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Subject: Boy From The Shed – Chapter 24 Thank you for taking time to look at my story “Boy From The Shed” This is my first story with sexual content, it is all loving and gentle. If intergenerational themes are not for you, then you may not like this story. This is a work of fiction. �. If you do like it I would love to hear from you, you can email me at: sparky.story@protonmail Please help support , they provide us with a wonderful resource and they rely on donations to keep the site running fty/donate.html I have created a small WordPress site to accompany the story. It contains location information of places we visit in the story, there is also a character list and random pictures of stuff I refer to in the story. It will be an ongoing project!! ess/ Thank you to everyone who has emailed, it has been great talking to the readers and some authors. If you like it let me know!! Take care and stay safe Sparky Boy From The Shed – Chapter 24 By Sparky The morning arrived and it was a nice day, the sun shone and lit around the edges of the curtains as Mike woke up and remembered where he was. The familiar feel of Timmy snuggled up to him brought a smile to his face, this was what family is, he thought. He gently peeled his son from his body and got out the bed to pee. Leo woke as Mike started to move, “Morning” Leo said sleepily, “Morning hon… we’ll have to get the boys up soon it’s gone 9am” Mike said quietly, “Ok…” Leo moaned and rolled out of bed too. Mike went to the bathroom and Leo went to wake the boys, Tanner and Max had a big double bed in their room and were snuggled up, Leo gently sat on the side of the bed and reached across to Tanner’s head and gently stroked his hair. “Wakey..wakey” Leo said softly, Tanner opened his eyes and looked at Leo and then Max, he smiled and hugged his boyfriend tighter waking him up too. Leo leaned down and kissed Max’s forehead and then Tanner’s who wrapped his arms around his dads neck. They had a quick hug, “Time to get up… come and have breakfast.. then we can go back to the swimming pool!” Leo told them, They both climbed out of the bed hard little dicks leading the way to the bathroom to pee. Leo went to wake Jacob and Jason, they had a twin bed, bedroom but had pushed the beds together to make one big bed. Jacob was spooned behind Jason and Leo sat down and gently woke the boys, they opened their little eyes and Leo gave them each a kiss on the cheek. Jacob smiled as did Jason, Leo noticed Jacob start to move his hips and knew what the horny little boy was doing. Leo placed his hand on the duvet above Jacob’s slowly moving hips and stopped him, “No time for that now son… time to get up and have breakfast… then we can go swimming” he said kindly, “Ohhhh…. ok” Jacob said as he pulled away from Jason’s bum. Leo smiled at the boy and pulled him up from the bed and hugged him, Jacob relaxed into his dads naked chest, his cute little butt sat on top of Leo’s bare dick. With another kiss and cuddle he sent both boys off to pee and eat. They had to put towels on the chairs around the dining table as they were hard plastic and very cold on the families bottoms. After eating Leo got all the swim shorts loaded into his rucksack and put four towels in Mike’s. They all got dressed and started the walk to the swimming pool. There was a shuttle train that drove around the site which you could jump on, but the walk was nice and the boys enjoyed playing on the way. They arrived at the pool all smiles and giggles, they got the same family changing cubical and got into their swim shorts. Once poolside the older boys were set free and Timmy stuck to Mike and Leo. They did all play together so Timmy did not feel left out. They spent a lot of time in the water play area shooting each other with water jets and standing under the tipping buckets. They enjoyed the rapids as the boys all tried to hold on to the dads, Timmy clung to Leo like a limpet, he wasn’t scared he just didn’t want to have to try and swim in the moving water. They spent the rest of the morning swimming and going on the slides, just before mid-day Leo got them all together and explained it was time to get out and head back to the cabin, they had the Aerial Adventure and Aerial Tree Trekking this afternoon and needed time to shower or bath and get Timmy creamed up, they also needed to eat. Back at the cabin Mike showered with Timmy, while the other boys shared a bath. Leo prepared lunch and laid it out on the table. He then showered while Mike creamed up Timmy. Soon they all sat down and enjoyed bread and cold meats, followed by yogurts and juice. With