Bi Secret Life Ch. 08

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Another chapter in this series this one though isn’t a true one just a collection of experience and fantasy, as always comments welcome.


It had been a while since I had met another guy, it was just a case of getting the time to meet up with someone in between work and being able to disappear for a couple of hours.

I had been chatting to some guys on the net but the usual problem was either they couldn’t accommodate or they were just a bit too far away to travel too, but I carried on regardless looking and began to chat to a local guy who said he could accommodate sometimes.

His name was Paul and at 26 years of age was younger than me, we chatted on and off for about a month and tried a couple of times to arrange a meet which never happened and the chances of meeting seemed to be getting less.

One day Paul e mailed me to say his wife was going away for a few days and if I could meet him this would be the best chance, I mailed backed telling him I could see what I could do.

I found that I could meet on the Tuesday afternoon and I emailed Paul to find out if he was free that day, Paul mailed me back and said he was free on the Tuesday and looking forward to having some fun.

Me and Paul chatted on the Monday night and he gave me directions to his house and asked if I had any kinky request’s , I told him I didn’t really have any requests and we would see what happens.

Tuesday arrived and I had a lie in till about 11am then got up and had a shower and shave ready to meet Paul, I had a check on the directions but I was pretty sure I knew where I was going.

As I got nearer I felt a little nervous, I didn’t know why as I had done this more times than I could remember, I found the road that Paul lived on and slowly drove down the road until I found his house which was number 17.

I parked up outside and got out of the car and had a look round, the house was a semi detached with a large garden and driveway as I looked I saw the curtain in the front window move and I presumed it was Paul looking out for me.

I walked up the drive towards the front door and before I got to the door it opened and a guy who I hoped was Paul was stood in the doorway.

“Hi how are John,” he shouted as I approached him.

“Hello I take it that you are Paul,” I replied as I got closer to him.

“Yeah that’s me,” he said with a smile as he guided me inside the house.

Paul closed the door and led me into the back room which was unfurnished apart from a sofa and a television, I sat down on the sofa and took a closer look at Paul, he was about 6ft quite thin build with short dark hair and was wearing jeans and a dark t shirt.

“Sorry there’s not much in here it’s going to be decorated soon so that’s why it’s nearly empty,” Paul explained.

He sat down next to me on the sofa and he ran his hand over the top of my leg, without saying anything I moved my arm so it was now resting on the back of the sofa behind him, Paul’s hand now moved onto my crotch and he began to rub between my legs, I could feel my cock starting to grow as he rubbed .

Paul unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the zip, he moved his hand inside and I could feel his fingers caressing my cock through my boxers.

Paul looked at me smiling as he continued to get my cock hard.

“Does that feel good?” he asked.

“Oh yes that’s just great,” I replied.

Paul then moved his hand inside my boxers and I felt his fingers around my hard cock, I threw my head back as he started to caress my cock, as I was just getting into having my cock stroked the phone started to ring.

“Look I’m sorry I’m going to have to answer that ,” Paul said as he slid his hand out of my pants.

Paul went out of the room and answered the phone , I could hear him talking as I sat waiting for him to come back and carry on with my cock, he walked back in the room still talking on the phone.

“Can you just hang on a moment please,” he said to the person on the phone and he then put them on hold.

“You want to go upstairs first room on the right make yourself comfy, I won’t be long,” Paul told me as he went back to his phone conversation.

I stood up and made my way upstairs and into the bedroom, the room was very warm and I decided the way to make myself comfy was bahis şirketleri to strip off and lie on the bed waiting for Paul, my cock was semi hard as I gently stroked it while waiting.

I heard footsteps on the stairs and I looked over to the door, Paul came in still dressed he stood in the doorway looked at me as I lay on the bed, he gave a smile then started to strip off himself, I watched as he pulled off his t shirt then pulled down his jeans and boxers to reveal and thin body and a nice looking cock which was semi hard .

Paul came over to the bed and lay next to me, we moved onto our sides and faced each other. Paul moved a little closer and our lips met, just a gentle light kiss at first which then turned into hard kissing as our tongue’s explored each others mouths and as we did this we moved a hand down and began to stroke each others cocks.

The strokes turned into us wanking each other as our kissing got even harder , we broke our kissing as Paul rolled onto his back and I moved on top of him and knelt astride him, we started kissing again we were now rubbing our cocks together and both of us were getting so horny, our kiss broke again and Paul pulled me slightly up so he could kiss my chest, I grabbed hold of the silver bars of the headboard as I felt Paul suck on my nipples.

As I had moved up Paul’s cock was now against my ass cheeks, and I could feel him starting to push his cock against the crack of my ass, he continued to lick and suck on my nipples and as he continued to push his cock against my ass, in response I started to push my ass back onto his cock , his breathing got heavier as his cock head fucked the crack of my ass, we started to get faster until pulled away and dropped his head back on the pillow.

