Brother’s Incestous Bet Chapter 4: Little Sister’s Dripping Passion

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Brother’s Incestuous Bet

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Four: Little Sister’s Dripping Passion

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Maria Reenburg

“Now come with me and we’ll get started on what you can do for me,” Vanessa purred.

The African American woman had a naughty grin on her face. Her wavy, black hair spilled about her hungry features. She was my father’s secretary at his office in the state capitol. Her fake boobs stretched her blouse, her short skirt hugging her lithe thighs and curving hips. The flavor of my father’s cum, mixed with her pussy juices, lingered on my lips.

She’d blocked me from having sex with my father. She knew I was trying to seduce him. I was just getting Daddy all buttered up, all nice and horny, and then she came in and took advantage of his hard dick. I always suspected Daddy was cheating on Mom and fucking Vanessa, now I knew it. I heard them, then tasted the proof. She promised me, though, if I did things for her, she would help bring Daddy around to incest.

To having sex with me.

Vanessa sauntered before me. She was a leggy woman, her hips swaying as she sauntered on her high heels. I smoothed my pleated skirts. They flared and fell down to my mid-thigh, looking like something sexy but still appropriate for an intern to wear at a state senator’s office.

I glanced at the door to my daddy’s private office. I was so close and then Vanessa came in. But she was always around. She had some sort of hold on him. If I tried to do any seduction, she would swoop in and take advantage of it.

I didn’t have a choice.

I followed her through the reception area of my father’s office. My desk and Vanessa’s were in here. She sauntered to a small side room where there was a conference table, good for group meetings. What did she want me to do in there?

Vanessa sauntered in, saying, “Close the door behind you.”

“Okay,” I said, my heart hammering in my chest. I felt so scared. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go. I was supposed to win my bet with my brother handily today. He thought he could seduce our Mom before I could get Daddy’s cock in me. I even let him have a head start.

It was supposed be easy. I needed to win this bet. I wanted to beat my smug brother and take his car. Then I would drive him around. It would be so much fun. He’d have to watch me have Daddy’s child, too, knowing it could have been his child if he’d just sealed the deal with Mom first.

I closed the door behind me. The sound echoed through the room. Vanessa turned around, her breasts swaying in her low-cut blouse. Her hands gripped her skirt. She worked it up slowly, the cloth sliding up her thighs. She wiggled her hips, letting out a whimpering moan.

I swallowed. My heart pounded. “You want me to…”

“Yes, lick me clean,” she said, her skirt rising higher, exposing more and more of her dark-brown thighs. She had a rich hue to her skin, a lovely mahogany that had my heart beating faster and faster.

Then her skirt popped over her pussy. She wore no underwear. Her pussy was shaved and glistening. My father’s cum dribbled out of her, the pearly spunk standing out against her dark skin. One line was oozing down her right inner thigh.

I shivered, staring at my father’s seed. It was Daddy’s cum. That little taste she gave me had left me aching. I was turned on, but I’d never eaten pussy before. I’d imagined eating Mom’s while masturbating, of course, pretending to lick Daddy’s or Sean’s cum out of her depths.

My pussy clenched. A wave of heat washed through me. My nipples throbbed in my bra. I wiggled my hips from side to side, my panties absorbing the passion leaking out of me. This molten heat that begged me to do something.

“You eat me out, and I’ll guide your father to accepting incest,” Vanessa moaned. “You’ll get that dick in you, just like you want.”

I fell to my knees. “I want that,” I groaned, my mouth watering. My hands grabbed her hips. “I want that so badly.”

She grabbed a fistful of my blonde hair and yanked my head to her pussy, saying, “Course you do. You’re a nasty, little pervert.”

She pressed my mouth against her shaved pussy. Her hot flesh rubbed on my lips. Daddy’s salty cum coated my lips along with her tangy cream. I shuddered, my hands gripping her thighs as she whimpered. Her hips ground her snatch against me, smearing her cunt across my mouth. I opened wide, letting that naughty mix of juices flow into my mouth.

This was such a wicked thing to do. I thrust my tongue out, eager to taste more and more of my daddy’s spunk. My body trembled, heat flowing through me. My tongue fluttered through her pussy, caressing her silky folds, gathering up that tangy cream and incestuous jizz.

My eyes squeezed shut. I groaned and she shuddered. Her big tits jiggled in her blouse. She groaned, her back arching. She bit her lower lip, her head shaking from side to side. Her hips wiggled, undulating and grinding on me.

