Best Grampa part 3

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Best Grampa part 3When Grampa and me got out of shower we dried ourselves and went to gowatch the rest of the movies we had in the living room. With my new foundfreedom of sex with my grampa I knew I no longer had to wear any clothesaround him except when we were going outside or there was company ofcourse. He didn’t either which really turned me on since I got to stare athis limp dick whenever I felt like it. I made my way to the couch whileGrampa put in another movie that he rented. It was called “Ace Ventura -Pet Detective” and I’ve seen it before with Grampa other times and italways made us laugh. He sat down near the end of the couch and I put mychest over his lap. He instinctually started to rub my back. These were oneof the best parts of sleeping over Grampa’s house, he must have gave thebest back rubs. Hows he so good? I have no idea, but he gives the kind thatyou get tingles down your back and goose bumps on your arms and legs. Afterabout 10 minutes he started to down on my lower back towards my butt I madea great long, relaxing moan as he started to slide his index finger up anddown the crack of my butt. With each up and down stroke he was gettingcloser to my anus. It was an amazing feeling. He stopped for a second tolick his finger and get it nice a wet and then started to push his fingerinto my butt. I was instantly hard and it was hurting from the position onthe couch I was on. At first he was doing slow strokes with someincreasingly. After about 5 minutes he just started going faster and keptthe same pace. I was in total heaven. I soon felt his erection against mychest. When I felt I could no longer take the pain of my erection I said”Grampa, let me rub you now” with a frisky smile on my face. “Ok seems likefun to me” and he proceeded to get up.He lay face down on the whole couch and then I got on top of him. My ballswere laying on his ass while I started rubbing his back. “Feel good?” Iasked. He exhaled, closed his eyes and said “Oh yes, could you do my lowerback please?”. “No problem” I said and slid to where I could reach his backand be comfortable at the same time. Though I realized because of myerection my cock was poking strait onto his ass. I wanted to do what cameinstinctively to men and just start humping but I waited. I soon wanted torub his butt like he did mine, so I started to spread open his but andstarted to circle his anus with my finger. Boy the moans that came out ofhim showed he was having a great time, and I was happy to give it to him. Istopped for a sec but not to wet my finger but to push myself osmaniye escort back more inwhich I then spread his cheeks again and now licking his area. That tookhim by surprise and he said “Woah you must be really horny!” What I wasdoing made me so hot. I mean here I am eating out my grampa, who wanted ittoo. The whole excitement got to me and got up and began to put the head ofmy dick at my grampa’s hole. Just before I was about to inch my head in hesaid. “Now, now.” I paused and looked up. “We can’t do this without properlubrication”. “Ya your right” I said. “Wouldn’t want to hurt you” I said asI smiled to him. He turned over fully onto his back and I sat against thearm of the couch. “Could you do what you did to my feet last night?””That was some great stuff.””No problem” I said as he placed both of his feet on my chest to make iteasier for me. I really liked doing it for him. It doesn’t matter what partof the body I would suck Grampa for. He was a very clean man and I enjoyeddoing it greatly to him.I proceeded to put his big toe and my mouth and started to suck it like itwas his cock. He lifted his feet so only his heels were on my chest andsaid “Could you also rub them?” And I did so. Using my thumbs to rub thesoles of his feet while my other four fingers rubbed the top and theankle. I continued my sucking on his big toe, swirling my tongue aroundit. Also sucking the little toes and licking between them. Grampa exhaledgreatly and said “you’re the best”, I took the compliment to the heart andfelt a better closeness to him now then I ever did before. After aboutfive minutes he asked me to stop and I did. Come on lets get dressed andtake the videos back to the store. I put on a shirt and shorts. He put onsome sandals, some shorts and a T-shirt and we were off in the car. Hedropped off the videos and then went to a near by d**gstore and I hinted tomyself that I knew what he was getting. He came back into the car with abag from the store and I asked “So what did you get?” “Its a surprise thatyou can see when we get home.”We got home and I immediately stripped of my clothes. “you can open the bagnow.” said Grampa. I walked quickly over to the bag and found a tube of K-Yjelly and pack of Trojan condoms. “What are the condoms for?” Iasked. “Well if you don’t want come in your ass thats the alternative.” “Idon’t mind it at all”, “You?” I asked. “From you?”, “I don’t mind iteither” he responded.”Good, Lets go try some of this stuff out” and I walked to the bed room. Hefollowed stripping his clothes as he went. I jumped osmaniye escort bayan on the bed and turnedto my