insides of my spread thighs. My hole was slick and felt like it was gaping a mile wide, throbbing with pleasure in time with my cock as he climbed up into the car with me, settling his ass on the seat and pulling me up into his lap. I squeezed my cheeks against the hefty shaft of his superhard cock, making him growl and pull my head down into a deep, wet, even more intense kiss. I reached behind me to stroke my palm over his cockhead, finding it slick with his precum. I pulled out of our kiss to spit into my palm, Dad adding some more of his own before I reached back and smeared it all over the throbbing heat of his flesh, then lifted my ass up. He grinned lustily at me and rubbed the fat, wet tip of his cock against my twitching hole. “We’ll take it as slow as we can today, bud,” he said, his voice thick with lust. “But like you said, we got all day, and we can go for it again.” “And again,” I grinned, leaning in to kiss him as I bore down and felt my hole start to give way to him. “And I don’t have school on Monday either, y’know…” “You’ll probably want to keep out of your Mom’s hair then too,” Dad grunted, pushing his hips up, the first thick inch of his cock slipping up into me. We both moaned at that. “Probably best if you come with me again, kiddo.” “Yessir,” I moaned. “I’ll come with you, for sure.” “You can count on that, buddy,” Dad growled, pulling me back into another kiss as he started to push the rest of his epic cock up into me, and set to work making sure we came together.