Bradley Bean Finds a Lover Ch. 04

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Bradley Bean got up from his computer and stood stretching his legs. He went outside and looked over the back of his property into the wooded area behind the houses. It was almost two months to the day that his lady friend Jane Françoise St. Jeremy called him and practically ordered him to come to California. He didn’t think that would happen again. She was on a trip but this time to the east coast. She had only sent a few emails saying nothing important, but full of vague sexual references and not giving a return date. Besides he had other business to take care of.

Four weeks ago, the testing folks gave the new version of Logisti-max the thumbs up and the board decided to release it. Although plans for the roll-out were in the can, the whole company was activated to provide support for their users. Brad just finished one of the on-line training sessions, the company offered, and was getting prepared for another one next week. Later today He would be on the support line fielding questions from users. He was happy that the change to this version of the software was going well. He didn’t get any reports of major problems, or resistance to the new user interface. “No news is good news” he thought. There were a few installs where folks had difficulty, but they were easily remedied. This version of Logisti-max was head and shoulders above the last version and any competitor’s product. It was like a drag race where your car suddenly found extra horsepower and left the competition in the dust.

Big Bear and the human resources software producer E-Hume mutually decided to suspend merger talks. Negotiations started long before the announcement to the company. It was when he was in California, that all members of the company were notified of merger talks. There was mumbling among the board that they were not informed of the talks before they fell apart. Personalities in both companies could not get around who would be the head dog. The ego clash was more than either party could handle. Finally, after consulting with several of Big Bears investors and customers it was decided to drop the negotiations. Jane’s brother the CEO of St. Jeremy was heavily involved in the consultation.

Brad reluctantly moved back to his computer and put his phone headset on and flicked the “Present” flag so he could get support calls. “It was all part of the job,” he though. He was scheduled to be on the support line until five his time or about two hours. He wondered what kind of crazy questions he would get. He didn’t have long to wait as the phone signaled that he had a call. He talked the irate user off the fence and was able to solve his problem. For the next hour and a half his line was quiet. It was Friday so maybe the IT folks decided to take the weekend off.

He heard the bolt on his front door move and the security system played a beep announcing that someone had entered.

“There you are darling, I have wondered where you have been keeping yourself,” said a familiar voice, as Jane entered his downstairs office.

“Where do you think I have been? And I have wondered the same thing about you,” Brad replied.

“Mr. Bean I thought that you have been galivanting around the globe with a bevy of beautiful women lusting after your fabulous cock,” said Jane with tongue securely in her cheek.

“Uh no I have been here since you left me on the tarmac and jetted off to who knows where?” Ben replied.

“It was just a quick trip to the east coast and then to Europe where I tasted some really nice wines that no one will be able to consume for two years if not longer. All the while I speculated if I could get you on a plane to meet me again. And about how many women your cock was entertaining darling,” Jane replied as she leaned down and kissed Brad.

“Two months with just a few emails is not a quick trip in my book, Darling. My mind has been concentrating on supporting our customers. I doubt that I could get away and meet you. So, no I have not had any extracurricular diddling on my part.” Brad replied.

“My God Mr. Bean why not, your cock is desirable and should be used. By the way in my family, two months is a quick strip,” replied Jane.

“And what would your reaction be if you found out I was playing around, Ms. St. Jeremy?”

“Does Lorene Bobbitt mean anything to you. Mr. Bean?” said Jane as she pulled a large folding knife out of one of her pockets.

Brad closed his legs together involuntarily at the mention of the woman who cut her husband’s penis. He knew that it wouldn’t come to that but just the mention of it was enough to get him worried. Seeing her with that knife was another reason to make him think.

“Jane, I have a half hour to work the support line, go into the great room and fix yourself a cocktail. Then we can decide on dinner.”

“Not a minute longer Mr. Bean I have needs.”

“You have needs, what about me,” Brad thought as she walked out.

Jane left and moved to the bar area in Brad’s house and mixed two martinis. She sat on the couch and sipped her cocktail waiting for Brad. She finished one ankara eryaman escort cocktail and started on the one she made for him. What was keeping him she wondered. Didn’t he know that she wanted his cock firmly installed in her pussy?

