Black Dog Unchained – Chapter Two

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As Dave released his fucked wife from the stocks, his mind went back to the day before, when this adventure began. Their sex life had gone from vanilla to bondage and submission. They had entered a sex shop for the first time and been subjected to the humiliation of submission by the young shop owner, now known as Mistress Sarah. Both had felt the sting of her riding crop, and Sarah had had her cunt violated with a huge strap-on dildo, plus her nipples clamped. Now it was to be Dave’s turn to be used in any way Mistress Sarah decided.“Stand in front of me. I want to examine the goods,” Sarah instructed Dave.Janet, still flushed from her recent orgasm, smiled as she watched her embarrassed husband self-consciously cover his privates with his hand and stand before the leather-clad shop owner.The blow on the back of his hand caused Dave to yelp in pain as the riding crop struck it hard.“Move your hand, worm!” Sarah snarled, “I want to almanbahis see that pathetic excuse for a cock before I decide if it warrants my attention.”Dave moved his hands and allowed Sarah to see his half-hard cock hanging down.“Let’s see if we can make that lump of fuck meat stand to attention, shall we?” The lust in her voice caused a shiver of excitement to course through Janet as she realised both of them were now totally in Sarah’s control.Dave gave a gasp and his cock stiffened as Sarah ran the tip of the riding crop down his chest, over his belly and along the shaft of the now-hard cock.Sarah smiled at him. His eyes were closed and his mouth, open, as the leather end of the crop did its work. Just a little longer, she thought to herself as his cock twitched under the crop’s touch. Just a little longer. Yes, there we are. The first bead of precum oozed from the hole in the swollen gland.When the blow came, he felt as though his almanbahis yeni giriş whole body had been electrocuted, so sharp was the pain. Like a bee sting, it tore through his groin. The effect was exactly the one Sarah wanted. The cum stopped, but instead of softening, his cock seemed to swell even further.“Lie there, face down,” Sarah ordered, pointing to a narrow, padded bench that had a hole in the centre. “Now, you wimp, and push your useless fuck meat down through the hole.”Janet watched, fascinated, as her husband meekly obeyed their new mistress.“And you, slut, will kneel under the table and lick him, but if you let him cum before I say so I will cane your tits and cunt until you beg for mercy.” Sarah spat the words at Janet.Satisfied her two subs were under her control, she handed Janet a shot glass. “When I say, and not before, you will wank the spunk out of his cock and fill this glass. Don’t you dare spill a almanbahis giriş drop. I have a use for it.”Then, turning her attention to Dave, she knelt on the bench with the strap-on cock inches from his arse and said, “Now…you like to fuck arseholes. Let’s see how you like yours violated.”Dave shuddered as he felt two lubed fingers push into his arse and start a slow, rhythmic fucking. At the same time, he felt Janet’s tongue run over the swollen head of his exposed cock.Before Dave had time to react, the two fingers in his arsehole were replaced by the large false cock sinking deep inside his rectum.Although, being under the bench, Janet could not see Sarah starting to fuck her husband’s arse, the groan he emitted left her in no doubt that the sudden shock and pain had now been replaced by a feeling of intense pleasure, a fact reinforced by the swelling and twitching of his cock as she fought to keep it in front of her face.Sarah loved the feeling of power she had over the prostrate man lying beneath her as she fucked him with fast, vigorous thrusts. She also knew from experience he would not be able to stop himself from emptying his balls for much longer.