Boudoir Photo Shoot for my OB/GYN

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Note to All – No one under the age of 18 is engaged in any sort of sexual activity at all in this fictional story. It is neither implied, inferred, suggested, nor endorsed by this author.

Boudoir Photo Shoot for my OB/GYN

Lori Monroe – age 27, red hair, green eyes. 5’8″, 115 lbs., 34B-22-34.

Dr. Maria White – age 29, blonde hair, blue eyes. 5’4″, 110 lbs., 36C-24-36

Greg White – age 32, black hair, brown eyes. 5’10”, 185 lbs.

I had just wrapped up a family photoshoot at the old abandoned Cornelius barn on Highway 61 just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. The Thompson family, parents George and Jane, and their three adult children posed in matching outfits. It was an unusually cool September Saturday afternoon, usually reserved for the atmosphere of college football games. The Thompson’s wanted to go ahead and get photos done and select the best ones for Christmas cards in December. I didn’t mind because I was going to make some decent money for the shoot and the photos. Photography was my side gig to supplement my income as a logistics specialist at a local automotive manufacturing facility about 20 minutes from my home in Summerville.

On my small property, my house was in the front and I had an additional building, which served as my photo studio, behind my house. Both buildings were attached by a covered carport and covered walkway. In front of the property was a red and white 4’x6′ metal sign that said “Monroe Photography LLC” with a side arrow identifying the location of my studio. I got home from the photoshoot and went straight to my studio to begin editing the photos so the Thompson family could select the shots they wanted to use for Christmas cards. Before I began my editing, I noticed the message indicator was blinking on my business answering machine so I pressed “PLAY” to see what it said.

“Yes, hi Miss Monroe, my name is Greg White and I would like to purchase a boudoir session for my wife, Maria, as a gift for her birthday. Her birthday is in three weeks and I would like to set up an appointment to come and talk to you about it and pay you in advance. I’ve seen your social media pages and read the comments about your work and I feel like you would be the best person to handle this.”

He left his number and I called him back right away. We decided the following Tuesday at 3 PM would be best for him to come by my studio. I gave him the address and told him I would see him then. He came on Tuesday. I showed him some of my portfolios, gave him a tour of my studio, and even showed him the outdoor stages I also used for some of my sessions. He signed the contract, paid me in advance, and I assured him the photos would be to the liking of him and his wife. We set up a session for the coming Saturday at 10 AM and I gave him the receipt his wife would need to show when she came to my studio.

Saturday morning, I got up at 6 AM and went for my usual daily run. I decided three miles was more than enough for the day so I went home, ate some breakfast, showered, and changed into attire appropriate for a boudoir photoshoot. I chose loose fitting blue jeans, a blue jean shirt, and my white Chuck Taylor sneakers. I went to my studio and waited for Mrs. White to show up. I walked around the studio and lit some candles and put on some soft music to set the mood. I heard a knock on the door. I walked to the door, opened it, and I had to do a double take.

IT WAS MY GYNECOLOGIST, DR. MARIA WHITE. I hadn’t made the connection until the moment I saw her. Talk about an awkward moment. Here I was, about to do a photoshoot for a woman that had seen my business, and I mean, ALL of my business, nude, in her offices, for the past four years. istanbul travesti I ushered her inside, slightly embarrassed and searched for the right thing to say.

“Do I call you Maria? Dr. White? I mean, this is sort of awkward. I can’t believe my gynecologist is standing in my studio. WOW! When your husband called to set up your gift, I had no idea it was you. I didn’t make the connection until you knocked on my door. OK. Let me shut up now. Welcome. Welcome. I am glad you’re here.”

“It’s quite alright. I was flattered that Greg wanted to do this for me. I didn’t know that the Lori Monroe he was referring to was you because I am sure there are more Lori Monroe’s in this area. So, tell me, what you would like to see me pose in, where, and so on and so on? And call me Maria…….please!

“OK……Maria……..what did you bring? I will shoot you in whatever you feel comfortable posing in.”

“I brought panty and bra sets, thigh high panty hose, high heels, thongs, fishnet stockings, basically a little bit of everything.”

