Blinded Pleasure

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All day you wondered what I was getting you for your birthday. We went out to dinner, came home, and went into our bedroom, and still I had not given you a present. I knew you were getting impatient, so I told you that it was now time. I brought out a box, you opened it and pulled out a blindfold. You asked why and I told you to wait and see and to strip down to your underwear then kneel on the bed. I tied the blindfold around your head covering your eyes, kissed you and then waved in my surprise.

She came in from her secret hiding place waiting in the spare bedroom. She was wearing a sexy pair of black underwear, stockings, and nothing else. My dick got instantly hard. This was the first time I had ever seen her naked. Your birthday surprise was all her idea, I agreed with her when she explained her plan. Your best friend had a night of orgasms planned for you.

She quietly came over to the bed. You got confused and excited when you smelled her perfume and felt her crawl onto the bed next to you. I got on the bed on the other side of you and kissed your neck. She kissed your cheek while simultaneously pushing her soft hand into your panties in order to touch your secret place. You moaned out loud which excited her and I to move on.

Your soon-to-be new lover put a finger to your lips to ease your breathing for a second. She leaned in and slowly moved her mouth towards yours. She created electricity between the two of you as you felt the soft lips of a female for the first time. Your heart was beating quickly because you knew this would be a night of many new ‘firsts’ for you

I watched as she moved down, covering your body with kisses. Your neck, your collarbone and then down to your breasts. She took the closest one between her teeth and gave a nibble and a small tug. That brought out a small gasp from you. Your unknown assailant knew how to get you excited!

She moved lower with her kisses until she reached your panties. Again, she used her teeth but this time she was more aggressive. The fabric lost the battle as I heard them begin to rip. You felt her hands grip one side of your panties and I the other. We combined to destroy them, ripping them off you in a show of primal lust. You didn’t complain but continued your moans of pleasure and surprise.

We gently laid you on the bed. Your naked body looked sexy lying between her and I. Our eyes met as we both looked down at you and smiled knowing the devious thoughts we had planned for you that night. You felt the bed move as her and I both headed south. Your legs began to separate as an invitation to us. Our two mouths began fighting to reach you, to savor you, to taste you, to please you. Our tongues met at your center.

You touched my hand and I understood the message you were sending. ankara moldovyalı escortlar I moved up the bed to find your lips, as I left our guest to please you alone. Your kiss was full of lust and passion; without words it said, “Thank you for the birthday present.” I responded with equal passion as if to say, “Enjoy my love.”

My “gift” ignored our kissing and began her own lip-to-lip action. Not being gentle, her tongue plunged in without hesitation or any playtime. She knew what she wanted you to feel and how to get you there. Being blindfolded and not being able to see who was pleasing you only increased your pleasure. The enthusiasm for what this woman was doing to you was being heard in your loud moans. Given this, I walked away to let you enjoy your gift, alone.

I got down and watched closely as this woman’s tongue slid roughly over your clit. It was incredible to hear the ecstasy escape from your lips every time she touched you. She was pulling every ounce of pleasure out of you through that little sensitive spot. I was learning a lot just by admiring how this female controlled you. You kept begging for more, but she knew how to torture you with her stimulations. Her lesson to me was to take and do what I wanted, and your pleasure would be the result.

One hand was busy with three fingers inside you while her other hand was reaching back to open herself up as an invitation to me. I was as hard as a rock looking at you lying there enjoying all that this woman was doing for and to you. You were still blind due to the blindfold, yet more so due to the orgasm that was looming. I knew what I wanted; I needed my cock inside her.

The head of my penis began to enter her at the same time that I heard your cry of ecstasy. Your body was shaking amid your first orgasm of the night. I didn’t stop moving forward until I was fully enveloped inside our guest. She moaned into your pussy. There was no way you didn’t hear her or guess what was happening, but in the middle of this experience, you didn’t care. What I was doing to your ‘gift’ was unimportant as long as she never left your southern lips.

Your “gift” was ready to move to the next level, so I withdrew my penis from her warm center. I stepped back to enjoy the view one more time. Her ass was near perfect. The combination of her open anus and pussy together made me wish I began with my mouth instead of my dick. She looked good enough to eat and I wish I had. I promised myself that this night would not end before my own tongue explored that beautiful territory.

Moving up your body with kisses and licks, your new lover kept your passion at a burning level. Her trajectory was: sniffing your tiny strip of hair above your pussy, moving up to caress your belly with her hands and lips, entering your bellybutton for a ankara ukraynalı escortlar minute with her tongue, grabbing your hips and finally pulling herself higher towards your breasts. I wondered what her next plan for you included. She moved past your tits and on toward your neck. Nibbling her way up to your ear, she began to sit up on top of you.

