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Subject: Brazen Brothers VI This story was never meant to go beyond the first 4 chapters. As stated in the last chapter, I have taken some artisitc license and made some subtle changes from the chapters before it. There is nothing huge but I believe it necessary to the story’s believeability as well as it’s continuation. Hopefully the reader will understand and appreciate those subtle changes. If not, well, fuck it. Otherwise, N-joi Hugs, Tag_m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pedro looked up at me, his face a mask of misery. “What do you mean Greg?” “What I mean is I’ve spoken to my business partner and we would like to offer you the opportunity to live with us, at least until together, you and we, can come with an alternative. I will talk with the authorities and see what we can do about taking temporary custody of you until, as I said, some other option opens up.” “What about my uncle?” There was a hint of fear in Pedro’s voice. “I will deal with your uncle. I am quite sure that he will be agreeable to whatever I suggest.” Pedro’s skepticisim was apparent in his facial expression but that wasn’t his main concern at the moment. “You are serious Greg about me living with you?” I nodded my head. “Would I have my own bedroom or would I have to sleep on a sofa or the floor?” “Well for the first little while you might have to sleep in my room, with me but I do have a large bed so it wouldn’t be crowded. Other arrangements will be made of course but it will take time.” Pedro seemed to consider that for a moment then nodded his head. “What do you mean by another option or alternatives. “Honestly Pedro, I don’t have any idea at this point, we’ll have to see what the future brings. Certainly if you stay with us we would do our best to provide you with a bedroom of your own however we are trying to start a hotel type of business which means renting out as many of the bedrooms as we can. Other options could mean a variety of things from staying with us to foster care or even adoption.” The expression on his face changed to one of fear. “I don’t want to be in foster care or adopted Greg. I just want to have a normal life.” Tears started to well up in the boys’ eyes again so I reached out and took his hands and he didn’t pull them away. “I didn’t mean that any of those things were going to happen. I’m just clutching at straws here Pedro. I would do almost anything in my power to help you not have to live on the streets. I know what happens to street boys and I don’t want to see that happen to you.” I had never been more sincere in my life and apparently Pedro understood that I was being honest and sincere. He looked up at me and gave me a sort of smile and nodded his head. “I know,” then dropped his gaze back to the floor between his feet. “It’s also important to note that no one is going to make you do danything you don’t want to do. If you want to go live on the streets it’s still your choice, I’m only offering an option to that.” His answer was a nod of the head but he continued to stare at the floor. “It’s going to work out Pedro, I promise.” He finally looked up and actually smiled, not a grin, but an honest if small smile. I asked him if he was hungry and he shook his head. “We don’t have any tooth brushes or toothpaste so I’m going to run downstairs. Do you want to come?” Again, he shook his head and when I asked if there was anything he wanted he repeated the motion. At the registration desk after purchasing the needed items I asked if the hotel provided any kind of laundry services and was told that they did. The best time however was after 9 at night in which case the clothing would be delivered to my room the next morning at any time that I designated or called for. I would find a plastic bag in the desk drawer for that purpose. Back in the room I noticed the bathroom door closed and the absence of Pedro so went to the desk, found the aforementioned bag as well as a menu. I finally heard the toilet flush and a few minutes later the boy came out. He smiled and came to stand at my feet. “I do not wish to seem ungratful for your offer Greg. It is very thoughtful and kind of you and your business partner. I would like to accept your offer of assistance and as you say, we will see what the future brings. As for sleeping with you I imagine that it would be heathier and safer than sleeping on the streets.” He paused for a moment, looked at the single hotel bed and then at me, and a slight grin appeared on his lips as well as in his eyes.. “A lot more interesting too I would wager. Thank you.” I stood up and as I extended a hand toward him, the adorably young teen rushed into my arms and hugged me tightly. My arms went around him, one across his back and the other behind his head, and held him. I closed my eyes and simply enjoyed the feel of him. When he finally lossened his grip and moved back slightly he looked up and I lowered my head and kissed him on the lips. Again, it wasn’t a sexual kiss but one of thank you. “Are you getting hungry Pedro?” he nodded his head. When I asked if he wanted to try something new he said that was okay so I checked the hotel’s local business directory and found Bacchus, an Italian place, that was relatively close by. It was still early so we got a table without the usually required reservation although we did get a bit of a glare from the hostess who seated us. Apparently we were dressed a little “too casual” for her taste. I had a Bosciaolla and Pedro spaghetti and meatballs along with generous portions of salad and garlic bread sticks. A melt in your mouth tiramisu finished off the meal for