“Oh yes don’t stop that,” he shouted .

Paul gave a push and I felt his cock pushing against my hole, his body went stiff and shook and I felt his warm cum shooting in the crack of my ass.

“Oh I’m sorry I don’t usually cum that quick,” he said apologetically.

“That’s ok I’ll get it hard again for you,” I said.

I moved and lay next to Paul, I looked down at his half hard cock which was wet with cum, I turned myself round and moved down to his cock and began to lick the head and taste his cum I then took his cock into my mouth and sucked on it to taste more of his juices.

While I sucked on his cock Paul moved me around so we were now in a 69 position, I was waiting to feel his lips around my hard cock but instead I felt his tongue licking his cum off my ass.

I felt his hands on my ass cheeks as he pulled them apart and I felt his tongue push against my hole, my cock was rigid as Paul licked my hole, feeling his tongue move up and down over my ass was making me so horny.

I carried on sucking on his hardening cock as he continued to lick my wet hole, as Paul pushed his tongue against my hole I sucked harder on his cock , I could feel him getting harder in my mouth as Paul realised how horny he was making me, I started to suck harder on his cock , Paul moved his mouth round to my cock and I felt my cock slide into Paul’s mouth, he began slowly sucking me while I felt his finger rubbing over my wet hole, I sucked harder on his cock as I felt Paul slide a finger into my ass, I pulled my mouth off Paul’s cock.

“Ohhhhh yess that’s gonna make me cum,” I moaned.

Paul started to suck harder on my cock and he started to finger fuck my ass as well, I didn’t know how long I could hold on as he sucked and fingered me faster.

My breathing got heavier as I got closer to cumming, Paul sucked harder as he knew I was close to shooting my cum, as he finger fucked me harder I felt my body stiffen and my cock started to pump cum into Paul’s mouth, he took the full load and swallowed it down then licked and gently sucked on my cock to make sure he got all my cum.

I climbed off Paul and lay next to him on the bed to get my breath back although I didn’t think I was going to get a chance to do that as Paul moved down the bed and knelt in between my slightly parted legs.

He spread open my legs and his hand moved down and slowly stroked my cock and balls, his hand moved further down and I felt his fingers slip in between my wet ass cheeks and then I felt his finger massaging my wet hole, he seemed to be rubbing bahis firmaları my hole for what seemed an eternity, occasionally he would push his finger slightly into me.

My breathing became heavy the more he played with my ass and my cock was slightly stiffening, Paul stopped playing with my ass and moved up the bed , he knelt astride me, his hard cock was just inches from my mouth , he moved closed and slid his cock into my waiting mouth, I took it all and sucked hard on it.

“Oh yesss that;s good,” Paul moaned in a whispered voice.

I sucked some more on it then Paul slid it out of my mouth and moved back down the bed, he was now back in between my legs which were still spread wide, he pushed my legs up I grabbed them and held them in the air.

Paul’s head moved down to my ass and I felt him spread my open my cheeks again, then I felt his tongue licking my hole hard and making it wetter.

Paul moved up and positioned himself in between my legs, I felt the head of his cock pushed against my ass and pushing my cheeks apart , his cock head now pushed against my hole, he pushed a little more and I gasped as his cock head slid into my ass.

“That ok?” Paul asked.

“Yeah it’s just been a while,” I answered in a breathless voice.

Paul smiled and pushed more of his cock into me, I gasped more as I felt it slowly slide into me, I thought he was going to slide in bit by bit but he slid his cock fully inside my ass.

“Oh fuck that’s good,” I said under my breath as I let go of my legs and grabbed hole of Paul’s ass.

Paul started to slowly slide in and out of me, but that didn’t last long as his thrusting got harder and faster , the slight pain I first felt was gone and I was so horny as I felt him fuck me.

Just as I enjoying Paul’s cock in me he stopped and slid it out of me and gestured me to turn over, I knew what he wanted and I oblige by turning over and getting onto all fours.

“This is how I like fucking my wife like this,” Paul said as his fingers caressed my wet ass.

“Can you do something for me? He asked.

“Like what,” I answered cautiously.

Paul reached over and took out a pair of white lacy knickers from an open drawer.

“Would put these on while I finish fucking you?” he asked.

I paused before answering I had never done anything like this before but I wanted to feel Paul’s cock in me again and I was still very horny.

“Well I’ve not done this before but I’ll give it a go,” I replied.

Paul smiled and I moved over and lay on my back and Paul handed me his wife’s knickers and I slid them on, they seem to fit ok and I moved back over onto all fours.

Paul knelt behind me and I felt him pull the knickers to one side and pushed his cock in between my ass cheeks, this time though instead of pushing the head of his cock in first this time he slid fully inside me.

I let out a gasp again as I felt him inside me, this time he started to fuck me hard straight away, I wasn’t sure if it was the knickers but his cock felt harder as he fucked me he carried on fucking me hard I could feel him pounding against my ass cheeks.

