Birthday For Janet – Part Five

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This is Number Five in Birthday For Janet, there will be several more to come before I start on some of my other incest family sex stories.After Hilda and Mavis left, Laura said, “Now the real party can begin!” She, Janet and Megan sat there just a minute or so, looking at me. Megan came over to me. “Grandpa, I have never learned to swim, Will you teach me?”I jumped up and took her hand and led her to the pool. “Megan, I want to teach you all sorts of things besides how to swim!” I saw Laura and Janet snicker, they understood what I really meant.I took Megan down into the water, she clung on to me. When I was chest deep, I held out my arms and had her lay across them, face down. Her breasts on my left arm and hips over my right. I told her to kick her legs and stroke with her arms. Just looking down at her bikini clad ass cheeks caused my Greek istanbul travesti god to take over my now raging cock.As she moved her left arm back and forth, her hand began to occasionally brush against my trunks over my erect cock. Then more and more it happened until she quit kicking and lay there holding on to my covered cock. I shifted so that only my hands were supporting her. I began rubbing her pubic area and cupping her tits in her bra.She smiled up at me. My left hand found its way inside her bra. I was cupping the bare flesh of a tit that just barely filled my palm, just the size that I loved. I was using my fore finger and thumb to tweak her nipple into hardness. With my right hand, I worked my fingers inside the bikini bottom. I could feel her pussy hair and lips. There was a wet slickness that was not pool istanbul travestileri water. My cock head was now above the waist band of my trunks. Her hand was now in direct contact with my cock. Her smile turned into the grin of a pussy cat with canary feathers in its mouth.Who was really doing the seducing?Laura and Janet were now sitting on the pool edge. They could clearly see what was going on. Megan had loosened the ties to her bikini and bra as I got them away from her body. She clung to me as I pushed my trunks down and kicked them off. Her tiny tits were mashed against my chest as we began French kissing. My engorged cock was now pressed against her pussy.Laura said, “Let’s take this into my bedroom so we all can get real comfortable!” She gave me a giant bath towel as I carried Megan out of the pool. travesti Janet used it to try and dry the water off Megan and me, as much as she could as we entered the house. “Grandpa, Megan told me that she wanted to give her pussy to you as her present for your birthday.”I laid her on the king size bed. I looked at the naked body of Megan. The pair of beautiful small tits high on her chest, just like the way I like to see tits. Then there was her gorgeous red haired pussy. I looked at that naked female with all the lust in my body.Laura and Janet had stripped and were also naked. They began having lesbian sex in the way of two females.I knelt beside Megan, I kissed her tits, trying to suck an entire tit into my mouth as my tongue worked her tasty nipple . She was jacking my cock. She had to release me as I started to kiss down her belly to get to that glorious promised land. She spread her legs to allow my mouth, lips and tongue access to her virgin portal. My nose burrowed into that soft, curly red pussy hair. The swim had not washed away the aroma of an aroused pussy. It made my cock even harder as it throbbed in anticipation.