side, supporting my head with my arm.He came onto the bed and did thesame and we faced each other. “I am really happy you never got mad at mefor what we did last night.” I said. “Mad?” “That experience last nightgreat and I glad to have had you as my partner.” He then ruffled my hairand smiled. I leaned over kissed him on the lips for about a second andlooked up the see his reaction but before I could he leaned over and huggedme, and then started to French kiss me. It took me by surprise but it wasgreat. We eagerly searched each other’s mouth with our tongues. He brokethe kiss and began and picked up the tube of lube from the nightstand,handed it to me and said “Feel like giving a go at it?” I got up off thebed a began to smear some lube all over my cock. He laid face down on thebed with some pillows at his pelvic area to prop himself up alittle highfor me. I got into my position and began to place the head of my dick athis entrance when Grampa said “Slowly please, I haven’t been broken inalittle like you.” “Ok, I’ll go easy”. I was really big so I didn’t thinkthe pain would be great, though for Grampa it might not be so easy. Istarted to push the head in, the feeling was amazing. His tightnesscombined with my sex drive would surly make me come within minutes. “Ok?” Iasked. “Ok” he said. I started to push some more in. About a minute laterI was fully into my Grampa. “Ok I am in” I said. I now got fully on top ofhim to where my head was almost by his head. Thats when I began towithdraw and push in. I was beginning to kiss his neck and ear. The wholemoment was really hot for me. I mean I couldn’t believe I was having sexwith my Grampa.My pace got quicker as so did my breathing. I started kissing his shoulderand neck now. With my pace picking up my balls began to slap his. In a wayit was painful but awesome at the same time. “I’m going to come” Iwhispered into his ear. And seconds later I was shooting my come in hisass. I must have shot about six or seven times in him. He was so hot andtight I just kept humping but when sensitivity hits I just collapsed andtried to catch my breath. I didn’t want to withdraw from him yet, I wantedto savor the moment.About a minute or later I finally withdrew from him with a “pop” sound androlled over on his side. I had come and lube all over. He turn his headtoward me and just looked at me as if he were waiting for a response. Iknew the right words for the moment and escort osmaniye said them…”I love you Grampa.”With that I leaned over and started kissing him again as before. Though itwas sorter this time as he broke the kiss and said “lets get clean up forsec.” We got up and walked to the bathroom. I got some toilet paper andcleaned the come off my cock and Grampa wiped his ass. When he was done Idragged him by the arm into the room. I pulled him on the bed on top of meand said “your turn.” He really didn’t have an erection yet so I quicklyturned him on his side and began to work his cock with my tongue. I gavethe head of his cock special attention which got him hard quickly. I workedmy way over and got the tube of lube and began to lube his cock in ajerking movement. It was almost as if I were jerking him off when I stoppedand got face down on the mattress and did the pillow thing as he did. Heput his cock at my entrance but instead he started to rub it all around myhole which really got me hard. A bit later he began to enter me. At firstit easy and painless. But when he started put all of himself in me it wasbeginning hurt. “Its starting to hurt now.” I told him. “Just relax yourself, I am almost fully in”. Soon I felt his pubic hair tickling mybutt. “Ok I am, I will just let you adjust now.” He then started to lay ontop of me. He was alittle heavy but I could still breathe. The hair on hischest was tickling my back. I then felt his breathing on the back of myneck and ear. He said “This is amazing.” And he began to kiss behind my earand my neck. “Ok I think I am ready, you can start now.” With that he withdrew and entered slowly. Soon his pace got quicker and so did hisbreathing. Moans of ecstasy and pleasure came from him. With the movementsof his cock he was massaging my prostate which I found out later was the”so called male G spot” and so it felt like it. His moans grew louder as sodid the sounds of his balls now slapping my mine. It felt really hot thathe was doing that. The next thing I know I hear my Grampa utter “get readyI am coming.” And thats when I felt his hot come start filling me. It waslike one hot spurt after another. He must have have shot five or six timesinto me before he came to a slow pace and then stopped. He laid heavy on meand his breathing was heavy by my ear. When he became limp he rolled overand withdrew from me. I knew we were both tired so I grabbed the sheet onthe floor and covered us with it. I turn on my side a closed my eyes whileGrampa came up behind me and d****d his arm over me hugging me as he said”Good Night…” and he began to close his eyes and go to sleep.I began to think while drifting asleep. I thought that I was very lucky tohave such a loving Grampa. I knew his and my summer was going to be greatand I intended it to be that way.The End.