both Pedro and me. Back at the hotel we both sort of lay on the bed groaning and watched something mindless for about a half hour. “Can I take a shower Greg,” Pedro asked me. It was around 7:30 and I didn’t see us leaving the hotel for anything until morning. “Sure go ahead. If you’re comfortable just wearing a towel then I’ll put your clothes in the laundry bag along with mine after I hit the shower.” He nodded his head and ambled off to the bathroom. I watched him go, noticing how slender his butt was and wondering for a brief moment if I’d ever get the chance to bury my face in there, or even my dick for that matter. However, just because he admitted being gay didn’t mean he was ready to play with a man over twice his age. The phone rang a few minutes after I heard the shower start, the salesman from the ATV shop. The owner of the store was willing to meet me there at 8 in the morning and he was quite sure that he would have what I was looking for. I was busy going over in my mind what I thought I’d need when Pedro came out of the bathroom. A hotel towel was wrapped around his narrow waist and his hair, short as it was, was disheviled from a quick dry. I scanned what was visible of the boys’ body as he walked, noticing that he was nicely enough put together, his chest and abs defined but not ripped by any means. “What do I do with these,” he asked, holding out his meager clothing. As I got up I pointed to the plastic bag on the desk and told him to put them in there and I went into the bathroom to take my own shower. I didn’t dwell on the fact that Pedro and I would be hanging out in the room for at least another hour or more wearing nothing but towels and shortly after that sleeping together, naked. I didn’t want to come on to the boy in any way and coming out of the shower sporting a hard on, regardless of being covered by a towel, might give that impression. Instead I focused on a work schedule that began with getting the house and wall cleaned and pianted and that reminded me that I needed a couple hundred feet of garden hose as well as extention cords. There were outlets for both thoughout the property but all were inside the wall. Those and other task related thoughts were going through my head when I exited the bathroom, the large shower towel wrapped loosely at my waist. It took me a moment to register that the room was bathed in a soft light, everything off except a small lamp by the edge of the bed. I looked to where Pedro was still sitting in the arm chair with his legs streched out in front of him but it took another moment to register the fact that he was stark naked, the towel draped across the arm of the chair. “You said it would happen Greg, and it did.” I continued into the room and stuffed my clothes on the laundry bag, hardly taking my eyes off of Pedro. His cock was at full stand, reaching up from between his smooth thighs and touching the edge of his belly button. Beneath that his not so small balls seemed to be a full hang and almost touched the chair cushion, the sac of eggs smooth and hairless. I continued to walk toward him, my own cock coming to life beneath the towel, and stopped between his outstreched feet. “So it has. You’re a big boy Pedro,” I said softly and the boy smiled. I tugged the edge of my towel and it fell away allowing my hardening cock the freedom to defy gravity. About half way hard it was pointing toward Pedro’s cock and would soon be pointing at his smooth young face. “You’re not so little yourself Greg,” he whispered, his eyes glued to my rising dick. He reached a hand out so I stepped up to the edge of the chair in order for him to touch me and touch me he did. Pedro wrapped his hand around my cock, squeezed it a couple of times then stroked me. He sat up and slid forward in the chair and took me into his mouth, closing his full lips against my flesh. I had wondered the first time I saw the boy what those lips would look like encasing my cock and now I knew. It looked great. Felt great too. It was readily apparent that the cute young teen had experience at sucking cock for he had no trouble taking half of me into his mouth before backing off. His eyes were closed, his long lashes touching his cheek and I thought again about how fucking cute the boy was. I watched his other hand, which had been slowly stroking his own cock moved upward and cup my heavy balls then gently pull and squeeze on them. He stopped sucking for a moment, took his mouth off of me and went about licking all over the swollen head and down onto the shaft a little bit. He then rubbed my cock against his face, back and forth across his closed lips then put me back inside and began sucking me again. I couldn’t help but reach out and put my hand on the side of his head and he immediately pushed against it, nuzzling it. Pedro continued to suckle me for another couple of minutes before stopping and leaning back in the chair, his right hand going to his crotch to squeeze fondle and otherwise manipulate all those things that made him a boy. “Fuck I love your cock Greg,” he said in a husky voice, looking up at me through half closed eyes. My answer was to drop, keeping one foot on the floor while the opposite knee rested on the cusion between Pedro’s legs. I leaned my head down, he moved his up and we met, lips to lips and this time it wasn’t a thank you kiss, it was a full blown, motivated by lust kiss. We both opened wide, tongues darted out to greet each other like long lost relatives. As I kissed him my hand rubbed on his chest, seeking out a nipple and rubbing across then gently pinching it causing the boy to moan and kiss harder. I only stayed there a moment because I