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You walk into the kitchen and stand in the middle of the floor. I look up slowly and I see a black blindfold draped over your little finger, held out to me at chest level. You are smiling slightly waiting for me to acknowledge you. It takes several seconds for me to process what I am seeing and then I look at you, I smile and nod. Your smile widens and you say, “Give me 25 minutes!” and you are gone. 25 minutes, 1500 seconds, I busy myself cleaning the kitchen; I wander around picking up random items, moving them around. I look at the clock again. I am trying to be calm and patient, trying to suppress the passion mounting inside me. I know what you are doing upstairs, I have watched you prepare before, watched you prepare to taken. almanbahis This, however, is a slightly different scenario, a different fantasy. 25 minutes, almost half an hour has passed, only 35 seconds remaining. I smile as I see the stairway light turn off. I know you are ready. I wait a bit longer, stretching the 25 minutes into 30, waiting as long as I can, wanting you to wonder, listening for my footsteps, your arousal increasing with each second I remain downstairs. I can’t hold back any longer. I walk slowly upstairs; I see all the lights are off, the upstairs in pitch black. As I mount the top of the stairs I see a soft light glowing in the bedroom. I round the corner and am met with a vision straight from my wildest dreams. There almanbahis yeni giriş is a single candle burning on the bedside table, casting just enough light to allow me to appreciate your loveliness. You are face down on the bed, totally naked, knees spread wide but tucked under you, your belly flat on your upper thighs. In this position the candle highlights your amazing round ass and your beautiful pussy. Your spread knees cause your ass cheeks to spread, drawing your pussy open. I approach slowly, no words will be spoken, no familiarity suggested. You are wearing the blindfold; your arms are out in front of you holding onto the other side of the bed. You want to be used tonight; you want to be fucked, filled, and defiled. almanbahis giriş You want an unknown and unseen cock in your ass and a stranger’s come filling you. I can see your asshole clench involuntarily as you hear me approaching, I can see your pussy spasm slightly, juices already dripping down your leg and onto the sheets. I noticed the light silver chain across your back and know you have applied both nipple clamps. A bottle of lube sits beside the candle. I slowly remove my clothes and position myself behind you; I bend down and extend my tongue, flicking your little rose bud. It clenches again and I hear you gasp. I lick around and around, slowly probing into your ass, your musky taste filling me. The heat from your pussy is building; the wetness is flowing freely as you become more and more aroused. I will only stimulate your asshole tonight; no other part of your body will feel my touch. I push my tongue deeper into you, fucking your ass with my tongue.