“That’s it, you little pervert,” she moaned. “Mmm, you’re such a slut, aren’t you? You just want to eat all that cum out of me. Mmm, yes, yes, lick my cunt, you little, White bitch.”

I shuddered at her humiliating words. A strange flush ran through me. My brother called me a slut and whore, but I never felt like he was demeaning me. I shouldn’t be doing this, but I was tasting my daddy’s cum.

“Mmm, yes, yes, just a perverted, little rich bitch,” she moaned. “Think you can get whatever you want. This is the real world. You gotta pay, cunt. Now get that tongue in me. Wiggle it around.”

I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy. Her hot sheath clenched about it as her tangy juices flowed into my mouth. I fluttered my tongue, scooping out my daddy’s jizz. That delicious, salty flavor burst on my tongue every time I found more.

She moaned, her face twisting in bliss as she ground on me. Her hips wiggled from side to side, smearing those hot cuntlips on my mouth. Her cream spilled over my chin as she moaned. She held my blonde hair, holding me tight to her twat.

My tongue thrust into her cunt over and over again. I quested around, searching for more of my daddy’s cum. I groaned as I found more and more, but it was dwindling. I strained my tongue, fluttering through her, whimpering, wanting to eat all that yummy cum out of her.

“Fuck, yes,” moaned Vanessa. “Lick my cunt, you little rich bitch.”

I let out a frustrated moan.

“I don’t care if there’s no more of your father’s jizz in me,” she panted, staring down at me. “I want you cleaning me. Put that mouth to work and pay me, cunt!”

She pulled harder on my hair, grinding her pussy on my mouth, using me. I whimpered and fluttered my tongue. I remembered every little thing that my brother did to my cunt. I caressed her pussy lips with my lips. I would pay her. I would get my cunt full of Daddy’s dick.

I could make her cum to get that.

My tongue lapped furiously through her. I would show her how a rich bitch ate cunt. She gasped and moaned. Pleasure crossed her dark face. She ran her tongue over her thick lips. She cooed and purred, loving what I was doing to her.

“Oh, yes, that’s it!” she moaned. “Just a good little pussy licker, eh, you pervert bitch?”

“Uh-huh!” I moaned then found her clit.

I swirled my tongue around her hard nub nestled in her pussy lips. I caressed it, fluttered against it. My own cunt clenched as I remembered my brother doing all those naughty things to my clit. My little bud throbbed in my panties as I latched my lips on hers.


She gasped. Her back arched, her fake tits bouncing in her chest. She twisted her fingers through my hair as she gasped out in rapture. Her cream flowed out of her, coating my chin and running down my throat. She whimpered.

“Fuck, yes!” she gasped as her body shook.

Juices gushed out of her, spilling over my mouth.

“Such a good, little pervert bitch!” she moaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, yes!”

I lapped at her tangy folds, gathering the cream gushing out of her. I licked her up, my own cunt burning. I wanted to touch myself. I wanted to rub my cunt until I had a frothy explosion. I kept licking her, teasing her, sending more and more waves through her.

I would pay her. I would get Daddy’s dick in me. It would be incredible.

Her back arched a final time. She let out a throaty moan and then her shoulders slumped. She panted and then stumbled back from me, wrenching her pussy from my mouth. I panted, cunt juices dribbling down my throat. Her head shook as she bumped into the table, planting her hand on it as she fanned her face.

“Oh, wow, you’re good at that,” she said.

“Thanks,” I said, my cheeks burning, my face on fire.

“So, you keep being a good, little pussy licker, Maria, and I’ll help your daddy overcome his aversion to incest.” She winked at me. “Then you’ll get what you want.”

“I need it soon,” I said, my body trembling. “Real soon!”

She sauntered to me, leaned over, and patted my cheek, a big smile on her lips. “I’m sure it won’t be too long.”


Sean Reenburg

It was a long day working at my mother’s law office. I had no idea how to make up for what happened last Friday. I had massaged her tits, groping those big, lush mounds. I made her cum just from nipple play. But it snapped her out of it. She was embarrassed, even ashamed, of what happened. She wanted to pretend that it didn’t happen.

She hardly talked to me at all today, staying in her office.

How was I supposed to seduce her before Maria got her pussy wrapped around dad’s dick? She was at his office right now. I expected the triumphant text to come casino oyna at any time.