wanted, needed to experience his çorum escort adolescent cock. I reached down, found it and began to squeeze it tightly as I stroked him, earning yet another moan. Pedro finally broke the kiss, turned his head and inhaled deeply. Because the move exposed his neck I put my face in there to kiss and suck on the sensitive flesh. Pedro moaned much louder that time and his hand shot to my head to hold me there, the feelings that shot through him alternating between being incredible and unbearable. I knew the feeling. With my hand still on his cock I manuevered myself to the floor between his legs, pulled his wonderful cock upright and lowered my head to encase it in my mouth. I gently stroked him as I sucked, pushing his foreskin against my lips a couple of times before allowing it inside my mouth as well. I sucked the excess skin up into a nipple and because he was so much bigger than Javier I had more nipple to work with. I twirled the skin with my tongue, pushed my head against the small hole then retracted it, making my lips replace it as it slid off of his cock head. Both of Pedro’s hands were at the sides of my head and I could feel him beging to raise and lower his hips as he tried to fuck into my mouth. I moved my free hand down and worked my finger under his nuts then cupped the smooth sperm makers, hefting them and gently pulling on them. Pedro continued to moan. I kind of wanted to get the kid to cum so that we might be able to move on to the second course; holding and kissing, exploring each other’s bodies with our tongues, maybe rimming the boy. A variety of things came to mind. To that end I quit sucking him and licked him like a lollipop paying a great deal of attention to his cock head which was red and swollen. When I went back to sucking and stroking him the thumb and forefinger of my other hand encircled his sac up near the top so that I had good control of him. I tugged more firmly on his balls and my tongue swirled around his cock head even more. It didn’t take long before I got the response I was looking for. “Fuck I’m gonna cum Greg,” he panted out. I took my mouth away went to town, stroking his foreskin up and down over his cock head. The feelings that were ripping through his young body were eveident as his body stiffened in the chair then relaxed, as he drew air in through clenched teeth, often exhaling loudly, often times his head pressed into the chair back with his eyes closed. I loved watching those expressions pass over a boy’s face when he was being loved. It reminded me of the intensity that I’d felt as a young boy at the hands of a lover. It was so easy to relate. All of a sudden I felt his cock thicken in my hand so I kept his foreskin retracted, not wanting to block the shot as it were. I really like to watch a boy cum, espeically when it was my first time with him. “Uugghhh,” Pedro grunted out as he looked down. All boys love to watch a cum shot, especially their own and the central American teen was no different. The first squirt shot to his chest, almost dead center between the small brown nubbins of his nipples. That was followed my four more jets of decreasing power but almost equal amount. As usual some of it didn’t make it, instead running down his cock head, onto my fingers and eventually dripping onto his heaving belly. After the fifth squirt it quit shooting but continued to ooze out, enough of the liquid to really run down over my fingers. I slowed my stroke but continued the movement, wanting to carry the feelings on into afterglow for the boy. I finally stopped and let go. Then started on my own dick. Pedro’s eyes opened, sort of, and he immediately saw what I was doing and smiled slightly, his right hand moving between his legs to scratch and fondle his balls. He had to have known that was going to happen. I mean, how could he not; I was standing there between his legs and jacking off. It was a great stimulant for me to look down and see the boy, the cute boy, with his fresh squeezed sperm splattered all over his torso, his cock head still seeping cum. It didn’t take me long to reach my own orgasm. I moved in a little closer, tugged on my sac then shot, the first squirt arcing out and landing close to his belly button. Five more jets follwed the first one, all of them landing on his lower belly, his cock and his balls. “Wow,” Pedro said when my dick finally stopped, although he said it in Spanish. I moved back into the position I’d been in when I kissed and did it again, this time Pedro pushed his tongue at my lips and when I opened my mouth shoved his tongue inside. The kid was a surprising little hottie. “I think I need another shower,” said after we separated. I nodded my head and asked if he’d like some company to which said Yeah. Showering with a boy is one of life’s great experiences, especially if that boy has never had that experience cuz then you get to show him what he’s been missing. Pedro was one of those boys so the next 10 minutes were spent demonstrating the joys of showering together. The only thing better than having a wet squirming boy in your arms is having two of them but trust me, I had no problem settling for the lesser. Pedro allowed me to wash him and by the time I was finished he was stone hard and breathing heavy and moaning like a beaten dog. Over and above having never been washed by someone else, the cute young Costa Rican had never has his asshole touched by another human being and had never experienced frottage. When I was done he vowed to practice both of them… as often as possible. Dried, we ended up on the bed in each others arms kissing and groping each other. When the kiss broke I nuzzled the boy’s neck, kissing