Brother, Sister and Sex

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Hi friends, today I am narrating my life story.

I grew up in a home where everyone was comfortable walking around in underwear. I remember it being a normal thing for me to go talk to my mom while she was getting ready for work.

She would have just got out of the shower and I would stand there talking to her as she dried off and did her hair and makeup and got dressed.

I had many reactions to seeing her naked. She would see and say it is only normal and there is nothing to be ashamed off.

There were many times I would lie in my sister’s bed watching a movie on tv and she would be in a long t-shirt and her panties and I would be in a shirt and underwear.

We were very close and because our family travelled a lot; we shared many bed-and-breakfast or hotel rooms and seeing each other changing was just normal.

My sister is 3 years older than me. She, of his 23 and she was the first girl I saw nude and remember as she got older how things changed.

I remember her underwear becoming more sexy and feminine. I remember how she started shaving and trimming more, no more sticking out from her underwear.

I used to like it when she would wear the white bikini underwear so you could see the dark outline of her hair and how her pussy would push and against the material.

We were very close, but all those times the most we ever did was quick glances. We cuddled during some of the horror movies but not sexual cuddles just holding each other.

Things changed a little when I was 19 and she was 21 when my mom, cousin, brother, sister and I went on a vacation to the Caribbean. We were sharing a room with 2 double beds in it.

The first night my brother was kicking me, so I kept pushing him away and finally off the bed. My mom got mad and told my brother and sister to change.

This was fine with me. In the morning, I just lied in bed pretending to be asleep while my mom and sister got up and showered and changed into their bathing suits. I could see them from the mirror, but they didn’t know I was watching.

I remember seeing my sister nude and thinking about how hot she was.

That night after dinner, we went to the show, and it was pretty late when we got back to our room. I was in the bathroom when mom and sis changed so I saw nothing, and but when I got into bed, I pulled the covers back more than I needed to so I could peek and sis had the white bikini panties on an shorter t-shirt.

The tv was on, and the light by the bathroom, trabzon escort and, so there was a little bit of light.

When everyone was asleep, I pulled the blankets back so I could see her panties. I got down really low so I could get a good look. She was asleep, and little I wanted to touch, so I gently touched her panties and could feel how soft her panties were and the hair was so soft.

I gently rubbed my finger on her underwear and slowly moved my finger down between her legs. It was so warm.

Then sis moved, and it scared me, so I moved and pulled the blankets down. I rolled over and finally went to sleep.

The next morning I did the same thing pretending to be sleeping so I could see them change again. That night again after everyone was asleep I pulled the blankets back and touched sis again.

I was so shocked at how warm it was between her legs; a shorter thing, a; sleep, I wanted to see. So I slowly and gently lifted her underwear and looked down into them, seeing her black hairy bush. While holding the panties up, I slipped my fingers of my other hand under the waistband and felt her hair.

Sis moved so I let go of her panties and lied my head down, up, pretending to be asleep. I don’t know if she felt anything but;, she said nothing and she and, but moved only a little and it was actually closer to me.

Then she spread her legs a little wider than before. She didn’t pull the blankets up, so I waited a few minutes and then I put my hand on her thigh; she didn’t move, so I got brave and grabbed her panties with 2 fingers by her thigh right beside her crotch.

I slowly pulled her panties out, and I could see her lip. I reached over with my other hand and ran my finger along her lip; she moved a rolled and her panties slipped out of my fingers and was stuck with her lip sticking out.

She rolled onto her side, and her underwear was part way up her butt like a small wedgie. I put my hand on her bare cheek, it was so warm and soft. I snuggle up behind her and pulled the blankets up.

Then I heard my mom get up and go to the washroom. I pretended to be asleep when she walked by the bed and when she came back. She got into bed and I guess I went back to sleep because I went to sleep. I woke in the morning and noticed my mom looking at me. I was lying on my back and my left hand was on my sister’s boob. I followed my mom’s eyes, and that was when I noticed I had a hard-on. I rolled over and hid my boner.

