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Subject: Book and Tommy 24 Preamble Author: Spike Meyers Date: 05/08/2022 E-Mail: ail Donate: Please consider donating to this website. Without your donations, Nifty may not be able to keep this site up and running for your reading pleasure. Whatever you can afford will be appreciated. Notice: This story is a work of fiction and contains explicit sexual material. It may also include, incest, sex between minor(s) and adult male(s), sex between minors, and sexual fetish. If you are offended by such material, do not read this work of fiction. The character(s) in this work of fiction are not based on any known person(s). Book his cock surrounded my think black hair. Book pushed him down on the bed and immediately swallowed the fast, growing cock. Kevin moaned as Book took him in his mouth. Book groaned as he got his first taste of Kevin’s cock. Something he has wanted to do since he first laid eyes on him in the parking lot. Book started a steady, rhythm and in no time at all, Kevin’s cock was as hard as a pipe. Book released Kevins cock and took those low-hangers in his mouth. They were completely devoid of hair; the skin, soft, smooth and delicious. He knew he had to hurry, he released Kevins balls, and gave his taint a quick lick. He wanted to eat his ass too, but there just wasn’t time. Book took Kev’s cock back in his mouth. Kevin thrusted up and shoved his cock down Book’s throat. Book came up halfway, and got his first taste of precum. That did it, he started sucking like a frenzied maniac. Kevin was groaning loudly, his head thrashing from side-to-side. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” he called out. Suddenly, Book felt the first shot hit the back of his throat. He swallowed quickly and immediately; his mouth was full of DJ juice again. He held it in his mouth for a few seconds savoring the sweet, nectar before swallowing it down. After Kevin stopped shooting, Book forced himself to let Kevin’s cock fall from his mouth. He gave it one final lick before he stood up on his feet. He leaned down on the bed, supporting his weight on his arms, and kissed Kevin. “You taste so good, Kev. I want more.” He said, “but we have to get going.” He stood up and took Kevin by each hand and pulled him to his feet. Kevin was so spent from his orgasm he wanted to just collapse back on the bed. Book rushed into the walk-in and came back out quickly. “Here, Kev, try these on,” Book said as he saw Kevin pulling up his underwear. He took the slacks Book handed him, held onto Book’s shoulder and slipped one leg into the slacks. He slipped the other leg in and pulled them up. The waist was just a little lose but the length was perfect. Kevin grabbed his belt and slipped it through the loops. He put himself together and stepped back. “They fit well,” Book said. But I like you better without the pants handsome.” Kevin smiled and grabbed Book’s crotch. “Too bad we don’t have time for me to return the favor,” he said softly to Book. “Come on, handsome. We can’t keep your boss waiting,” Book said as they started towards the door. By the time they got back to the parking lot, Tom and his crew had most of their remaining equipment loaded on the truck. Tom saw them coming across the parking lot. He stopped what he was doing and waited for them to arrive. As they got closer, Book noticed a big smile on Tom’s face. “Thank God!” he said relieved. “You did it, Book. You found a pair of pants that fits Kevin nicely. You are a life-saver, Book. Thank you so very, very much. I will show you my appreciation when I finalize your tab.” “Thanks, Tom, but that’s not necessary. I was glad that I could help. You and your crew did a fantastic job. Everyone had an awesome time; everything was just perfect. You’re my guy from now on Tom.” Book said in all sincerity. Tom stepped up and shook Book’s hand. “I’m glad to hear that you were satisfied with my service. I appreciate your kind words, Book. I wish you well.” Book walked back to the lanai where all of the adults were congregated, including Kinsey. Tommy was sitting next to Kinsey, and Alex, next to Graham. Book walked up and plopped down in the cushioned, wicker chair. Tommy immediately got up and climbed up on Book’s lap. “Tommy, let your dad sit back and relax for a minute,” Kinsey said. “It’s OK, Kins. I don’t mind, really.” Book said as he hugged Tommy. “He sure is a daddy’s boy; he’d crawl under your skin if he could,” Kinsey said with a chuckle. “Well, I’d say that was one of the most successful birthday parties that I have personally attended. Everyone had a wonderful time and the kids had a blast,” Graham commented. “They sure did,” Book said, “Thanks to Baxter. He deserves all of the credit.” “I’m not sure that is totally accurate, but on Baxter’s