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Subject: Billy and Dennis 24 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I’d love to hear from you if you are enjoying this story. Please send comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill BILLY AND DENNIS Chapter 24 Dennis and Will met at the public swimming pool as arranged. At 180 cm (5ft 11in) tall, it was rare for Dennis to feel dwarfed but that was how he felt beside the taller, much bigger former rugby player. “With your size, you won’t have any problem with discipline among your pupils,” Dennis remarked as they walked towards the changing room. Will laughed. “No, I don’t. However I think that’s because most boys enjoy sport in some form rather than because of my size. Anyway you look pretty fit to me.” “I guess I’m lucky because I know I don’t take enough exercise,” responded Dennis. “Well, swimming is something you should do more often,” Will said. “Agreed,” smiled Dennis. He didn’t tell Will that he’d been swimming with Billy the day before. “See you in a bit,” he said when he went into one of the cubicles to change. The two men tried to be discreet when they checked each other out but Will couldn’t help but comment when he saw the size of the bulge in Dennis’s speedos. “I see you’ve brought a packed lunch,” he joked as he nodded towards the bulge. Dennis laughed. “You look pretty well-packed too.” Will smiled. “I’ve always been a big guy. Now let’s hope the pool isn’t crowded.” With it being the weekend, the pool was too busy for the two guys to race each other properly but they had a good workout and enjoyed themselves. Will didn’t hide the fact that he was checking Dennis out again when they walked back to the changing room. “Where do you suggest for lunch?” Will asked as they went outdoors. “Do you fancy a traditional Sunday roast or are you more adventurous?” Dennis responded. “I’ll eat most things but I’m not really in the mood for a big meal,” replied Will. “I wouldn’t mind Chinese or Indian if that suits you too.” “There’s a Chinese – the Golden Dragon – not far away,” said Dennis. “I have only been there once so far but I really enjoyed the food.” “That sounds good to me. Lead on,” smiled Will. “I have only lived here for six months but I really like the town,” Dennis said as they walked along. “I hope you will enjoy it.” “My initial impressions are good,” said Will. “It takes time to make new friends though so I’m glad you agreed to hang out with me today.” “No problem. I promised to visit my aunt later but I had a free morning,” Dennis said. “Your aunt. Not a girlfriend?” asked Will. “Not a girlfriend,” smiled Dennis. “I lived with my aunt when I first moved here and became friendly with her neighbours. I like to pop in and see them now and then. And here is the restaurant.” The restaurant wasn’t busy and they were given seats in a booth. The young waiter gave them menus and asked if he could get them drinks. “Just water for me as I’m driving,” said Dennis. “Same for me,” said Will. “Very good, gentlemen.” The waiter smiled and left them to peruse the menu. “Cute arse,” Will said in a low voice as he looked at the slim waiter in his tight, black trousers. “You think so?” Dennis asked with a straight face. “Yeah!” Will said without thinking and before looking back at Dennis’s face. “Sorry. If you haven’t already worked it out, I’m gay. Not something I want to become general knowledge at school. Are you okay with that?” “Yes, of course,” said Dennis. Then after a moment’s hesitation he added, “I’m gay too…and not out at school either.” “My guess was right,” grinned Will. “Am I that obvious?” Dennis asked. “No, certainly not,” Will quickly replied. “I have well-developed gaydar and I just had this feeling about you. Anyway I’m not going to come on to you. I’m only looking for friendship.” “That’s good because I have a boyfriend,” smiled Dennis. “I have someone too but he isn’t ready to make a commitment,” said Will. “Now we live further apart and I don’t know if the relationship will last.” “That’s a shame. I think sex is so much better within a relationship.” Dennis didn’t say more because the waiter returned to take their order at that point. After saying that he would be more than happy to screw the young Chinese guy, Will changed the