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Subject: Bowling League. (Off League Fun (Intro) This is a supplement story to my Bowling League tales. Just some hot fantasies with some of the other hit guys I have seen at the bowling alley while there during league games or just there for practice on any night of the week. This is of course fiction as antone else in the bowling alley is probably NOT gay. Although I wish some were. Enjoy. Bowling League. (Off League Fun ) “Introduction” …. I am part of a gay bowling league I joined a few years back. It’s a fun and great way to meet new people of your own persuasion. You know gay. We bowl at an alley in my area. It is a fun respite from the drudgeries of my day to day. Especially when i have had a difficult week at work. izmit escort And just a good time with some people on the weekend. Just so i am not sitting at home staring at the walls. Which had become a frequent thing after my last failed relationship. ” I am staying alone” I said “Prefer a good time over something that us gonna go to shit after a while” And I was definitely okay with fun over commitment. Sex when I wanted and with whom I wanted. But other than that I wanted to just hang with other gays like me. And that’s where the league came in. The league is fun as its not too competitive. Mostly just gay guys out to have some fun hanging out and drinking. I have made a couple of great new friends that don’t care that I am single. izmit escort bayan That don’t want to set me up with someone to get me committed and trapped in a screwed up coupling. I have had a few fun times outside of the alley with members of the league’s itself in the past. But that’s not why I am telling this now. It’s all about sex. And lots of it. This is the sexy and hot connections with all the other men I have encountered at the bowling alley outside of league days. Heck even on league days as I have somehow caught the interest of some other hot man at the alley. Knowing that I was in a gay league probably gave many guys there the impression of what to expect from us. Normally I may be offended of such things. But izmit bayan escort on occasion and if the guy was hot enough. I was willing to forgo the objections to such assumptions by other people. So long as the guy was hot. Well I want to tell you about some of the hot experiences I have had with sone straight or supposedly straight guys I have come across at the bowling alley. Whether it was on one if my league nights or not. It didn’t matter as I found myself in many hot situations with one guy or multiple guys. Sometimes the hook his were at the bowling alley itself. Which made it even hotter. And sometimes I would take them hime for hit sex. Each and every dudes was fuck worthy and I loved it that they all used me. Some nice and smooth, but many rough fucks that were even hotter. “Damn. This is hot fun” I would say after them But anyways. Here is my tales of hot bowling sex with hot straight dudes I hooked up with at the alley…. More to cum