Meanwhile, I was stuck in this office, my skin tense, my stomach twisting. Mrs. Nielson, the old woman hired as a temp while my mom’s normal paralegal was on maternity leave, was always around. She was puttering from place to place. Worse, Mom would only be in the room with me when that old bitch was around.

I just wanted to grab my mom. I wanted to touch her. To kiss her. To do all those things I did to Maria to Mom.

She was such a beauty. Blonde, like Maria. Only mom had bigger tits. She had that lush, mature build of a woman with experience. Maria was a budding flower, gorgeous and sensual and delicious, but she wasn’t forbidden fruit.

She wasn’t the woman who carried me in her womb and birthed me.

I wanted to slide my cock back in her. I wanted to fuck her hard. To bend her over her desk and fuck her. My dick was hard all day. Frustration built and built in me. I needed satisfaction. I wanted it from Mom.

Needed it from mom.

She appeared out of her office. “Mrs. Nielson, do you have that research I need?”

“I’ve almost got it,” the old woman said, looking up from her desk.

“I got it, Mom,” I said, staring at her. “I can show it to you.” In your office. Alone.

“No, no, I need it from my paralegal. She knows what she’s doing.” She fixed her blue eyes on me for a moment then looked away. She pushed up her glasses, giving her a naughty librarian vibe, only making her sexier. Even in the frumpy outfit she wore today, her blouse buttoned up to her neck, her skirt long, past her knees.

I’d never seen her dress so conservatively before. She was afraid of what I gave her. How could I overcome that fear?

“Mom, I know how to do this,” I said. “I’m here to learn.”

“And you are,” she said. “Now, why don’t you run out and get us lunch. I’m feeling like Greek. Sound good?”

“Fine,” I muttered.

As I fetched lunch, my mind worked on the problem. I couldn’t see any way to get around it. I needed Mrs. Elliston’s advice, but she was out on maternity leave. Her son, who was also her lover, wouldn’t pass along my messages, saying she had to focus on being a mother.

I wanted to scream out my frustration.

The line at the Greek restaurant was long. They were busy, and I was hard the entire time.

My balls simmered through the day, growing fuller and fuller. Part of me wanted to go jack off, but I hadn’t masturbated in months. Not when I had a horny sister who would take care of me. Besides, I didn’t want to imagine fucking my mom.

I wanted to actually fuck her.

I checked my phone every minute, waiting for that damned text from my sister. It would be gloating, triumphant. I would have to give her my Corvette. I wouldn’t get to breed her. I wanted that so much. I wanted her and mom to be pregnant with my child at the same time.

I stewed through the afternoon. Every time Mom would emerge, I would smile at her, stand up, letting her see how much I’d grown up. I felt her eyes flicking at me. I felt there was something in that gaze. Like she knew I had grown up. That I was a man now, twenty and ready to please her.

Then she’d scurry away into her office.

Finally, the day came to an end. I wondered if she would even drive home with me. On Friday, she sent me home alone, giving me her keys pretending she had to work late. I was rock hard, my balls aching. It was painful to be hard this long.

I slipped into the passenger seat, glancing at her skirt covering her thighs. Even with that baggy garment, I could see the outline of her toned thighs. I wanted to touch her, stroke her. Grope her. It would be so incredible to touch her. To make her purr and gasp. I would give her such wicked thrill.

“Maybe you should drive yourself in,” Mom said. “You have that nice car your father bought you. Shame you’re not using it.”

“Oh,” I said, my stomach growing tense.

She nodded her head. “Yes, yes, you should be driving around in that car, not wasting your summer in my law office.” She gave me a motherly smile while her voice sounded… strained. “Meet some girls.”

“I don’t mind,” I said. “There’s time for girls when I get out of law school.”

“There won’t be,” she said, shaking your head. “You’re young. You should be enjoying yourself, not cooped up with your old mom.”

“You’re not old,” I said, glancing at her.

Her cheeks went pink. “Still, I want you to enjoy yourself. So, tomorrow, you’ll drive your own car, and you can leave when you want.”

My heart pounded faster and faster. “If I still have my car,” I muttered. “I made a bet with Maria. I think she’s going to win.”

“Oh?” she asked. “Really?”

I shrugged. “Thought I would win, but…” I sighed. I didn’t know what to say. Should I just blurt it out? Should I just tell her the truth? That I wanted to fuck her so badly. That I wanted to grab her hand and shove it against my crotch. “I don’t think it’ll happen. I think she won today. She’ll be gloating when we get home.”

