Birthday Surprise

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I wrote this years ago for a partner of mine. I’ll be doing a bit of editing but the story is mostly untouched other than changing things to protect the innocent, and even those who aren’t.

A soft, dreamy kiss gently pulls me from my sleep. As soon as my lips start to glide along yours, kissing back softly but hungrily, you break the kiss and step back.

I had kept my eyes closed trying to prolong the kiss but slowly open them to find you in your white floral peasant dress. It’s light, fresh, happy, and kind of reminds me of springtime. It fits the inner you as well as your shapely body, and has always been one of my favorites. I love how it exposes your shoulders and is cut low enough to show your chest, some of the swell of your breasts, and leaves just enough of your legs bare to be flirty. You smile and run your fingers through my hair and request I wear a skirt today.

As you turn and walk from the room I say to your retreating form “Good morning Darling, happy birthday, I love you.” Stretching, I feel the silky sheets slide along my skin, causing little tingles all over before I roll out of bed.

I quickly slip on a pink g-string with a heart on the front, the short little red dress you bought me long ago that I know you like, and the black heels I seem to always wear these days.

When I came out of the bedroom your eyes sweep me from head to toe and back, causing a smile to come to your face. Putting your hand out as if you want something makes me ask “What?” I’m not sure why but I’m starting to get fidgety, suspecting you’re up to something.

You smile “That’s not exactly a skirt, but it’ll do just fine, and you know how much I like that dress.” You wiggle your fingers “Gimme the panties, Love.”

I blush madly, knowing that it’s going to be one of THOSE days. The days where you show me the most wonderful, sexy, fun things. I start to tremble inside, wondering if it shows outside too. Reaching under my dress I slide the waistband over my hips and down. I feel my nipples harden, my body tingle, and naturally I’m already well on my way to being wet. We’ve had our moments of playtime. You can’t orgasm with me, you never figured out how to share that and not violate your own code of ethics, and it’s fine with both of us.

You smile at me. Looking at the tiny garment in my hand, your brown eyes soft and loving as they look down into mine “Nervous, Love?”

My fingers play with the slippery material before I finally hand them over “A little, more excited than anything. Though at the moment it feels more like it’s my birthday than yours.”

You reach for my hand, eyes sparkling and lead me to the kitchen. Handing me a clear bottle that I notice has no label you say “You can drink that on the way to breakfast.” You give my hand a tug as you head to the door.

I gulp, my mouth going dry, my cheeks flushing even more “Aaabbbbyyyyyyy…” To say I’m surprised would be like saying that I merely like you… No panties is blushy material, but I’ve got a really good idea what’s in this bottle as I open the seal and start to drink.

I’m in a daze all through breakfast. You ordered for both of us, and though I seem to recall there was quite a bit more food than normal, I couldn’t say what it was, or where you took us. Is the back of my skirt going to be stained when I get up? Maybe I should have sat my bare little butt on the seat instead and just left a wet spot… Either way, I’m going to wind up embarrassed. I look at you, and you know exactly what you’re doing, you planned the whole thing, and I love you dearly for it.

When we get home, you take me to the bedroom and I watch you bunch the skirt of your dress up around your waist exposing your lovely legs. I’m kind of surprised, usually you wear stockings or thigh highs, something to adorn those lovely legs. But not today. Today they’re bare, just an expanse of delicious skin that I want to kiss, and nibble… You sit on the bed, spread your legs, and pat your left thigh “Straddle.”

Your smile is all the incentive I need. I sit, legs folding under me on the bed beside yours, my mound and bottom resting on your warm, smooth thigh, my inner thighs pressing against your leg.

“Go on, you know what a horny little thing you are.” Your eyes sparkle and your voice is light and so happy “I love you… Rub against me, but don’t you dare cum!”

It’s getting harder for me… I want this. I want to share. I want to be sexy with you, but it’s so one sided, or feels like it now. Can I kiss you? The lines of what I can do without causing you stress, for doing something so wonderful for me are so blurry at times. I nibble on my lip and start to merely shift my weight, pressing further forward, then back, not even enough to be seen but your smile tells me you feel it. I feel like I’ve been on edge for hours… Maybe I have, when exactly did you start this with a simple kiss? What time was it? WHO CARES??? I laugh at myself for having rational thoughts at the moment and not merely existing in the here and now. My eyes close a little, the heat building inside bahis şirketleri me, my hips starting to roll more noticeably now. I can feel the slickness I’m leaving on your thigh, and blush.