behalf, I thank you, Book,” Blake smiled. “I’m also very thankful that the kids helped him burn off some energy. That’s always a good thing,” he said smiling. “On that note, I am going to take off guys. I’m going to go home and take a nice, long bath,” Kinsey said. “Bray, Alex, thank you again for your help this morning. I really appreciate it and I owe you guys, big time.” She reached over and gave Bray a hug sitting next to her on the loveseat. She stood up and walked over to Alex. Alex stood up and she hugged him. She stepped over to Book and Tommy. She bent down, kissed Tommy on the cheek, and hugged Book as best she could. “Bye, mom,” Tommy said. Book and Tommy watched as she disappeared around the corner. Tommy settled back into his dad and relaxed. “I think I’m going to head in also, gentlemen,” Blake said. “I have a date tonight. I want to cool down and relax a little before I have to get ready.” “A date; how exciting!” Graham said. “When we see you next, we want all of the juicy details; nothing less than full disclosure.” “Graham, you know that I don’t kiss and tell.” Blake said chuckling. “Besides, where would we be without engaging our imagination?” Blake said as he stood up, turned, and walked away. “Come on, Bax. Time to go home.” “Bye Blake,” Book called out. Blake waved goodbye without turning around. “Bye gentlemen,” he said as he made his way down the courtyard sidewalk. Alex got up and sat down on the loveseat next to Brayson. He turned sideways and rested his legs on Bray’s lap. Alex smiled subconsciously feeling Bray’s cock on the back of his calve. They sat around and talked for another fifteen minutes or so until Graham announced that he was ready to go back in the house. Patrick seconded the motion and that brought the birthday festivities to a conclusion. Bray stood up and Alex jumped on his back. “Piggy-back Bray,” he said jovially. As Book started to stand up, Tommy followed Alex’s example. “Piggy-back Dad,” he called. Book scooted over slightly and let Tommy jump up on his back. Book was the first to enter the house, Brayson was right behind him. He walked into the bedroom and stood at the foot of the bed. “End of the line, Buddy,” he said and let Tommy slid down onto the bed. Bray followed Book and let Alex off on the bed. “OK, guys, hit the showers,” Book said to the boys. After your shower, we’ll do your birthday gift. Alex and Tommy jumped off the bed and ran on into the bathroom. Book plopped down on the bed and Brayson flopped down beside him. “So, what happened with that cute DJ guy? Bray asked. “I saw you two walking away from the house together.” Book started to laugh. “Oh, my gosh, Bray. You won’t believe this. It started with a little innocent flirting. Well, innocent until I showed him my cock. “You slut!” Bray said laughing. By the time the boys got out of the shower, Book told Brayson the entire story. “You are such a cock magnet, Book.” “Nah! I’m not a cock magnet. I’m just open to the universe. I think if you are open, the universe is more apt to open its doors to you. Things just have a way of working out. Alex ran out of the bathroom and jumped up on Book and Brayson on the bed. “Um,” Bray moaned. “You smell nice and clean.” Book reached down and ran his hand over Alex’s bum. “Why do you guys still have clothes on?” Alex asked. “Not for long,” Book answered. “Bray and I are going to shower in just a minute. But before we do, I have a question for you, sexy,” Book said. “OK” Alex said as he rested his head on Book’s shoulder. “How did you like your party?’ Book asked as he gently stroked Alex’s wet hair. “It was great. Tommy and I had şişli travesti so much fun.” Alex answered. “I don’t know why I was so worried about it. I had a great time. The food was really good; I pigged out!” “Good. I’m glad. I was hoping you’d say that. I wanted it to be special for your first birthday party. I’m glad you had a good time.” Book said. Tommy walked out of the bathroom and stood at the foot of the bed. “Dad, can we have our birthday present now?” he asked. “I’m sorry, Buddy. You guys have been more than patient. Just let Bray and I jump in the shower really quick and then will do birthday presents.” While the guys were in the shower, they decided that Bray would go first and then Book. The boys were waiting patiently for them in the bathroom. When Bray opened the shower door, there they were. “A little impatient, are we?” Bray said with a giggle as he slid the shower door open fully. He stepped out and Tommy handed him a towel. Bray stepped to the other side of the bathroom to towel off as Book stepped out of the shower. Alex looked at him and smiled, still holding Book’s towel in his hand. Book stood before him and smiled, the water dripping off his body to the floor. “Alex, it’s nothing you haven’t seen