Brad looked at the clock and decided that his shift was finished. He put the “Away” flag on his system, put the machine to sleep, rose and walked into the great room. He stood in front of Jane lifted her to her feet and embraced her. Their lips met in a long-delayed kiss. Jane’s hand started to explore Brad’s crotch and was happy to find his cock was responding normally.

“I need to be away longer it seems to make your cock harder,” said Jane after they separated.

“Two weeks of polishing the software and not thinking about anything else will also do it. But I am glad that you are here,” said Brad.

Brad got on his knees and unbuttoned Jane’s slacks. He let them fall to the floor and her panties quickly followed. He pressed his tongue into her pussy and licked her slit up and down. Jane tried to get on the couch, but Brad wouldn’t let her legs go. Brad continued to bury his head in Jane’s pussy. He was hoping she would cum and deposit some spend on his lips.

He released her and she lay back on the couch. Brad manipulated the zippers on her boots and released her feet. He untangled her slacks and panties from her ankles. Brad lost his shorts with his underwear, and straddled Jane and brought his cock to the entrance of her pussy. With a slight push his hard member was installed in Jane. As he moved his cock in and out of her pussy, his hand moved under her shirt and bra and massaged her beautiful tits. Their lips met in a prolonged kiss. He continued to fuck Jane going deeper and harder until he felt his cock release. They lay together until Brad was soft enough to pull out. Jane started to speak but Brad put his hand over her mouth.

“Now darling I want you to go upstairs and get dressed. Because I am taking you to dinner,” said Brad taking control of the situation.

Jane got up and gathered her boots, slacks, and her panties, and moved to the stairs.

“What about you Mr. Bean you are not taking me anywhere dressed in those shorts,” said Jane trying to regain control.

“You worry about you, and I will worry about me,” said Brad.

Brad followed Jane and moved to his bedroom. He looked in his closet and found a pair of slacks and a good sport shirt. He dressed and found his blue blazer and pulled it over his shoulders. He moved to his bathroom and combed his hair. He then moved down to the first floor. A few minutes later Jane came down the steps they met in an embrace and kissed. Brad noted that Jane was wearing the neckless he presented to her back in California.

“Darling, it will take Mr. Burns a few minutes to get here,” said Jane after they separated.

“Ms. St. Jeremy when I said that I was taking you to dinner I meant that I would drive you in my new car.”

Jane was still trying to wrestle control of the situation from Brad, but it was no use. He directed her through the utility room and into the garage. Sitting in the right -hand lane was a brand-new BMW i4 electric vehicle. Coming out of the right rear quarter panel was the charging connector. Brad touched the passenger door handle and the car unlocked as he opened the door for Jane. She took the passenger seat, and he closed the door. He paused to pull the charging connector from its receptacle and hung it off the charger. He moved to the driving position and the moment he sat down the instrument console came alive and the car was ready to move. He hit a button on the celling console of the car and his garage door began to rise.

Instead of the roar of an internal combustion engine, a gentle hum. Brad put the car in reverse and backed out of the garage and closed the door. Another button on the celling console armed his security system and locked the house. He directed the car out of their development and onto a main highway. Noting that the road was empty he floored the accelerator, and the car took off like it had been shot out of a cannon.

“You just want to impress me Mr. Bean.

“Yes, madam I do.”

He took his foot off the accelerator and touched the brakes. The car used the forward motion to recharge the battery as it slowed the car down using the regenerative braking feature.

“What do you think of my purchase, Jane?”

“I have discovered that you weren’t lying. You do know how to drive. I kind of miss the roar and thunder of an internal combustion engine. But since there is only forward and reverse with no gear changes. That will allow me to play with your crotch while you drive. Darling you just have to take me down to the marina so I can show you off again,” Jane replied.

“Maybe in a few weeks when the noise calms down from the intro of the new version of Logisti-max,” said Brad.

Brad pulled into a parking lot in front of what looked like a French building of the second empire. “Brise d’été” (Summer Breeze) was a restaurant that was getting noticed escort elvankent in the papers and on-line. Brad on a spur of the moment decided that it would be great to try. It was Friday night, so he expected it to be crowded. The parking lot was not full which gave him hope that they would get a table quickly.

