Breakfast Love

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I love waking up to the smell of sex on both of us. I love waking up to my wife in the kitchen. She’s wearing a long t-shirt making pancakes. Beautiful, strong and sexy legs. Her hair pulled up in a clip.

I come up behind her. Kiss her neck as she pours batter onto the griddle. “Good morning, gorgeous.”

“Hi, Babe. Hope you want pancakes? I have a huge craving for blueberry pancakes, so I’m adding plenty of blueberries to mine.”

I look down and see her ample breasts under the thin cotton material. Her breasts are perfect. Nipples are round, not small, and not huge. Fit in my mouth nicely. I let my hand rest on her hips as I watch her continue to cook. No panties. She is so sexy.

“I need to go to the store a little later. What should we have for dinners the rest of the week? Any requests?” she asks as she flips pancakes.

“Whatever you want, babe.” I keep kissing her neck. “I’m not feeling picky.”

I start to pull her t-shirt up, just enough for my hand to find her precious flower. I run my fingertips over the course curls of her pelvic hair. Then to the slit of her lips. She was still wet from our mersin escort lovemaking last night.

“That feels nice, but I’m starving. Did I not give you enough last night?” She laughs and turns her head to kiss me. “Get a plate, please.”

“Okay. I’ll leave you alone. You look so sexy right now.”

She serves our plates–pancakes, bacon, hashbrowns. We sit down, join hands, and she prays over our food. First, she prays for me. I love her so much. Then she prays for herself. And then she prays for our marriage, asking God to bless us with children. She is so beautiful and caring. Now all I can think about is putting a baby inside of her.

We sit eating, talking about nothing important. Her nipples are hard and poking through her shirt. I think about how I was inside of her last night. Feeling her tightening pussy muscles around my shaft while my mouth was on her nipple, sucking and biting it.

“Okay, babe. I’m going to get in the shower. You’ll get the plates?” she asks me.

“Yes, ma’am, I will.”

I clean up, but my cock is still hard thinking about my sexy wife. I need mersin escort bayan to be in her. I walk to the bathroom. Her t-shirt is on the floor, and I can smell her coconut shampoo. I take off all of my clothes, and my cock is full hard-on.

I open the shower curtain, and her hands are in her hair. Shampoo bubbles are falling down her neck and over her wet tits. I smile at her, and she knows I need her.

“Do you need some help with that, babe?” She’s looking down at my cock.

“You have no idea.”

I walk into the water, and she gets on her knees. I feel her mouth around my shaft while the warm water flows down my back. She sucks on me. I moan for her. She is so good at sucking my cock. Her tongue circles my tip, and then her hand starts to play with my balls. I can feel the back of her throat, and it drives me wild.

She takes her mouth off of me long enough to say, “Face fuck me, babe.”

I grab her head feeling her wet hair and shampoo, and ram my shaft into her face. Her hands grab my thighs as I start thrusting into her mouth. I stop myself and pull out of her escort mersin mouth. “Get her up,” I tell her.

I push her against the tile wall, and her leg wraps around me. I know she wants me inside of her. I thrust into her pussy. Her wet tits are pushed up against my chest, and her fingers are gripping my shoulders. Her moaning makes me want her even more.

I thrust into her again and again. I feel her muscles tighten, and she is close to orgasming. I keep fucking her hard. And her head falls back, and her mouth opens as she cums. She kissed me hard. “I want you to cum inside of me.” She tells me.

“Turn around and bend over. Put your hands on the wall.” I tell her, and she turns.

I grab her hips, and her ass is big and thick. I slide into her pussy and start pounding into her. I can feel my balls ready to explode. She looks back at me. “Cum in me, babe. Please.”

I keep thrusting into her. Fucking her perfect pussy. I want to put a baby in her. Give her every drop of my cum. I feel it. I can feel my tip hitting the top of her, right at her cervix. Ready to burst, I thrust all the way in, bend over her and hold her tits while my cock explodes in her. “AAwwww.” I stay in her for every spurt of cum. Every drop of my seed inside of her perfect womb.

We straighten up. I kiss her hard and wrap my arms around her wet body. “Thank you for breakfast, my love.”

She smiles at me. “Anytime, love.”