“Oh, sorry,” she said. “Well, you don’t know for sure, do you?”

I shrugged. I was going to lose my car, and I had no chance to bang my mom. Fuck.

It was an awkward drive home. I stared at the window, my stomach growing tighter and tighter. How would Maria gloat? How would she taunt me about this? She would rub it in my face. Maybe she’d show off her panties stained with cum.

Dad’s cum.

Maybe she’d have a video of it. She’d have me watch it while licking his jizz off her panties. “That’s when he bred my pussy, bro,” Maria moaned in my imagination. “That’s when Daddy knocked me up.”

My stomach boiled. I didn’t want that at all. My cheeks burned. I squirmed, almost feeling sick about this entire situation. My guts grew heavier and heavier every block that we came closer and closer to our house.

We turned down the street. Million dollar homes flashed by us. I squirmed, seeing ours ahead. Dad’s car was in the driveway. Which meant my sister was home. My heart pounded faster as Mom hit the button to open the garage door. She passed Dad’s car, parking beside my Corvette. I glanced at it.

Maybe I should take it for one last drive…

“I’m going to take a bath and go to bed,” she said. “You should order some dinner or something.”

“Sure,” I said, nodding my head.

“Maybe she hasn’t won yet,” Mom said, touching my hand.

Fire burst inside of me. My dick transmuted into stiff lead as her touch ignited a fire in me. Her fingers were touching me. Stroking me. I groaned. My cock twitched with my heartbeat. I stared into her eyes. They were so blue behind her glasses. I wanted to lean in and kiss her. I wanted to pounce her.

Fuck her.

Then she jerked her hand away and bolted from the car.

“Fuck!” I muttered, her footsteps echoing through the garage before she vanished into the house.

The seat creaked as I shifted. Despite the dread of facing my sister, the frustration was back. That ache in my balls made me groan. I had to get some relief. Maybe Maria would give me a pity blowjob or something.

If she wasn’t riding Dad’s cock right now. In his office, bouncing up and down on him, working that nineteen-year-old cunt up and down his dick. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying not to picture her and Dad, my blood boiling.

“Fuck it,” I snarled. I was tired of this dread. This horny ache. I just wanted to get this over with.

I burst out of the car and slammed the door shut. I marched through the stuffy, hot garage, my shoes smacking on the concrete. I wrenched open the door. The cool air washed over me. It led out into the kitchen. I crossed it to the living room, expecting to find Maria waiting for me with a big, gloating grin on her face.


I swept my gaze around, wondering if she was hiding, waiting to spring out of at me, her skirt hiked up, showing me the cum running out of her pussy, her labia spread open to show that she’d been fucked hard by our father.

“Maria?” I asked.

I moved through the living room to the den. It was like the living room but didn’t have a TV. My sister wasn’t in here. Dad was working in his office, the door open. He had headphones on, nodding to the music’s beat, his tie loosened. I swept past him. She wasn’t fucking him right now.

I headed upstairs and reached her door. I could hear my mom filling up the bathtub in the master bathroom. I wanted to burst in there, find her naked, and then pounce on her. I would fuck her hard. Even If Maria won…

I threw open Maria’s bedroom door. “Okay, show me the…”

She wasn’t in here either.

“Fuck,” I muttered, my stomach twisting more and more. Was she torturing me? The little bitch.

My frustrated lusts fueled the growing anger in me. I went to my room, barreling in, expecting to find her naked on my bed, her body flushed, Daddy’s cum leaking out of her and staining my comforter. She would be playing with herself, teasing me.

Nope. Not here.

“The fuck,” I muttered, looking at my empty room.

I went to my closet, ripped it open. She wasn’t hiding there. Not that she could. I just threw all my junk in there and closed it tight. I growled, spinning around. Was she in the backyard? Was she making me hunt her down to find out?

What a bitch.

I peered out the window, studying the large backyard. Evidence of the party where we conceived our bet was all gone. There was a large lawn that spread out across the yard, dotted with bushes and several quiet places. There was a pool, a little fountain, and a gazebo.

There was movement in there. Something pink.


I bolted out of my room and rushed through the house. I took the stairs canlı casino two at a time. I rushed through the house to the back door and burst out into the summer heat. Birds chirped. The warmth washed around me. I marched across the lawn, heading to my execution.

