Between Larissa’s Legs Ch. 04

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This story builds to a climax chapter by chapter. You will enjoy it much more and it will make more sense if you read them in sequence and save Chapter 5 for last.


The bliss went on for weeks as Larissa reveled in her erotic relationship with Turner. Despite the 14 year gap in their ages and his profession as a lawyer, he was an attentive lover who stunned her with his single-minded devotion to her pleasure, especially to cunnilingus. She guessed that now, as the senior partner of the firm, he had plenty of time to spend with her and the money for their extravagant lifestyle! Judy’s boyfriend, the associate, would be doing all the hard work. They were off to charity balls and long weekends, exotic vacations, and languid afternoons by the pool at his elegant house, afternoons that always ended in her being ravished!

Turner spent hours in her pussy, licking, sucking, tweaking, fingering, and when it was over, and she was exhausted from multiple orgasms, he would give her the grand fuck and they would fall asleep. This description does not do their sexuality justice. They did it over and over, every day they could, with a thousand subtle variations in stroke and response. He made her squirm, he made her come, he made her squirt, and he asked so little for himself! Just a deep penetration and to fill her with his seed at the end of an evening of oral pleasure.

One early morning, she awoke after a long session of having her pussy repeatedly licked, tickled, and fondled. Turner was sleeping beside her, his mature manly chest bare and rising and falling with his breaths. Sleepy, bleary eyed, and weak in her legs from all those orgasms, Larissa stood up and made her way unsteadily down the upstairs hallway, thirsty, on her way to get a glass of orange juice.

There was a full moon and light was streaming through the skylight. She paused for a moment to look at his erotic etchings and photographs, on the wall just inside his bedroom. The light was different and something caught her eye — a glint on a metal object next to where a woman was sitting, masturbating, in the picture. In this light, something in the photo suddenly looked familiar. She looked at the other photographs. Several of them had a gleaming image in the background that she now recognized. The little pewter figurine by his bedside table!

Her brain cleared suddenly as she processed this alarming idea. Turner had sexually explicit pictures of women before their relationship! Did he do it in this house? Who were the subjects in the photographs? Had he taken the pictures? Was the model for the pewter figurine a real woman, someone Turner had had sex with? Well, part of her said, so what? You didn’t know him then. And another part of her said, he’s softening you up to take pictures of you, too! Do you think there might be hidden cameras?

Come to think of it, why would any man spend seven months giving oral sex to a woman who wasn’t that pretty (she thought that way about herself) and want so little in return?

Omigod! Larissa shivered. Maybe this man has spent the last seven months licking my pussy for a reason! Maybe he wants to make me dependent on him, like one of those slaves you see in nasty websites on-line! Maybe he’s going to take pictures of me like the one of that girl masturbating, on the far right, and blackmail me! Maybe he’s going to pimp me out to his friends, like they do in the on-line porn stories! Maybe this relationship is sick!

Stumbling downstairs, in a tizzy from her anxiety, she went to the frig and opened the door. The bright light cast shadows from her bare breasts on the wall. She got her drink. It calmed her down. You’re spooking yourself, she said. He just has an unusual taste in sex for a man. It’s just a quirk that you can live with — heck, you love it! Relax — everything’s fine.

Larissa padded back toward the stairs when she noticed that Turner’s study door was open. Turner had a miniature law office in his study, with many books and everything he needed to work from home. The door was usually closed. She had never been in that room before. She had only seen it through the big bay window in the back of the house.

She listened to see if he was coming down the stairs. Silence.

Quietly she stepped inside. She could see that those same windows gave him an almost complete view of the pool and his back lawn. They let the moonlight stream in. Standing in front of his chair, she looked at his desk — impressive, but nothing special about Turner the man. As she rounded the desk to leave, her naked hip brushed against a manila folder, which fell on the floor. Flustered by the noise (it really wasn’t loud enough to hear upstairs), she paused for a minute to hear if Turner was stirring and then picked it up. A piece of paper fell out.

A vivid color picture of Larissa’s naked pussy! It was the photocopy she had taken so reluctantly nine months before, after the office party, just to shut Judy up! What was it çankırı escort bayan doing in Turner’s home office? How long had he had it? Had Turner seen before they started having sex? Had he seen it before they even met? What did it mean? What was going on?