subject. *** Billy was eager for information about the new teacher and started quizzing Dennis as soon as he got in the car. “Calm down, Billy,” Dennis advised. “Otherwise I will start to think you are more interested in him than me.” Billy looked apologetic. “Sorry, Dennis. I’m just curious about him but you are the one I think about day and night. Forget about him for now and tell me about your day so far.” “Well, I received an email from Rick this morning. His mother is much better so he is going to arrange a weekend off and visit us soon,” said Dennis. “That is good news,” smiled Billy. “Then I met this new friend named Will and we went swimming together,” Dennis went on. “I saw him checking me out in my speedos.” “Ah-ha!” said Billy. That was followed by an “oops” and a mime of him zipping his mouth shut. “The pool was quite busy but we swam for well over an hour and had a good time. Afterwards we had a very nice lunch at the Golden Dragon where Will commented on our waiter’s cute arse. uşak escort It was very cute, by the way. Nearly as cute as yours.” Dennis looked round at Billy and could see that he was desperate to say something. “Then he told me that he was gay and that he has a boyfriend.” “So I was correct,” smiled Billy. “He probably was checking me out on Friday.” “He may have thought you were attractive but that doesn’t mean that he has any intention of doing anything about it,” said Dennis. “Apart from the fact that he has a boyfriend, I’m sure he knows as well as I do the dangers of getting involved with a pupil.” “I understand that but it is nice to know that such a macho-looking guy is gay,” Billy said. “I wonder if he’s a top or a bottom.” “He said he’d like to screw the Chinese waiter so I think he’s a top,” said Dennis. “Interesting.” Bill smirked and added, “He likes guys with cute arses like mine.” “Don’t you start flirting with him!” Dennis said firmly. Billy laughed. “I am not stupid enough to do that. Anyway he’s probably like some of those bodybuilders. All muscles but a tiny cock.” Dennis couldn’t help smiling at that comment but he didn’t tell Billy that there was a very respectable bulge in Will’s speedos. *** The next few weeks passed quickly. Billy enjoyed the weekly drama classes and did well in improvisation work but still insisted he didn’t want to get more involved in amateur dramatics. Dennis spent some more of his free time with Will but Billy remained his priority. Then Rick set a date for a visit to Dennis and Billy asked his parents if he could spend the weekend with Dennis. “I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Karl. “I know you’ve met him but he’s Dennis’s friend and they probably want to have a few drinks and reminisce about old times. You need to allow Dennis to have some time on his own with this guy.” “I agree,” said Susan. “The last thing you want is to come between Dennis and one of his oldest friends.” “But Dennis wants me with him,” insisted Billy. “I will help him in the kitchen. Plus Rick has already said he is looking forward to seeing me again.” “They might just be trying to be polite,” Susan said. “But…” Billy couldn’t say that he was hoping for another threesome. “How about a compromise?” said Karl. “Allow Dennis and Rick to have time alone on Friday evening and then you can join them on Saturday. Maybe even stay overnight on Saturday if Dennis agrees.” Billy sighed but confirmed his agreement. When he told Dennis later, he was disappointed when Dennis thought it was a good idea. “Your parents are right, Billy. You know I love being with you but it would be nice to spend some time alone with Rick. He has been a big part of my life for a long time and I don’t like the thought of pushing him to the side.” Billy wanted to make a comment about Dennis probably having sex with Rick but he held back. “I don’t want to come between you,” he said. “You can have your time alone with him.” “Thanks, Billy. You can join us for lunch on Saturday and, if your folks agree, stay until after dinner on Sunday.” Dennis smiled and added, “I know Rick would be disappointed if he didn’t see you.” “Okay, my darling.” Billy smiled but he wasn’t going to tell his parents that they were correct. *** On the evening of Rick’s arrival, Billy spoke to him briefly on the phone after chatting to