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Subject: Bruce The Olympian (3) This is a fictional story of when I was much much younger. It would be the eighties and at the time when the Olympics were in Los Angeles. I was into watching it every time they came around on. TV. This story is about the Olympic wrestler Bruce Baumgartner. The big beefy heavyweight champion that won several medals in those days He was , at the time the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. And the object of so much lust. This story again is fiction and does not pretend to say the mighty Bruce B would partake of Or be involved in a gay relationship. So it would not suggest in any way his sexual preference. Its just the desires of a younger me to have the most awesome of man specimens in the day…….. Enjoy….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Bruce The Olympian (part 3) ………”Ohh Goddd” was all I could say. I couldn’t believed I was here in a locker room, at the Olympics with the God like Bruce Baumgartner. And my hands were on his magnificent body. My dick sprang to attention so fast, I almost felt light headed. “Its okay” he said in a soft voice “Not the first time some young guy has shown desire for me” “Its ok though. I like the attention. My hands then took over from where he lead them. I groped his big package in hand. It felt awesome. I was there groping my hunk dream stud. And his body felt more perfect than I could have imagined. He then grabbed me and pulled me to him. His eyes met mine and the softness in them should the gentle man inside this giant of a man. He leaned in and brought his mustached mouth to mine. My eyes closed as I was pulled into a passionate kiss from him. My hands then reach around him. As far as I could mind you. I reached around his broad back and caressed him as we made out in that locker room. After a long kiss he pulled his gorgeous face from mine and just looked at me. “You are bursa escort a cute one” He said Then I felt his big meaty hand reach for my face and he stroked my hair and then cheek. He again smiled softly to me. I melted into him. I looked down to his big muscled neck and down to his hot hairy chest. I then kissed his cheek. Mt lips felt the stubble of his growing beard on them. Then I kissed his face and then moved down to his neck. My mouth nibbled on his big neck and then my tongue came out and licked him neck. I tasted the salty sweat from his body on my palette. My hand was rubbing at his huge chest still and I moved down to this next. I kissed the nape of his broad neck and moved down to his upper torso. My lips touched the first hairs on his big barrel chest and I lost it. I then rubbed my gace and cheeks in his big hairy chest. The still slightly damp hairs tickled my nose and drove me crazy for him. “Ohhh Godd” I moaned “What an awesome chest Bruce” I opened my mouth and licked at the massive chest and the hairs on it. My hand still caressed the other side of his vast chest as I licked and kissed one half. I was in utter heaven as I was there with my face buried in Bruce’s huge magnificent chest. I continued to kiss an lick at his awesome body as I slowly moved down the vast expanse of torso he had. My hand and fingers grazed his tight hard nipples as I licked him. I heard Bruce moan as my fingers touched them. “Hmmmm feels good baby” he groaned “Lick my nipples now man. I want to feel that mouth on them” I of course couldn’t resist. or say no to this man. He was after all the man of my dreams. I moved in and placed my mouth over his hard nipple and licked at it. Bruce’s body jerked briefly from the sensation of my mouth on his tit. He pulled me closer and pressed his hand to my head . I was smooshed up against his awesome chest. I started to lick and chew on his nipple to escort bayan give my bug man pleasure. “That’s is baby boy” he cooed “Suck my nipples nice and hard man” “Aweee feel that tongue on it.. Yesss” But I myself wanted to get to the real prize. His body was awesome perfection, that it was. But my one hand still held onto his growing throbbing dick. I started to move down his body from his chest now. I released the nipple I was sucking and then slowly licked and kissed my way down his massive body. I moved down his hairy chest to his belly. Following the trail of hair on it to the top of the folded over singlet. I then just dropped to my knees before this GOD of a man. When I landed on them I looked up to see the big lump in the tight singlet. His dick had grown a bit since I first saw him standing before me. I again reached for the mound in those lucky wrestling tights. My hand covered the lump his had and rubbed at it more. Bruce again moaned above me. I looked up to see his huge chest rise and fall as he breathed in and out. The huge hills of his pecs to the valley between He was utterly magnificent to behold. “Go on baby” he said mildly as his hand touched my head “Its yours baby” “Take my dick in that sweet mouth” He started to pulled down his singlet more. But I just dove for the big meaty lump before me. My mouth opened up and cupped at the covered cock beneath that lucky singlet. I started to chew on his dick through the singlet. It continued to pulse and throb under my hungry mouth. I couldn’t believe this was happening for me. This was my greatest desire and it was coming true. I felt Bruce as he rubbed at my hair and head. His big gentle strokes assured me that he wanted me to worship him. I then stopped my chewing on his covered meat to gaze back at the now much larger bulge. His dick had risen to the left and the thick pipe was clearly visible in those wrestling bursa escort tights. “Take them down buddy” he moaned “Take em’ down and pull out daddy’s dick” His big deep voice was soft and reassuring. I then pulled down his tights. I looked to see he had on a jock strap to hold his cock in place. I continued to pull the singlet down his thick legs and then helped to pull then off completely. I brought them to my face and inhaled his crotch area. I smelled the man’s sweat and body on them. Then I tossed them aside. I was now h=looking at his straining jock. His dick had grown considerably in them. It threatened to pop out at the top now. “Go on man” He groaned “Take out my dick and suck it boy” Bruce then grabbed my head and forcefully shoved me back to his crotch. Instinctively I opened my mouth again and gripped his hardened shaft in my mouth again. It throbbed against me once more. But the thing was definitely harder. “Suck it baby” he said Then Bruce pulled me from his crotch and then he grabbed his jock and pulled at the side of it. That’s when his big dick fell out. It was thick and cut. The dick was about 7 inches long, but again thick. There was a freeway of pulsing veins cris-crossing all along the man’s thick cock shaft. It was the most beautiful dick I had ever seen. Not that I had seen many in my young age. But the few I did were nowhere near this magnificent. His balls hung below his cock in a nice sack. I reached for them and cupped Bruce’s nuts. His body shook from my touch. “Ughhnnn yesss baby” he cooed “Touch my balls like that. Pull on them ” So I did. I pulled on his balls gently. His dick throbbed at me. I watched as the head swelled from what I had done. Then a clear dewy liquid formed on the tip of his mushroom head as it swelled at me. I swallowed hard as I knew it was the man’s precum bubbling up from his dick to the surface. I moved in closer as I held his nuts in my hand. I opened my mouth and placed my tongue on the tip of Bruce’s dick. The taste of his goo hit me like a freight train……………………………………….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ more to cum