Now afraid that Turner would find her in his study and get angry, Larissa replaced the folder, went out the door and sat for a moment in the living room. If anyone had been outside, looking in, they would have seen a naked, slender, brown-haired woman with a pained expression and a very prominent mound, trying to make sense out of it all.

The next morning, a Saturday, she put a fake smile on her face, acted as if nothing were wrong, and left for a trip home to visit her family. She grew up and they still lived in a college town upstate and this was her first trip back since she met Turner. She had asked him to come with her but he had a big case coming to trial out of town. It would keep him away all the following week and he had to prepare for it this weekend, so she went alone. She was glad it worked out that way.

During the long drive, she kept thinking about Turner, what were his real intentions, why women who were photographed nude and in compromising positions adorned his house, what was the meaning of the pewter figurine, and why he had spent over half a year taking every opportunity to put his mouth on and his tongue in her sex. And above all, how did he ever get the picture of her pussy and did he have it before he even met her? It had to come from Judy, that was obvious! Why???

It was nice seeing her mom and dad, and even her older sister, Laquine, who came over for a visit. Laquine was the pretty one that boys always went after. She was also older and never wanted her little sister Larissa tagging along. They were always fighting when Larissa was growing up but now Larissa felt that as an adult she could finally talk to Laquine as an equal. They could have a new, mature relationship. Her sister was generally pretty level headed in most ways so maybe Larissa could even ask her for advice on this mystery.

Testing the water, during their heart-to-heart conversation Larissa casually brought up that her boyfriend liked oral sex. Depending on Laquine’s reaction, if it went well she would tell her more and have a woman-to-woman discussion about the situation.

“Ew!” spat Laquine. “Gross! I’d never let a man go down on me — that’s dirty. And on you! You with that big hairy ugly pussy between your legs! That’s disgusting! And I’ll bet he sucks on your little, inadequate tits, too.” Well, she wasn’t going to get much help after all from her dear sweet sister, Larissa concluded. (Her sister didn’t know that Larissa had been shaving her pussy for years and Larissa decided it wasn’t worth telling her. “By the way, you’re dressed like a whore,” Laquine added. “You’re going to the devil, you know!”

Since becoming more openly sensual, Larissa had dressed in more revealing clothes, it is true, and she had mostly stopped wearing panties and bras, but she was not dressed especially provocatively just then. She had on khaki shorts (baggy so they would not form a cameltoe in her crotch) that showed her long, white skinny legs and the loose purple tank top she drove up in, same outfit she’d been wearing around the house since she was 18 and only her tits were bigger.

When she was alone at her parent’s place, after her sister went home, Larissa called Judy, back in the city, on her cell. Larissa hadn’t talked to her in a while. Judy had been fired from the bond company in the late spring and was living with her lawyer boyfriend, Frank, who had been an associate in Turner’s firm. Frank had been made partner in the firm about four months after Larissa had started seeing Turner, so there were no financial worries anymore about Judy being out of a job.

Judy was evasive. “I don’t know anything about a photocopy!”

Larissa pointed out that the two of them were the only employees who could have known that both women had had their naked bottoms photocopied on the machine the night of the office part. Judy was also one of the few people in the company who knew how to download a scanned image directly from the machine, and for someone to even find it they would have had to have known it was there already! So it had to be Judy who did it. Judy was silent but she didn’t hang up on Larissa.

“Judy, just tell me what’s going on!” Larissa pleaded. There was a long pause, and then a sigh.

“I was going to tell you eventually. Yes, I downloaded the image out of the scanner on that Monday, after the party, then I printed out a copy after everyone had left so nobody could see.”

Larissa’s voice was stern. “Did you make more than one copy? Is the file still on your computer?”

“No. Just one. Then the image was found on my computer during an IT service call and that was why they fired me!” Judy sort of sobbed. “But your name çankırı escort wasn’t on it. They thought it was a picture of my own pussy!”

“Why did you print it out?” Larissa spoke very softly and that scared Judy.