Dennis. Later in bed he wanked off thinking about Rick fucking Dennis and hoping that both men would fuck him the next day. Dennis brought Rick with him when he came to collect Billy on the Saturday morning. Susan was out shopping but Rick was introduced to Karl. Karl was initially surprised by the age difference between Rick and Dennis but he liked the man. As they were saying their goodbyes, Karl joked about the possibility of Billy being a nuisance and spoiling his weekend with Dennis. “Not at all, Karl,” said Rick. “You have raised a very fine young man. He is polite, intelligent, definitely good company. I always say being around younger people makes me feel younger.” “And I like being around older people,” said Billy. “You know I love being with you, Dad, and you are almost old enough to be Rick’s father.” “Hey, don’t be cheeky,” smiled Karl. “Yes, that was unkind,” said Dennis. “I was telling the truth but you can spank me later if you think it was unkind.” Billy winked at Dennis and added, “Let’s go.” As Karl watched the car drive off, he wondered if Billy and Dennis were into spanking games. After hugging and kissing Dennis, Billy’s first words when he reached the apartment were, “What’s for lunch?” “Rick brought some smoked salmon so I thought I’d use that in an omelette,” replied Dennis. “Is that okay with you?” “Sounds great,” Billy responded. “I would like to see how you make it.” Dennis turned to Rick and said, “Billy has had an interest in cooking since we visited you. He has cooked quite a few meals for me and his parents now.” “That’s good. Too few youngsters learn how to cook these days,” said Rick. “I want to eat healthily and stay fit,” Billy stated. “And that means I should know how to cook proper meals, not live on burgers and pizza.” “My Billy has brains as well as looks,” grinned Dennis. Rick nodded. “You can be proud of him.” The three guys chatted until the middle of the afternoon. Billy’s thoughts had turned to sex some time earlier and he finally decided it was time van escort to make a move. He lifted his head from Dennis’s shoulder and asked, “Did you really think I was disrespectful by telling Dad he was old enough to be Rick’s father?” “Well, it wasn’t very nice to remind him that he is so much older than us,” replied Dennis. “You wouldn’t like it if he referred to you as a kid, would you?” “No, that’s true,” agreed Billy. He stood up and went on. “I think you should spank and I will tell Dad that you punished me.” “I don’t think…” Dennis was interrupted. “I deserve to be spanked. A bare bum spanking,” Billy said firmly. Dennis realised what Billy was up to and smiled. “In front of Rick?” “Rick saw what I did so it’s only right that he should witness my punishment,” said Billy. Dennis winked at Rick. “Okay, Billy. Drop your trousers and bend over my knees.” He was giving Billy the option of keeping his underwear on. Billy looked at Rick out of the corner of his eye as he unfastened his trousers. He pushed them down his smooth legs, displaying a growing bulge in his briefs. His cock was semi-hard and horizontal when he pushed his briefs down. Billy took his time and his cock was pointing upwards when he settled himself across Dennis’s knees. “Such a nice bum,” Dennis said as he caressed the pale, nice-rounded buttocks. Then he raised his hand and brought it down sharply across the centre. Billy let out a soft moan but didn’t move. Dennis then spanked each buttock separately in quick succession, followed by another one across the centre. Dennis caressed the pink areas, saying, “Such a shame to mark this beauty but you are a naughty boy at times.” “I know and I will try to be a good boy in future,” said Billy. Dennis delivered two more spanks and then surprised Billy. “Rick, maybe you would like to give this naughty boy a few spanks.” “Do you think you deserve more, Billy?” Rick asked. “Erm…yes, sir,” replied Billy. “Go and bend over Rick’s knees,” Dennis told Billy. Billy blushed slightly as he stood up and revealed that there was now some pre-cum on his cockhead. He shuffled towards Rick with his briefs and trousers around his ankles, then stopped and removed them so that he was wearing nothing below the waist except socks when he positioned himself across Rick’s lap. Rick ran his hand over the firm young