and gently sucking in the soft sensitive crook and causing him to moan loudly. “I never knew that could be so sensitive,” he said, his voice husky with lust. I slid down his body and stopped to suckle at a nipple and again getting moans and sharp inhalations of breath as new feelings shot through his nerve endings. Taking a boy over unexplored territory is exciting as hell and Pedro was no exception to that belief. I moved downward from there, stopping to lick at his belly button and as I moved my hand cupped and played with his balls or stroked his raging cock. When I finally got within striking range I turned my head and looked him in his one eye. His foreskin covered about half of his cock head, both of them tinged in red from the blood that was captured there. The tip of the head was shiny from precum that had leaked out and then been smeared around as I moved his foreskin back and forth over the spongy surface. After admiring it for a moment I stuck my tongue out and licked the sticky residue off of his swollen cock head making sure that sensitive underside wasn’t missed. As I licked, I slid his foreskin up and worked the tip of my tongue at the opening as if to try and slip it over my tongue like a sock and when that didn’t work I put my mouth down over him and began to suck. I really loved sucking cock, loved worshiping that extraordinary piece of anatomy, loved making it’s owner writhe and squirm with the intensity of feelings that he was experiencing. With boys it was even better. Knowing that they were inexperienced, knowing the intensity of what they were feeling really enhanced it for me and being as good as I was at it, I knew that any boy was getting the most out of it that he could. I lowered my head and took a majority of Pedro’s cock into the warmth of my mouth. His cock head lodged at the begining of my throat and I squeezed it with my muscles eliciting gasps and moans. My free hand alternated between stroking his cock and playing with his balls, squeezing and tugging on the sac of eggs and just fondling them in general. Nother nature took over and the boy began to gently undulate his hips in the instinctual motion necessary for procration of the species. I left his dick and moved between his legs and started at his balls for a moment. The soft bag of sperm makers was at full hang, one lower than the other creating an asymetrical work of art. I loved balls, loved looking at them from almost any angle or position, loved how they felt in my hand, the fragrance they emitted within an hour after showering and grew more pungent as the day wore on. I nuzzled my lips against the soft smooth skin, gently pushing the sac and moving it. I took a piece between my lips and pulled on it a little bit then began licking all over the bag. I lifted the sac up and licked down underneath it, exploring his perineum and the very beginning of his bluteal clevage. I wanted the boy’s asshole, eventually to fuck, but for the moment only to rim. “Pull your legs back Pedro,” I said and the boy responded without hesitation. I wondered if that meant anything, like if he was open to getting fucked, but didn’t dwell on it. I stared at his hole, probably not seen by anyone but his mother when he was in infancy. There was also the possibility of a doctor, or possibly by his closest friends during a typically adolescent game where they were supposedly supposed to be grossed out when someone bared their most secret spot. There wasn’t a hair in sight, the area slightly pink and tantalizing. Knowing that it was clean, I’d cleaned it myself, I didn’t bother to sniff but simply dove right in, pushing my tongue against the wrinkled muscled then licking it like a melting ice cream cone. The boy moaned then reached down around his hips, placed his hands on his cheeks and pulled them farther apart. I worked the boy over like a mother dog cleaning her pups, my tongue savoring the varied textures of muscle and flesh. “Have you ever put your finger in there Pedro,” I asked after taking my face away. He shook his head so, without asking him, I got up and went to the bathroom and came back with the small complimentary bottle of hand lotion that hotels often provide. “I think you’re really gonna like this,” I told him as I opened the bottle and poured a generous portion of the cum looking liquid into the palm of my left hand then ran the middle finger of my right hand through the goo. I directed him to keep his feet flat on the bed but your legs spread, which he did as I got into position up close to him. I asked him to pull his cheeks open again and when he did I put my finger up close, grabbed ahold of his dick head and stroked at the same time I slipped the finger up inside his tight little asshole. “Oohhh,” Pedro moaned as I began to work him over; one hand concentrating on the ultra sensitive head of his cock and the other moving in and out of his ass. I found his prostate quite fast and massaged it causing more moans and a pulling back of his legs as if to open himself up even more. I watched the play of emotions that expressed themselves on his smooth young face, watched his balls move up and down inside their sac as I stroked him, and saw the rim of his boy hole move back and forth as I finger fucked him into oblivion. The newness of the feelings, the fact that I was working two of his most sensitive areas at the same time helped propel the youngster toward another orgasm faster than usual. It didn’t take more than 2 minutes before he moaned loudly, his little prostate hardened and his dick thickened in my hand and 2 seconds later a wad of çukurambar escort cum shot all the way up to the boy’s chin. The squirts