“I was mad at you. I wanted to tease you, like you teased me with my panties! I didn’t think anything would happen. Will you ever forgive me?”

“It’s all right. What’s done is done. And when did you give Turner the copy?”

Judy sighed again, mournfully, as if giving up something. “Frank gave it to him. About a week before you met him. It was Frank’s idea. I had nothing to do with it.”

Larissa felt sick. She felt betrayed. She felt humiliated! That meant that Turner knew exactly what the most private part of her body looked like at the moment he first met her! and looked her in the eye for the first time! How could he have been genuinely attracted to her from the beginning? He already knew what her pussy looked like! He must have been stalking her for her pussy! Larissa tried to control her emotions.

“Why did Frank do it?” Larissa asked, calmly. Judy sounded genuinely afraid. Larissa wondered if Frank abused her.

“Because of something Turner said to Frank a week before.” She wouldn’t tell Larissa what he said. “It was just a passing comment, had nothing to do with you. About how much he likes pussy — you know how men talk.”

Larissa immediately became even more suspicious. Judy was impulsive and the fact that she was trying so hard to hold it in made Larissa suspicious that there was more to the story. Larissa paused. “So. Well, I don’t know. I’m going to have to think about this.” It was all very confusing. If Turner was a pussy predator, trying to seduce her twat, why did he wait four months?

Judy blurted out, “Frank didn’t even tell him the picture was of you. Frank knew he had all that erotic art and gave the picture to him for his collection. When you met him he didn’t know what your vadge looked like because he didn’t know it was you in the picture!”

Larissa gulped to suppress a sigh of relief. But still she had a feeling that there was more.

“Is that all he said to Frank?” Larissa asked, accusingly. She could hear Judy gulp.

“Please. It was all very innocent.” Judy sounded terrified.

“Judy, level with me. What did he really say?”

In a whisper, Judy said “He said, quote, Find me a nice girl who’ll let me have her pretty pussy any time I want it and I’ll make you a partner in the firm! unquote, end of conversation.”

Sure enough, Frank had been made a partner in the firm, and knowing Frank, Larissa did not believe it was due to his skills as a lawyer. All that had happened around the time that she had given Turner her body for the first time. There must have been a payoff or a deal! She figured Frank had been as good as pimping her!

But then again, if Turner didn’t know it was her twat in the photo, how would Turner know she had a big, juicy, hyper-sensitive, responsive, delectable twat before he fell in love with her and they had sex? Maybe he discovered it for himself and was grateful to Frank. Did Frank just give him the picture to get in good with him and set up the introduction at the party so that Turner would find out for himself and be eternally grateful? Somehow she didn’t think that Frank would leave so much to chance. It would be more like Frank to whet Turner’s appetite and get his approval in advance and then deliver the goods — her! — and take credit! But that would mean that Turner knew all along, and if so why did he wait so long to make his move on her?

For the rest of the weekend, Larissa was preoccupied by all this. Not only did she have the horrible but certain knowledge that her lover had seen a picture of her most intimate body part before he had even met her, but she had reason to suspect that he had gone after her to get it! Judy could easily be lying — she often stretched the truth until it broke. Her mind was going around and round and it was driving her crazy!

By Sunday, Larissa had had about as much of her family as she could stand. It was time to go back to the city, check on her cat, and figure out how to face up to the situation. Turner was going to be away for a week trying the case — that would give her plenty of time to think it all through before she did something she might regret. She was worried about her cat — he seemed to hate it at Turner’s house and spent all his time hiding and running away from Turner.

But before starting her drive back, she changed into her comfortable baggy shorts and a tank top and made a phone call to the least likely person she would ever want to see on a visit home.

Kiki, the town slut, was wary when Larissa called. After all, they knew each other from high school but they had not been friends and they didn’t really have anything in common. Kiki was a “fast” girl, sexually promiscuous and irresponsible. It was a wonder she hadn’t escort çankırı got pregnant and dropped out. Larissa was the intellectual, careful, demure, responsible, “nice” girl in the class. The two teen crowds were kept apart by the nice girls’ parents and were kind of afraid of each other even though they looked down at each other. But now it was years later and Kiki agreed to see her, as a favor, for old time’s sake.

