Biker’s Bitch

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Group Sex

It’s time once again for the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Races. I go every year, sometimes for just a couple of days, other times for the entire week. This year I was going for 4 days.

Sometimes I stay at a gay B I had to park on one of the side streets. The first place I headed to was One Eyed Jacks. I prefer this bar during the day time but tend to gravitate towards the Chip at night. I got a seat at the bar and ordered a burger and a beer. I sat there enjoying my lunch and people watching before heading back out for some riding. I got back to my campsite about 8 that night and set about making a fire pit and cooking up a nice steak while relaxing with some beers and no clothes on.

It was about 9 when I heard some bikes coming down the trail towards where I was camped. When they got there I could see it was six of them. I figured I better at least put on my jeans. They called out to me and asked if they could set up camp near me. Who was I to say no to them, hell I was out numbered.

They all set up their tents and got a fire going then a couple of them came over to my camp. They invited me over to have some beers with them and get to know one another. I noticed that while there were six of them there were only four tents set up. As the night progressed I could tell that these guys were not your everyday run of the mill bikers. Two of them began to start making out then two more did as well. It quickly progressed to these four were giving each other blow jobs. The two remaining asked me if I was alright with what was happening. I said that maybe I should just go back to my own camp site. The remaining two said well, let us come along and tuck you in for the night.

As soon as we got to my camp site they started working on me. In just seconds I was stripped and pushed to my knees. One of them had his cock out and pushed it into my mouth while the other one was stripping his clothes off. When he was naked they switched places and I was forced to suck his cock while the other one stripped. Then they bent me over my bike and spit roasted me switching ends back and forth until finally one of them shot his load deep inside my ass. The other one then moved behind me and dumped his load in there as well. As they were putting their clothes back on they told me not to go anywhere in the morning as their friends would want to have a morning ride with me, laughing as they walked back to their site.

I kütahya escort got up early the next morning and was sitting by my fire enjoying a cup of coffee when I heard someone approaching my camp. It was one of the guys from the previous night. He told me to come join them for breakfast. When we got to their campsite I noticed they had a rainbow flag set up. They already had the food and coffee ready to eat and we dug in. As we were eating one of them, apparently their leader, said, I heard from the guys that you’re a pretty good fuck, so tell us about yourself and what you’re into. I explained that I was married but every now and then, and especially at Rally time I like to let my hair down and have a good time. He said good, because starting right now you’re going to be our bitch for the weekend. You will always be ready to serve us whenever, wherever and however we want, do you understand?

I said, Yes Sir. Now let me see for myself just how good a cocksucker you are as he pulled out his cock. His cock was about six inches and pretty thick and it wasn’t even hard yet. I dropped to my knees and took it into my mouth and began sucking it. It didn’t take long for it to harden up to its 8 inches. I must have sucked on it for 5 minutes or so when he held my head and said here it comes bitch, don’t spill any of it and he shot a huge load right down my throat. He pulled it out, slapped my face with it a few times and told me to take care of the rest of them. Every one of them was six inches or longer and just as thick as the leaders cock was. When I had finished sucking them all off he told me that we were riding in 15 minutes and I was to wear nothing but boots, chaps, jock strap, vest, collar and a hat. All leather and be ready to go with them. He handed me the vest and hat I was to wear. They both said “Club Bitch” on them; the collar said “Cum Slut” on it.

We rode out with me in the middle so I couldn’t decide to just ride off away from them and headed towards Hills City. Our first stop was at the mangy Moose Saloon. We got settled into a spot in the back and they sent me to the bar to get the beers. As I was taking them back I felt several people grab my ass or rub my cock. Some other bikers came over and asked about me. They were told that I was their bitch and they were out riding and showing me off. They were also told them to come by that night for some party kütahya escort bayan time and I would be the entertainment!

We finished up there and headed over to Custer, through the park and into Keystone, Deadwood and Sturgis. Stopping along the way at each for a couple beers and pretty much repeating what happened in the Mangy Moose.

It was late afternoon when we arrived at the Buffalo Chip to watch the bands. I was having my ass and cock constantly being played with along with my nipples being roughly pinched by someone. I seem to have a direct connection between my nipples and cock; I don’t think my cock was ever soft the whole day. At one point I was told to get down and start sucking any cock that was presented to me. It wasn’t long before someone pulled me up to a bent over position with a cock never leaving my mouth and I felt some lube being pushed into my ass followed by a finger, then a second finger. When I was opened up some I felt the head of a cock pushing against my opening. It didn’t take long before it popped into me. This guy had nothing but fucking on his mind as he didn’t even give me a chance to adjust to him being inside me, he just drove it into me all the way in the first push. Pretty soon all of our group had fucked me at both ends, while our leader was telling those watching that I would be available for one and all at our campsite later on. My ass was dripping cum as we headed out to get our bikes and head back to the campsite.

After we got back to the campsite someone set up a hammock and called me over to it. They had me get in it but sideways so my ass and head were hanging over the sides, a great makeshift sling. About this time I heard some bikes coming closer towards us. I was told to get everyone a beer and then greet our guests. As I stood by our bikes I said hi to all those getting off of their own and offered them all beers. There about a dozen new guys all around me now accepting the offered beers and squeezing my ass and cock as they walked away from me. After a while the leader of our group took me aside and told me to keep mingling with everyone and do whatever anyone told me to do.

I slowly walked around offering my bare ass to anyone that wanted to play with it, making sure to rub it up against everyone’s growing bulges, bending over every chance I had and just generally teasing all of them. Pretty soon someone told escort kütahya me to kneel and suck his cock. I knelt down in front of him and took his cock out of his jeans and began sucking it. It didn’t take long and I was surrounded by hard cocks. I just sucked one after another and getting their cum either down my throat or on my face and chest. One of the bigger guys had layed down and two others held me up over his cock. They lowered me down onto it and then began lifting me up and down on it. Then the guy lying down told them to just lift me up and then drop me on his cock. I screamed from the pain when I bottomed out on that big cock, as he shot his load way up inside me. Finally someone took me away from them and had me get in the hammock. They pulled my legs up and out tying them to trees so I was spread wide. Then the fucking really began in earnest. It was a nonstop fuck fest. I had one in each hole. When they were all through I was covered with cum, my ass full and dripping and my belly full. I was finally released and went to the lake to get cleaned off. I had been left alone and figured now would be a good time to go to my own campsite and get some rest.

I don’t know how long I had slept but I was being dragged out of my tent and it was still dark out. I was brought back to the other campsite and tied down over the picnic table and the fucking started all over again. One cock after another fucked me and filled my ass with hot cum. Every now and then someone would eat my ass cleaning the cum out before the next cock would begin fucking me again. At one point I had been DP’d as well. I lost count of how many times I had been fucked that day and night but it had to have been at least a couple of dozen.

Finally everyone just kind of wound down and drifted off to sleep somewhere. I was eventually untied and sent back to my own tent. When I got there the leader of our group was in there waiting for me. He told me to get to sucking his cock so he could fuck me one more time. As soon as he was hard enough he told me to sit on it and ride it. I bounced up and down on his hard cock for about 5 minutes when he held my hips and pulled me down all the way. I could feel his cock swell and flood me with his cum. I rolled off of him and we both fell asleep.

I slept like a log and when I woke up I was alone. I checked my watch and it was almost 11 AM. I crawled out of my tent and found I was indeed alone. Everyone else had left. There were no others at all camped nearby. As I started cleaning up my own campsite to leave I found a bag with the chaps, jock, collar, vest and hat. And a note. The note said, “Bitch, keep these to wear at our next club meeting. It is the 2nd Friday of the month. The club house is at…