Your hands rub my thighs and you smile at me, whispering “Good girl.” Oh how I love to hear that from you, it makes me so happy…

“Are you my little slut, Love?”

I fidget and look down to your chest, but nod. It’s not an ugly word, the way we use it at times like this. It’s more of a naughty word for sexy, naughty, or playful. Maybe all of those at once.

“Then show me. Go ahead… I love you.”

I look down into eyes filled with love. I want to feel your hands all over me, but can’t ask. I don’t want to chance messing up what we have by being greedy for more, and more, and more. I take a deep breath, my body tingling all over. Little shivers run up my spine and as I let out my breath, I also let myself go and start to grind against your thigh. I want to touch you… Kiss, hold… But I keep my hands to myself.

“There she is, there’s my slutty good girl.” I can see the happiness in your eyes. My hands move, fidgeting around my tummy, wanting to touch… Your simple nod is enough encouragement and I slide my hands up the front of my dress. My fingers instantly find my nipples through the material. Arching from my arousal and pinch, my back arches as I grind against you. I suddenly realize I’m lost in my pleasure, head tilted upwards, and eyes closed… I’ve lost you. I want to share this with you so I force my eyes open and head to tilt down so I can see you to share the pleasure you’re giving me. I’m getting so close now, and want to take you with me to experience that wonderful sensation as I fall over the edge into orgasmic bliss. At that moment my tummy gurgles, my body freezing in position. I feel a large shift inside me, and I remember what I drank what seems like a lifetime ago.

You look at me and giggle “Something wrong, Love?” Then you pout adoringly at me “Awwww, you forgot all about my special present already? We were having so much fun, do you really want to stop now?”

I WHINE in protest, my own little fetish is now standing solidly between me and the orgasm my body desires so badly. My voice is faltering, shaky “Maybe…” I work my overheated sex against your leg but your hands come to my hips and hold, causing me to still.

“Don’t you dare! I told you no cumming. And if you have an accident on me, I’m NOT going to be happy.”

My whine turns into a long, drawn out groan of protest. I know it’s merely a delay… The play will go on, and it’ll be better, but it’s so hard to get this close and back away. I wrap my arms around you and hug you tightly, feel your arms encircle me, and hold me close as you whisper “I love you.” yet again.

“I love you too.”

“Do you need to go potty?”

I laugh a little “You know I do. You know I know what you had me drink, and we both know exactly what it does.”

You simply nod and give my bottom a swat “Get up then, I left a surprise for you under the sofa cushion.” Your eyes sparkle with love, and playfulness.

I know you won’t find sexual release with me but we’re still enjoying each other. I’m happy to share this experience with you giving back as much as I can for the wonderful thing you’re doing for me now, and always do by having me be such an intimate, special part of your life.

I stand on legs that have gone rubbery and you point to your thigh “Definitely a messy little slut.”

I stick my tongue out at the teasing catching a double meaning about messy. Whether or not you intended it that way I have no idea. I give my hips a little extra sway as I walk and feel more shifting inside me. I need to hurry now. I reach under the cushion and am not at all surprised when I feel a diaper there and pull it out.

Slinking back to you with diaper in hand I merely stand there, hands in front of me, feeling rather vulnerable. If you tried, I know you could hurt me now, in the state I’m in, and know I’ll be even more vulnerable soon.

You smile and indicate for me to resume my place on your thigh “Do you like your surprise?”

I fidget as I sit again, diaper still held in my hands, smiling shyly “Yes… I do. The whole day has been a lovely surprise considering it’s YOUR birthday, Darling.”

You once again ignore my comment about your birthday and reply “No, it’s not that easy, Love. Do you like the surprise you’re holding in your hands?”

I swallow as you tease me. Is this submission, or is this fun play with a little extra zing? “Yes Darling, I do.”

“Since it’s clothing, wouldn’t it be polite to model it for me?”

You’re having way too much fun with this. I’m tempted to say as much but it might break the mood “Yes… Would you put it on for me?”

You let out a happy little laugh that makes me blush to my toes “What’s the magic word, my lovely little slut?”

I don’t feel so slutty at the moment, I’m starting to feel mouthy, and can think of a lot of ‘magic’ words. But again I don’t want to ruin the mood bahis firmaları and I want to continue where you’re going with this precious gift you’re giving me so I take a deep breath and let it out slowly watching you watching me. More than anything, I want to make you happy, and whisper “Please?”

