Boston Lez Contest PT15

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Boston Lez Contest PT15A Kinky CuckqueanVeronica sighed as she saw that Jasmine had once again taken the lead. This had turned (pun intended) into a much more challenging competition than she’d anticipated. To avoid trailing hopelessly she would likely need at least one more turn before her workday ended today, as she was attending a friend’s game night tonight and the odds of seducing a turn while she was there were miniscule.Score at 2:32 PM on Saturday:Scorecard:Jasmine: 4Carol: 3Crystal: 3Portia: 3Veronica: 3The store was busy, not uncommon for a Saturday, and since she was well staffed, she decided to wander around the store and see if she could find a ripe young lady ready to be plucked from the straight tree.Yet most of the customers were girls in groups, moms and daughters (she had seduced a mom and daughter before… three times actually… but that had always been during a weekday when things were slow) and girls in pairs.After a fruitless while she got another update: Crystal had just gotten a double turn and not only taken the lead, but now had a two-turn lead over three of them, including Veronica. “Shit,” she sighed as she began to feel an urgency.Score at 3:24 PM on Saturday:Scorecard:Crystal: 5Jasmine: 4Carol: 3Portia: 3Veronica: 3She continued her hunt for straight cunt for another ten minutes. She saw two teens looking at dresses but figured they were too young. There was a mother and daughter who looked deliciously appealing, but she would need to contrive some way of getting them alone, and it was simply too busy in here at the moment.Then things got crazy busy and she had to assist at the cash register. When things slowed down at quarter to four, she was happy to see there at least hadn’t been another score update.She’d resumed trying to find a target for a viable turn when Georgia, one of her employees, approached her and reported, looking completely rattled, “Veronica, we have a problem.””What is it?” she asked, there usually being around a dozen problems in a day in the minds of her employees, with no more than one of them actually being one.”A couple is having sex in a change room,” Georgia told her, scandalized.”Oh my,” Veronica breathed, not at all scandalized and only slightly surprised. Every so often she’d caught people having sex in her change rooms. Twice it had been lesbian sex, the rest were usually girls giving their boyfriends head… or a couple of times wives giving their husband a blow job. Only once had there been full intercourse. That figure had apparently just advanced to two.”She’s really loud, too,” Georgia added.”Which room?” Veronica asked, her curiosity piqued by the possibility of the turn she was looking for, even though she pretended to be all concerned and of course scandalized, as she followed her employee towards the sex act.”Four,” Georgia answered.Her question, it turned out, had been rather redundant as the location, as well as the nature of the activity, became rather obvious as she neared the suite of change rooms.”Give it to me,” a female voice moaned.”Shushhhhhh,” a male voice urged.”Okay, I’ll take care of it Georgia,” Veronica dismissed the employee, thinking this looked very promising, and perhaps would even be a perfect, although rather unorthodox, opportunity for her next turn.”Thank you, Ms. Stone,” Georgia replied, finding the entire situation painfully awkward and gratefully seizing the opportunity to scurry back to work in a faraway part of the store.”Harder,” came a moan from behind the door.Veronica saw a mother and daughter, as well as three other girls in the area… all listening with varying blends of curiosity, amusement, shock, titillation and disgust. She said to them, “I’m sorry ladies, but can you please leave the area for a while and give me some privacy while I deal with this unfortunate occurrence? Thank you.” In truth she considered the occurrence far from unfortunate, but still felt the need to portray a respectable role.They left, a couple of the girls reluctantly, and Veronica pulled out her keys to open the assumedly locked door.”Fuck me hard, damn it,” the girl demanded.”Shushhhh,” the guy murmured again, obviously far more worried about being caught than she was.”Then bloody fuck me!” she demanded.”I don’t want us to get caught,” the guy said.Veronica abruptly opened the door and announced, as she saw a young and slender black beauty with nice but not huge tits wearing only a bra, bent over and using the wall for support as a good-looking well-built white teen was fucking her. “Sorry to interrupt folks, but you’re busted.””Oh shit,” the boy said, pulling out to reveal a pretty impressive member.”Get out of here, bitch,” the black girl demanded, not deigning to cover herself up.Veronica admired both nice firm bodies as she tried to take charge, all business on the outside, “This is my store, and you two are creating a disturbance.””All we’re doing is fucking,” Rosa, the black girl, denied any wrongdoing, before adding, glaring at the older woman, “I imagine you used to do the same thing when you were young back in the fifties.”Veronica ignored that the girl had just implied she was in her seventies.The boy pulled up his pants as he pleaded, “Rosa, don’t.””What?” Rosa asked. “It’s no big deal, we were just fucking, it’s natural.”Veronica smiled wickedly, as she saw the guy put on a football jacket, “Oh, I don’t disagree miss, intercourse can be a natural and beautiful thing in an appropriate location between two people who love each other.””Oh my God,” Rosa said in disgust, “Okay, appropriate grandma.”Veronica sighed, confis**ting the girl’s purse and snatching the wallet from the boy’s jacket pocket, “Enough. Get dressed and