Beth Meets Gwen

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Bella Thorne

Beth Meets GwenShe gave a sigh of relief as she drove away. The k**s were all at camp, and she had a whole week all to herself! No one to cook for, no one to drive anywhere, no one else’s schedule to deal with. Nothing except what she wanted to do. As she drove the two hours home, she thought about what she would do that week. sleep – definitely. Eat junk food – also definitely. Maybe go see a movie. Go to a bookstore without k**s and spend all day browsing. As she drove up to her house she stopped in surprise. A moving van was blocking her usual parking spot.“Hmm”, she thought, “we must be getting new neighbors”. Her last neighbors had moved out in June, and the downstairs apartment had sat empty for a month. “I wonder what they’ll be like, and if they’ll have k**s. The last ones had a baby, and we could hear it crying sometimes. And the wife was the one in the Army, which made it sort of hard to bond.”The next day, as she was leaving to run errands, the downstairs door opened. “Hi!” I’m Gwen.”Hi, I’m Beth. Where are you from?”“Oh, we’ve been at this post for a year already. We were living in Rock Court and they decided to renovate. They’re moving everyone to new quarters. My husband deployed with 2nd Brigade in October.”“Oh, my husband deployed in October as well. He’s on a MiTT team. Do you have any k**s?”“Not yet, we were thinking about it, but then he got deployed. Definitely when he gets back.”“I have three, 2 boys and a girl. They’re all at camp this week.”“Congratulations on your free week! That’ll give us time to hang out and get to know each other. Would you like to come down tonight and watch a movie?”“That would be nice. I’m on my way to the commissary. What junk food can I pick up?”“Popcorn, soda, and something with dark chocolate.”“Okay, I’ll see you tonight. Thanks for inviting me.”They sat in Gwen’s den watching Fried Green Tomatoes, the popcorn bowl between them, each with a large Hershey’s Special Dark Bar at her side. They’d found over the course of the afternoon that they had lots in common. A love of reading, watching old musicals, and deployed husbands.At the end of the movie, Gwen turned and asked “So what do you think? Were Idgie and Ruth sleeping together?”“Well, I’ve read the book, and although it doesn’t come right out canlı bahis and say it, there’s a lot more hints in the book that they are in the movie. The whole town treats them as one family.”“Have you ever thought about it?”“Thought about what?”“Having sex with a woman.”Well…..” Beth wasn’t sure what to say. Should she admit that she found Gwen attractive? Was Gwen really asking what Beth thought she was? Her husband had been gone so long….She’d never consider sleeping with another man, but this wouldn’t really be cheating, would it? The thought of sleeping with a woman was an incredible turn-on.Gwen continued, looking at Beth intently, “I did once, in college… My roommate and I sort of experimented. It was totally different from having sex with a guy. Softer, but really mind-blowing. I haven’t done it since. There’s no one I was really attracted to….until now.” Her hand reached out and brushed Beth’s. Startled, but certainly curious, Beth replied “I’ve never done anything like that.”“Well, why don’t we try and see if you like it?” Gwen leaned over, and softly kissed her on the mouth. The sensation was totally different from kissing her husband. Softer lips moving over hers; a smooth face instead of rough whiskers. Gwen’s hands reached up to cup Beth’s face. “Let me know if I go to fast for you.” She kissed her again, and her tongue reached out to touch Beth’s. They kissed for a while, tongues’ tangling, and Beth could feel herself getting more and more aroused. Gwen’s hands reached under Beth’s shirt and stroked her back. Beth wasn’t sure what to do with her hands. Gwen’s hands moved to the front of Beth’s shirt, and she asked “Do you want me to stop?”“No….. I’m not sure what I want, but don’t stop.”Gwen slowly unbuttoned Beth’s shirt, her hands grazing Beth’s breasts as they moved down. She gently caressed Beth, and kissed her again, slowly moving her mouth down Beth’s neck. She undid her bra, and slowly brought her mouth to Beth’s breast. “Oh, God!” whispered Beth. The sensation of another woman’s mouth on her breast was incredible. Such softness surrounding her nipple and gently sucking. Gwen nibbled her way to the other breast, and licked it with the tip of her tongue. Beth moaned, and pushed her breast up towards Gwen’s mouth. Beth’s hands bahis siteleri slowly touched Gwen’s shirt, wanting to give her the same pleasure. She lifted the shirt over Gwen’s head, and tentatively started to fondle her breast. She was nervous, scared, and excited, all at the same time. She knew this was the point of no return. She leaned over and gently drew the nipple into her mouth. Now Gwen was the one moaning. Encouraged, Beth sucked harder on the nipple, marveling at the softness of Gwen’s breasts. She reached with the other hand to find Gwen’s other nipple hard. She fondled both breasts for a while, alternating her mouth between the nipples.“Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” smiled Gwen.“Apparently, I have a really good teacher.” Beth wasn’t sure where to go from there, but Gwen again took matters into her own hands. She drew Beth’s mouth back up to hers, and Beth felt her naked breasts pressed against Gwen’s. So many new sensations, and she wanted to revel in all of them. Gwen pressed her back against the couch, and reached down to the snap on Beth’s jeans. Her eyes asked the question, and Beth nodded. Gwen snapped the jeans open and drew them down over Beth’s legs, her tongue caressing Beth’s stomach as she did so.Beth hesitantly reached for Gwen’s jeans. Gwen knelt on the couch to give her access. Beth undid them, and Gwen pushed them off her hips. Each clad only in panties, they lay on the couch together, and began fondling and licking again. Each kiss was like a whole new world opening up for Beth. She became bolder, her hand running down Gwen’s back over her panties, her mouth seeking out Gwen’s breasts again. Soon they were both moaning as each aroused the other with her questing hands and seeking mouth. Gwen slowly reached her hand between Beth’s legs, not wanting to scare her, but encouraged by the dampness she felt on Beth’s panties. She reached her hand inside and began stroking between Beth’s legs. Beth whimpered, and pressed against Gwen’s seeking hand. The panties quickly came off, and Gwen’s fingers slipped inside. Beth had completely lost any thought processes she might have, except for an amazed “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” Trying to imitate what felt so good to her, she reached down and stroked Gwen. Gwen güvenilir bahis looked down at her, and whispered “You’re going to love this, I promise.” She slid down Beth’s body, and gently parted the hair between her thighs. With slow delicate strokes, she began licking Beth’s lips, gently tugging on one, and then the other. The tip of her tongue darted at the small button at the top of Beth’s cleft, making Beth squirm and whimper again. Gwen’s velvety mouth continued to lick and kiss, her tongue swirling around Beth’s opening. Beth could feel her breathing grow heavier, and the pressure between her legs grow. She pushed against Gwen’s seeking mouth, mindlessly wanting more. Gwen increased the pressure of her mouth, licking harder, as Beth moaned in pleasure. Beth’s hips came off the couch as she convulsed in orgasm, Gwen struggling to keep her mouth in contact with Beth. Still trembling with the aftershocks, Beth opened glazed eyes to find Gwen smiling at her. She reached up and brought Gwen’s face to hers, kissing away the glistening juices covering Gwen’s face. It no longer seemed strange to be doing this with another woman. She felt only contentment and satisfaction at this unexpected pleasure. She whispered “I want to do that for you.” Gwen lovingly kissed her “Be my guest.” They switched positions, Gwen lying on the couch, as Beth knelt between her legs. “I’m nervous – will you tell me if I do something wrong?”Gwen smiled “Just do what feels good to you. I guarantee it won’t be wrong.”Beth looked for a moment at Gwen’s beautiful body lying there before her. Caressing her breasts, she brought her hands slowly down Gwen’s body. She gently stroked Gwen and gradually brought her mouth down between Gwen’s legs. Hesitantly, she began licking, and as Gwen began moaning, she grew more confident. She licked Gwen’s clitoris, drawing it between her lips. Gwen’s moans grew loader, and she whispered “Yes, more, please, more.” Beth’s mouth pressed against Gwen and she increased the pressure of her tongue and lips. She licked at the wetness that increased with each stroke of her tongue, surprised to find herself becoming aroused again by the taste and smell. She could sense that Gwen was about to come, and one hand reached up to fondle Gwen’s nipple. That sent Gwen over the edge, and she shuddered into orgasm. Gwen drew Beth up and cuddled her against her smooth breasts. “I’m so glad your k**s are gone for the week. I have so many more things I want to show you…..”