their tummy’s full they sat and watched cartoons till it was time to get dressed and head over to the Aerial Adventure and Aerial Tree Trekking course. As Jacob sat snuggled up to Jason he started to softly cry. “What’s wrong?” Jason asked looking at his boyfriends face, “Nothing” Jacob replied, Leo moved over and sat next to Jacob, “Hey buddy… you ok?” Leo asked gently while rubbing his sons back. “Yeah… just can’t… believe I’m like… here and stuff” Jacob said between sobs, “Aww.. buddy… you are here… with your new family and your new boyfriend…and we all love you very much” Leo spoke softly, “I know… I’m just… so happy” Jacob replied, “So are we son… happy to have you and your brothers as our family… you make us so happy” Leo lifted Jacob into his lap and cuddled him. Sat there on holiday, with a new family and a boyfriend, doing all these amazing activities and all the love he was getting suddenly sank in for Jacob. He finally realised subconsciously that this was his new life, the emotions he felt had caused him to cry with joy. Mike was explaining to Timmy that Jacob was happy crying not sad crying, trying to stop Timmy from getting upset. Timmy understood erzincan escort the difference and stayed calm, he jumped off Mike’s lap and went over to Jacob and hugged him, soon all the boys were hugging Jacob who was calming down and enjoying the love. Jacob regressed for a bit wanting Leo to dress him ready to go out when it was time, Mike dressed Timmy and the two boys soaked up their dads caring love. Jacob walked holding hands with Jason and with Mike. Leo walked with Timmy using him as a shield to protect himself from being tagged by Tanner and Max. Leo after nearly tripping over Timmy for the third time, lifted his little son up on to his shoulders away from the game he was playing. “Hey no fair.. that’s cheating!” Tanner said laughing trying to jump up and tag Timmy, “Maybe but it’s better than me tripping over Timmy all the time” Leo smiled, “Ok.. we’ll just walk then” Tanner said happily, Leo put Timmy down and Tanner took hold of his little brothers hand, Max held Tanner’s other hand while Timmy’s free hand went to Leo. With the whole family walking along hand in hand they soon arrived at the Aerial Adventure and Aerial Tree Trekking. A nice young man fitted them out with safety harnesses and gave them a little talk and a demonstration on a wire rope that was just a metre from the ground. Timmy was a little small but the guy said if one dad went in front and one behind Timmy they could help him on and off the zip lines. So they started their adventure by climbing up ladders and platforms bolted to the trees, they reached the top platform and faced their first challenge. They had to cross a tightrope with another rope above it to hold on to. Jacob and Tanner shimmied their way across followed by Mike. Max went next, then Timmy with Leo just behind him to help if he needed it. The next platform had swinging logs which swayed as you walked on them. They did obstacle after obstacle and the boys and the dads loved it. The final part was a long zip line and Mike went first to help the boys off at the bottom. One by one the boys screamed excitedly as they flew trough the air down to their waiting dad. Leo had to lift Timmy up to get his pulley onto the zip line, “You ready?” Leo asked when he was secured, “Yes!” grinned Timmy, “Hold on to your harness” Leo said letting the boy go with a gentle shove. Timmy squealed all the way down arms flaying and legs kicking the air. When he reached the bottom and Mike took hold of him, “Again…again!” Timmy shouted excitedly, “Ok.. there’s another one we can go on” Mike told him laughing at Timmy’s antics, Leo came down last whooping and hollering, they then took off to another course and had more fun. By late afternoon the boys needed a rest so they returned to the cabin and ate some food while sat on the sofa. Leo had washed the swim shorts and dried them ready for the evening as they would be going back to the swimming pool. After letting dinner settle they walked back to the pool and back to the family changing cubical. The boys changed even though they were a bit more frisky this time, Jacob was playing with Jason’s dick as they undressed and Mike had to tell them to wait till later. Leo laughed at them and handed out the swim shorts. Soon they were swimming and playing in the warm water of the pool, the tropical setting was awesome and made it feel like they were in a different country, a hot one with palm tree’s. Timmy spent more time hanging on to Jacob as his confidence in the water grew, the dads were never far away and watched the