continued although not as far and certainly not as much liquid as the first time but still and all, any time a boy cums its a sight worth watching. I continued to stroke and finger the hot young teen for a minute or so before gently removing my finger from his asshole and laying his cock on his flat, heaving belly. I got up, went into the bathroom and brought back a washcloth that I’d wetted in hot water. I gently wiped the cum from Pedro’s chin then the rest of his body. I had to rinse the cloth once and it almost caused the boy to purr when the warmth of it touched his skin for the second time. After depositing the washcloth back in the bathroom I returned the room and flopped down on the bed next to the boy who rolled to face me. “That was more intense thant he first time,” Pedro exclaimed after another long, deep throated kiss. “I didn’t know I had so many sensitive places on my body. It makes me wonder what else you know.” I kissed him again as I reached down and took hold of his cock and discovered that, if it had lost any of its rigidity it wasn’t much. As if reading my mind he said, “I can’t believe it’s still hard Greg.” “I know. Do you feel up to another one, third time’s the charm.” The boy kissed me again. “I want you to cum too and I think that if I want my dick to get soft again I need to cum again or got to sleep and right now I’m not sleepy.” “So I guess that’s a yes,” I said with a grin and he nodded his head. I gave him a quick peck then rolled over and grabbed the hand lotion off the nightstand where I’d left it after the last go round. I quickly slathered his dick up again, causing another moan, the stood, hiked my foot onto the edge of the bed, and slathered my asshole. It took about 3 seconds before my little bleach blond lover figured out what I was up to. I smeared the left over lotion on my hip, got back onto the bed and straddled Pedro’s waist. I reached behind me and grasped onto his cock and pulled it upright then lowered my body until the head touched my flesh then stopped. “Have you ever done this before Pedro?” The boy shook his head. I allowed my legs to relax a little and pushed against the teenage pole that was seeking entry, wiggling the spongy head around the muscle, then pushed downward. The head slipped inside of me, which hurt some what, and I stopped. The expression on Pedro’s face was classic; a bit of surprize as well as relief. I wondered if the boy had thought that I’d change my mind at the last second, then his eyes closed and a satisfied mini smile formed on his mouth. I adjusted to him fairly quickly and began to lower myself. Pedro’s eyes opened and his face changed into an expression of wonderment, as if he’d heard about what this was supposed to feel like and now he knew. I kept on moving slowly until the boy’s moss touched my butt cheeks and my body couldn’t go no further so let myself relax my weight on him. “How does that feel to you?” He gave me a lopsided grin. “Very good,” he answered. I leaned forward and placed my hands on his chest and began to move, rising up and then going back down. Pedro put his hands on my thighs and rubbed gently as I picked up a little speed. I tossed undulating moves in as well, grinding my ass forward as I came down. Pedro’s hands moved to my hips and held on a little tighter then began gently pushing and pulling, encouraging me to fuck him. I held myself up off of him and allowed him free rein to fuck me. The boy went at it, leveraging himself with his feet and began really humping. He went for a few minutes of rapid firing, moving in and out of me like a little jack rabbit. It was all fun and good but what I really wanted was for the boy to actually fuck me. I wanted to be on my back like a bitch with him above me, holding my legs back out of the way and slamming his hard teenage cock deep into my ass. “I want to change positions Pedro,” I told him then explained what I wanted to accomplish which seemed to suit the young boy just fine. I took hold of his hands and pulled him up as I went backwards then, after some side to side movement, he managed to get first one leg and then the other bent backwards so that in effect he was on his knees. He all but stared down to where we were connected, his stiff cock holding us together. He began to fuck me again and this time he was able to really put forth some effort. I watched emotion play across his smooth brown face as his cock pistioned in and out of me. I felt his balls whack against my butt as he drove inward. But I stopped him. “Pedro, slip your arms under my legs and lean forward.” He did as I directed which rolled my farther up onto my back and gave him an angle for a deeper penetration. “Hows that Pedro?” I almost called him baby boy but caught myself. I wanted to keep that reserved for Javier. “Fuck, it’s awesome Greg,” he panted to me. He leaned his head down and kissed me, long and hard then raised himself back up and started again. There is nothing in the world quite like getting fucked by an enthusiastic, virile young teenage boy, especially if he is hung even moderately. Pedro was all of those things and he began to do what nature intended a boy to do. Because of his position he was able to draw almost all the way out of me before plunging back inside and every time he did his cock head slipped past my prostate. The hot young latino boy picked up speed and before long was slamming into me with all he was worth. My hands played up and down his back and down onto his glorious butt to knead and pull at his cheeks. Still he fucked onward. I felt my balls start to roil as my body geared up for an orgasm. “Fuck me harder Pedro, make me cum, make me cum,” I