many times before,” Book said softly. “Are you going to give me my towel?” he asked. “Oh, sorry,” he said as he handed Book the towel. Alex sat down on the toilet and watched Book towel off. He saw Book’s muscles flex as he dried off and thought of the story again that Bray shared with him that morning about Sam. He was suddenly aware that he was getting hard watching Book. “Dad, when I get older, do you think that I’ll have muscles like you and Bray?” he asked as he pushed gently on his crotch. “I should think so, Alex. You already have a natural, toned body. If you started working out a little, you will see quick progress. But I wouldn’t worry about that just it. You still have a lot of time.” Book leaned down and kissed him gently, “You are beautiful just the way you are,” he whispered in his ear. “Dad!” Tommy called, “Are you done yet?” “I’m done, Buddy. I’ll be right there.” Book called back. He couldn’t help notice Alex’s dick standing tall and proud. He reached down and gently took it in his hand. “You’re such a stud!” he growled. “Come on, it’s present time.” Book said and walked out of the bathroom. “OK, guys. Let’s do this. Brayson is going to give you his gift first. You’re on Bray.” Book said and sat down on the side of the bed. On his way across the bedroom to the walk-in, he saw Alex exit the bathroom, his hardon leading the way, and it brought a smile to his face. He went into the walk-in and returned quickly and sat down on the bed next to Book. “I’m sorry guys, I have not wrapped these. I was originally going to give them to you the same night that you tried on your new clothes, but we ran out of time. I hope you like them.” Brayson reached into the bag and pulled out two small pieces of fabric. The boys looked at the fabric and then at him. “Guys, there’re speedos. You know, swimsuits.” Brayson explained. Here try them on. He handed one to Book for Alex. “Wow, the colors are intense,” Book said. “Yeah, I know. The green is going to look so hot on Alex’s darker skin. I got Tommy a purple one since it’s his favorite color,” Brayson said with excitement. Book held up the speedo so the boys could get a good look at it. Book took the speedo and held it up to Alex’s body. “Look Bray. What do you think?” Book asked him. Brayson looked over at Alex. “Fuck! That’s so hot. See what I mean. That color against his skin is gorgeous!” Brayson cooed. “So sexy! Put it on, Alex.” Bray urged. “I can’t wait to see how it fits you.” Book lowered the speedo and Alex stepped into it. Fortunately, his hardon was going down and it slipped on pretty easy. Alex reached into the speedo and adjusted his package. Brayson was adjusting Tommy’s suit. “Book, look how well Tommy’s fits him. OK, guys. Stand next to each other so we can get a good look at both of you. “Wow!” Bray said. You two look so hot and sexy. Turn around, guys.” The boys turned around as instructed. “Look at their asses, Book. So yummy I could just eat them for days!” Bray stood up from the bed, Book noticed he had a chubby starting. “Come on guys, have a look in the mirror.” Brayson said leading them into the walk-in to the full-length mirror. He stood them in front of the mirror. “Look how hot you guys look. What do you think, guys?” “Damn! My dick looks freakin’ huge!” Alex said. “What do you think, Tito? Alex asked. Bray noticed the smile on Tommy’s face. He reached over and cupped Alex’s speedo bulge in his hand. “It looks really, sexy.” “How about you, Tommy? Do you like it?” Brayson asked. Tommy released Alex’s crotch-hold and looked at himself in the mirror. “Oh yeah, look at my package, guys,” he said as he jutting his crotch forward swaying slightly from side to side. “It doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Does it?” He said matter-of-factly. “I think you two look awesome!” Bray said again excitedly. “Is that why you’re getting hard, Bray? Tommy asked. Bray looked down at his partial hardon. “See, that’s what you guys do to me.” Brayson responded. Bray turned towards the door when he heard a giggle. Book was standing there leaning up against the door frame. “Oh, God! Book I’m so sorry. I got so excited about the boys I forgot about yours.” Brayson said apologizingly. “Don’t apologize, Bray. That’s the way it should be. They come first. Always. Besides, it’s their birthday, not mine.” Book said in response. “You got dad one too, Bray?” Tommy asked. “Yes, I did. I got all of you a new suit.” Bray said. “Let’s see it!”, Alex chimed in. The boys turned and walked out of the closet. Bray walked over to the bed and picked up the bag. He reached in and pulled out a piece of fire-engine red fabric. He walked back over to Book, and held it up to his waist. Bray knelt down on one knee before him holding the speedo open. Book slipped one leg in at a time. Bray