I reached the gazebo and instead of finding my sister gloating in triumph, she sat on the bench in there, staring out at the fountain, her face looking lifeless. Her eyes flicked to me then they looked away.

“You’re not… demanding my keys?” I asked. “You’re not showing off proof of fucking Dad?”

She shrugged her shoulders.

Laughter burst out of me. “You didn’t succeed. You didn’t fuck Dad!”

She bolted to her feet, her pleated, pink skirt swirling about her thighs. Her blonde hair spilled about her face, her blue eyes, the same shade as Mom’s, flared with such brilliance. “You didn’t fuck Mom! And you had a week!”

“But you were so certain that Dad would fall all over you,” I growled, my frustration bursting out of me. I was stressed all day, and she failed. She couldn’t get Dad to fuck her when she dressed like that.

She was so sexy. So gorgeous. She was showing off her body, unlike mom. My sister’s blouse was low-cut, her youthful breasts on display. Her skirt was short, her legs toned and lithe. She was a delicious creature. She looked so coquettish. So wanton. She stood there, swinging her hips from side to side, looking so tempting. So alluring.

My dick was so hard.

“You had all week to fuck Mom, and you failed!” she hissed. “So don’t get on my ass because I didn’t get a chance to seduce Dad today!”

All my frustration burst through me. Maria had been teasing me all week while Mom had kept herself from me. She wouldn’t give me what I needed. Now Maria was here, her tits jiggling beneath me. I needed satisfaction. God, my little sister was so fucking sexy.

I grabbed her shoulders and thrust her back against the gazebo’s latticed wall.


Maria Reenburg

I gasped in shock as my brother grabbed my shoulders and shoved me into the gazebo’s latticed wall. Such anger and frustration welled in me. I didn’t need his shit from him right now. Not after having to listen to Vanessa fuck my dad two more times today.

Two more times when I had to lick her pussy clean of his cum while she called me “cunt” and “bitch” and “little pervert.” There was nothing perverted about incest. It was a beautiful thing, and she was pissing on it.

Stealing it from me.

“Let go of me, Sean!” I hissed as his face twisted with anger.

He kissed me.

He sealed his lips over mine. His tongue thrust into my as he pressed his body, in that sex suit he was wearing, against me. His cock was hard, bulging against my stomach. His tongue dueled with mine as frustration boiled through me.

I pressed on his chest. I didn’t want this right now. I didn’t want to feel him kiss me. His hands squeezed my tits through my blouse as his tongue swirled through my mouth. I growled into the kiss, struggling to break it.

I wrenched my mouth away, snarling, “Stop it!”

“Make me,” he growled. “All weekend you teased me. All weekend you taunted me. Boasting how fast it would take you to get Dad to fuck you. How it wouldn’t be long until you won our bet!”

That fucking bitch! I wanted to claw out Vanessa’s eyes.

My brother squeezed my breasts again. His fingers kneaded into my tits. He massaged my nipples, caressing me. Tingles rippled through me. I was on fire. All day listening to Vanessa fuck Dad then licking her clean. No masturbating. No cumming.

And now my brother thought to fuck me.

My sexy, hunky brother.

“You thought your body was hot shit,” he snarled.

“Oh, it is!” I spat back. “You know it. I can feel how hard you are. You want to fuck me so bad! Well, piss off! I’m not in the mood!”

“Not in the mood?” he asked, his fingers massaging my nipples. Tingles burst through me. “I bet your naughty cunt is soaking wet. You want my dick in you right now.”

“It’s Daddy’s cock I want in me!” I moaned. Why did he have to be so right? Why did he have to be here right now? Why did he have to know I failed to seduce our father?

“Bullshit,” he growled and spun me around.

I gasped as he pressed his cock into my ass while my tits pressed into the lattice wall of the gazebo. I gripped the diamond pattern, my fingers wrapping around the thin slats. His hand squeezed my breasts again. My nipples throbbed in my bra. My hips wiggled.

“Yeah, you got a hot pussy and need your big brother’s cock in you,” he growled. He leaned over my shoulder. “If Dad can’t see how sexy you are, I do.”

My pussy clenched. My snatch was molten. Why did my brother have to be sexy? I needed something in me. I had to be fucked, but it should be by Daddy. That was the point of today. I screeched out my frustration as my brother’s hands slid down my body.

To my skirt.

“Let’s find out how wet you are,” Sean said.

