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birth-dayEvery once in a while my girlfriend Diana and I get together with Jeff,Tina, Matt and Jen for some fantastic group sex. When Diana told me lastWednesday that we would be seeing them on the coming (no pun intended) weekend,I knew something special was in store – it would be my birthday that Saturday.Jeff and Tina are, like Diana and myself, college students. Jeff is verylean and graceful, with jet-black hair and a nine-inch monster cock. Tinalooks almost like his sister – average height and slim build, with the sameebony hair, but *definitely* more feminine. Her hair reaches almost down toher slender hips and ass, her waist is a smooth, aerodynamic curve, and herbreasts are a gorgeous pink handful with small, sensitive nipples. She alsohas a pussy tighter than some asses I’ve had – I don’t know how Jeff fits histhing in there.Matt and Jen are a radically different couple. Matt is large – he’s notone of those body-building psychos you see on Muscle Beach, but he works outand his bulk shows it. He also plays for the rugby team at our school and hisrough style shows up in bed – all of us have come away from our group sessionswith bruises at least once. His cock is only five inches of average thickness,though. (I always secretly thought it funny that Jeff is about half of Matt’ssize, but has such a large cock, comparatively.) Jen is about as voluptuous asthey come – big, soft hips and 44DDD breasts, with plenty of sexy padding to boot. If you close your eyes during one of her blow jobs, you’ll also swearshe has a ten-inch tongue – she can use it well.Diana and I fall in between these other couples physically (and sometimesliterally). I am average height and build, not too bulky, but very toned. My hair is short, curly, and on the dark side of blonde. My cock is a healthysix-and-a-half inches and has seen some pretty amazing places – among them,every hole Diana’s got. My girlfriend is about 5’4″, with sunbleached brownhair. She’s a dancer, although this doesn’t make her quite as slim as Tina.She is, however, *very* strong and flexible, which makes her an absolutewonder in bed – we fuck every night, often more than once, and never seem to repeat the same position in any given week. (Do you know what you can *DO* witha woman who is able to put her legs behind her head and go down on herself?)Whatever happens in these six-way trysts – and plenty does – she’ll always bemy favorite.So, of course, I was hyper and quite erect as Diana and I drove to Tina’shouse early that Saturday morning. She rubbed my cock through my jeans allthe way ısparta escort there. I almost begged her to go down on me as I drove, but sherefused, telling me to save myself for the party.The truth was, I was disappointed (in the beginning). Through the morning we fucked and sucked through our usual variations. It was good, ofcourse, but nothing as spectacular as I’d hoped for. I was still with myfriends and having a great time, though, so when we took a break for lunch and birthday cake (all the men had come once and the women a bit more by thattime), I smiled and thanked them all. Diana laughed.”You haven’t even gotten your present yet, Cal.” And out of the cornerof my eye I saw her wink at someone.Just then Matt grabbed my hands and started tying my hands with one of Tina’s scarves. (It was *really* useless to fight a guy his size.) Tina gotbehind me and blindfolded me with another. Quickly, I was pushed to the bedroom floor and set on all fours. It was my turn to laugh. “Do I get myspankings now?”Everyone else in the room laughed, obviously with the benefit of knowingwhat was to happen next. One of the women then said, “you’ll get quite a bitmore than that!” Immediately someone pulled my head up and I felt a cock invading my mouth. That in itself was nothing new – I’d had both of the guyssuck my cock at one time or another, and i’ve blown both of them as well.But it *was* a turn-on to be bound and blindfolded while being taken this way.I knew immediately from the size of the tool I was sucking that it wasJeff’s. His first couple of strokes were short, but I quickly put my experienceto work and let that hard thing into my throat. This was no fancy blow job. His hands were locked behind my head and he was fucking my mouth like a cunt.Being so thoroughly *used* was causing my submissive side to send intenseerotic impulses to my cock, and I think he knew it. But then, as soon as hewas in, he was out.I put a confused look on my face, and stretched my neck to find my tastymeat-treat. Before I could speak, Matt quickly filled the space between my lips(although not as thoroughly as Jeff). He gave me a little more head room, soI sucked him like a pro, first taking him into my throat, then licking down hisshaft and teasing his balls with my tongue. The next time I took him into mymouth, he planted his cock firmly in me and grabbed my shoulders, holding mestill. It was then that I felt an unfamiliar pressure behind me. Jeff wasstuffing that monster into my ass, after I’d lubed it with my own saliva!I’d never had anything more escort ısparta than a finger up there, never before a cock, andI’d