“I’m gonna cum,” shouted.

I wasn’t sure if he was going to shoot in me or on me but I didn’t have to wait long to find out as I felt him slide his cock out of me, and I felt him shoot his cum over my ass.

“That felt great,” he said in a breathless voice as he pulled away from me and pulled the knickers back over my ass and rubbing the cum he had shot onto my ass into them.

I lay down on the bed and looked down at the knickers I had on, my hard cock poking out of the top of them, Paul lay next to me and his hand moved down to between my legs and he started to stroke my cock through the knickers,

We lay there just getting our breath back and after a few minutes I wasn’t sure if it was now finished even though I was still horny, Paul though was still keeping my cock hard as he continued to stroke it.

He moved off the bed and went to the bedside cabinet and pulled out some lube, he squirted some onto his fingers and rubbed it over in between his ass cheeks and on his hole as well.

“I use this when I do the wife’s ass ,” he said laughing.

I went to get up and get ready to fuck him.

“You just lie there and relax,” he said as kaçak bahis siteleri he got on the bed and pulled the knickers down a little so my cock was on show and then he knelt astride me.

He lent over me and our lips gently touched at first then it turned into hard kissing as our tongues pushed against each other in our mouths, the harder we kissed the more horny I got and the harder my cock got.

Paul broke the kiss and he moved downwards a little so my cock was now pushing against the crack of my ass, he pushed down some more and my cock slipped into his ass, now it was his turn to gasp as he felt his hole being opened up, he made a final push down and I was now fully inside him.

Paul knelt up and started to move up and down my hard shaft , he moved slowly up and down , he moaned slightly every time he moved down and felt my cock fully inside him, he started then to move up and down quicker, I could myself getting closer to cumming .

“You getting close?” Paul asked.

“Yeah not far off,” I replied.

“Wanna finish doggy style?” he asked.

“Yeah ok then,” I replied as I sensed he was getting tired.

Paul got off me and got on all fours, I knelt behind him and slid my cock into his ass, pushing right inside him, then I began to slowly fuck him, it felt good as I pulled almost out of him then slid fully inside him, I began to fuck him harder and faster as I felt myself ready to cum as I got closer I pushed hard inside him, pulling out till only my cock head was in him then pushing into to his ass hard, every time I pushed inside Paul gave out a moan.

As I pulled out again I knew I was very close to cumming , I pushed in hard again and he gave out another moan as I pulled back I could feel myself about to cum and I pulled my cock fully out of Paul’s ass and as I did I shot my cum all over ass cheeks.

Paul collapsed on the bed and I lay next to him for a few minutes, I looked at the time and decided I had better go.

“Well we better get cleaned up,” Paul said.

He lead me to the bathroom and he put the shower on, I slid his wife’s knicks off and we both got in the shower and got washed and cleaned.

As we were drying ourselves off the phone rang and Paul went into the bedroom to answer it and I carried on getting dry.

My clothes were in the bedroom so I quietly went into the bedroom not knowing who was on the phone.

“It’s the wife,” Paul mouthed at me.

As he stood there talking on the phone I noticed he was stroking his cock slowly, I went over and sat on the bed , as he carried on feeling his cock I put my hand out and stroked his balls, as I did this he moved his hand off his cock, I moved my hand up and slowly started to stroke his cock, with each stroke I could feel it getting harder.

As he carried on his phone call I knelt down on the floor in front of him and ran my tongue up and down his hardening shaft, I then pulled my head slightly away from his cock and began to stroke it again, I then felt his hand on my head and I thought he was going to push me away but instead he pulled my head closer to his cock.

I slid his cock into my mouth slowly sucking him off, I took it fully into my mouth and he gave out a gasp, his wife must have asked him what was wrong.

“Nothings wrong I have just had a shower and I’m in the bedroom having a little play with myself,” Paul told her.

He then moved onto the bed and gestured for me to carry on sucking him, I lay between his legs and took his cock into my mouth again and started to suck it, I don’t know what his wife was saying to him but his cock was solid as I carried on sucking it as Paul starting talking dirty to his wife.

“Oh yes I’m gonna fuck that pussy when you get back tomorrow, I wanna do your ass as well, I’m gonna fuck you like the whore you are when you get back here,” Paul said to her in a breathless voice.

It was turning me on as well as him, his hand now pushing down on the back of my head.

“Tell me what your gonna do to me tomorrow you dirty bitch?” Paul asked her.

As she told him what she was going to do, I felt Paul’s body stiffen up and I felt his cum inside my mouth.

“Oh yess that’s done it, you’ve made me cum babes,” he said to her.

I licked his cock clean as he said goodbye to his wife and put the phone down.

“We do that quite often but usually on speaker phone but if you had mad a noise I would have been in trouble,” he told me.

We both got dressed and Paul said we should sort out another meet up sometime.