I wanted to tell him to fuck off. To go away, but he was hiking up my skirt. He was drawing it up my thighs just like I wanted Daddy to do. My brother flipped my skirt over my rump. His hand squeezed my tush, my thong buried between my butt-cheeks. He kneaded me, making me whimper.

My cunt drank in the heat flowing from his massaging touch. My eyes fluttered. This heat swelled through me. It was just this incredible rush of delight that flowed through me. I whimpered and squirmed my hips from side to side.

His fingers slid up to my thong’s waistband. He nuzzled into my ear, licked it. “You’re dripping wet for my cock, aren’t you?”

“For Daddy’s cock!” I snarled.

“Liar!” he growled, hooking my thong’s waistband. “You want my dick in you right now.”

I threw a look over my shoulders at him, this strange well of pain rising through me. “You’re just hard for Mom, not me! You’re just fucking me because you can’t pound her.”

“I’m fucking you because this skirt, this blouse…” He yanked down my thong, ripping it from my soaking pussy. “You are such a sexy, hot thing, Maria. You are showing off that body. Dad’s a goddamn moron not to fuck you!”

I shivered then gasped as his fingers rubbed through my pussy. His words surged something… bubbly through me. I looked over my shoulder at him. He was as handsome as Dad, if not as mature and aged. He still had that youthfulness about him, a boyishness he needed to shed. He wore that suit well. Tie, crisp shirt, polished shoes.

He would be a powerful man one day.

His fingers buried deep into my pussy. I groaned, my back arching as he pumped them in and out of me. His tongue licked my earlobe, sending a hot shudder through my body. My snatch clenched on his digits.

“You are just soaking wet for me,” he growled. “Aren’t you?”

“Yes!” I snarled. “So what are you going to do about it? Huh? My pussy is dripping! Do you think you’re fingers are going to be enough?”


He ripped his fingers out of me. I gripped the lattice, my face pressed against the slats, peering through the diamond holes at the fountain. It gurgled and splashed, spilling crystal water from chirping birds. My juices poured down my thighs, to my thong bunched around my knees.

Clothing rustled behind me. A belt whisked through loops. A zipper rasped. I groaned, so eager for my brother. I wiggled my ass, my day’s long frustration building and building in me. I hissed out in aching need.

“Fuck me!” I snarled. “Get that dick in me right now! Stop teasing me!”

He smacked my ass. The stinging slap cracked through the gazebo. Birds stopped chirping and took flight. Pain melted through my ass to my pussy. My snatch clenched. Juices gushed down my thighs as I let out a wanton moan.

“I’ll fuck that pussy when I’m good and ready,” he growled. “I’m admiring that ass of yours. It’s beautiful.”

I thrust my rump out at him, my tits quivering in my bra. “Then do something about it,” I whimpered. “Fuck my ass! Love it! Just give me that cock!”

“Such a slutty, little sister,” he said. His words didn’t make me feel demeaned like that cunt Vanessa had.

“Such a little slut!” I hissed. “Fuck your little sister! Now!”

The tip of his cock nudged my pussy lips. He stroked up and down them, teasing me. That pleasure rippled through my body. I groaned, my toes curling in my heels. More juices spilled out of my shaved snatch and dribbled down my thighs.

He brushed my clit.

“Damn, you are just a fountain back here,” he groaned. “Your passion’s just pouring out of you. That’s how bad you want me to fuck you!”

“It is!” I whined. “So stop being an asshole and fuck my cunt!”

My brother thrust his cock into me.

It was wonderful to be filled by his thick, incestuous shaft. After the day I had. After all the pussy I licked, all the times I made that bitch cum, I needed my pleasure. Hot and fast. A powerful fuck. Sean buried to the hilt in me. In a flash, his balls were smacking my clit and his crotch cracking into my ass.

I rocked forward, my cheek pressed into the lattice. I moaned, clutching to it with desperate fingers. I whimpered, my hips wiggling from side to side as he thrust into me. He churned me up with that big dick, pumping away hard at me.

He fucked me the way a woman—a little sister—needed to be fucked.

There was nothing gentle about this. Nothing loving. It was carnal. Animal rutting. Our incestuous mating churned my pussy to a froth. His cock plunged deep and hard into me. Every thrust sent waves of heat washing through my body.

My pussy clenched about him, gripping him when he pulled back. I wanted him to stay in me. I wanted to enjoy this delicious treat. My hips wiggled. kaçak casino He stirred me up with that big dick. He made me gasp and howl as he plunged into me.

The smack of his balls on my clit.