come out of here. We will deal with this matter in my office, and in a civilized manner.””Give me back my purse, you fucking bitch,” Rosa snapped, grabbing for it.Veronica opened the door and said, “Whether I call the police or not will be decided during our next conversation, so consider your upcoming demeanor carefully. For instance, calling me old, or a bitch, may not be in your best interests.” She marched out.The boy, mortified, worried, “I knew we’d get in trouble!””Oh shut up, you pussy,” Rosa snapped.”She’s going to call the police!” her boyfriend stressed, not wanting a record. It would kill his scholarship opportunities, and he had quite a few to choose from right now. If he didn’t blow it like maybe he just had.”And charge us with what?” Rosa asked. “Fucking?”Veronica, who had been shamelessly eavesdropping, called gently through the door, listing some possible charges, “Indecent exposure, lewd public activity, disturbing the peace, exhibitionism, voyeurism, even corrupting minors… there were some k**s out here.” She then pulled out their ID’s, noting that the boy’s name was Cam, and waved to an employee, requesting, “Please photocopy these, Marge.””Of course, Ms. Stone,” the employee agreed, accepting them and walking away.”Fuck off, bitch,” Rosa snapped, although this time it wasn’t out of anger and defiance, but defensively because of a sudden realization that maybe she was in some real trouble that she couldn’t bluster or flirt her way out of.Cam, usually not one to stand up to his bitchy but beautiful girlfriend, snapped, trying to stress the severity of the situation, “Fucking shut up, Rosa. We’re in trouble here.”Rosa was shocked by Cam’s outburst, not used to being challenged, and sighed dramatically, “Fine,” as she got dressed.The employee returned the ID’s and Veronica held onto them as collateral to manipulate the two teens, making it obvious what she was retaining as she returned the couple’s wallet and purse.Once dressed, Rosa now feeling worried and even a bit guilty, this entire fuck in a public place having been her idea, promised Cam less rudely, “Don’t worry, I’ll get us out of this.””Just be respectful,” Cam stressed. He was worried, knowing Rosa didn’t just have a short fuse, she had a trigger fuse: if something triggered her she went ballistic, and when that happened no way would you want to be in her range of fire. He added, “I can’t afford to get a record, so please behave.””Okay, Okay,” Rosa acknowledged with a big sigh. She could only imagine what her father might do if he learned she’d been charged with indecent exposure or worse.They exited the change room and Veronica ordered them in a serious tone, “Come with me.”The teens followed her down the hallway as if being marched toward a stone wall to face a firing squad.”Sit down,” Veronica ordered, once they’d all entered her private office in the back of the store and she’d locked the door.”Yes, ma’am,” Cam said as politely as possible.Rosa also sat as she tried to figure a way out of this. She had long used her beauty and talents in flirtation to almost always get what she wanted… but that had been when dealing with boys and men. Assisted by some generous cleavage, she had twice flirted her way out of speeding tickets, but she wasn’t sure such wiles were going to work with this ancient prude.Veronica began with, “First of all, your ID’s say your names are Rosa Bushworth and Cameron Parks. Is that correct?””Yes, ma’am,” replied Cam courteously, “but most people call me Cam.””Very well, Cam and Rosa,” Veronica continued, “we have a problem.””Please, what can we do to make it better?” Cam asked.”I’m not sure,” Veronica said, even though she knew exactly what she planned to do… to teach his mouthy bitch a lesson.”Please, we’ll do anything necessary,” Cam added, before looking anxiously at his impulsive girlfriend and adding, “Won’t we?””Yes. Fine,” Rosa sighed.”Rosa, I don’t think you understand the full severity of your actions,” Veronica warned her, “a conviction of any of the charges I listed earlier will make it very difficult for you to find a job anywhere; even fast food establishments aren’t fans of sex offenders.””I’m not a sex offender,” Rosa replied tersely.”I’m not saying you are,” Veronica said, “but the law might decide otherwise.””Oh God,” Cam said, seeing his entire future falling apart before his eyes.”And you, young man,” Veronica said, turning her gaze upon the clearly stressed out athlete, “any football scholarships on your horizon?””Yes, ma’am,” he nodded.”You can probably say goodbye to those,” the sly MILF dismissed, setting them up for desperation: willing to do whatever she required.”Please, ma’am,” Cam pleaded, repeating his earlier offer, “we’ll do anything.””Is that true, Rosa, will you do anything?” Veronica asked, returning her interrogatory gaze back to her primary target, enjoying the sight as both of these privileged teens squirmed.”Yeah, I guess,” Rosa sighed again, trying to figure this woman out. She hadn’t called the cops yet, although she likely should have by now, and definitely could have. She couldn’t figure it out yet, but the store owner’s scare tactics hinted that she had an end game in mind. She just had to avoid panicking like the woman obviously hoped she would, and keep playing it cool.”Good,” Veronica said. “If you two do exactly as I say, we can let this little indiscretion go.””Thank you, ma’am,” Cam said, for the first time feeling some hope that maybe there was a way out of this predicament. “We’ll do anything.”Rosa said nothing and bided her time.”I’ll test that,” Veronica smiled. “Stand up, Cam.”Cam did.”Pull out your cock,” Veronica ordered.”Pardon?” he asked; even though he’d heard her, he hadn’t thought that was something she could possibly