“Greg paid for four hours so I’m ready whenever you are. The changing area, for privacy, is in that room right there. You can put your bag in there. We can start with shots on the sofa, then go to the windows, then to the kitchenette, and then to the bedroom. And just so you know, no one can see in any windows here. I designed my studio and stages behind my studio like this on purpose, for total privacy. Would you like some wine? Water? Lemonade? Soda? To help you relax?”

“A glass of red wine, if you have it?”

“Coming right up!”

I went to the fridge and poured her a glass of wine in a wine glass, walked over to her, and handed it to her.

“Thank you. What should I wear first?”

”You pick. This is YOUR session.”

We made small talk while she changed into her first outfit and I readied my camera equipment. We talked about college, medical school, and her specialty in OB/GYN. A few minutes passed and she stepped into the room where the sofa was located. Her first outfit made my jaws hit the floor but I kept the conversation professional. She chose a black lace bra, black lace choker, black lace thong, black lace thigh highs, black heels, and her make up and hair were perfect.

I told her how to pose, which ways to look, how to draw the camera to her eyes, and be the sexual being I knew was hiding within her. She picked up on my cues perfectly as we completed shooting on the sofa, in the windows, in the kitchenette, and in the bedroom. She knew when to smile and when to look serious. I was having a great time shooting her and she was having fun as well. For the next two hours, she drank more wine, posed in several more outfits, and flirted with the camera.

We still had two hours left in her session and asked me if she could pose topless. I reminded her that this was her photoshoot and she could pose in whatever she chose. She went into the changing area and came back wearing only a white satin thong and white heels. Her breasts looked mouth watering. I told her how to position her hands and which way to turn to flatter her body and her breasts. I even showed her how to hook her thumbs in the top of her thong and lower it until just the top of her pubic bone was showing. I could tell she either shaved or waxed. I hadn’t gotten close enough to make that determination yet. We went through a series of poses all around the studio until she told me she wanted to change into something else.

She went into the changing area and came out a few minutes later. I was taken aback at her outfit choice. She had chosen a pair of hunter green lace crotchless panties, black heels, and nothing else.

“I want istanbul travestileri some close up shots of my pussy for Greg” she said.

Who was I to say no? I was getting paid. Again, I took her throughout the studio showing her how I wanted her to pose to get the shots she wanted. On the sofa, she opened her legs wide so I could shoot her pussy. It was beautiful and it smelled so nice. When we got to the kitchenette, I had her pose so that she was sitting up on her elbows on the kitchen table with her ass on the edge of the table and a leg in the seat of each chair. I pushed the chairs as far apart as was comfortable and started snapping away from her face all the way down to her pussy.

I asked her to open her pussy lips for me. She was very wet. I could see the moisture in the opening and on the outer lips. It took all my composure not to drop the camera and eat out her pussy. Until today, I had never even entertained the thought of being with a woman but she was making that look like a wonderfully viable option right now.

“I am sorry you’re seeing me like this. I haven’t felt this sexually alive in a long time. Posing for you has been so easy.”

I backed away as she left her hand on her pussy lips, keeping them open as I kept the camera clicking away. I had her entire body in frame now. She sat up and opened her legs wider and began to masturbate for me.

“Keep taking photos please. I want Greg’s mind to be blown.”

I complied. She moved her hand in circular motions around her clit with one hand while she inserted two fingers into her pussy with the other hand.

*****Thinking to myself — Wait. What is that I feel in my jeans? My pussy is wet. I am turned on by my doctor masturbating for me. Am I a weirdo? What is happening here?*****

She continued the manual stimulation of her pussy and I kept taking photos of her. She looked directly into the camera, a look of pure lust in her eyes. She came once. She came twice. She came a third time. She was squealing with pleasure as she soaked the table and the floor below with her secretions. I wanted so much to stop and rip my clothes off and fuck myself with one of my toys I had hidden in the dresser in the bedroom portion of the studio. Three more orgasms ripped through her and the table and floor below her looked like she had pissed herself. The room smelled of sex, her sex, her beautiful orgasms. I wanted to lick up all of her juices. That’s how wanton and craving of sexual relief I had become.

