Blackmailing my Mom

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Blackmailing my MomIt all started when I watched my dad fuck my mom.They watched porn together and imitated the positions and i even saw my mom drinking my dad’s cum. Unfortunately my father has to go overseas to work leaving my horny mom alone. One day I have left our house for school but i forgot something very important inside my room.The house was not locked so I was able to enter our house silently. Then I heard mom’s voice from her room. I took a peek from the door and saw my mother masterbating using a carrot.Shes sliding it in and out of her pussy moaning very load. I knew i couldnt catch her like this always so I video her. I thought of her all day, her moans and her wet pussy. Then I thought of something brilliant why not blackmail her with the video. My first step was to put a letter in our mailbox with a cd of her video and a small bottle of semen in it.Letter:Hello Mrs******Thanks for the show yesterday, your moans were great! I wish I could hear them again. Here is a video of your show, if you dont want this to spread in the internet and for your son to see this, open your gate and door tomorrow, wear a blindfold adiosbet yeni giriş then lay down in your sofa , 11 am . Dont tell anyone about this or this will spread. Dont worry you’ll enjoy what we will be doing too since your a slut. I have camera all over the place so dont do anything.Oh yeah drink my semen in the bottle i put theresee you tomorrow:)I saw her read the letter, her face were red and she was shivering. She went to her room and turned on the computer. I followed her, she tested the cd and found out that the sender really has the video, she then got the bottle and sniffed it. She opened it and drank it all , I saw my mom drink my com it made me very turned on. Tomorrow came, it was saturday, she told me to go somewhere and dont go home until 6pm . I pretended to go somewhere but i just got ready for the best day of my life. The time came, I saw her wearing blindfold and laying down in the sofa. That was my cue i entered the house turned on my camera and set it. I changed my voice and told her “Ready?” I then touched her big tits and licked her neck. She just kept quiet while i striped her. I removed adiosbet giriş her her underwear and i put her hand in my dick and asked for a handjob. I cant believe my hot mom is giving me handjobs. I then asked for a blowjob, her mouth was very wet and warm, and her tounge swirling it was awesome. I came inside her mouth and i saw her greedily eat it. I then fucked her pussy, her pussy’s not shaved.It was very tight and hot. It was the best! I fucked her hard and made her cum times. I came inside her 3 times. I then told her to do this the day after again. She followed all my instructions she did anal with me, we did it outside. Then i got an idea. I sent again a letterDear my sex slave, i have a command to you. I want you to fuck your son tonight and video it. I want you to be very seductive and wear a sexy underwear. Then in our next meeting give it to me. I wanted my mom to fuck me in my son form, i want to see her reactions from her sons cock.All throughout that day she looks confused and problemed. Night came, and she told me she wants me to go to her room. Iwas very nervous and excited about it. She then adiosbet güvenilirmi told me that she was lonely and needed a man as a substitute to my father. She begged and said that she was very horny and didnt want any other man fuck her. I agreed. She started to strip, she looks very embarrassed of what she is doing. She told me to suck her nipples and finger her as she hold my big cock. she gave me a blowjob and then we fucked. I came inside her mouth, pussy and ass. Morning came and she told about her blackmailer and what they have been doing. Ikept my mouth shut and listened. She told me that her blackmailer told her to fuck her son every night. I got shocked because i didnt told her that. But I was happy because it seems like she really loves fucking her son. I continued to fuck her as her son and her blackmailer until i had an idea againI saw the pictures of your sister and friends. I would like to see them fuck. Tell them your situation and then fuck your son againI always liked my aunt and my mom’s friend they have great body. My mother told me about the letter and told me to help her convince them. I had n choice but to help her. They all agreed and fucked me i enjoyed all of their bodies. we had threesomes and we participated in orgys and other group sex My mom confessed that she really enjoyed fucking me and her blackmailer. we all had alot of fun even if my father returned