Your bright smile makes me feel so good inside “Good girl, now put it all together.”

Now is this is submission? It feels more like it, but I’m enjoying it. It’s playful, not threatening. Does it matter what you call it? When you remove the label it’s really two people making love.

“A slut would be happily grinding her sexy little body against me, but you’re barely moving. You’re thinking way too much. Perhaps you’d like to stop and have a nice chat instead?”

I realize I have. I’ve been thinking WAY too much, my eyes going wide “Abby, Love, would you please put this diaper on me?” As I say it I can feel my arousal heightening again, the slut is coming back. In spades.

You take the diaper from my hands smiling as you unfold it “That’s better. That’s my good, naughty girl that I love. Is this what you want?”

I whisper “Yes.”

“Louder, Love, and where did your manners go?”

I feel another shift in my tummy, and now I have to clench my bottom to make sure I don’t have an accident “Please! Yes, please!” This is embarrassing, and yet it’s so intimate and I want to share this vulnerable part of me with you.

You smile “Much better.” Setting the diaper down you say “We’ll get back to that in a minute.” Your hands go to hem of my dress and start to lift “Arms up, Love.”

I raise my arms and you slide my dress up and off. The material sliding over my body sets me on fire, my skin tingling from my waist all the way to my neck. My hard, sensitive nipples in constant contact with the gliding material make me shiver and writhe. You laying it aside “There, isn’t that better? Wouldn’t want you getting it all sweaty, would we? Lift up now.”

I do as you say and raise up, kneeling over your thigh and gazing into your eyes. As you feed the material between my legs it touches along my exposed lips and thighs, making me shiver. My squirming sets off another shift inside me and I whimper.

“Getting close?”

I nod “Yes. I…”

You giggle as you pull the material up around my hips “You… What?”

I look at the white between my legs which is now a barrier between our bodies. I want to touch you too… I’m such a greedy little thing.

You fasten the tapes, holding the diaper on and look up at me, smiling “Relax. I love you. Everything’s OK.”

I look down at you, and start to nibble on my lip. Settling back against your thigh, which is spreading the cheeks of my bottom isn’t helping my situation any. The weight pressing against my mound isn’t helping either. I whisper, eyes searching yours, feeling kind of helpless at the moment “You know what you’re going to get, don’t you?”

You reach up and lightly caress my hard nipples sending chills through me “Yes, the best thing you could give me for my birthday… You.”

I let out a soft groan, squeezing my bottom closed again and smile as a thought flashes through my mind “You’ve had me for a long time, Love. I’m going to be stinky, and I know that it bothers you…” My voice is getting softer… Higher, plaintive. I’m a little scared, I’ve never shared this with you, not in person, I don’t want you to think badly of me!

“I don’t care, this is something I want you to share with me at least this once.” You ruffle my hair which I thoroughly enjoy.


Caressing my cheek with the backs of your fingers you whisper “I gave you the special drink, didn’t I? Shhh… I love you. Relax, turn your mind off. Let your body go, and just…” You giggle “Dooo as you need to, and share with me.”

I nod, my hands resting on your shoulders, wanting as much connection as I can get with you. I’m still a little scared, I’ve never done this with anybody. My hips start their slow bucking again, now rubbing against the diaper which is much less enjoyable than when I was rubbing on your warm, smooth thigh. I drift into a bit of a dream, still looking deep into your eyes, hips rocking slowly forward and back.

My eyes go wide as I feel myself clinch for what I know is the last time. I can barely contain the mess inside me. My mouth opens and I start to pant, my tummy cramping a bit as I refuse to give in.

You stare deep into my eyes and your hands go to my waist, holding me tightly “You want this. You know you do. I want it too. Just… Let… Go… I love you…”

I finally do, I give up and relax. Sucking and biting on my lip, eyes still fixed on yours, I finally release the built up pressure into the diaper.

I can see it in your eyes, you can feel the warmth and weight against your leg and smile at me “Good girl… Is that all of it?”

I blush brightly and shake my head “Noooo…” I stiffen and lift up a little. With the slightest of pushes I add more filling, and smile shyly, feeling relieved that you don’t seem grossed kaçak bahis siteleri out.

Your smile turns into a grin “Now?” You move one hand from my hips and give a teasing, playful, soft push on my tummy.