buttocks, soothing the warm skin. Then he gave Billy a few gentle spanks before saying, “Stand up in front of me.” Billy got to his feet and stood between Rick’s outstretched legs. “Now take the rest of your clothes off,” said Rick. Dennis was rubbing his own crotch as he looked on. He saw Billy eagerly strip off and noticed more pre-cum oozing from the boy’s piss-slit. Rick cupped Billy’s hairless balls and tugged them down. This pulled Billy’s cock back a little and Rick bent down to take it between his lips. Billy moaned softly as the man sucked and licked his throbbing cock. Dennis silently crawled behind Billy and startled him by gently running a finger up his arse crack. Billy then turned his head and smiled down at Dennis as he opened his legs wider. “Yeah, play with my pussy.” A loud whimper followed when the tip of Dennis’s finger poked at his hole. “You like having two men play with your naked body, don’t you?” said Dennis. “I love it,” replied Billy. He moaned again when Dennis spread his arse cheeks and then bent down to lick his hairless pink rosebud. With one man eagerly sucking his cock and another playing with his arsehole, Billy soon had to put his hands on Rick’s shoulders to steady himself. Moments later he cried, “I’m going to cum!” and then began spunking off in Rick’s mouth. Rick smacked his lips as he sat back in his chair. “You have the tastiest boy-cum,” he told Billy. “It is, and I want some of it too,” said Dennis. Billy laughed. “You’ll need to wait a bit until I can produce more.” “I don’t want to wait,” Dennis responded. “Go and bring me the vibrator. I’m sure Rick and I can encourage you to shoot another load.” Billy didn’t argue. He went off to fetch the vibrator and returned with some KY jelly as well. “How do you want me?” he asked as he gave the items to Dennis. “You cum quickest when your boy-pussy is receiving attention,” said Dennis. “Bend over and hold onto your knees.” Billy did as he was told with his cock half-hard once again, and Rick moved down on to the floor beside Dennis. Dennis used his hands to spread Billy’s arse cheeks and then licked at the pink pucker. Billy made some soft moans when Dennis began to tongue-fuck him. Rick watched for a few minutes and then said, “I’d like to eat him out.” Dennis pulled back and said, “Go ahead. He loves it.” Dennis watched Rick in action and then checked Billy’s cock. He wasn’t surprised to find him leaking pre-cum once again. He looked up into Billy’s grinning face. “Having fun?” Dennis asked. “It’s a nice beginning,” said Billy. “But I’m hoping to go home tomorrow with a sore, well-fucked pussy as well as drained balls. I didn’t have a wank this morning.” “Rick fucked me last night,” said Dennis. “We are both going to be fucking you for the next twenty-four hours.” “I like the sound of that!” declared Billy. Dennis smiled and turned back to Rick. “I think it’s time for the vibrator.” Rick sat back, his hands still holding the teen’s arse cheeks wide. “Yes. His little hole is open and ready for something yalova escort bigger inside it.” Dennis decided that Billy was wet enough to take the vibrator without needing lube. He rubbed the tip of the plastic tool gently up and down the crack before pushing it into the eager hole. “Hmm, yeah,” Billy said, pushing back onto it. He let out a whimper when Dennis switched the vibrator on and then shuddered when it touched his prostate. “He’s not going to last much longer,” Dennis told Rick. “You fuck him with this while I suck his cock.” Rick quickly took hold of the vibrator while Dennis moved to the front of the teenager. Billy straightened up and then placed his hands on Dennis’s head as soon as he had engulfed the wet, throbbing cock. The additional stimulation of Dennis’s mouth quickly took Billy over the edge. “I’m cumming!” he cried as he started shooting off for a second time. Dennis gulped down every drop, licked the cock clean and then smiled up at Billy. “How was that?” “Lovely,” grinned Billy. “Good. Now I want to fuck you,” said Dennis. “I hope I can get you to spunk off again while we put on a show for Rick.” Dennis stood and quickly undressed. Then he pulled Billy in for a long, passionate kiss. “I love you, Billy,” he said. Then he lowered his voice. “Are you really okay with me sharing you