pulled the suit up to Book’s thighs and let him do the rest. Bray stood up and stepped back to take in the full picture. “How do they feel, baby?” Brayson asked. “They feel good; very soft and comfortable.” Book replied. “You look freakin’ awesome!” Alex said. “It looks like you have a softball in there. “You three are going to set the courtyard on fire.” Brayson said pleased with the outcome, his cock jutting out nice and firm. Alex walked over and grabbed Bray’s cock. His speedo showing evidence of his cock expanding yet again. “OK guys, can we focus here. We not done yet, I think it’s my turn,” Book said. “Just a sec,” Bray interjected. “Off with the speedos first; they are just for the pool.” Bray said dropping to hi knees and pulling down Alex’s suit. He couldn’t resist taking Alex’s cock in his mouth for just a second. He collected all of the speedos and turned to Book. “OK, babe. You’re up.” Book walked over to his dresser and opened the bottom right drawer. He reached in and pulled out two wrapped boxes about 5″ X 7″ in size. He walked over and handed the boys each a box. “Happy birthday, guys,” he said. The boys ran over and jumped onto the bed. Alex was the first to rip the paper off of the box. “No freakin’ way!” He said excitedly. “A smart phone!” Tommy, looked over at Book, his jaw open and eyes as big as can be. “Alex,” Tommy said excitedly, “now we can facetime!” Book walked up to the bed. “I trust that you two know how to set these things up?” Book asked. “Of course, dad; piece of cake,” Tommy said smiling. “OK, guys. I have one more thing for you before you get too involved with your phones.” He walked into the closet and returned with two small gift bags. He looked at the bottom of each bag. He handed the one marked “T” to Tommy, and the other marked “A”, to Alex. “This is from Kinsey,” Book announced, and stood next to Brayson, his arm around Bray’s waist. “She thought that these would be appropriate for you guys.” Alex looked over to Book, surprise on his face. “Kinsey got me a birthday present?” he questioned. “Of course, she did silly. You’re family,” Book said in response to his query. Tommy reached into the gift bag and pulled out a protective phone cover. “Dad, it’s purple!” Tommy said. “Mine is blue?” Alex said excitedly. “OK, guys, if you need beylikdüzü travesti any help, Bray and I will be in the living room.” Book leaned in and whispered in Bray’s ear. “Let’s go suck face on the couch while the boys are busy playing with their new toys.” Brayson grabbed Book by the hand and just about dragged him out of the bedroom. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Book stepped up onto the patio and checked his mailbox. The only item of interest in the box was Tom’s invoice for the boy’s birthday party. He walked in the house shuffling through the rest of the mail. “Hey babe,” Bray said greeting him. “Anything worthwhile in the mail?” he asked Book. “Mostly junk mail as usual; except, Tom’s final invoice has arrived. I’m almost afraid to open it,” he said as he slid his finger under the flap tearing it open on one end. He removed the invoice from the envelope and read it. “Oh my, God!” Book said surprised. “That bad, huh?” Brayson asked. “No, not at all. He gave me a fifty percent discount on the balance due. I certainly didn’t expect him to do that just because I gave Kevin a pair of slacks.” Book said amazed. “You gave him more than a pair of slacks or did you forget that you sucked him off,” Bray said jokingly. “If Tom knew about that, he would have charged me the full balance and then some,” Book said in response. “I’m just going to say thank you God and leave it at that.” He walked into the office and put the invoice on his desk. “Any word from Alex today?” Book asked Bray as he stepped out of the office. “No. I haven’t heard from him. Have you?” Bray asked. “No; not a word. I’m a little surprised he hasn’t called or stopped by. Kinsey picked Tommy up from school so I did not see them today. He hasn’t called me either,” Book said. “I hope he’s alright. It’s unusual. Since we got him the phone, he has called us every day.” “I know that we agreed not to call him so his father would not find out about the phone, however, if we don’t hear from him by 5:30 I’m going to call him anyway. It just doesn’t feel right, Bray. Something is up.” Book said. Bray could tell he was a little concerned. “Call Tommy, babe. He always sees him at school.” Bray suggested. Book pulled his phone out of his pocket and called Tommy. Tommy picked up the phone on the second ring. “Hi Dad,” Tommy said excited to hear from his dad. “Hey Buddy. How was school today?” Book asked him. “It was good; my friends are still talking about the party,” Tommy volunteered. “That’s good to hear. I’m glad they had a good time. Listen Buddy, did you see Alex today?” Book asked. “Yeah, I saw him at lunch dad; why?” Tommy answered. “Well, I haven’t heard from him today. He usually calls me or Bray and he hasn’t called today. I was curious if you saw him at school. If you hear from him, will you let me know please?” Book asked. “Sure dad, no problem.” Tommy said. “Thanks Buddy. I love you!” “Love you too, dad. Bye.” Book turned to Bray and said, “He was in school today; they boys had lunch together as usual. When it’s Kinsey’s day to pick Tommy up, Alex sometimes doesn’t stick around; he goes straight home. Kinsey doesn’t always see him. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * As the school clerk escorted Alex down the hall to the principal’s office, he tried to figure out why he was in trouble. He certainly hasn’t done anything wrong. He and Tommy haven’t snuck into the storage closet to mess around in months; so that couldn’t be it. “Mrs. Harrington, what did I do? I haven’t done anything wrong!” Alex protested as they made their way down the school corridor. “Alex, you are not in trouble,” Mrs. Harrington said. “There is someone in the office that wants to talk to you.” “Who is it? What do they want to talk to me about?” he asked, concern in his voice. Mrs. Harrington stopped and turned to face Alex. “Alex, I’m sorry. I don’t have any answers for you; I simply do not know. All I know is Principal Pauly called me and asked me to bring you to his office. That’s all I know, Alex.” She placed her hand on Alex’s shoulder and resumed their walk to the principal’s office. As they entered the Administration Offices, she stopped at the Principal’s Office and knocked lightly on the door. “Enter,” Principal Pauly called out. Mrs. Harrington open the door and ushered Alex into his office. Alex stopped just inside the office. “Thank you, Mrs. Harrington, that will be all,” Principal Pauly said courteously. Mrs. Harrington backed out of the office and slowly closed the door. Alex stood frozen; he didn’t move. “Alex, please come in,” Principal Pauly said as he stood up from his desk. “Please, son, take a seat,” he said. Alex slowly walked over to one of the two leather chairs sitting in front of the principal’s desk. As he cautiously sat down, he glanced at the middle-aged woman sitting in the chair next to him. Alex looked at his principal and immediately blurted out, “I didn’t do anything wrong!” “Alex, please, I know you haven’t done anything wrong son; you’re not in trouble. This is about another matter that concerns you. Permit me to introduce you to Mrs. Burns. Mrs. Burns is from DCS. DCS is the Department of Child Safety. From here on, I am going to let Mrs. Burns explain why she is here to speak with you.” Principal Pauly looked across his desk at Mrs. Burns and nodded his head.” The woman turned to Alex and started to speak. “Alex, as Principal Pauly said, my name is Mrs. Burns. I am here because there has been an incident with your father Alex. I am very sorry to have to inform you that your father has been arrested.” “Arrested! Arrested for what?” Alex asked loudly. “Your father has been arrested for drunk driving, Alex. Unfortunately, he smashed into a county bus today at 1:30 this afternoon. He was also a company vehicle at the time of the accident.” “Is, is he OK? Alex asked concerned. “Yes, he is going to be fine, Alex. He was transported to county hospital where he was treated for his injuries. After he was medically released, the police took him to county jail. He is now in their custody.” “Can I see him?” Alex asked. “I’m sorry, Alex, but not right now. Your father is not being very cooperative at this time and is still quite inebriated. As I understand it, he is being extremely combative. Visitation at this time is not possible.” “So, what happens now?” Alex asked, tears welling up in his eyes. “My office has been informed by the police that this is his third DUI in two years. It is also our understanding that his driving license was suspended long ago. In this state Alex, a third DUI carries a mandatory jail sentence. He will be incarcerated for at least 4 months, possibly more. That will be up to the District Attorney and the judge. Since it was a county bus that he hit, the county will most likely file charges against him. It was very fortunate that no one on the bus was seriously hurt. Of course, there is always the possibility that someone on the bus may file a law suit against him too.” Alex slumped back in the chair, a single tear running down his face. “Fuck me!” he said out loud to himself. “Alex! Language please!” Principal Pauly called out. Alex gave a look at his principal that screamed, “Oh, Fuck off!” “If he goes to jail, what happens to me?” Alex asked Mrs. Burns. “Well Alex, that is why I am here with you now. By law, since you are a minor, we have