say.”Oh my God,” Rosa laughed boisterously, bahis siteleri the woman’s game plan suddenly clear. The old bag just wants some young cock. Getting out of this is going to be way easier than I thought!”I told you to pull out your cock.” Veronica repeated.”Seriously?””Now,” Veronica ordered.”Do it,” Rosa said, “the old bitch probably hasn’t been fucked in years.”Cam complied by rising and pulling down his pants and underwear but said firmly, “Rosa, that’s enough.””What?” Rosa demanded. “She gives us all this shit for fucking each other, when all she wants to do is fuck you herself. Which means I can stroll on out of here any damn time I want.”Veronica laughed and contradicted her, “Oh, I’m going to fuck him all right, but you’re going to remain right here and watch.””You are not, and nor shall I,” Rosa denied firmly, stressing each word.”Your boyfriend fucks me while you watch, or I call the cops,” Veronica shrugged, as she went over to Cam and stroked his cock, which was already hard.”I’ll tell them you’re blackmailing us,” Rosa counter-shrugged, as she watched the bitch stroke her boyfriend’s cock.”Who will they believe?” Veronica asked, as she dropped to her knees in front of the young stud.Before Rosa could reply, “Does your bitch suck you, Cam?” Veronica asked, stroking his cock.”Occasionally,” he admitted.”Does she swallow?” Veronica asked, while she looked disdainfully at the black bitch.”Cam don’t, just fucking don’t!” Rosa ordered him, standing up.”Sit down, bitch,” Veronica ordered, her tone going from sexy and sultry to authoritative.”We don’t have to do this,” Rosa objected again, even as she sat back down.”I assume your prima donna doesn’t…” Veronica assessed, “doesn’t swallow I mean, not remaining here and sitting down,” ignoring Rosa and then added, “I bet she doesn’t even make you come, she just sucks you for thirty seconds or so before spitting your cock out and then acting like she just did you a huge favour.”Cam thought to himself, That’s exactly true, how could this woman know that?Rosa fumed as she helplessly watched the old bitch taking her boyfriend’s cock in her mouth.”I’m sorry, Rosa,” Cam said, trying not to moan as this hot older woman (as old as forty maybe, but no way in her dotage) deep throated his seven-inch cock. Rosa could barely take half of it in, and even then her involvement was always short-lived.Veronica pulled back away to present a level gaze to the furious girl and informed her, “That is how you deep throat a cock. Now watch closely as I demonstrate how to serve a man properly.”Rosa was outraged, shocked as she stormed, “Cam, you’re not going to let her speak to me like that, are you?”Rosa’s demand met with no cooperative response. The response Cam offered to the room was no more than a moan as Veronica took his cock deeply back into her mouth and resumed bobbing.”What do you want me to do, babe?” Cam asked helplessly.”Just say no!” Rosa raged.”I can’t,” Cam moaned, as this woman seemed to have a vise grip on his cock… with her mouth.”You can’t, or you won’t?” Rosa demanded, hating that it was so obvious he was thoroughly enjoying the blow job. She found giving head pretty disgusting, and since boys and men usually fawned over her beauty, she never felt the need to do anything she didn’t want to.”Can’t,” he moaned, even though he’d be lying if he pretended he wasn’t really enjoying this. This hot MILF really knows what she’s doing!Veronica sucked for a minute, worshipping the cock and letting the young man know how good an expert blow job could feel before she ordered Rosa, “Come kneel beside me.””No,” Rosa refused.”Now, or I call the cops,” Veronica threatened.”Go ahead,” Rosa shrugged.Rosa, just do it,” Cam pleaded.”What, so I can watch you get blown by an old bag?” Rosa asked.”Look, you got us into this mess,” Cam said, “so man up and do what it takes to get us out of it.””Watch while you get a blow job?” Rosa yelled at him, furious he was allowing this to happen.”If you watch, you might learn something,” Cam said bluntly, figuring this relationship was likely over after this, but if not, maybe she could at least learn how to give head.Rosa felt like she’d been punched in the gut. Suddenly feeling defeated and heartbroken, she reluctantly got off the chair and moved to the floor beside the old bitch.”Welcome aboard. Lesson one: suck on his balls while I suck his cock,” Veronica ordered in a businesslike fashion, “get those balls boiling: they shouldn’t be ignored.””Seriously?” Rosa asked, never even thinking about the balls when they were having sex.”Trust me, he’ll love it,” Veronica said.And Cam watched in awe as his girlfriend shrugged uncaringly, but fooled nobody, as she obeyed and leaned down to his balls while the hot MILF woman resumed sucking him.Rosa felt degraded by serving a mere man, and yet she also felt a tingle in her pussy. She had no idea why. She didn’t like sucking his balls and she hated obeying this bitch, so why would her pussy betray her like this?Cam couldn’t believe what was happening; he couldn’t believe Rosa was obeying this MILF. He knew he wouldn’t last long like this, especially with the talented woman furiously bobbing on his cock like a porn star.Veronica had a five-step plan. One, make Rosa jealous and obedient as I begin to cuckquean her(something Veronica had done to a couple of married women in the past, but never to a teen). Two, give her a facial from her boyfriend’s cock. Three, fuck her with a strap-on. Four, make her watch her boyfriend fuck me and take a load in my cunt before Five, having the bitch eat out my cream pie.Cam was in heaven and felt his balls boiling in under two minutes of this double pleasure, getting his balls and cock sucked, as he warned, “I’m about to come.”Veronica bobbed for a few more seconds before pulling back, pulling Rosa back as well and aiming the erupting cock directly at the teen.Rosa gasped in disgust as she felt warm sticky cum suddenly spewing all over her face, some even going right in her open eye. “Gross!” she exclaimed as she tried to get away, but the strong bitch held her face rigidly in place downrange.Cam shot the biggest load ever as he came all over his girlfriend’s face, something he’d fantasized doing many times, but she had never allowed.”Now suck the rest of the cum out of his cock,” Veronica ordered over her shoulder, as she went to her desk to get the strap-on.Without waiting for Rosa’s agreement, Cam shoved his cock in her stunned open mouth and slowly fucked her face.Veronica put the strap-on on and watched Cam regain some of the assertive manhood the bitch had obviously leeched out of him.Rosa felt so humiliated, cum dripping down her face, Cam making her look so slutty by uncaringly using her mouth in front of someone else, yet she also was undeniably horny. She should have been not only humiliated but pissed; yet instead being mistreated like this had her pussy dripping like a faucet and she’d never felt so aroused. What the fuck is wrong with me?Cam saw the hot woman putting the strap-on on over her pants suit outfit and got excited. She was going to fuck Rosa. What guy wouldn’t want to watch that?Veronica sauntered from behind her desk and ordered, “Take her dress off, stud.””Yes, ma’am,” Cam agreed cheerfully, pulling the dazed Rosa to her feet and lifting the dress over her head.Rosa opened her eyes, her left one stinging a bit, and saw the woman wearing a strap-on. She objected and tried to shove her way past her boyfriend to escape but he wouldn’t let her, even as her pussy tingled again with desire, fighting her mental urge to get away, the part of her that said, “Oh, no. You can’t be serious.””Cam’s cock is mine for the day, so it’s this or nothing,” Veronica shrugged.”Nothing then,” Rosa sneered, even though she wanted to be fucked badly.”You sure?” Veronica asked, “I’m guessing if I touched that hairy cunt of yours right now, your pubes would be sopping wet.””They are not,” Rosa denied, frustrated that this annoying woman continually seemed to know her from the inside out.”Tell you what, if I’m wrong you can leave right now, no cops, no nothing,” Veronica offered, “but if I’m right, you’ll bend over my desk and obey my every order.””This is stupid,” Rosa scoffed, but feeling even more wetness leak out of her pussy.Cam helpfully moved his hand to her pussy and felt how soaked her panties were. “She’s drenched, ma’am.””Cam!” Rosa moaned uncontrollably at her needy pussy being touched as she railed against his cooperation with the bitch instead of protecting her from her. “What the hell is going on here? I don’t understand anything: why are you siding with her?” Then she thought to herself, ‘And why am I so wet? And so needy?’ She was almost in tears from her bewilderment.”The only reason you could be that wet and feel so needy right now is because you’re a cuckquean,” Veronica informed her in a soothing voice, as she glided behind her and pushed her to the desk.”A who?” Rosa asked, even as she allowed the woman to control her.”I’m saying you’re a cuckquean,” Veronica explained calmly, “and that is a person of the feminine persuasion who gets turned on by watching their man get pleasured by another woman.””I’m no such thing,” Rosa protested adamantly, even as she bent over the desk, gearing up to be fucked by a strap-on cock.”Then why else would you be wet?” Veronica asked, reasoning, as she moved behind her and rubbed the cock up and down the teen’s pussy.”I don’t know,” Rosa moaned, the mindless response of her needy pussy betraying her once again.”But I know, and I even know an additional reason,” Veronica purred teasingly, “you, my pet, get turned on by being told what to do.””Bullshit,” Rosa denied, frustrated that this woman was teasing her. You win, bitch, just fuck me, she thought to herself.”No? Let’s test that. See how long you can resist when I say this: Beg for me to fuck you,” Veronica ordered, pushing the cock all the way inside the teen twat but immediately pulling it back out again and waiting for a response.”Ohhhhh, fuck,” Rosa moaned, the relentless teasing, the kinky situation, as well as the coitus interruptus in the change room had all combined to leave her a pile of mush.”Beg for it, slut,” Veronica ordered, as she resumed rubbing the cock up and down Rosa’s very wet pussy lips but this time without penetration.”Damn it,’ Rosa cursed, frustrated, “Just fuck me.””I don’t call that begging; do you, Cam?” Veronica playfully went for a second opinion.”No, ma’am,” Cam agreed, “begging is typically more subservient than that, is more of a plea to a person in a position of power from a supplicant who has no power but is nevertheless craving something strongly,” getting a perverse high from watching someone take Rosa down a few pegs. “Her attempt just now fell far short of that standard.””Very good, Cam!” Veronica praised him. “You’re far more than just a jock, aren’t you?””I try, ma’am.”Rosa turned and glared at Cam, she was going to rip his nuts off when they got out of here. “Really, Cam?” she asked dangerously.Cam shrugged, not intimidated in the least this time. “What can I say? What you just did definitely wasn’t begging.” He then decided to take control of their relationship if there still was one, and snapped, “Now beg like you mean it!”Defeated and frustrated, Rosa sighed dramatically, and begged, although her tone was pathetic, “Please fuck me, bit… ma’am.””Is she a cold fish in bed too?” Veronica asked, shaking her head at such a useless canlı bahis siteleri attempt at begging.”Pretty much,” Cam admitted, before adding, “but mainly bossy.””Cam!” Rosa cried out, this time even more shocked. Is this how he sees me? Have I become so blindly self-centered that I haven’t even realized what I’ve turned into?”What?” Cam asked. “Lately, it’s true, Rosa. You just go through the motions or lackadaisically tell me what to do.””But the inner truth is, she wants you to tell her what to do,” Veronica pointed out before explaining, “hiding inside that tough, stubborn, bitchy exterior is a submissive who wants nothing more than to obey.””I can’t imagine that to be true,” Cam disagreed, their relationship not being anything like that.”You just need to break past her façade and motivate her to show her true self,” Veronica said, “and we’re already making some progress,” she added, sliding inside the teen again and fucking her furiously for ten deep, hard thrusts. “Ready to beg, Rosa? Ready to be my slut?””Oh yes, fuck me, please make me your slut, ma’am!” Rosa suddenly begged authentically as pleasure and lust took her over.”See? She just needed some motivation,” Veronica pointed out, pulling out and waiting for Rosa to beg to get fucked again.She didn’t have to wait long. The pleasure suddenly gone as fast as it had entered, Rosa begged desperately, “Please, ma’am, shove that cock back in my cunt and make me your fuck slut. I don’t know how to beg any harder and I really need it!””See?” Veronica smiled, as she obliged and resumed fucking the teen, who was horny as hell and now making no bones about it.”No way,” Cam said, in awe of what he was not only hearing, but also witnessing, this transformation even more shocking than the blow job he’d just received from the stranger.”You’re the man, take charge of your woman,” Veronica said, as she slammed hard into the teen.”Really?””Yes, she isn’t only a submissive, but she’s also a cuckquean,” Veronica continued, “soon she will likely even allow you to fuck other girls while she watches, probably even cheer you on. Bring a cute nerd over to fuck, or another cheerleader, a rival of hers. Believe it or not, she’ll soon learn to love it!””No way she would go for that,” Cam argued again, although the idea was inviting: he’d been hit on by many of the school’s other girls, including their star basketball player, who was indeed Rosa’s rival since they were the two prettiest and sexiest girls in the entire school.”Try it,” Veronica urged him, “trust me, I understand sluts; I’ve made a lifetime study of them… or I should say rather … of us.”Through her fog of arousal and the joy of getting fucked, Rosa took in most of the conversation and was of two minds: she was both furious and turned on. The idea of Cam fucking someone else pissed her off, and yet it also triggered twitches in her twat. Although she credited the latter mostly to the deep, hard fucking she was receiving.”Also, a cuckquean never comes before her Mistress, man or cupcake,” Veronica added as she pulled out, seeing Cam’s cock was saluting her and quaveringly ready for round two.”Oh please don’t stop,” Rosa begged, her orgasm so fucking close.”Cupcake?” Cam asked.Veronica plunged back in but paused deep inside her as she explained, “A cupcake is a female, usually a younger girl, who fucks another woman’s man and at least for the occasion serves as Mistress to the submissive girl, to the cuckquean. The cupcake may also fuck the cuck, or not, according to her own choice.””Oh,” Cam said, that idea pretty hot, his mental image of Rosa’s white rival Jane dominating her while fucking both her and Cam to be hot as hell.”Just keep fucking me, please!” Rosa begged, trying to buck her body back to fuck herself, she was so desperate to come.Veronica instead not only pulled out of the horny slut, but even removed the strap-on, got undressed, retaining the thigh highs of course, and hopped onto the desk beside Rosa, who was still bent over and still desperate, and ordered her, “Put your boyfriend’s cock in my cunt, slut.”Rosa’s eyes went big. “What? No! Please fuck meeee!””No, slut, listen up,” Veronica ordered, “I acknowledge your need for pleasure, including the fact that you obviously crave it desperately. And I promise you that before we’re finished here you will find that pleasure realized… a mighty orgasm if you will … eventually. However, your pleasure is at the bottom of the list of priorities here. Your pleasure comes after everyone else’s and you’ll even have to earn it through willing obedience. And believe it or not, I’m doing this to you out of kindness; forgive the cliché, but you’ll thank me afterwards.”Cam was still taking it all in: the beautiful, entrancing, and now gloriously naked proprietor who was in no way an old bag, his bitchy girlfriend, also gloriously naked, her bitchiness totally washed away (for now? forever?) looking like if he asked her to lick his feet, kiss his ass, even let him fuck her ass, she’d be completely onboard with it. He was in awe at the transformation. And for the moment, would Rosa let him fuck another woman? Would she even obey this woman and facilitate the fucking?Rosa asked, hoping she would be allowed to finally come, “Will I really get to come afterwards?””If you’re a good slut, I’ll do what I promised: I will make sure you have an orgasm you will never forget; it will be life-changing,” Veronica promised, a promise she could keep, plus she knew that the many stops and starts, mixed with Rosa’s eventual acceptance that she was a submissive cuckquean, would bring her pleasure she didn’t know existed inside her tight body.”Okay,” Rosa agreed, the need for an orgasm overriding her jealousy. She weakly straightened herself up, feeling her wetness drip down her leg and she walked over to Cam. Deciding to go with it, she asked, “Babe, do you want to fuck this MILF?”Cam nodded, “Yeah, I do.”Rosa grabbed Cam’s hard cock and gently guided it to the spread-open legs of the women she had hated mere minutes ago.Cam followed his cock (duh) and got into position between the woman’s nylon-clad legs and he d****d his hands over them. He’d always liked nylons, but Rosa refused to wear them, calling them ‘white girl shit’.Veronica asked, “Like my nylons, stud?””Yeah,” Cam said, loving how soft they were.”Does our slut ever wear them?” Veronica asked, as Rosa still held his cock right at the portals to her pussy canal.”No, ma’am, never,” Cam answered. “She thinks they’re a white woman thing.””Does she say that?” Veronica asked.”Yeah,” Cam nodded.”Would you like her to wear them?” Veronica asked.”Sure,” Cam said, still caressing his hands up and down her nylon legs.”Rosa, do you want your boyfriend to fuck me?” Veronica asked.Rosa couldn’t explain it, but she realized that she did. She realized she wanted Cam to be happy and it seemed she hadn’t been doing the job. She answered submissively… and ‘submissive’ was the perfect word in every way, even deep down, “Yes ma’am, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really do.””Why?” Veronica questioned, wanting Rosa to understand and accept who she was completely.”I don’t know,” Rosa said, as she moved her boyfriend’s cock up and down the older woman’s pussy lips, trying to give pleasure to them both.”I think you do know,” Veronica moaned softly, “Just examine your feelings, accept the truth about yourself and tell me.”Rosa cursed, “Damn it, yes I do know. I want you to fuck my boyfriend because you can give him the pleasure I can’t.””Very good. And?” Veronica pursued.”And I know it’s going to turn me on watching him fuck you,” Rosa admitted, the moment she said it realizing it was true.”There you go, you good girl,” Veronica approved, “Acceptance. You’re a cuckquean and that is nothing to be ashamed of.”Cam listened and learned, realizing this hot woman had just handed him the keys to sexual paradise.”I feel pretty ashamed,” Rosa admitted.”Being a cuckquean takes bravery to accept,” Veronica said, “It means that you’re accepting you need help pleasing your man, a bitter pill most women can never swallow.””I guess, but it’s really scary,” Rosa confessed, baring all, feeling totally vulnerable.”It isn’t something you should confess to just anybody, because that would be scary. But you can find safety through obedience to someone you love and trust, such as Cam here. He doesn’t know how to do it yet, but he will learn and be able to lead you to your own sexual pinnacles of pleasure,” Veronica guaranteed, as she then added, “but enough of the Kink 101 lesson: put your boyfriend’s cock into my cunt, my submissive slut.””Yes, ma’am,” Rosa obeyed with total willingness, by now accepting completely the diagnosis of the older woman. She moved her free hand to Cam’s ass and gently pushed him forward as she said, “Now fuck our hot Mistress for me, sweetheart.”Cam agreed, even as the term Mistress added to his heat, “I think I’ll do just that.””Oh yes slut, fill my cunt with your boyfriend’s cock,” Veronica moaned.Rosa watched her Lord and Master’s cock disappear into another woman’s cunt and the sight caused another gush of wetness to leak out of her.”Cam, I have a few pairs of thigh high stockings in my right desk drawer; tell your slut to grab a pair of white ones and put them on,” Veronica ordered, as Cam held onto both her ankles with his cock surging deep inside her.”You heard her, slut,” Cam relayed, on a power high, “go put on a pair of white nylons for me.” He then added, taking the power by the throat, “and I expect you to be in nylons every day from now on.”Part of Cam expected her to snap at him and refuse, yet Rosa nodded with no trace of resistance, perhaps even a hint of gratitude, “Okay.”Rosa walked around and opened the drawer to find a couple of sex toys as well as quite a few packages of nylons. She found a white pair and took it out of the package, looking up to see Cam fucking the MILF energetically.”Oh yes, stud, pound me with that big cock,” Veronica moaned, having not been fucked by an actual cock in at least three months. She wasn’t a complete lesbian, although she definitely preferred women to men. And right now, the rush of getting fucked while his girlfriend watched had her on fire.”Oh yes, you’re so fucking hot,” Cam groaned, as he furiously fucked her.Rosa watched even as she obeyed her task of putting on nylons… white nylons. The choice of white was clearly another attempt to put her in her place because its contrast with her dark skin was so extreme. Oddly, as she put the silky sheer nylons on, she was surprised by how nice they felt. She had worn pantyhose only once, a black pair for Thanksgiving at her mother’s insistence, but otherwise had always refused, even though her mother wore them every day as a secretary at a law firm. As she obeyed and watched the sex scene, her cunt burned… the MILF was right… from obedience came excitement. And she loved seeing how much Cam was enjoying himself and felt good about how hot his sexy MILF was, and was comfortable in herself because she knew what Cam wanted her to do and she was doing it. Was she a bitch? Maybe sometimes, but not at the moment! Life is good! Fuck!”That’s it, pound my pussy,” Veronica continued, her orgasm building pretty quickly.”Best fuck ever,” Cam declared, wanting to put Rosa in her place one more time, although he wasn’t lying, this was by far his most intense sexual encounter ever.”Come watch your boyfriend ejaculate in my cunt, Rosa,” Veronica ordered, canlı bahis looking over to see Rosa watching intently.”Yes, ma’am,” Rosa obeyed, getting up and walking over, truly wanting to see Cam come in his MILF, and especially the look on his face while he did. Fuck!Cam could feel his balls boiling as Rosa joined them and he could feel her breath as she whispered directly into his ear, after a couple dozen deep hard thrusts, as her hand went to his ass to add extra oomph to his fucking, “That’s it darling, fuck the slut, cum inside the bitch, show her what a stud my boyfriend is.”Veronica smiled at Rosa falling so completely into cuckquean mode while still keeping part of her wicked personality.Cam groaned, “Oh God, I’m going to come soon.””Me too,” Veronica moaned loudly, and added, “Fill my cunt with your cum, stud.”Cam fucked her as hard and fast as he could, sweat pouring down his body until he grunted, “Here it comes!”Veronica was also close, and the instant she felt the cum spewing inside her she declared, “Yes, I’m coming too!””Shoot that load deep in her cunt, baby,” Rosa crooned, peppering his neck with little kisses as he kept pumping and pumping and cumming and cumming.Veronica then added, once the entire load was in her, “Slut. It’s time to come and eat your homemade creampie.”The former Rosa would have been mortified, she had taunted lesbians in the past just for being who they were, yet the new enlightened Rosa, seeing Cam’s cum leaking out of the well fucked cunt and following her increasingly natural desire to obey, dived between the woman’s legs, buried her face in her cunt and licked like there was no tomorrow!”Holy shit,” Cam gasped, the sight of his girlfriend’s eager assault on her Mistress’s cunt to hoover out his own cum one more delightful shock in a day full of them.”A true cuckquean will obey every order from her Master and Mistress,” Veronica said almost as if she were quoting from a textbook. “She gets pleasure from obedience and by making her man happy.”Rosa hungrily licked up the mixture of male and female cum, surprised by how sweet the combination tasted. A creampie was a tantalizing treat, and something she imagined she would be wanting to try again and again.”Before today she never went out of her way to make me happy,” Cam said.Rosa heard that and felt bad. Is that how he saw me?Veronica pulled the new teen cuckquean’s head more deeply between her legs and said, “Always remember you’re in charge. Her pleasure is secondary if at all. The paradox is that if you forget to do that and start treating her like any kind of princess, you’ll make her miserable and the bitch will be back.””Okay, I think I get it,” Cam said thoughtfully.”But with that in mind, do you think she should be allowed to come, Master?” Veronica asked, before adding, “she’s been a good girl lately, and she’s showing herself to be a pretty natural little cunt muncher.”Cunt muncher, I love it, Rosa thought to herself, how quickly my world has been turned upside down.”Sure, why not?” Cam shrugged.”Slut, do you want to come?” Veronica asked, letting go of her head.”Yes please Mistress, if that’s okay with you,” Rosa replied, surrendering herself completely to the hierarchy that had been created.”Grab that coke bottle from my desk,” Veronica pointed, “and fuck yourself with it.”Rosa was so desperate that yet another humiliating task didn’t even faze her anymore as she reached for the bottle and while her mouth and tongue were still busy between Veronica’s legs, slid it inside herself.Veronica laughed at the mindless obedience as she invited, “Hop on the desk and get comfortable, you beautiful, horny slut.””Yes, Mistress,” Rosa obeyed, doing so while still fucking her needy cunt.Standing with her hands braced on the edge of the desk, Veronica looked down from a foot away as the teen pumped the bottle in and out furiously before leaning down and sucking the teen’s clit into her mouth.”OH FUCK!!” Rosa screamed, as her left leg twitched uncontrollably, “Yes, yes, yes, suck my clit, Mistress!”Knowing Rosa was seconds away from coming, Veronica yanked the bottle out, slid two fingers inside the soaked oasis of pleasure, found her g-spot and tugged, hard.That was all it took.”HOLY MOTHER FUCKER SCREAMING CUM STORMS!!” Rosa screamed nonsensically but wholeheartedly, as an orgasm hit her like no other had before. She usually came from sex, from fucking and oral and she had a couple toys that reliably got her off, but this was a whole different level of orgasm. Her body quaked, her cunt gushed, her head went light, and tingling sensations hit her very core! She almost passed out from the intensity.Veronica leaned down to taste the teen’s cum as Cam watched in awe at easily the hottest thing he’d ever seen whether in porn or real life.Rosa kept coming, Veronica kept licking for another minute before Veronica slid the bottle back inside the teen and ordered Cam, “Get her off again, the bitch has earned it.””Oh God,” Rosa moaned, never having experienced multiple orgasms.”She can’t,” Cam said, even as he obediently grabbed the bottle and began fucking her.”Maybe she couldn’t before, she was all blocked up, but she certainly can now,” Veronica smiled as she grabbed her phone and took a photo.Even as the first orgasm refused to break its hold on Rosa, she felt a second one coming like a fresh surge of waves crashing against the shore. Rose begged, “Please fuck me with your big cock, Master.””May I?” Cam asked the older woman.”She’s your slut,” Veronica shrugged. “Fuck her face, pound her pussy or ream her asshole, she’ll do whatever you tell her, and because she’s doing what you want, she’ll get off on it as many times as you let her.”Wanting to give herself completely to Cam and prove her Mistress correct as she gave herself mind, body and slut to her boyfriend she said, “Yes, baby, why don’t you take my anal virginity? I never let you do that before, but now I’d love you to boldly go where no man