I didn’t want to fuck this session up so I let her lead. One final orgasm ended her self stimulation. She laid back on the table. I took more pics of her in this position. She sat up and saw the mess she had made.

“I am so sorry. I didn’t…………..I couldn’t………………I am so so so sorry. I made a mess on your table and your floor. I’ll clean it up.”

“No no no no no Maria. You are fine. I got this. What I just witnessed was beautiful. It was sexy. It was sensual. I loved every minute of it. Let me help you off the table. The shower is in the corner of the room where you changed into your outfits. Fresh towels and wash cloths are on the shelf next to the sink and a brand new bar of soap is in the soap dish in the shower.”

She walked away, a little embarrassed from her sexual display, and then thanked me for a wonderful boudoir session. She showered while I downloaded all the photos to my laptop to begin the long and arduous process of editing for her approval. After her shower, she got dressed, hugged me, and thanked me again. We made the appointment for her to come by my studio in two weeks to pick up her finished photos. She gathered her things and left travesti istanbul and I spent the next hour bringing myself to orgasm after delicious orgasm from what I had just witnessed.


Maria came to the studio to choose the photos she wanted from her photoshoot. She took a seat in a chair next to me as we began going through the file I created for her on my laptop. She chose the ones she wanted for a regular photo album which would hold 24 photos and wanted the rest on a thumb drive for private viewing by her and Greg. We couldn’t help but smile, albeit a nervous smile, when we got to the photos of her masturbating. I was feeling flushed and I could feel her breathing quicken.

“Look at me, the porn star” she said as she giggled.

“Yeah but a beautiful porn star” I replied. “Look at your eyes and the expression on your face in each photo.”

“Thanks! You’re making me blush.”

We finished going through all the photos about an hour later. She chose the ones for her photo album and the rest for her thumb drive. We hugged bye and she left. As soon as I saw her get in her car, I went to the dresser in the bedroom part of the studio and pulled out one of my battery operated friends and threw it on the bed. I stripped naked and kneeled on the bed with my ass in the air and my head on a pillow as I brought the vibrator to my clit. I edged myself for a good half hour until I decided I wanted to cum. I was working toward orgasmic bliss when I felt a hand on my ass. I screamed and jumped forward and flipped over on to my back.

“WHAT THE…………………….WHA……………………WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” I yelled.

It was Maria. She had left her cell phone next to my laptop, a silly ass detail I had overlooked before I decided to get myself off. I hadn’t heard her knock either. I guess she had heard me and decided to see what I was doing.

“Please continue. I want to watch.”

I opened my legs as wide as I could get them. This wasn’t her office but I wanted her to see how wet I was. I put the vibrator on my clit to get myself back to the state of excitement I like to have when I cum.

“I have other toys in my dresser. Take your clothes off. I want to see you cum also.”

She did as I asked. In her world, we were doctor and patient. In my world, we were photographer and client. At this moment, we were equals – two beautiful women who wanted to see each other cum.

She was nude now and had a vibrator from my dresser. She opened her legs and I pulled her toward me so that our pussies were only inches apart. Our vibrators almost touching, stimulating ourselves, looking directly at each other without breaking eye contact. I could tell she was close. She could tell I was close. We had started sweating, we were breathing heavy, our pussies had soaked the bed. The first orgasm shook me. I grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her to me to kiss me. She came hard. I could feel the puddle from her pussy under my ass. Both vibrators were together now, sending more shock waves to our clits. We screamed out. We came again. We both shook so hard that we lost our handles on our toys.

We were kissing like sex starved lovers. We fumbled with the toys to turn them off. I had never eaten pussy but I was about to. I pulled her pussy to my face and turned her around so that her face was on my sex. I licked, sucked, and kissed her beautiful pussy until she had soaked my face, my hair, my upper body, and the bed with her juices. I could feel my cream leaking out of me onto the bed as she continued to make my pussy so very happy with orgasm after orgasm.

When the sensations had subsided, she turned over and crawled into my arms. We held each other and kissed like lovers who never wanted the moment to end.

She and Greg divorced three months later and she moved in with me. She isn’t my OB/GYN anymore but I don’t care. We share something far more important now, our love for each other.