with Rick? It can just be the two of us if you prefer.” “I love you, Dennis. You will always be my number one,” smiled Billy. “But I get a special thrill from including Rick in our fun…from being `used’ as it were by two men.” Dennis smiled and kissed Billy again. “Okay, my darling. Down on your hands and knees,” he said, putting gentle pressure on Billy’s shoulders. Billy happily moved into a doggy position and smiled up at Rick while Dennis applied some KY jelly to his boy-pussy. Billy looked round at Dennis greasing up his cock and said, “I’m ready for it. Give me your cock and fuck me hard.” Billy cried out as the cockhead penetrated his sphincter but then pushed back letting Dennis know he wanted more. “Oooh, yes,” he said as the cock slowly slid inside. Rick finally let his cock free from the confinement of his underwear, his arousal having increased as he watched the fourteen-year old being impaled on the thick 24 cm (9.5 inch) cock. When Billy saw Rick’s cock, he licked his lips and said, “Please let me suck it.” Dennis smiled as he watched Billy take his friend’s cock between his lips, then he began to fuck with slow, regular movements. His hands moved from the teenager’s slim hips to seek out Billy’s erect nipples. Billy let out muffled squeaks as Dennis pinched and twisted his stiff little nubs. Dennis was fucking Billy faster and harder when his hands moved down, one hand squeezing and then wanking the rock-hard boy-cock while the other squeezed the hairless balls. Billy was in heaven and would no doubt have spunked off if he hadn’t just cum twice a short time earlier. He moaned around the cock in his mouth when Dennis let go. However his disappointment was short-lived as Dennis took hold of his waist and began to pound even harder. “I’m about to cum,” warned Dennis. Moments later he gasped and then started to shoot deep into Billy’s arse. Knowing what was happening, Rick pulled his cock from Billy’s mouth and sat back on the chair to watch. Billy whimpered as he surrendered to Dennis’s thrusts, certain that he could feel each burst of man-cream. Dennis bent forward to bite Billy’s shoulder and then nibble an earlobe. When his cock finally slid from Billy’s well-fucked hole, Dennis pulled Billy round so that he could kiss him. Then he dropped down and took the teenager’s cock into his mouth and quickly brought him to a climax. Billy moaned as he spunked off for the third time that afternoon. More kissing followed and when he remembered Rick, Billy found that the man had put away his cock. “Do you want to fuck me now, or have me suck you off?” he asked. “Later perhaps,” smiled Rick. “You need a rest now.” Billy returned the smile. “Okay, you can fuck me later. I’m sure Dennis will want to do it again.” Dennis nodded and pulled Billy onto his lap. “It’s a pity I didn’t get to see you playing Bottom in your school play,” said Rick. “However it’s been lovely seeing your bottom again today. Please remain naked until it’s time for you to go home.” Billy laughed. “Like in that painting over there?” Rick smiled. “I’d prefer to see you with a permanent erection like the painting in the bedroom.” “I think he’ll be stiff for much of the time,” Dennis said with a smile. “Now, Billy, I think you and I need to have a shower. Then you can help me prepare dinner.” “Okay, my dear,” said Billy. “I like showering with you.” *** Billy spunked off twice more that evening. The first time was hands-free after some prolonged foreplay and while being fucked at both ends. Then Rick filled him full of cum and Dennis took over. This time Dennis pulled out as his climax approached and give Billy `a facial.’ That surprised and impressed Rick. Billy wanked himself off with his face still covered in cum and shot another load over his body. “Isn’t that the sexiest sight you’ve ever seen?” Dennis asked Rick. “A beautiful, almost angelic boy, covered in spunk.” “It is. Almost worthy of an oil painting,” smiled Rick. “Don’t give him ideas!” laughed Billy. Dennis bent down and lifted Billy in his arms. “We’re going to shower and then go to bed. Help yourself to another drink or whatever you want from the kitchen. Goodnight, Rick.” “Goodnight, Rick,” said Billy. “Thanks for a lovely evening.” “Thank you and goodnight to you both,” responded Rick. To be continued