has gone before!””Really?” Cam asked playfully through his one final shock.Veronica pulled a tube of lube out of her drawer as Rosa replied, babbling out the first things she could think of that she was willing to do: “Yes, baby, I want to be your three-hole slut, I want to be your cuckquean while you fuck other girls, I want to be your submissive sex slave.”Veronica ordered, “Get on the floor on all fours, my pet!”Rosa quickly obeyed as Cam asked, “You even want me to fuck Jane?”She hated Jane but nevertheless answered, “Yes, yes, Jane, anybody you want.”Veronica poured lube on the teen’s ass and added, “You’ll eat Cam’s creampie out of Jane, won’t you?””Yes, Mistress, if my Master wants me to, I’ll bury my face in the bitch’s well fucked white cunt while it’s filled with his consummate cum,” Rosa agreed, willing to agree to anything at the moment, her second orgasm slowly building inside her, controlling her entire core. She then added, “Fuck my ass, Master. Take my anal cherry. Sodomize your slut.”Veronica shrugged, figuring she may as well have a second orgasm herself, as she lowered herself to the floor and offered her cunt back to the teen bimbo, “I guess you’d better take her final hole, Master.”Cam laughed as he strolled leisurely behind his girlfriend, stroking his hands across the sheer white nylons, “My dear slut, I think you’ll have to wear white nylons every day. And whenever anyone asks why, you can tell them it’s because I ordered you to.””Anything for you, Master,” Rosa agreed mindlessly, as she felt his cock knocking at her anal entrance.Veronica began filming Rosa’s face to capture her expression as Cam’s cock penetrated her back door.”Oh, my fucking God!” Rosa screamed, looking directly into the camera, pride no longer a controlling drive for her. “Fill my black asshole with your massive white masterful cock while I eat my Mistress’s white cunt.”Veronica smiled and kept filming as the sodomy continued, and as she was pleasured. She also multi-tasked as she sent a score update.Score at 4:37 PM on Saturday:Scorecard:Crystal: 5Jasmine: 4Veronica: 4Carol: 3Portia: 3Rosa couldn’t believe the pain that was filling her as her virgin ass was filled with cock; she also couldn’t believe the colliding pleasure that countered the pain. Nor could she believe the intensity of the pleasure in her pussy, even though it was being left untouched at the time.Cam watched his girlfriend lick pussy; Cam watched his cock slide in and out of his girlfriend’s ass; he watched the hot MILF film the entire thing.Five minutes of ass fucking became ten, until Rosa was begging for it to be harder as the pain was gone and only pleasure now existed.Veronica came one more time; Rosa came just from getting ass fucked.And then Cam, taking control, as he was close to coming a third amazing time, pulled out of Rosa’s ass and ordered, “Sluts, get on your knees.”Veronica was surprised by the boy’s sudden dominance, but complied, as she liked being submissive to a man on occasion and knew it was she who’d given him this newfound confidence. She willingly got onto her knees, Rosa followed suit, and both opened their mouths as Cam stroked his cock in their faces.”Give me your phone, slut,” Cam ordered, taking her obedience to his first order as permission to strut his stuff even more.”Mmmmmm, yes, sir,” Veronica smiled, handing him the phone while it was still filming.Cam filmed with one hand, jerked with the other.”Come all over your sluts,” Veronica purred.”Yes, baptise us as your dirty whores,” Rosa added, trying to sound as slutty as the MILF.”Oh yes, fuck,” Cam groaned, furiously spanking his monkey until he grunted, and splattered Veronica with the first rope, Rosa with the rest.Rosa, forgetting his cock was just in her ass, or not caring, leaned forward and took his cock back in her mouth and sucked every last drop of cum while Veronica stood up, her knees sore.Veronica then pulled Rosa up and kissed her.”Fucking hot,” Cam approved.”How about this?” Veronica asked, licking the cum off Rosa’s face.”That too,” Cam agreed.”And this?” Rosa asked, licking cum off Veronica’s face.”Hot, hot, hot,” Cam nodded.Veronica then ended the lengthy fuck session, “Unfortunately, you two need to go. The store will be closing soon.””Yes, ma’am,” Cam said, having known this perfect experience would have to end sometime.”Not slut?” Veronica quipped.”How about Ms. Slut?” Cam corrected.”Now that you know who you are, I think Ms. Slut would be a wonderful way for you to address me. But soon my part-time Master, I wouldn’t mind meeting this Jane,” Veronica said.”I’ll see what I can do,” Cam said, “she’s wanted to fuck me forever.””Yes, she has,” Rosa agreed enthusiastically, as she hunted around for her clothes.”And you want her too now, don’t you?” Veronica asked her, getting dressed.”Oddly, yes,” Rosa said, picturing it her head.”Then make it happen,” Veronica ordered. “And send me pics.””I’ll try.””No, do,” Veronica ordered. “Then after you do, bring her here and I’ll turn her into a lesbian pet for you.”Rosa joked, although she wasn’t sure it was a joke, “Or maybe another Mistress for me.””I think you’re beginning to understand, and even to own your true cuckquean nature,” Veronica laughed.Cam thanked the woman for not reporting them and for breaking in his new slut.Rosa thanked the woman for not reporting them and for awakening her and teaching her who she really was.Veronica nodded and added, “I’m always looking for new teen girls to turn into cunt-licking sluts, especially this week, so if you know any straight girls who need to be put in their place, let me know.””That place being between your legs, just like mine is,” Rosa smiled.”Exactly,” Veronica laughed, as she slapped the teen’s ass and headed back to work.