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Subject: Big-Buddy-Bobby Chapter 7 Big-Buddy-Bobby-7 The following story is a work of erotic fiction that includes sex between consenting adults and minor. It is not meant to condone or encourage the situations depicted. Coach called me into his office the day after I watched him play with my little 9 year old brother Casey. He locked the door. I was wearing my school uniform of a white polo shirt with our school crest and blue shorts. Coach looked me up and down. He was wearing tight coach shorts, the kind with pockets and a zipper in the front. His bulge was throbbing in the shorts. He wore them tight so all the boys would look at it, and they all did. They all got little hard ons in their shorts when coach would walk by. All these little boys squeezing the front of their shorts, trying to get close to the coach, so they could brush against it. “Hi little buddy. We only have a few minutes, you know what to do.” So I did what we did between ankara masaj yapan escort classes. I slowly lowered my shorts to my 13 year old ankles, leaving me wearing my tight little white briefs in coach’s office. Coach unzipped the front of his shorts and pulled out his huge throbbing cock. I reached out my little hand and wrapped it around his boner. The cock was so huge and started to leak his sticky juice and i moved my teen boy hand up and down his shaft. “That’s a good boy,” coach said as he touched my cheek. I want you to do something special for the coach, okay? You’re my little buddy, right? Yes coach. And you like our secret play time, right? Yes coach. Well, we can keep doing it but I want you to ask little Casey to visit the coach again, okay? I nodded my head yes as my hand started going back and forth even faster on the big shaft, making sure i went over the head to get mecidiyeköy escort extra juice. Do you think he wants more secret play time with coach? I think I can talk him into it coach. That’s a good boy. And i’m going to give you a special treat for being a good boy today. Coach put his hand on his head and lowered me to me knees. I was a smooth schoolboy in tight white briefs kneeling in front of that big fat cock. Open your mouth. Let’s play target practice like i taught you. Remember you need to catch all my semen so none gets on your shirt. (Every day at school there was always a boy with coach’s sperm on his shirt, especially the little boys who didn’t play target practice often. Some of them would get their big brothers to do it with them at home so they could be better next time with coach.) You know what to say little buddy. Ask for it. Yes coach, please feed me. mersin escort Please squirt your juice. I promise I won’t tell sir. I promise this is our secret, please let me taste… I couldn’t finish the sentence before coach’s cock starting squirting shots of man semen at the young boy. I opened my mouth as wide as a could, revealing the braces on my teeth as i caught every shot, like 6 of them! I got a little on my face but mostly it was in my mouth. I smiled up at the coach, so proud that my shirt was still clean as i swallowed all of his semen. The coach sat down with his cock still sticking straight up out of his his shorts and i pulled my shorts up over my briefs that had a raging 13 year old hard on in it. There was no way I could hide this boner in the hallway and I know all the other boys would notice it and know that I had come from coach’s office. That’s when the coach said: Tell little Casey to come to my house Saturday morning and to knock on the back door. I want him to wear his school uniform and i want you to put his little league baseball uniform, cub scout uniform and onesie pajamas in his backpack, okay? Yes coach. Good boy. That’s when the bell rang for my next class. If you are enjoying this series and stroking your cock to it, please let me me know. hoo