The plunge of his dick into my cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I hissed, my orgasm swelling inside of me. “That’s what I need! That’s how you fuck a little slut like me!”

“Yes,” he growled, leaning over me. “I can feel it. Your cunt… Damn, Dad’s a moron for passing up on this cunt. You’re amazing, Maria!”

I groaned, my head arching. My pussy squeezed around his girth as he buried into me, increasing that wondrous friction. It surged through me, feeding my orgasm. I threw a look over my shoulder at his tie bouncing down his chest, swaying as he fucked me.

His chiseled face twisted in passion.

His blue eyes burning.

His blond hair slicked back.

“Oh, Mom should be all over you,” I groaned. “You’re a stud, Sean! My big brother is a fucking stud!”

He thrust harder into me.

I loved it.

I humped back into him, my tits bouncing in my bra. I gripped the lattice, braced against his thrusts, or I could grope my tits. I would free them. I whimpered and moaned, my nipples begging for attention.

It was like he read my mind. My lusts. My brother’s hands slid up the outside of my blouse. He found my breasts, squeezed them. His fingers brushed my nubs, sending tingles racing down to my cunt. Adding more fuel to the fire he started in me.

Every plunge of that cock made me burn hotter and hotter.

“Yes, yes, make me cum!” I moaned. “Make your slutty, little sister cum!”

He squeezed my tits and pounded into me. His crotch smacked my rump. His dick caressed my inner flesh. My sheath clung to him, gripping him tight. I wanted to feel that heat bursting through me. A raging bonfire burning all of my flesh.

He found my nipples through my thin blouse and thinner bra. He pinched and teased them, twisted them. My nubs flared with wondrous pain. I gasped, my blonde hair swaying about my face as he plowed into my juicy depths.

“You’re my whore!” Sean growled. “Right now, you’re my slut! And I want you to cum! I want to feel that pussy writhing about my dick!”

“Yes!” I whimpered, my back arching. He twisted both nipples. He rammed his cock deep into my pussy.

I exploded.

My pussy writhed about his plunging dick. My flesh caressed him. Massaged him. That heat surged through me. I gasped and groaned, my body trembling as the delight burned through me. This incredible surge of bliss splashed through my mind. It inundated me with such rapture. I groaned and bucked, my breasts jiggling in my bra.

“Sean, yes!” I moaned. “You’re such a stud, big brother! You’re amazing!”

“You’re pussy…” He let out an angry snarl, plunging over and over into my cunt. “Your pussy loves my dick!”

“Loves it!” I howled.

My pleasure burned through my body. The rapture consumed me. My thoughts blazed in ecstasy. Stars burst across my vision as my brother’s cock plunged over and over into my hungry cunt. I gasped and moaned, my nipples throbbing in his fingers’ grip.

Then he ripped his dick out of me.

I didn’t care what he was doing. I was lost to my orgasmic rapture. It was what I needed after this frustrating day. Satisfaction. My brother gave me such satisfaction.


Sean Reenburg

I ripped my cock out of my sister’s convulsing pussy. It was heaven in there, but I wanted to really plunder her body. Really satiate my frustrations. I released her tits and seized my pussy-soaked dick in my right hand. My other hand seized her left butt-cheek and pulled it to the side, exposing her puckered asshole.

“Oh, yes, yes, fuck my ass!” my sister moaned the moment she felt my dick sliding up her taint to her butt-hole. “Just ram it in me and give me more pleasure!”

I grinned. I knew she was my slut. I just had to get through her anger. Her denial. It was so obvious she wanted me. I pressed my cock against her asshole, feeling that puckered ring against the tip of my cock.

I thrust.

“Sean!” my little sister whimpered as her tight anal ring spread apart. I’d broken in her ass many times, and it was always a sweet treat.

Her tight sphincter spread over the tip of my cock, massaging me as I plunged into her velvety embrace. My pussy-lubed dick worked deeper and deeper into her. Her asshole swallowed more and more of my shaft. The heat swelled up it to my balls.

They brimmed with cum.

I let go of my cock and snaked my hand around her waist. I slid over her bunched-up skirt and found her shaved pubic mound. I caressed down to her hot folds and caressed them. I found her clit, massaged it.

“Sean!” she gasped, her asshole squeezing around my dick.

“Show me how much you’re my little whore,” I growled into my little sister’s ear. I hugged her tight, my left hand finding her tit again, my right diddling her clit.