Her pussy glided smoothly across your belly and onto your tits. She caressed each areola, one at a time, with her extremely wet pussy lips soaking you in her juices. Down below, your legs were still spread wide open with your pussy on display to me. My dick said to enter you, but my mind said to leave you two alone. I had to stop pumping my penis in fear I would explode when out guest continued moving forward, towards your face.

Never saying a word or asking permission, she got off of you, turned her body around to face me, and moved herself to be kneeling above your face. Once she was located correctly, she looked me in the eyes and lowered herself onto your face. After a moment, our gaze broke, she closed her eyes, opened her mouth in a gape, and let out a strong sexy moan. I knew, at that point, that your tongue had found a new home. You instinctively reached up and grabbed her legs pulling her down hard against your mouth and tongue.

I moved around the bed to watch this real live lesbian show closer. Her ass was in my full view as I watched your tongue poke in and out of her. Our friend noticed my movements and leaned forward to give me a better view, her shaved pussy and ass on full display for me. The blindfold you were wearing had been rubbed loose and off during this woman’s grinding on your face. You were using your tongue like an expert, licking every nook and crevice of her open hole. I wanted to join you and lick her inviting asshole, but this was your birthday present and yours to be playing with alone right now. Needless to say, I was enjoying watching you eat another woman’s pussy for the first time.

Your ‘meal’ was writhing in pleasure over you for nearly ten minutes, enjoying the works of your mouth. She seemed to be getting closer to her finale when she stopped moving and dismounted your face. She took my penis in her hand and lead me back to the end of the bed where her and I looked at your naked sweat-covered body lying wide open to us. You finally saw who your ‘present’ was and smiled a wide grin. For the first time, she spoke to you out loud saying “Now it’s time to Fuck you!”

My penis was ready! I needed to be inside you! As I moved toward the bed, my penis leading the way, our guest pulled me back exclaiming ” Not you. Me.” She passed me and climbed on the bed in-between your legs. She positioned her legs and your legs so that your two pussies were directly in front of each other. She looked you in ankara minyon tipli escortlar the eyes with passion and lust and said, “Happy Birthday”. With that, she ground herself onto you.

My eyes were glued to what your best friend was doing with you. Rubbing her pussy against your pussy, using all the natural lubrication of the both of you to slide back and forth. This woman was actually fucking you! Grinding her mound into yours as if it were her mouth on yours in a desperate kiss. It was amazing to watch! Both sets of lips stretched to keep in contact before coming together again to mix juices. Back and forth, over and over, you both kept rubbing together, no words needed between you both, just the animal instincts to fuck!

There was no gentleness in this woman, she wanted you to orgasm a second time tonight and she was determined to make it loud and memorable. She was also making herself approach the edge. Her breathing was hurried, her eyes were closed, and she kept the pressure on between your legs. She was trying to wait for you, but I didn’t think she would make it. Her face was a mix of ultimate pleasure and pain. I knew you were there when I saw your mouth gape open and no sounds came out.

It was amazing to watch the two of you climax at the same time! As soon as your hand gripped her ass indicting that your orgasm was beginning, she allowed herself to release as well. She continued to grind on you hard and fast. Your pussies were making the most erotic sounds of wetness. As she was releasing, she was also falling into you causing your two sets of breasts to mash together. Her body was still moving in order to extract and experience every ounce of pleasure from you in that moment.

The pre-cum was flowing from my penis like never before. I watched how you were being worked into a frenzy by this woman, and how she was working herself into the same place to match you. I couldn’t resist anymore! I enveloped my hard penis in my hand and began running it back and forth quickly. I didn’t care if I was inside either of you, I just wanted to finish at the same time as the two of you. Within seconds, my white-hot lava was shooting out of me, landing on my intended targets, both of your bodies.

Satisfied with her hard work giving you a birthday to remember, your ‘gift’ lay on top of you exhausted and sweaty. She looked at you with her tired eyes, whispered loud enough so I could hear “Happy Birthday from your husband!” She put her lips to yours again. This time with love and gentleness in the kiss.

When the two of you separated, your lover fell off you and to your side. You made room between you and her, patted the bed, and invited me into the middle. My penis, still hard, leading the way onto the bed. You gave me a sly smile and said to me “Your birthday is next month, maybe I can give my present back to you.” I heard our friend gasp in surprise. You continued, “And the following month for our Anniversary as a present to both of us…” You look at this sexy woman on my other side and smile, waiting for a response. She nodded with a great big smile without saying a word.