to place you into care. Tell me, do you have any relatives?” “Just my mom; she lives in Mexico City. But, don’t waste your time. She won’t move back here; she has a family down there. I talk to her about two or three times a year on the phone. That’s it. I’m not going to Mexico City.” “There is no one else?” she asked. “Not family. It’s just my parents. I don’t have any brothers or sisters. It’s just me and my father.” “We have to explore every possibility, Alex. For now, I am going to have to place you temporarily. We have no other choice.” “You mean Baily House; don’t you? That place is for troubled kids and hoodlums. I’ve heard stories about that place. No thank you!” It would just be temporary, Alex; until we can find a better alternative.” “How long will that take?” he asked. “I can’t answer that, Alex. I don’t know.” “I can take care of myself! I have been taking care of myself my whole fucking life!” he said angrily. “I’m sorry, Alex. That is not something the law will allow. You istanbul travesti are a minor. We have no other choice. I’m sorry.” She said with sincerity. She stood up from the chair and looked down at Alex. “I’m sorry, Alex, but we have to go.” “Can I at least get my shit first?” he asked jumping out of the chair. “Alex, please!” Principal Pauly said. “Language!” “It’s best Alex, that we leave directly. We do not want to alert the other students. I will make sure that Principal Pauly collects all of your personal belongings. A member of my office will pick your belongings up today before school lets out. You have my word.” “But I want my phone! I need my phone!” “Alex, I will make sure that you get your phone. I promise.” She told him. “Where are we going?” Alex asked almost in tears. “To my office, Alex. I need to make the necessary arrangements. “As soon as we get to your office, I want my phone!” he said loudly. “I’m sorry, Alex. I know this is scary and upsetting for you. I promise you will have your phone soon.” She motioned for Alex to join her. As he approached her, she extended her arm and wrapped it around Alex’s shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. She could feel the anxiety in his body. As they approached her car, Alex asked about his phone again. “I really need my phone now!” Alex told her. “I need it now!” he repeated as he got in her car. “Alex, what is so important about your phone. Do you want to call someone, perhaps your mother? She asked. “My mom, fuck no! That’s pointless. I need to call my dad!” he said without thinking. “Alex, you can’t call your dad. I already explained the situation to you,” she said looking at him across the front seat. Alex was so upset, he said, “I’m not talking about father. I’m talking about my dad. My dad!” He yelled. “He will know what to do. I need to call my dad!” “Alex, I don’t understand. What are you talking about? Your dad is not your father?” she asked him totally confused. For a second, she thought that perhaps Alex was losing it. This was too much for him to handle. “Get me my phone!” he repeated. “OK. OK, Alex. Just calm down. When we get to my office, I will make arrangements to get you your phone,” she said exasperated. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * “He’s still not answering, Bray. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong. I’m going over there. We don’t know what his father is capable of. What if he beat the shit out of Alex? What if he’s seriously hurt. I have to go over there!” “You’re not going alone; I’m going with you!” Bray announced. They threw some clothes on and almost ran out of the house. Bray stopped at the back gate to the car port. “Wait Book, it will be dark soon; we better take my truck. Your car is going to stick out like a sore thumb in that neighborhood at night. Better safe than sorry.” “You might be right about that,” Book said thinking about what Bray suggested. “Let’s hurry,” he said changing direction for the front parking lot. They had just jumped into Brays truck when Book’s cell rang. “That’s him, Bray! It’s Alex’s ringtone.” Book said relieved. “Alex, where are you? What’s going on?” he said franticly. “Dad! You have to help me! Please!” Alex called out in a panic. He started talking so fast and frantic Book couldn’t understand what he was saying. Nothing made any sense. “Alex! Alex! Calm down, you are not making any sense. Now, take a deep breath and tell me what has happened.” Book said calmly to him. There was a slight moment of silence on the phone. “Umberto has been arrested, dad,” Alex said with labored breath. “They are going to put me in Baily House” he said trying to hold back the tears. “I’m coming, Alex. Tell me where are you right now.” Book said trying to calm his nerves. “At DCS. But I don’t know the street. I can’t remember.” Alex said converting to Spanish. “Are