constantly. After hours of fun it was time to leave, Leo and Mike rounded the boys up and led them back to the big family changing cubical. Leo stood Timmy up on the bench and helped him get his shorts off. He then turned to help Max undo his short and heard a giggle. He turned back to find Jacob standing in front of Timmy sucking his little willy. Timmy was loving it as he held on to Jacob’s head with his little hands. Leo and Mike shook their heads at each other and smiled, they let them play for a minute while the others got dry, Leo gently pulled Jacob back so he could dry Timmy. “Wait till we get back to the cabin… you can play there…ok?” Leo whispered, “Can we all play?” Jacob whispered back, “If you all want too” Leo replied, The other boys all nodded yes, Leo smiled and said ok. He finished drying Timmy and got himself dressed. Mike and the others finished too and they packed the wet towels and swimwear into the backpacks. The walk back was full of smiles and giggles, the boys had little races from lamppost to lamppost and called on the dads to judge the winner. When they arrived back to the cabin they all needed to shower or bath, Timmy wanted a bath so Leo took him and shared the bath with his son. Mike helped the older boys with the shower which ended with them all hard with boy boners. Mike took the boys back to the master bedroom to finish drying them off, he had Jacob lay out Timmy’s creaming blanket on the bed so it would be ready for Leo to use with Timmy. Max lay down on his front and Tanner straddled his boyfriends legs and started to massage Max with Timmy’s cream. He gently rubbed Max’s shoulders and back, relaxing the boy and making him sigh. Tanner’s willy was hard as rock as it gently rubbed between Max’s butt cheeks every time he leaned forward to reach Max’s shoulders. Mike could see were this was going and squirted some cream on Max’s bottom to help the boys out. Tanner’s movement became more deliberate as his little boner poked deeper and deeper towards Max’s bum hole. “Your turn!” Jacob said to Jason, Jason grinned as he asked, “Can we suck first?” “Yep!” Jacob smiled, Jason laid down and Jacob got in a sixty nine position above him and they both started to lovingly suck each others stiffys. erzurum escort Leo came into the bedroom carrying Timmy to see the boys already enjoying themselves and each other. Leo laid Timmy down as the little boy was trying to watch his brothers and started to cream him up. He started with his sons back, then flipped him over. Timmy was fully hard now too and cooed when Leo rubbed his little willy. Jacob was getting very horny now and after moving off Jason and whispering to him he got Mike to lay down on his back on the bed. With Mike laid down on his back, Jacob and Jason moved to Mike’s side and took hold of their dads erect penis. The two boys gently kissed and rubbed Mike’s erection on their cheeks and faces, they nuzzled away like puppies causing Mike to moan, Tanner and Max saw Mike getting love from the boys and decided to do the same with Leo. Timmy was already creamed up so Tanner pulled Leo up on the bed next to Mike. Leo laid next to his man and waited to see what would happen next. Tanner took hold of his dads dick and licked the shaft and smiled at Leo. Max moved in and did the same. Timmy squeezed in-between Tanner and Max and watched their actions. Max licked the shaft a few more times making Leo moan. Jacob turned around and placed himself over Mike head to toe, in a 69 position, he licked and suckled on Mike’s dick but was too far away from Mike’s head for Mike to reach his sons dick, “Jason… your turn!… put it in me!” Jacob huskily said to his boyfriend, Mike heard this and asked Jason to pass him the cream, Jason did so and Mike lubed Jacob’s bum, he gently worked a finger into his son with Jason watching with rapt attention. Jacob moaned with delight as his dads finger moved around in his little butt, his dads actions distracting him from playing with Mike’s penis. Mike got Jason to finger Jacob too and showed how to move it around and find Jacob’s special spot. Mike and Jason smiled and grinned at each other as they brought pleasure to Jacob. “Jason” gasped Jacob impatiently, Mike helped Jason into position straddling his chest and got a good view of Jason’s hard willy touching his sons hole. Jacob gasped as Jason pushed in and Mike saw Jason’s dick push past his son’s sphincter. With gentle help from Mike, Jason started to pull in and out of his boyfriends bum. Jacob started to work on Mike’s dick again licking and sucking the tip, soon his lips surrounded Mike’s boner and he got part of Mike’s shaft in as well. The