whispered to him. I swear to God the boy worked a little harder. I was amazed at how much abuse a set of balls can take when their owner was caught up in a fog of hotness and I’m here to tell you that Pedro’s nuts were getting a work out. Aside from the air conditioner the only other sound was our bodies smacking together and since we both were working up a sweat it had a meaty sound to it. All of sudden he groaned out loud and I felt his cock swell against my sphincter muscle then felt the warmth of his sperm. The whole idea, the feelings, all took me over the edge and too moaned as I came, great squirts of sperm shooting out onto my belly. Pedro stayed deep inside of me and ground his little ass in circles and back and forth. He went back to fucking me but went in from the side, or leaned his body a little forward so that when his cock went back inside of me it did it from a different angle. “Oh yeah Pedro, yes,” I moaned and the boy fucked on. It all did finally grind to a halt and I do mean grind, at least on Pedro’s part. The boy slowly lowered himself onto me and I wrapped my legs around his waist in order to keep him inside of me for awhile longer. My arms stayed wrapped around him as well, rubbing on his back and butt and generally just continuing to have as much contact with him as possible. He lay there panting, working to draw as much air into his lungs as possible while I did the same, although with his weight on me it was a little more difficult. Neither of us said anything for a good 2 minutes but as we lay there I could feel his dick shrinking and finally, I let my legs down which pulled him out of me causing both of us to groan from the loss. “Am I too heavy to lay on you Greg,” he finally asked, his head turned to face me. Our breathing had returned to normal so that helped but overall he wasn’t that heavy and I told him so, but still I gently rolled us both over so that we lay on our side facing each other. “How was that for you Pedro?” He gave me a toothy grin and responded that it been fantastic, the greatest that’s every happened to him and he felt like he wanted to do it again and again. I laughed and told him that it was certainly possible but that we’d have to wait and see how that was going to happen. He wanted to know if I liked it as well and I told him it had been great, and it had been. We talked some more about the whole experience, he had lots of questions and I had plenty of answers. He finally emitted a huge yawn and frankly I was getting a little sleepy myself. We took turns in the shower, concentrating below the waist, and ten minutes later we were snuggled up with the lights out. “Greg?” “Hmmm.” “I don’t think I want to live on the streets.” His voice was soft, like a little boy again. “I’m glad Pedro. I would much rather have you live with us.” “Thank you Greg.” He kissed me on the cheek and snuggled a little closer. We were up and at em early the next morning. At the TV store the owner did in fact have what I was looking for so I picked some things out and made arrangements to have them delivered sometime in the next week. From there it was McDonald’s. I was crazy over their sausage Mc Griddles and before we were three bites into it, so was Pedro. There were a few other things that I needed to get. The aformentioned hoses for one thing, so a trip by Home Depot reolved those problems and we were headed home by ten, estimated time of arrival about noon. We hadn’t been on the road more than 15 minutes when Pedro brought up the night before. “Last night was great Greg,” he told me. I glanced over at him with a grin on my face. “It was awesome for me too Pedro. You’re a pretty hot boy, did you know that?” He shook his head and said he didn’t think so but I could tell that he was pleased that I thought so. “Are we gonna be able to still do stuff together, I mean, especially if we’re going to be sleeping in the same bed?” I hadn’t had the time to consider that situation at all. More than that however I wondered how Javier was going to respond to another boy in the house, an older boy at that. I certainly didn’t want him to feel displaced or left out, not that I would ever even consider that but of course he didn’t, or wouldn’t know that. There would certainly need to be some explaining going on. “Well,” Pedro said, bringing me out of my thoughts. “Well I suppose that we’ll be able to keep doing stuff, if that’s what you want Pedro.” I glanced over to see a large grin on his brown face. “Heck, I want to do something right now,” he said. We had barely cleared the outter edges of the city so despite horny boys’ wishes it wasn’t going to happen at the drop of a hat. But having driven that road a half dozen times I knew where a couple of fairly remote pull outs were and I told him that. About an hour later we approached such a spot. Pedro had been chattering away about his school but as soon as he stopped to take a breath or move on to the next thought I interrupted him and asked if he was still feeling like he wanted to play sexy. Again, I got the signiture grin and a nod of his head. I pulled off to the side of the road. We were up in the mountains, there had been very little traffic and as far as I could remember from the map I’d checked out on Google, there weren’t any roads or villages for miles. I reached down between the console and the seat and pulled out a windshield sun screen and when it unfolded Pedro laughed. He’d never seen such a thing. “Lets climb ankara escort in the back,” I suggested and less a minute we were. Given the screen and the dark tint of the windows it was unlikely that anyone would be able to see in while we could still see out. Given