you alone, Alex?” Book asked him. “No! A woman is here. She’s going to put me in Baily House,” he said, the tears starting to flow again. “Not if I can help it!” Book responded. “Alex, I need to know where you are; ask the woman what the address is.” Alex turned to the woman and said, “My dad wants to know this address.” “Alex, I’m sorry. I don’t speak Spanish; English please.” Alex was taken aback by the woman’s comment. In his state of duress, he did not realize he was speaking in Spanish. He paused for a second, and then repeated himself in English. “Dad, we are at 127 Stevens Avenue towards the north end of town. It’s a block behind the Pizza Hut.” “Who do I have to ask for, Alex; what is the woman’s name? Book asked him. “Mrs. Burns,” he responded. “Don’t worry, Alex; Bray and I are on our way. We’ll be there in ten minutes.” Bray hung up the phone. “At least we know he’s alright. Head on up towards the north end of town, and make a left at the Pizza Hut.” Book instructed. “Book, tell me what’s happening. You were speaking Spanish. What the fuck is going on?” Brayson asked as he put the truck in reverse. They walked up to a double glass door. Book grabbed the door handle only to find out that the door was locked. He then spotted the intercom to the right of the door and pressed the button. “May I help you?” asked a voice through the intercom. “Hello. My name is Andrew Booker. I’m here to speak with Mrs. Burns, please.” Book said respectfully to the intercom. “One moment please,” said the voice. Book waited impatiently for the voice to return over the intercom. Each second that passed by was painful. Suddenly, the voice returned. “Sorry to keep you waiting Mr. Booker. I’m going to buzz you through. You will see a hallway to your left when you enter the building. Mrs. Burns’s office is the third door on the right.” “Thank you very much,” Book responded as the door buzzed. Bray quickly grabbed the handle and opened the door. They stepped through the door and made their way to the woman’s office. Book knocked lightly on the door and attempted to enter, only to find that the door was locked. “For fuck sakes!” he cussed out loud. “What is this; Fort Knox!” he said annoyed. He knocked again, but much louder this time. He figured he had waited long enough and raised his hand to knock again as the door suddenly opened. A middle aged, nicely dressed woman stood before him. She was attired in a flowered, blue dress, a pearl necklace that hung loosely, and matching ear rings. “Mrs. Burns?” Book said politely. “Please Mr. Booker, come in. I apologize for not coming out to meet you at the door. It is after hours and most of our staff have gone home. My office is in the back.” She let go of the door and it swung closed on its own. “Right this way, gentlemen,” she said extending her arm. They passed through another set of glass doors. Mrs. Burns stepped up to the keypad and punched in the necessary entry code. She once again, extended her arm and invited Book and Bray to pass through the doors. They stepped through and waited for her to lead the way to her office. “You certainly have a sufficient amount of security it appears,” Book said as they walked down the hallway. “Yes, Mr. Booker. At 5 PM on the dot, our computer system automatically locks the building down. No one gets in or out of the building with the proper access codes. As you can imagine, we have a lot of sensitive and very personal information in this building. We are obligated to protect that information.” She stopped at a door, punched in a code on the keypad, and opened the door. “Here we are Mr. Booker. Please come in,” she said. Book was the first to step through the door, Brayson right behind him. Immediately, he saw Alex sitting in a chair in front of the desk, bent forward, his head in his hands. Alex turned around immediately when he heard the door open and spotted Book standing there. “Dad!” he called out. He jumped out of the chair and ran to Book, wrapping his arms around Book. Book embraced him tightly. He was so relieved to see Alex, tears started to fill his eyes. “I’m here, Buddy. You’re OK.” Alex then saw Bray standing there and gave Bray a hug too. Just seeing them there made him feel so much better. Mrs. Burns just stood there and watched their interaction together. “Gentlemen, please take a seat,” she asked kindly. Alex let go of Bray and went back to Book. He grabbed the waistband of Book’s shorts and held on. Book placed his arm around Alex’s shoulder and together, the three of them walked slowly over to Mrs. Burns’s desk. Bray was the first to sit down in one of the two chairs in front of her desk. Book took the other chair. Alex stood next to Book, his hand on Book’s shoulder, kind of leaning into him. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *