Body Corporate 5

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Body Corporate 51458 words – .75Chapter 5The Masters ToyThe night went by very slowly with all the slaves staked on the grass with the ants, spiders and other insect walking on them. So there was very little sleep. The girls were very cold when the sun finally came up and started to warm their naked bodies, which they were all very grateful for.It was about nine o’clock when George finally appeared and started to release the harem of slaves. They were told to stand and stay where they were. They would be told when to move. After the last slave was released, in this case Cindi, they were all herded like cattle with a whip into the pool house where they were all to shower and clean up. The masters would be out shortly to watch the girls on their day of fun. The day had warmed and the sun turned hot and was beating down on the very exposed girls when they had all cleaned up. They then just stood around the pool waiting for their master’s. Finally the men came out shortly after eleven, which meant the fun could begin. The first and last order of business for the day would be Cindi. She was called forward by her Master and told that on this day and this day only she would be called, “The Toy” as that is what she was going to be to everyone in attendance. Everyone was to take a seat around the pool and watch the fun with exception of Cindi and the tall blonde who was known as Merilyn.A large platform was floating in the pool, which was brought over to the side and both girls were advised to get on it. Cindi was scared of the water and had to be pushed onto the platform. Since both girls had their hands chained behind them they had a little problem with their balance but they managed. They were told that the object of this game was for both girls to give each other an orgasm in front of the crowd. There was one catch “The Toy” would not be allowed to climax as it was her Masters bahis siteleri privilege to do that, but Merilyn still had to try. Toy must get Merilyn off and not go off herself or be severely punished. This would take some concentration. How far could Cindi let Merilyn arouse her? Both girls were to start with there faces in the crotch of the other. They would both be loosely tied in that position. If one caused them to roll off the platform the game would be over and the culprit punished. Cindi had never gone near another girl and really had no interest in doing so. The fact that she was humiliated in front of a large crowd also didn’t help. This changed everything she was now forced into it. The platform was pushed into the centre of the pool. She started licking Merilyn’s cunt and sucking on her lips. She was really enjoying the soft skin and cunt juices being produced by this beautiful woman. They started to roll around on the platform. Cindi was enjoying Merilyn so much so that she herself was starting to get aroused and that couldn’t happen. She was really enjoying it, as she couldn’t remember when she was last allowed to climax. She still had to get her friend off before she did it to her so she dove back into her cunt and at the same time trying to pull her crotch away from Merilyn’s tongue, although she wanted it so bad. Cindi got Merilyn’s clit in her teeth and then played with it with her tongue she could feel the girls reaction, she was starting to come. Meanwhile Merilyn was doing something similar to her causing the same reaction. Cindi had to pull away again but the slave wouldn’t let her go grabbing her clit with her teeth. At that moment Cindi pulled back hard causing both of them to go into the pool. The masters were in no hurry going after them. They watched the slaves struggle and finally two of the audience jumped in and pull them out. “The Toy“ canlı bahis had lost. Punishment was to be imposed.A small crane was brought over to the side of the pool. Cindi who already had her hands tied was also tied at the ankles and a hook placed on the ankle rope. The Toy was now going to be the object of wagers by the masters. She was then lifted up by her ankles to about five feet above the pool and left hanging head down for several minutes. She was yelling for them to put her down but everyone just sat there, enjoying her panic. The masters bet on the amount of time that the slave could hold her breath under the water, when she was dropped. When The Toy released the air from her lungs the time would be taken and she would be lifted out of the water. The winner would then be announced. She was released splashing into the pool head first and straight to the bottom. It took almost two minutes for her to release the air and stop moving. She was brought up and revived. She started to cry begging for them to stop. It didn’t, it went on for fifteen more minutes. The girls were enjoying watching the new slave almost drown over and over again but they wanted to get at her themselves as they had a score to settle. Finally it came to an end and “The Toy” was returned to the side of the pool and told to relax for a few minutes, it was lunchtime. The men retired to the house and food was delivered to the girls as they sat by the pool. Little was said as the only thing on everyone’s mind was to get “The Toy”.The masters returned all wearing the Body Corporate cloaks similar to the one Cindi had worn earlier. A small narrow table was placed in the middle of the lawn and “The Toy” was placed on it. Her torso was tied to it leaving her hands, legs and head free. All the girls were sitting in a circle around the table watching. Cindi’s Master explained to everyone that his slave güvenilir bahis was finally going to be fucked to an orgasm for all to watch. Cindi couldn’t believe her ears it had been so long. The fact that it would be done in front of everyone really didn’t matter. At this point, she needed the release. She needed no encouragement just knowing what was going to happen opened her cunt to welcome her Masters prick. She didn’t have to wait to long as the Master took off his cover to reveal his naked body and very erect cock. He wasted no time going directly to her cunt. He slammed his cock as far up Cindi’s shoot as he could, almost pushing her off the table. He too needed a release so he pumped and pumped until he almost blew his load. He then pulled out and went to her mouth. He again slammed his cock in almost choking her but he didn’t care, at this minute he was going to blow, which he did in her throat and all over her face. It didn’t want to stop almost drowning her in cum. He finally pulled out ordering her to suck his prick clean. “The Toy” had been used but it was so fast she didn’t get off. The Master didn’t care as he had her first now she was open game for all to play with. Her Master stepped back and stated let the games begin with that all the masters lowered their cloaks and stood naked beside the sex toy. They all attacked her at the same time one cock was in each hand two cocks in her mouth and two cocks in her cunt and fingers up her ass. They rammed her, they pushed her, they pulled her tits, sucked her tits, filling her cunt continually. Cindi was in heaven she was finally getting relief, which came quickly at first, then again and again, and again, until she was exhausted. She had cum on every part of her body in her hair in her ears, eyes, mouth and cunt. She was coated. Her whole body had changed colour. When all the cocks were emptied and exhausted the games ended. “The Toy” was well used and well satisfied. She wanted to clean herself off but that would be done another way, so it remained. When the masters were finished with “The Toy” she was turned over to the waiting slaves.