where we were, it was even more unlikely that anyone would be anywhere near where we were parked. Still, no reason to not be careful so I reached up ove my seat and hit the electronic door locks. “What would you like to do,” I asked him. Without fanfare Pedro slipped his shorts down to reveal a cock that was still in its default state, hanging between his smooth thighs, the tip almost touching the seat. “Will you suck me,” he asked. I certainly would and I told him that, adding that I wanted him to kneel on the seat next to me, which he did. I loved looking at boys, naked or clothed, or in this case, half way between both since he still had his t-shirt on. I found that to be quite sexy as well. I slid down in th seat and put my face in his crotch, taking in the musky fragrance of a growing boy. I nuzzled my lips against his cock, reveling in the softness of the skin and the pliability of his cock which was already beginning to metamporphisize. I nuzzled my lips into his pubic hair, kissing at the moss, the base of his cock and onto his smooth hairless belly. I moved a little lower and licked at his balls, the sac of eggs in full hang, pushing at them with my tongue. I felt Pedro’s cock rising against my face so backed away enough to get his swelling cock into my mouth, captured it and engulphed it. Above my head Pedro sighed audibly. I stroked his cock as I suckled it, sliding his foreskin up so I could twirl it a bit with my tongue then retracting the fleshy nipple and concentrating on on the sensitive swollen head. “Fuck Greg, you sure do a lot better than Ali,” he groaned out. So, given that statement, it would seem that, of the group, Ali was the leading cock sucker. Good information to have. Pedro began moving his hips, fucking his cock into my mouth and since he knew from experience that I could take most of him, he didn’t hold back on his thrusts. I moved one hand onto his delicious ass and kneaded the flesh while my other hand went for his balls. The fragrance emanating from him was almost intoxicating. He hadn’t taken another shower in the morning so his natural scent was full blown. Pedro stopped moving and pulled his cock from my mouth. “I want to suck you too Greg.” I quickly raised my butt up off the seat and yanked my shorts and boxers down while Pedro kicked his completely off then removed his t-shirt. He climbed on the seat so I slid over against the door. He knelt one foot on the seat and kept the other on the floor. He took hold of my cock and dropped his head, got his mouth over my cock and began sucking me with a vengeance. I reached down underneath him and took hold of his raging hard on and began stroking him. As he sucked me I could hear the boy uttering sounds, yummy sounds as though he were eating his favorite food, and I really understood just how much he loved doing what he was doing. He trully appeared to be a gay boy and I wondered again just how far he was going to be willing to go. I really wanted to fuck him, wanted to have him just as he’d had me the night before, on his back with his knees next to his ears while I drove my cock in and out of his tight little asshole. I wanted to fuck so good that he’d cum without even laying a finger on his boyhood pride and joy. I moved my hand toward the base of his cock and let my fingers work at his balls which were hanging like so much fruit on a tree. I squeezed and pulled on the sperm makers earning more groans from the boy. His leg much have gotten tired because he took my cock from his mouth then he surprised me by moving up then swinging his leg across my body. The action put his cock almost in my face so I took advantage and began sucking it again and my hand went back to fondling his balls. He lowered his upper body so that it was closer to my head and I could still hear the sounds coming from him. The kid was hot as hell, there was no doubt. He pulled away again then straddled my lap, sitting his weight on my thighs. He wrapped his arms around my neck and planted his lips against mine, almost in a crushing motion. Our tongues fought for supremecy, pushing against each other. Pedro was humping his hips, sort of grinding his ass into my thighs. He reached down and took hold of my cock and began pulling on it, his grip tight. “I have to cum really bad Greg,” he said after breaking the kiss. His voice was considerably deeper from the feelings of lust that were raging through his young body. I put my hands under his butt and lifted. The boy got the message and raised up while I slid down slightly until his rock hard cock was standing in front of my face. I licked up and down the shaft, licked at his balls a little bit then pulled his cock down and put it in my mouth. Once again I heard the sharp inhalation of breath. This time Pedro began fucking my mouth right away and this time I didn’t bother to stroke him. I cupped his balls, grapsed onto his butt cheek and encouraged him to make love to my mouth. It didn’t take very long. “Oohhh,” he finally moaned and he squirted. While not exactly filled, my mouth certainly had a fair amount of his warm sperm spreading across the back of my tongue. I barely got it swallowed before another squirt entered my mouth, and then another. I savored the tangy flavor of young teenage cum, reveled in the feelings that I knew Pedro was going through, remembering what it had been like for me at that age. I pulled on his ass forcing his cock to the back of my throat where the muscles gripped at his cock head. Another jet of cum shot down my throat and from that point it was mostly the tail end of an orgasm, the oozing of sperm from its fleshy spout. Finally the feelings became to sensitive