sensation drove Mike wild. Tanner seeing Mike, Jacob and Jason wanted Max in him, he got the cream and arranged the boys. Timmy snuggled up to Leo as Tanner lubed up Max’s willy and passed the cream to Max. “Put some in my butt and make love to me… use your finger first though” he practically begged, Max poured some cream into Tanner’s butt as Tanner got on all fours with his head over Leo’s throbbing dick. Tanner moaned as Max’s finger entered him and wriggled around, Tanner tried to keep working on his dads dick but had to stop for a moment when Max slipped his slippy boy boner into his bum hole. He groaned loud as his boyfriend penetrated him, he took a moment to enjoy the connection they shared. As Max started to pump away Tanner took Leo’s dick into his mouth and started to suck on it. With a free hand Tanner masturbated Timmy as his youngest brother cuddled his dad. Timmy was the first to reach his tingles and relaxed next to Leo, dazed but very happy. Jason was next and Mike pulled him back to lay next to him, Mike was next to orgasm shooting cum all over Jacob’s face. Max peaked next and rolled onto his side to recover, Leo was last as he shot all over Tanner’s face. The boys all giggled at Jacob and Tanner being cover in their daddies cum, they played around with it and Jacob licked some of it off Tanner’s face. Jason gently pushed Jacob to lay down next to Mike and started to suck his boyfriends willy. Seeing this Max did the same to Tanner and the last two boys were taken to their own boygasms. Timmy, Leo and Mike watched, kissed and caressed Jacob and Tanner as the boys shared their love and bodies. Soon their sons were tensing up and moaning as their tingles hit, they all laid down smiling and relaxed. They all cuddled together for a while with cum being smeared from one body to the next. They were a hot sticky mess, but they were happy. The love they shared brought joy and happiness to them all. Leo got out some wet wipes and cleaned up the boys, it was late and they would have baths and showers in the morning, but for now it was time to sleep. It was a tight squeeze but all seven cuddled up like a litter of puppies and feel asleep. Happy and content. In the morning Mike and Leo woke first, the bed was a hot sticky mess with naked bodies covering it. They gently woke the boys with kisses and rubbing their bodies, slowly they came too and all of them were smiling and happy. Leo took Timmy, Tanner and Max to have a quick bath while Mike took Jacob and Jason with him to shower. Leo got in with the boys and with some careful manoeuvring they all got cleaned. “Did you all enjoy last night?” Leo asked them, “Yes daddy.. it was nice when played with my willy and it was funny when Tanner and Jacob gots covered in your stuff!” giggled Timmy, “We always enjoy it with you dad” Tanner said and kissed Leo’s cheek, Max had remained quiet so Leo pulled him into his lap, the other boys making room. Leo wrapped his arms around his sons boyfriend and gently asked him, “You ok Max? Was last night ok?” “Yeah…. but what about my daddy…. I want to have fun with him too” Max asked quietly, “Your right Maxy… I know you do… we haven’t done a very good job of making that happen, you missed out last weekend because we built your bed instead of daddy coming over to spend time esat escort with you…. why don’t we see if daddy can come and stay over on new years when you have your sleepover..” “Really!” Max said excited, “We can ask him later and see if he can make it happen… if he can he will because he loves you so much” Leo said giving Max a tighter hug. “What if he can’t?” Max asked, “Well there’s the camping trip we haven’t told you guys much about and your dad is coming with us… it will be in 3 or 4 weeks time… so something to look forward too!” Leo assured him, “Camping!” Tanner remembered shouted jumping up and down in the bath, “Yes… camping, we’ll talk about it later… but for now lets get out and dried so we can go swimming again” “Camping is so cool” Tanner exclaimed having never been camping, Leo got the boys out and dry and they ran off to find Jacob and Jason to remind them about the camping trip. As the questions started to fly, Mike looked at Leo with a questioning face, so Leo explained to him why he reminded the boys about the forgotten camping trip. Once Mike understood he smiled and kissed Leo. Mike got the boys settled down and gave them their breakfasts while Leo creamed up Timmy quickly. Even though they would be in the pool in an hour or so, it was still important to keep creaming him after a bath, even more so with the amount of time he was spending swimming. They all got dressed