I feel another shift, and simply relax, no pushing necessary. I can’t believe how much has come out of me, it’s amazing.

You shake your head “So much for such a small girl. Are you finally through making potty pants?” You give another little push on my tummy.

I smile again, and nod “I think so, Love…” Your push on my tummy causes a little shift but it doesn’t seem to be anything that will come soon.

You let out a happy little laugh and hug me to you “OK, now… Be a good girl, rub, my lovely little slut.”

I nod, feeling very shy, but aroused too. I want to touch… I want to hold… But I want to share too, so I look into your eyes as I lower myself back to your thigh. I squirm as the mess presses against me and look at you “But…”

I’d swear I see just a hint of irritation in your pretty brown eyes “Hush. How many times do I have to tell you to turn your mind off and let go?” You soften immediately “Shhh… Relax, Love, I’ve got you. Quit worrying so much. Yes, I know your pants are FULL, if need be we’ll cleanup later.” Your voice softens even further and takes on an almost dreamy singsong quality to it “Now shhh… Relax… Enjoy…”

I simply nod and whisper, my eyes lidded with love and arousal too “I love you…” I sit, and arch my back, starting to rock, feeling the slippery cheeks of my bottom part, then as I start to roll my hips, my mound and finally clit come into contact and receive pressure against the material that separates the dirty girl from the clean one.

You kiss me as I continue to work my body against yours, my hands going to my own breasts, teasing, lifting, lightly pinching. Your tongue teases my lips which I gladly part, my eyes looking into yours as we share a soft, intimate, linger kiss that I’m so hungry for and steals my breath away.

I let out a whimper into your mouth, getting closer to the edge that I can see coming. You break the kiss and look at me smiling, your own cheeks flushed “Yes, that’s my girl. Let it out.”

It’s so easy… That’s all it takes and I arch, pressing the entire length of my body against yours, letting out a long, drawn out groan. I keep my eyes open as I cum, and cum, the lids fluttering, drooping, even closing momentarily but I managed to share…

I relaxed a bit, panting and trying to regaining my breathing. My hips have slowed but they refuse to stop.

You smile from ear to ear “How lovely… Thank you…” Your hands are still on my hips and give me a squeeze, eyes sparkling “More?”

The look in your eyes tells me you’re having as much fun as I am. This isn’t just you giving me a gift, I’m giving you one too. It’s not so one sided as I had thought. My revelation at such a simple thing leaves me so happy I could explode. So light and playful, enjoying the loving we’re sharing to its fullest. My eyes sweep down your body. I’d swear your cheeks are flushed, nipples tenting your dress. Could it be that you’re excited too? My lips find yours for a soft kiss, and I feel shivers running the length of my still heated body as I answer your question “Yes, please, may I have another?” My breathing is still a bit labored but at least I’ve quit panting quite so hard.

You smile from one ear to the other “Oh what lovely manners. Of course you may, my little slut!” Your hand slides down between us. The lids droop just a little over those lovely, loving brown eyes of yours before your hand appears again. A single slender finger glistening in the soft light is evidence that as I suspected, you’re aroused, and more than just a little “This is as far as I can go, Love.” You move your finger to my lips and whisper “I love you, relax, enjoy, share with me.”

I don’t hesitate for even a moment as my lips close greedily on your finger. My cheeks hollow with suction, tongue swirling, trying to get EVERY bit of your essence, this wonderful gift, from your finger. Your eyes have captivated me. I can see the love in them: the affection, the depth of your feelings for me, and the passion that you wish to share, are sharing with me. My hands go to my breasts trying to cum as quickly as I can instead of dragging it out like I want to, knowing that the smell must be bothering you now. I can smell my mess, but for me it’s not strong, and it’s adding to my arousal.

It takes longer this time, my bucking, writhing body starting to shine with sweat. At the last moment I slip my arms around you and hold tight as I’m swept away again. I bury my head on your shoulder: body locked, vibrating, shuddering, I scream my passion into your neck.

You hold my hot, wet, limp, quivering body to you as my breathing goes from completely erratic tiny little gasps of life giving air; to panting; and finally quick deep breaths. You never let go, your arms never relax, and you rub my back the entire time. I leave my head on your shoulder and start to purr when my breathing allows. I mumble stuttering, breathless little “Thank you, Love”s and “Happy birthday”s into your neck, giving you a soft kiss there each time. When I remember that I have hands, I start to rub your back as well.