for him and he pulled away from me, his hand going immediately to his balls and his cock, the squeeze and feel them. He sat back down on my lap and kissed me again, this time with less intensity than he had before. “That was amazing Greg. I can’t believe that I got so hot to cum so fast. Are you gonna cum now?” I wanted to that but wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it. I didn’t have a cum rag. I figured what the hell and crawled across the seat and opened the door then got out and stood close to the truck and began jacking off. Pedro knelt on the seat, his cock still sticking out so I used him as a visual cue, thinking about where I’d just been with him, and just plaing looking at his teenage stuff hanging out there in the wind. I heard a car coming but felt that I was fairly well hidden so didn’t bother to stop. I reached forward with my free hand and cupped Pedro’s balls and gently squeezed them, loving them for the incredible organs that they were. “Here it is Pedro,” I finally panted then stepped back a little bit. It didn’t matter thought because the first shot flew out and landed at the edge of the door. Shots 2 through 5 ended up mostly on the ground. As I moved into ooze mode I angled my cock downward so that the stuff would hopefully just drop off and not end up my fingers and necessitate a cleaning. Once it had finished I just stood there breathing heavily and waiting for the blood to drain out of my cock. “You sure make a lot of cum,” Pedro observed, his hand still fondling at his stuff. I simply nodded my head. “How does my sperm taste?” He asked me. I asked him if he’d ever swallowed another boys cum and he shook his head. He said that he’d tasted a tiny bit of his own sperm, what boy hasn’t, but not a mouthful. “It’s not bad Pedro. Perhaps I’ll have to show you sometime.” He grinned at that statement. That being said the boy put his clothes back on while I put mine back in place. Our mid morning sexual interlude over, we continued our way home. About 20 minutes from Jaco I called Andr�a and let her know how close we were . She told me that she had explained to the boys that we would be having a guest for a while but that didn’t know how long. Both boys had seened rather excited about the prospect until Andr�a had told them that he would sleeping in my room. My heart skipped a beat when she said that but she went on to tell me what Angelo had said. “That’s not fair abuella, why does a new boy get to sleep with Greg and Javier and I don’t. I don’t think that’s fair, I think we should take turns.”I should have known that Angelo might feel that way and that he would come up with a solution. “I thought I would tell you that Greg so that you didn’t get blindsided by the the little imp. He does love you Greg, they both do.” She paused and added, “We all do.” So, that problem not only resolved itself it did so in a grand manner. It would seem that I’d have someone to cuddle and snuggle with every nightand while I had considered moving rooms it seemed more imperitive that I did so. If we got to where we were renting out the bedrooms in the house, the Blue room that I was in would fetch a very good rate. The secondary reason was to be farther away from Angrea’s room. I didn’t need her to hear anything that might be going on behind my closed door and rest assured there would be plenty of goings on. “I was wondering Pedro, what do you think about stopping by your house and getting your things, your clothes?” The boy got a frightened expression on his face. He said he was afraid to go back in case his uncle was there. I explained that I would be there with him, obviously, but he needed to have his clothes and whatever else of his things he might want. I suppose I could have gone out and bought him new clothes but for a variety of resons I wanted to avoid that if possible. Certainly I could add a few necessities if he needed them. Pedro finally agreed to stop and so we did. The house was on the outskirts of Jaco in run down neighborhood and while the house Pedro had lived in wasn’t the worst it was far from the best. The yard and what had once been gardens were completely overrun. The house itself looked like it needed a coat of paint-10 years ago-. Some of the windows had shutters, come did not. A rusted hulk of what I thought was a 60’s era Chevy sat wheel less at the edge of the street where a sidewalk would have been. “His truck is not here Greg, I do not think he is home.” I asked him if he wanted me to go in with him but he shook his head and got out of the truck. I waited, albeit not patiently. I didn’t want to have a confrontation with anyone let alone a raging family member of a kid I was trying to rescue. If I had to confront him I would but I’d have preferred it to be on my own turf so to speak. As it turned out there was no need to worry. Pedro came out in less that 10 minutes with his clothes stuffed into what looked like a couple pair of jeans with the legs tied off. He had a soccor ball under one arm and seemed to be stuggling a little bit so I jumped out and opened the rear door door for him. “I still have my soccer trophies and stuff Greg.” I told him to get them and a few minutes later he came back with a box full of stuff and put it the back with the rest his clothes then climbed back in the front seat and we left. If Pedro had any regrets he certainly didn’t show them. We arrived at home about 15 minutes later and as the house looked in front of us from behind the walls, Pedro all but gasped. “I have heard of this place Greg, it is la Joya del Pacifico is it not?” I nodded my head. “Indeed it is Pedro, indeed it is.” “Fresco,” he said with a grin.