and went for their last swim before going home. Timmy’s confidence had grown and was now floating around on his own more, there was always someone close by but his independence in the water was improving. The boys made sure to use every water slide and flume in the pool area and every piece of play equipment. They all had a huge amount of fun but all to soon it was time to leave. The boys were more subdued as they got dressed and headed back to the cabin. Once there they all had bathes and showers and stayed naked while they packed their stuff ready to go home. Mike eventually got dressed first so he could get the car from the car park. Once he arrived back they all got dressed and sadly loaded the car to go home. With a last check of the cabin to make sure they had left nothing behind, they all got in the car and strapped in. They started the journey home and talked about the great holiday they had had. It wasn’t long before the sound of shoes hitting the floor came from the back of the car, Leo turned around and saw the boys getting comfortable, they soon all snuggled up and went to sleep. They finally got home and Leo woke the boys, Mike unloaded the car as Leo took the boys in and got them drinks and a snack. Mike called Martin to tell him they were back, so he could pick Max and Jason up and take them home. Martin arrived ten minutes later and joined Leo and Mike for a coffee. They chatted briefly about work as Martin would start working with Leo on Monday. Soon it was time to get Max and Jason dressed, they found them in the lounge cuddled up with their boyfriends. Martin sat next to his son and Tanner, “You two make a beautiful couple” he said stroking his sons hair, Both boys smiled at Martin and he gave them both a kiss on the head. Leo passed Max and Jason their clothes and they got dressed. They both kissed and hugged the other boys and the dads and left with Martin. After unpacking and putting the dirty laundry in the washing machine, they all played on the Wii till there was a knock on the door. Leo got up and checked to see who it was and found John and Ben outside. He let them in and they both gave Leo a hug, he guided them into the lounge and little Timmy jumped up and hugged them both. “I missed you” Timmy said whimpering, “I missed you too” John said with a tear in his eye , “I missed you as well” Ben said rubbing Timmy’s head. John sat down on the sofa and Timmy climbed up into his lap, it was clear that these two had a special bond, it didn’t take away from what Timmy had with the others, it just added to the love already shared in the family. Ben and John pampered little Timmy for a bit till Mike suggested they take Timmy for a bath, “Why don’t you two take Timmy up and give him a bath… you can have one too if you want” he said smiling at them, “Thank you daddy!” Timmy squealed getting off John and hugging his dad. Ben, John and Timmy went upstairs to have a bath and cream up. “That was nice of you” Leo said smiling, “Ahh.. they clearly wanted some time together and it looks like John and Ben have worked things out between them… plus they love having baths” Mike grinned, “They sure do… I think they might like the cream as well” Leo joked, “We all like the cream!” Jacob said laughing, They all giggled at Jacob’s joke and continued to play on the Wii. Leo started the dinner and Mike laid the table. After an hour of bathing and creaming Timmy, Ben and John came back downstairs, all smiles and relaxed. It was getting close to dinner time so John and Ben reluctantly went back upstairs and got dressed. After promising Timmy they would be back in the morning they shared hugs and kisses with everyone and went home. Dinner was eaten quickly and the boys wanted to snuggle and watch movies. Tanner snuggled with Leo and Jacob, Timmy and Mike cuddled up on the other sofa. They watched two shorter movies and went to bed. The boys shared Jacob’s bed and the dads shared their own, the dads talked about how much the boys had enjoyed the holiday and made plans for Christmas and the new year. They talked about Leo’s mum and decided not to tell her about the boys, she had chosen not to be part of Leo’s life a long time ago and to be brutally honest with each other, neither really wanted her in the boys lives. They had just started to fall asleep when there was a loud banging on the front door, Leo checked the time it was 10:40pm, Mike ran downstairs to see who it was, slipping some boxer shorts on first. Leo followed behind as the banging rang out again. Mike opened the door to find Tina and Jason there crying. Chapter 25 soon! Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it. Sparky