certainly never been treated to this kind of double-pump action before.As soon as Jeff had drilled himself into me up to his root, I moanedaround Matt’s cock – he liked that a lot. As they started pounding my faceand ass with all they had, I formed a mental picture of this scene. I almostcame just thinking about it.My reaction must have been noticeable, because Tina commented that myrod was throbbing visibly. I then felt a hand wrap around my cock. I reallywent to work then, meeting Jeff’s thrusts behind me, also with the intent offucking the hand encircling my glans. A few thrusts more, and I felt the verytip of a tongue tickling my spearhead. I started furiously thrashing my hipsthen, paying no mind to the slight soreness in my virgin asshole. I needed anorgasm in the worst way!It must have been Diana working my cock, though, because as soon as I wasnear coming, she knew when to stop. I almost cried – I was desperate to come.I was soon consoled by Matt’s pleasured yelps and rough pounding as he splashedmy tongue and throat with his come. I swallowed it all and sucked until I wassure there was no more. Jeff slowed his pace a little while Matt pulled out,and I smelled the aroma of fresh pussy.When my blindfolded face was pushed downward, I knew exactly what to do -as Jeff resumed ramming at full speed, pushing my face into what I knew must beJen’s snatch. She wrapped her soft thighs around my ears and dug her heels into my back, and rode my face to multiple orgasms, until an eternity later, when I finally felt the liquid fire of Jeff’s climax where I’d never felt it before. I asked him not to pull out just yet, as I loved the feeling of hiscock going limp in my ass.After he’d pulled out, I was lifted to the bed. Dying for an orgasm, Iimmediately started to stroke myself with my bound hands, but this was onlyallowed for a few seconds. My hands were rapidly removed from my starved cock,untied, and then retied to the corners of Tina’s four-poster. My feet weregiven a similar treatment, my blindfold was removed, and everyone left exceptmy girlfriend. She came to the bed, gave me a deep French kiss, and snuggled close to me. “Baby -“She put a finger to my lips. “Shhh. Don’t bother, you’re not gettinganything. You’re going to lie here and cool off until we’re ready for you.”With that she took my cock into her throat and ground her nose into my pubichair. I had time to moan her name twice before she took ısparta escort bayan away her wet, snugpussy-mouth and bounced out of the room, giggling.I heard nothing outside the room and assumed that they’d all gonedownstairs. I did cool off, though – I think I almost feel asleep. When Iheard my friends approaching again I noticed that my cock was sagging slightlyand that my balls hurt quite a bit. The soreness in my asshole had subsided,though. And then I saw my five friends come in, grinning.To start off, I was given a show. We all watched my girlfriend get onher knees, looking very submissive, and suck Jeff’s huge cock. If she’d evergiven a better blow job, she’d saved it for me. His moans had us all turned on.After a few minutes of this, Matt came over and lifted my body like a doll,giving Jeff enough room to slip under my bound form, face-up. By the time hishard knob was positioned against my rear hole, I was fully hard again, and whenhe finally pushed himself in all the way, I was as turned on as I’d beenearlier. Next, Matt knelt on the pillows next to my head and hand-fed me hisstubby tool. I didn’t mind another dose of this treatment at all. I never hadany idea that this scenario of being taken by men while in bondage would be sucha turn-on for me.As Matt and Jeff found their rhythm, I felt the ladies’ hands and mouthsstart to play over my body. The mattress sagged between my legs, and I feltsomeone kissing my thighs. Before I knew it, I was being treated to one of Jen’s famous blow jobs. This was such an amazing high – having my mouth and assstuffed *full* of cock, being treated by this oral genius, and having two morewomen grind their pussies on my leg while being paying attention to my tinglingflesh. I didn’t think I’d last long, but Jen slowed down at the critical moment every time. After what must have been an hour of this, I heard Dianawhisper, “now.”Within three seconds of that whisper, Matt made me a gift of another mouthful of come. Immediately afterward, Jeff screamed in my ear and shot hisload as far up my ass as he could drive it. Then Diana and Tina each bit oneof my nipples, *hard*, causing my to cry out, as Jen drove her lips down myshaft to meet my balls.I had never had an orgasm so intense that I passed out, but this one didit. It only took me a couple of seconds to recover, and when I did, Jen was still using her tongue to play with my cock, and everyone was kissing and caressing my face and body. Diana was resting her head on my chest, playing with my chest hair, and humming the tune to “Happy Birthday.”Later that night, back at my place, when Diana was sucking my cock likeonly she could and probing my still-tender ass with her finger, I reminded herthat her birthday was less than a month away. I felt her shudder gently.I hope I gave her a scare.