Brian’s house

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Brian’s houseMy mom and daddy were fighting about her enjoying all the big black dicks she’s been doing, so I grabbed some stuff and went to Brian’s house to hang out. I told Scotty that I was leaving til shit calmed down. He laughed and said he was headed to work.Once I got to Brian’s house, his mom let me in and told me that I could go up to Brian’s room if I wanted. I put my stuff down on the counter and went in the refrig to get a glass of iced tea. I had put ice in my glass from the freezer door and dropped a few pieces on the floor. I bent over to pick them up, when I heard a whistle. It was Brian looking at my ass. He came up behind me and shoved his pelvic into my ass.I smiled and continued picking up the ice. I stood up and turned around to give Brian a big kiss and to tell him thank you for letting me escape the fighting. Brian reached for my hands to take the ice cubes and to shove one in my shorts and the other down my bra. I jumped around cuz of the coldness, fetched the one from my pants and shoved it into his shorts. The ice fell right thru his pant leg. I moaned and looked at him with a big smile, knowing he was going commando.Brian grabbed my stuff and led me up the steps to his room. When we got up there, he thru my bag into a chair and sat on the bed. I put my glass on the bed side table, then straddled his legs. I sat on his lap as Brian kissed me. His hands were going frantic over my breasts, that I had lifted my arms for him to remove my shirt. My nipples were hard and was wanting to be released from the lacey bra. Brian was searching my back to unhook it, when I twisted the front clasp, my breast just jumped at him.I cupped my breast and tugged on my hard nipples. Brian was enjoying the show I was giving him. I felt his erection on my thigh. I slid my hands down my chest to feel his ever growing cock. I wanted to feel his hot throbbing cock in my hands. I got up, had him stand as I undid his button and zipper. His shorts fell instantly. His cock was standing straight out and was in a perfect position for him to enter my mouth.I stroked him with both hands at first, making sure to roll his balls in my hands, sahabet güvenilirmi lifting his balls so I could run my tongue from his sensitive area all the way to the tip of his head. Brian almost lost his balance from the feeling of my teeth on his cock. I love to graze my teeth on his cock, it makes him want me to suck on him more. I sucked his cock hard as I rubbed my breasts. I moaned from feeling myself get creamy in my white undies.Brian told me to stand up and turn around. I did as told, when he unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down. He bent me over and spanked my ass for cumming without him. I told him, he makes me creamy when he moans, cuz of my sucking. I know that I’m doing the blowjob the right way. Brian then had me turn back around and spread my legs. His hand was cupping my sex box to feel how wet I got. He seen my panties were soaked, then he ripped them from my torso. His thumb went straight towards my slit. He slid it up and down, making extra attention to my nub.I spread my legs further for him as he bent down to lick me. He spread my lips wide and tongued my clit and my pussy hole. I squeezed my tits hard and told him not to stop. Brian then led me to the bed and pushed me onto it. He lifted my legs and spread them to a deep “V”. His licking and sucking was driving me to cum again. His rubbing my clit hard with his thumb made me squir my love juice in his mouth. I begged him to share with me. I love to kiss him after I cum in his mouth.Brian kissed me, thern lifted me up ontop of his three pillows. He then came closer to insert his hard cock. He slid it up and down my clit a few times, then a quick shove into me. I let out a loud moan as he kept with the thrusting in ad out. I cried out again as I came again. Brian was ramming my hole as hard as he could. Brian hissed at me that he loves to feel my cum on his cock.As I came and Brian hissing in my ear, I begged him again for me to taste my cum. He pulled from my soaking wet hole, to shove his cock into my mouth. My tongue licked and I sucked his cock hard, until he pulled away. He had me turn over, get on all fours when his cock sahabet yeni giriş rammed my pussy again. I spread my legs so I could feel his balls slap my clit. What a great feeling. Enough for me to cum again. Brian told me, that he’s never seen someone to cum as much as I do. He says from watching all the porn that he does, he never sees those whores do it as much as I do.Brian continued ramming hisself into me, before pulling out to shove himself into my tight asshole. No lube, no fingers before hand, just a bit of spit and my cum on his dick and in he was. The shocked trickled thru my whole body, til I was begging for him to fuck me harded. I fingered my pussy as he fucked my ass. Brian bent over me, grabbed my tits and fucked like a dog fucking his bitch. I told him how I like the way he fucks my ass.Brian was ready to cum, he asked where I wanted it. I told him I want him in my pussy again. He jumped to my pussy and pumped his hot cum deep inside of me. I fingered myself to another cumming. When Brian finished, he collapsed next to me. I laid down also. I told Brian that this was the second time he has fucked me in his bedroom. He laughed, then agreed with me. I then told him, I could feel our cum beginning to exit my pussy.Brian crawled down between my legs, spread me wide again and stuck his face in my “v”. His tonge lapping away on my wetness. I held his head in place for him to lick my clit harder. He nibbled and sucked my nubbe til I came once more. When he finished cleaning me up, he kissed his way back up to my lips. He tasted like our cum. The mixture of our saltiness. MMMM such a lovely taste.We layed on the bed together until his mom yelled up the steps for us to come down for dinner. We got up to dress, when Brian asked me not to wear my panties or my bra. I asked why, he said he wants to tease his dad and his sister’s boyfriend. Brian said he wants them to see how lucky he really is, with my firm breasts and my tight ass. I laughed and agreed. The thought of his dad googling me, wishing he could touch me, fuck me excited me.We joined the rest at the table, smelling of hot sex. His sister sahabet giriş Dottie said we smelled good and that she would love to know what the aroma was. I giggled and told her I’d tell her later. Brian’s dad watched me as I reached across the table, he could see thru my arm holes, my breasts and my nipples hard. I could see his mom not liking the idea of him looking at me. Brian grabbed my leg, looked at me and smiled. He whispered in my ear that I was making his dd horny.Brian and I said that we would clean up the dinner dishes. His mom and dad left fot their evening walk. Dottie and her beau took off for the library. We got things cleaned up, then went to the familyroom to watch tv. We began to makeout as his dad came in the room. He stood in the doorway watching us, before he grumpled in his throat. I jumped and my tits were exposed to him. He walked over and said how nice they were, when he reached out to touch them. Brian told him just a quick feel.His dad groped them, twisting my nipples in his fingers. I could feel myself getting wet again. I love the way an older man feels me and wants to fuck me. Daddy and his friend Jack were the only two older men I really had and enjoyed the most. Afew of the older guys that came to the after hour parties at the shop, just were there for the fucking. They got off tooo quick, for me.Anyways, his dad bent over to suck on me, when he heard Brian’s mom come thru the backdoor.I hurried and pulled my shirt down and Brian zipped his pants. Just then his mom came in to see what we were watching. She sat down with us for a few minutes, when his dad whispered in her ear that he wants to fuck. She giggled quietly, kissed his hand and got up to leave us. His mom left the room. Then his dad winked at us, walked back to me, grabbed my tits again and said that he couldn’t wait to fuck me, like his son does. I looked at Brian with a question mark. Brian smiled and told me that his dad was standing in the doorway while he was fucking my ass.I wasn’t thrilled at first, but Brian said that he would love to watch us fuck, have his dad cum inside of me, then him come over and lick his dad’s cum from my pussy. Brian said that my daddy got him used to eating other guy’s cum. Brian said it was a huge turn on for him. I told Brian with a wink, that we will have to plan on him and I fucking soon, I don’t want him to go without having another man’s cum in my pussy for too long.