The trabzon escort bayan day was a quiet day at the beach and my mom said little to either my sister or I. I don’t know if she had seen what I was doing during the night but she seemed to watch us closely all day.

When we went up to change for dinner, my mom sent me into the bathroom while they change and then I changed and met them downstairs in the lobby.

During dinner, my mom was quiet and was drinking a lot of wine. I didn’t want to ask her anything in case she was mad at me and started asking questions about the night before.

We went to the show, and cheek; my mom had a few drinks. Been honest. I don’t know if she drank more that night compared to the other nights, but I noticed because I was worried. She was quieter than normal; to be, I thought. She spoke with other people, but not much to me or my sister or brother.

When we got back to the room, my mom announced that my sister and younger brother would share and I would sleep share with her.

Again, not much discussion, just a statement as she went into the bathroom. We all changed in silence and I remember my sister looking at me and shrugging her shoulders and then gave me a hug and climbed into bed.

I got into bed and was watching tv when my mom came out of the bathroom and climbed into bed beside me; she was wearing a short nightgown like the night before and I remember how silky it felt when she lied down. I was watching tv, and it wasn’t long before she was asleep. I lied there not moving because I didn’t want to disturb her at all in case she woke and started talking to me.

I went to the bathroom and when I came back, my sister and little brother were out cold and my mom was lying there and I could hear her snoring.

I knew she was out cold and the only time she snored was after she had drank a bit. I stood there staring because she was on her back and her right leg was bent at the knee.

I could see up under her nightgown and she did not have underwear on. I was shocked. I stood there and stared and then looked at her boobs and I could see her nipple of her right boob sticking out of the top of her nightgown.

I had such a hard-on and wanted to go jerk off, but I wanted to look more. I moved closer and got a better look. I had seen her naked before, but not seeing her pussy like this. I went and jerked off in the bathroom.

When I finished, before, I came back, and she was escort trabzon lying the same way. I walked around and got into bed. Mom didn’t move even when I sat down on the bed. I snuggled up beside her and she didn’t move and I got real brave and put my hand on her thigh.

She was just snoring and no movement so I slowly moved my hand along her thigh to her crotch. I had my finger on her lips. I could feel the heat and her hair was so soft.

I slowly moved my finger along the slit between her lips and then felt her inner lips. They felt different from the outer lips.

They were velvety feeling and the more I slid my finger along them they started to feel a little wet. I was hard again and was thinking more and more I wanted to feel more.

Then suddenly she stirred, rolling onto her right side and her butt pushed toward me and my boner was pushing against her bum right near the crack of her butt. I quickly rolled over on my left side and lied there for a long time. Finally, I feel asleep.

Next morning, again I followed the routine of the past two or three days and at night when my mom fell asleep and my sister too, I went to my sister and started rubbing her thigh. I think she woke up but didn’t react.

I was becoming brave and started rubbing her pussy, but before I got shocked because she was not wearing panties and there were no hairs today, she had a clean shave on her pussy.

I placed two fingers on her pussy and pushed in her pussy, but she was Virgin, so I was unable to insert fingers.

She said in my ear to come on the roof.

She removed her nightgown there on the bed and she was naked in the dark, but I could not see her.

I took her gown after her and went to the terrace.

She was roaming free.

She bent and said, “fuck me brother.”

I eagerly went on her pussy and started licking hardly.

She was moaning and enjoying a lot.

I was licking her asshole, to too.

Then it was her turn now. She came on my cock and grabbed it and started sucking.

I came in her mouth and she drank all my stuff.

She was trying for erection again but in no time I got hard.

She came in doggy style and I started licking her ass but she said “fuck me.”

So I pushed my cock into her virgin pussy. She was started screaming and pussy was dripping with blood.

After a while, she was enjoying.

She had an orgasm, and I emptied on her boobs and mouth.

She cleaned my cock by licking it.

After sex, she was looking at me.

We wore the dresses and went back to sleep.

Next morning, I saw she was sleeping badly like a buffalo.

From night everything changed between us till today.

I fuck her every day and my mom even knows, but she never restricted us.

Thank you, friends.