A couple hours later, Larissa walked into an unremarkable restaurant, on the opposite side of her old hometown from the private college that made it famous, and just off the highway to the city. Kiki, a small blonde woman with stringy hair and big tits, was at the bar, waiting for her, chatting up the bartender, who she obviously knew very well, and getting free drinks from four or five men at the bar. It felt awkward for Larissa to go up to her and even say hello.

Kiki ordered another daiquiri and Larissa got a glass of orange juice. After all, she was driving.

Once they were settled in a corner booth of the bar (the dining room was closed until dinner hours), and had made pleasant small talk about what they were doing since graduation, Larissa got to the point.

“Kiki, I was very naïve in high school. I’m still naïve. There’s a lot of stuff I don’t know about guys. But you’ve been around and you’ve seen a lot. I want to know your opinion about a strange situation.”

Kiki replied, “This must be about sex — you’re in over your head in something. You’re trying to say that I’m a promiscuous slut who’s been around the block, so I can tell you what it all means?”

Larissa shifted, uncomfortably. “Well, yeah. You have a lot more experience with this kind of thing. You’re kind of a professional.”

“True, …..” Kiki conceded. “…..except the part about being a pro needs clarification. It all comes down to the business model. Prostitutes will do anybody and they get paid by piecework. Kept women and full-time mistresses get the equivalent of a salary, or some kind of a regular support, in exchange for being exclusive. Casual mistresses and party girls are like on commission, we do slutty things and guys reward us for it. But guys love to love us when they want to, not all the time, and they don’t want to support us as much as they want bragging rights, so they give us ridiculously generous gifts which we keep, bank, sell, or pawn. A real slut does it for fun and if the men are generous, so much the better. That’s me! It’s important to keep these things straight for tax purposes.”

Kiki took a drag on a cigarette she had lit up. Larissa didn’t smoke and coughed slightly from the drifting smoke. Then, not wanting to comment on what Kiki had just said, Larissa told her story from the beginning.

Kiki listened attentively, even though the look on her face was cynical. “I see,” she said. “Now tell me exactly what he does.”

“He’s a lawyer.”

“No, no, no. I mean, what does he do to your body, sexually?”

Larissa got a dreamy look in her eyes. “Well, he cuddles me and sometimes he kisses my breasts and fondles me and then he goes down on me for the longest time, and then…..”

Kiki interrupted, impatiently. “No, no, no. When he goes down on you, what does he do? Tell me everything. Does he start by sucking on your clit or does he lick around your pubes or does he penetrate you first thing with his tongue or what?”

Larissa was startled. This was more detail than she had expected to go into. “Well, he starts by doing different things. He put his mouth on my vulva and then…..”

Kiki interrupted again. “You can use plain English.”

Larissa continued, using the vocabulary Turner had taught her, “…..he’ll lick my cunt, sometimes up and down my slit and stroking my clit on the way up and other times working it in a circle around my hole, but he does a lot of different things too.”

“Such as?”

“He’ll suck my pussy lips into his mouth and tug on them or he’ll nibble with his lips on my clit before running his tongue over it or tickling it with the tip of his tongue. He’ll do that for hours, up to the point where I’m just ready to go over the edge, then he’ll back off until I’m ready to scream!”

“And I assume that by then you’re juicing. What does he do when that happens?”

Kiki turned bright red. She was not used to having a conversation about her vaginal secretions. “He seems to go crazy for it! He’ll lap at my hole with his tongue and sometimes suck right over it. Sometimes — often, now — he uses his fingers and he even,” her voice went to a whisper, “makes me squirt!” This discussion was making her very uncomfortable, but she felt that she was in the hands of a sort of professional, or at least an experienced, slut of the highest quality.

Kiki sat straight up, surprised. “You squirt for him? How often?”

“Not every time! It takes me a long time to build up and sometimes I don’t know that he’s preparing me for it, because he’s always rubbing my sensitive and squishy G spot anyway, almost as often as he caresses and fondles my extra-long clit. I never, ever squirted before, but he taught me how to do it.”

Kiki sat back, clearly impressed. “Let’s go back to when you wet yourself. Does he taste you then?”