“I want to warn you now Mr. Bean I am not going to be a cheap date. I have just returned from a trip where I sampled the finest cuisine and best wines,” said Jane as they waited in the reception area.

“Yes, and it was all expensed to the company,” Brad replied.

“Bradley that is not fair, it is part of my job.”

They were quickly taken to a table, and they looked over the menus and wine list left by the host.

“How many courses are you thinking about Jane?” asked Brad.

“I don’t know three or four, also there are a couple of wines that I would like to try,” said, Jane.

They both decided on a sea food appetizer a small fish course and a chicken entre. That made the wine choices easy, and Jane ordered one bottle for the appetizer and fish courses and one bottle for the entre.

The orders were put in and Jane asked for a half bottle of Champagne as a cocktail. The waiter returned with two glasses and the bottle. Both Brad and Jane watched as the waiter expertly opened the Champagne and poured the wine.

“Here’s to coming together again, Mr. Bean,” said Jane as she lifted her glass and took a sip of the wine.

“Here’s is to passionate love, like we both want,” replied Brad.

“Yes, and I hope that you can keep up with me, Mr. Bean.”

“Jane I would not worry about me I believe that I can give you a game you will love,” said Brad.

“You’ve never failed me in the past and I don’t expect anything different tonight, Bradley.”

A waiter and her assistances approached and placed the first course on the table followed by the waiter filling the wine glasses with samples. Both Jane and Brad sampled the wine and Brad waited for Jane to indicate if the wine was good. She indicated that the glasses should be filled, and the crew withdrew. The appetizer consisted of two scallops and two shrimp with a white sauce.

“Ok Bradley tell me why you think that the wine goes well with the sea food?” asked Jane.

Brad cut and ate one of the scallops and took a sip of the wine. He sampled the shrimp and again sampled the wine.

“It is easier for me to tell you that you are a beautiful woman. But the exercise is to describe the wine in relation to the dish,” said Brad.

“Yes Mr. Bean let’s concentrate on the food and wine,” Jane responded.

“I can taste some sweetness and acid that seems to go well with the first course the scallops especially,” said Brad.

The first course proceeded with Brad answering pesky questions about the wine and what he was tasting. The waiter refilled the wine glasses, and her assistants presented the next course. Two small stuffed trout with a small piece of broccoli. The interior of the fish was stuffed with herbs and various other aromatics. The flavor presented a dilemma as it could overpower the wine and not compliment it.

“This course needs a stronger wine something with more acid. The fish will compete and not let the wine compliment the course,” said Jane.

Brad thought that the fish was good, but he agreed that the wine was a poor choice for that course. He couldn’t really understand why, but he guessed that he would sometime. They finished the second course and the bottle ended upside down in the ice bucket. The waiter cleared the plates and the spent bottle. She then brought a small salad as a palate cleanser. Ben finished the wine in his glass and waited for the main course. He looked at Jane and his cock began to get excited; she was a beautiful woman.

“Not that I mind darling, but I think that you are undressing me again,” said Jane trying to spur conversation.

“Jane, when you said that you sampled wine that would not be released for two or more years, where were you and what were you drinking?”

“You may have heard of a St. Jeremy family? Well, the family goes back to a vineyard in the Bordeaux. So, I was at the ancestral home sampling the latest vintage of a cabernet and other red grapes from the vineyard. The wine will need to age for a year in barrels and another year in the bottle in the family’s caves. The wine will be released in either twenty-three or twenty-four, I already have reserved three cases for myself,” said Jane.

“How much will be produced?” asked Brad.

“They estimate a limited release of about four-thousand cases, I have already picked out my barrel and they burned my name on it. Now darling I am burning for something that you have, and I wonder if you are going to keep it from me?” replied Jane.

“No ma’am, I want to fill your need when we get home,” said Brad.

“Do you have the endurance to withstand what I have planned for you? After all it has been a while since we’ve been together,” said Jane.

The waiter and her crew approached removed etimesgut escort bayan the salad plates and placed the entre on the table. One of the assistants placed two new wine glasses in front of Jane and Brad and the waiter expertly opened the wine and poured samples. Jane made a face before Brad could take a sip.

“I think that we need a new bottle,” said Jane to the waiter.

