Better, And Black! Chapter 3

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Better, And Black! Chapter 3I was finishing cooking the meal, and Jane was upstairs getting ready, when the doorbell rang at 7 o’clock. I answered it, and Jason swept past me without a word. Jane came down the stairs wearing only a skimpy black nightie which left little to the imagination. She threw her arms around Jason, and they kissed passionately.”I have been soaking wet all afternoon, thinking about you” she said breathlessly, “come and sit down while the wimp fixes us a drink”.”Good idea” replied Jason, “get me a large scotch boy, and the same for your wife””Certainly” I replied, smarting at the use of the word “boy” from a man younger than I.”Brian” Jane cut in, “I think you should call Jason “Sir”. After all he is my master, and he will now also be yours”.”Certainly Sir” I corrected myself, and went into the kitchen with their derisive laughter ringing in my ears.When I returned with the drinks, they were sitting on the sofa, with Jason’s hand up under Jane’s nightie, playing with her pussy. For her part, Jane had released Jason’s kocaeli escort monster cock, and was stroking up and down the very erect shaft. The sick feeling in my stomach returned.”Doesn’t he have a magnificent cock Brian ?” cooed my wife.”Yes” I mumbled grudgingly.”Tell him then” she snapped.”You have a magnificent cock, Sir” I told him feeling totally humiliated.”Thank you” he replied mockingly, “and later on it is going to be sliding into your wife’s cunt right up to the balls, while you stand by watching helplessly”. This caused them both to roar with laughter.After the meal, Jason said “I think it’s showtime, let’s all go upstairs.”They walked upstairs hand in hand with me following, head bowed, dreading what was to come.Jane told me to strip, while they began to undress each other lovingly. Jason took charge.”Right boy, you kneel down and get Jane’s cunt ready for me while she sucks my big black cock”. I did as I was told, and after a while Jason told me to have a good look at my wife’s mouth sliding up and down his cock.”She kocaeli escort bayan is a terrific cocksucker isn’t she?” he asked. “Oh of course, you have never had it have you?””And never will” my wife cut in spitefully, before returning to worship his magnificent prick.When they were ready, Jane told me to bring over a chair and sit by the bed to get a good view of what was to happen. I sat down feeling very nauseous as Jane lay down on the bed. Jason got on top, and she wrapped her arms round his neck and her legs round his back.”I know it’s too late for you Brian, she said to me, “but watch and learn how a women needs to be fucked””With that Jason rammed his cock into my wife with one thrust.”Oh Jason” she cried out “That feels so fucking good, you donkey cocked black bastard! You show him how it’s done while I show him what he is going to be missing in the future”All the time Jason was pounding into her, Jane kept eye contact with me and taunted me the whole time.”Oh Brian, he has really mastered me, he has made me addicted izmit escort to his cock. I am his cock sucking slut, and he is my black Master. I will do anything he wants, I am going to take his cum into my belly, and you are going to see it happen!”Once again, I began to cry uncontrollably, as she begged him to fuck her harder and never stop. After what seemed like an eternity, Jason tensed, and emptied his balls into my willing wife. She sobbed with pleasure, and thanked her Master for a wonderful fuck.After they had calmed down, Jason grabbed me by the hair and pulled me towards Jane’s cum-filled cunt.”Lick it out of her wimp” he shouted, “get her clean, ready to take the next load”.”Yes, come on cum-sucker” my wife added, “show Jason that you accept that you are beaten, that I am his alone. This is all you are good for now, this and licking my arse!”When I had cleaned her, she told me to kneel in front of Jason and clean his cock with my mouth. I protested that I was not gay, and found the idea disgusting.”You are a sissy boy” she spat back, and this is your life from now on , a cum-drinking cock sucking sissy boy cuckold.”With that, she grabbed my head and pushed it into Jason’s groin, to add a further humiliation on a night that had been full of them.