“Pound my asshole, and I will!”

I drew back my dick through my sister’s tight asshole. I groaned, savoring the delight of her velvety grip around my cock. She was so tight and hot, a different treat from her silky, juicy pussy. I rammed into her deep, my crotch smacking into her rump, my balls smacking into her wet pussy.

I pinched her nipple and rubbed her clit as I sodomized her. I pumped my dick fast in and out of her asshole. I reveled in the heat of my sister’s bowels. That wonderful grip. It was incredible. Every stroke brought me closer and closer to that eruption.

My balls ached from frustration, but I had my little sister. She liked being forced. Liked being shown that she lusted for me. It made her burn so hot. Her velvety ass almost melted around my dick as I plunged into her asshole over and over.

She gasped as I made her pussy gush juices.

“Sean! Sean!” my sister moaned, her voice sounding almost drunk. “Oooh, my brother’s got a big dick! Yes, yes, ram that huge monster into my asshole! Are you going to cum in me?”

“What do you think?” I asked, rubbing her clit in fast circles, her cream soaking my digits.

“That you’re going to pump so much jizz into my asshole!” She squeezed her bowels around me. “Just spurt it into me. Flood me!”

I thrust harder, faster. The velvety massage of her asshole built the ache at the tip of my cock. My balls were ready to unload. All day I’d suffered, and my little sister provided me relief. Our flesh smacked together.

That wondrous smack-smack of hot flesh surged through me. I groaned at the delight wrapped around me. That hot, velvety sheath. That wondrous pleasure surging through me. She was all about me. It was incredible.

I pounded her, savoring this moment. I rubbed her clit faster, holding off my orgasm. I grit my teeth, wanting to feel her cumming around my dick. To experience that wondrous delight surging and writhing about my shaft.

It was such a treat.

A delicious experience.

I buried into her hard and fast while my fingers pinched her clit between them. I tugged on her nub. Her back arched. Her bowels clenched like a vice about my dick. I gasped, almost erupting into her before I was ready.

Then she gasped out, “Sean! You fucking stud, yes!”

Her asshole writhed about my dick.

“My brother is a stud!” she moaned. “Such a sexy stud. Oh, fuck, yes!”

Her bowels sucked at my plunging dick while her juices spilled over my fingers. They bathed them as I massaged her. I groaned, loving the hot writhe of her pussy over my digits. My muscles tensed, my dick throbbing in her bowels embrace.

I was so close to exploding. To just showering her with my cum. I panted, thrusting harder, faster. I buried into her to the hilt. I slammed into my sister’s convulsing asshole. That velvety massage rippled around me.

“Cum in me!” she moaned. “Give it to me, Sean!”

“Yes!” I growled and buried into her.

My cum erupted. I spurted over and over into her. Held her tight, squeezing her tit through her blouse, as I flooded her. Her hot bowels milked me. She drew out every drop as that wondrous pleasure slammed into my mind.

My release exploded out of me.

Stars burst across my vision. That heat slammed through me. I kissed her neck as her spasming asshole milked my balls dry. My incestuous pleasure peaked in me. I held there, hovering in passion, clutching my sister to me.

“Damn,” I groaned. “I needed that.”

“Mmm, it was great,” she panted. “Sometimes… you just need the guy to seize you and make you admit you want him.” She turned her head and flashed me a smile. “Just make sure the girl really wants you.”

She gave me a hot kiss on my mouth as that touch my mom gave me in the car galvanized my body. Mom let me touch her tits on Friday. I made her cum. Now she was trying to deny it. Just like my sister had.

Was that it? I just had to march in there and fuck my mom?

I broke the kiss, panting, “Thanks, Maria.”

She grinned at me, her asshole squeezing around my softening dick. “Did you really mean it that Dad should have been all over me?”

“As hot as you look in that outfit, I don’t understand how he wasn’t.”

“Then you’re welcome,” she said. “For being such a sweet brother.”

I nodded my head, glancing at the house. I pulled out of my sister, my eyes drifting up to our parents’ veranda. The mesh grill made it impossible to see if anyone was standing there. It was where we made our bet. Beyond it, was my mom slipping into the bath. Naked.

In need.

It was time to win this bet.

I marched ahead, my sister at my side, her skirt rustling. I glanced at her, saw a look of determination on her face, too. So this was it. We were both making our moves. It would be over soon. One of us was about to win our bet.

I grinned. Either way, it would be incredible.

To be continued…