Brad quickly took a sip and agreed that there was something wrong with that wine. The waiter took a sniff and marched back to where the wine was stored and returned with a new bottle and two new glasses. Again, she opened the bottle and poured samples for both Brad and Jane and waited. This time Jane smiled and indicated that the glasses should be filled.

“You see Bradley you still need to sample whether it is a fifteen-dollar wine or a fifty-dollar wine,” said Jane.

“Or in this case a seventy-dollar white wine with a bad cork,” said Brad.

Brad was able to enjoy the wine and the entre with out pesky questions about either. The food was good, and the service was superb. He was surprised that the waiter didn’t try to fight them on the bad bottle. Jane was right the bill was well into three figures. The three courses and two expensive wines plus the half bottle of Champagne added up. When he received the bill, he just put it on his card along with a substantial tip for the good service. Jane rose and moved to the lady’s room, and he moved to the reception area, and waited.

Jane approached and kissed him, “Thank you darling for a lovely dinner.”

“You’re welcome Jane, this is when having a driver would be good, but I think that I can get us home,” said Brad.

They walked out and Brad found his car. He held the door for Jane and then moved to the driver’s position. Again, the car’s instrument panel came alive when Brad took his seat. The car moved with just a gentle hum, and Brad was very careful retracing his route back to his house. He hopped out of the car as soon as the garage door began to close and held the door for Jane. He plugged the car in as Jane moved inside.

Jane went upstairs, Brad detoured to his office. He opened his computer to check if there were any disasters that he needed to attend to.

“Where is my lover, Mr. Bean I believe that I am your first priority,” said Jane from the bedroom after a few minutes delay.

He put his machine to sleep and moved to the stairs. He got to the bedroom and Jane was naked stretched out on the bed.

Brad leaned over the bed and their lips met in a long kiss. Jane’s hand reached up and opened Brad’s zipper and massaged his cock through his underwear.

“I love your silk briefs, but I would like it better if they were on the floor and you were in bed with me,” said Jane after they broke.

“Patients, Jane patients,” said Brad.

Brad moved to one of the chairs in the bedroom and pulled his jacket, off followed by his shirt and pants. He turned around and dropped his underwear exposing his cock. He casually stroked his penis in front of Jane. She opened her legs inviting Brad to join her on the bed. Brad move up to her head and dangled his cock in front of her mouth.

“Bradley you are tempting me.”

“Take it darling, suck my cock, use your tongue to caress the shaft.”

Jane moved and used her hands to direct his cock to her tongue. She used the tip to paint his crown. Her hand massaging his balls. She slowly pulled his length into her mouth and Brad felt her tongue slip up and down his shaft. Jane used her hands to direct his cock in and out of her mouth. Brad use his hands to stimulate her vulva, both lips were erect creating a mountain range. He thumbed her clit adding to her stimulation..

“Darling I love sucking your cock, but I would really like you to put it in my pussy,” said Jane as she continued to stimulate his penis with her fingers.

Brad slipped on the bed beside Jane and got between her legs and brought his cock to the entrance to her pussy. After teasing Jane by inserting and withdrawing his penis several times he finally lodged his cock in her warm pussy and kissed her.

“Why can’t you just fuck me like my former boyfriends did? Why the dramatics Mr. Bean?”

“Because I enjoy the act of making love. I am not a wham bam thank you ma’am kind of guy. I want to make sure that you are getting as much pleasure as I am. Besides your body is beautiful and I really enjoy making love to you,” said Brad as he continued to fuck his lover.

“I dreamed of having your cock in my pussy all the time I was away. Mr. Bean you are very pleasurable don’t forget that.”

Brad moved his cock in and out of Jane and sucked on one of her glorious tits. He used his tongue to stimulate one of her nipples, while his hand massaged the other.

“Bradley, I need a kiss,”

Brad moved his mouth to hers and kissed her. Jane inserted her tongue and blocked any effort on his part to explore her mouth with his tongue. He felt her muscles contracting around his cock. He thrust harder and felt his cock release what seemed like gallons of cum. Brad relaxed and settled next to her but kept massaging her breasts. Jane used her hand to move Brad to her lips. Brad’s free hand moved down to her Quim and stimulated her clit and the area between her legs. The warmth generated by Jane almost made his hand burn.